Mathew made sure to hide his face as he stormed off, 'Of all the nerve! Me! a girl!' He pondered on the idea for a second, then laughed to himself, drawing attention."Why are you so happy?"

The blond jumped, looking behind him to see his brother, who was, surprisingly, sulking.

"What's got your panties in a bunch, eh?"

Alfred slouched even lower," Arthur is being a bitch."

Mathew mockingly gasped," That was rather insulting!" He said, his words dripped with sarcasm.

"What can I say, it's a relationship built on insults." Mathew snorted and went to his locker.

"Like it was totally like soap!"

'There is only one person in the whole school that speaks like that.'

"Alfred!" Mathew's hunch was right.

'How you doing felix?" Alfred asked, not really curious. Felix was all too keen to answer," Antonio like totally beat the shit out of Sadik!" Mathew looked over to see the hyper blonds' friend roll his eyes. He chuckled and took out his needed items for the next class. He took out a folded piece of paper, gently unfolding it,' Next period is German huh?' He silently trudged along, leaving behind two oh-so-energetic blonds. And a passive aggressive brunet.

Mathew walked into his class and could not believe what he was seeing.

The whole room had been turned into a war zone. He could see books flung up high into the air, bags thrown back and forth, tables upturned and tipped to make a fort. And one energetic albino.

Next to an equally energetic Italian. Next to a furious Spaniard.

'Well no wonder.'

Mathew turned his head to see Sadik shouting orders to "capture him alive". This has got to have been one of the most serious fake war games he'd ever seen. And the most amusing. He hid behind the teacher's desk, observing, hoping not to get hit by anything.

That was until the one and only Sadik saw him out of the corner of his eye.


Matthew froze. He looked around at the people beginning to surround him,


He quickly got up, picking up his bag as he went, jumping into the nearest table trench-fort he could find. He past four other mini forts till he got to Gilberts.

"You're late."

Matthew sighed,

"Late? I didn't know I had a scheduled meeting."

The silver haired boy laughed, and pointed over to the identical blond waving angrily at them,

"I didn't know there were other yous."

Matthew looked over his shoulder to see where Gilbert was pointing at.

'My brother? Why didn't I just jump into his fort? Or better yet see him?'

He breathed in getting ready to shout out to Alfred only to be stopped by his fort companion,

"I don't think that's such a great idea."

He pointed to Sadik," It's not like he'd hear you anyway with that girly voice of yours," He continued inspecting his nails.

Matthew slapped him on the head.