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This chapter focuses on Wally and the team's perspective/point of view of what went down during the previous chapter.

Kid Flash/Wally POV

I couldn't help but cringe, as I watched Saph's limp body soar through the air seconds after being nailed directly in the face by Superboy. I then winced on his behalf as his body connected with a wall and a sickening crunch and crack could be heard quite clearly throughout the abandoned factory; I couldn't tell though if the sound was caused by the bricks or Saph's body. As I watched the now unconscious boy fall and crumble to the floor I was busy trying to wrap my mind around the fact that Saph was actually this mystery kid, that Saph wasn't just a cocky asshole, but a cocky asshole with powers.

After Saph's body hit the floor and a few moments passed to let all six of us know he wasn't getting back up, we all slowly approached his form and stood around him.

"This guy's hair color is different from the last time we saw him," Artemis said.

"He must have been using some sort of black dye to disguise it," I said, "This is the "natural" color."

"Wally…who, or what, is Saph?" Robin asked suddenly.

"You're…you're looking at him," I said, gesturing to him.

"Wait…you know him?" Artemis asked me as she placed her hands on her hips.

"Yeah, we go to school together," I said, still slightly in shock.

"Did you know he had powers?" Robin asked.

"Of course I didn't," I said, "You think I wouldn't have told you guys if I knew?"

"You can tell us more on the way back to Mount Justice" Aqualad said as he crouched down to examine Saph, ignoring my mini outburst, "I think it would be wise to return there with him before he wakes up."

"Superboy just wailed on his face," Artemis said, "I doubt he's going to be waking up anytime soon. If he's even still alive after a direct hit like that."

"He's fine," Superboy grunted, "I can hear his heartbeat. He's alive."

Those words brought me out of my small trance and were able to hit home inside of me. Saph was hurt…and I felt bad? I shook my head back and forth to try and tell myself otherwise, only to stop as I felt a hand placed on my shoulder. I turned to find M'gann offering me a small smile "I'll head back to the ship and bring it around closer so we can head out." Aqualad gave her a nod before she started to fly out of the factory, leaving with one last glance towards Superboy.

"How is he?" I asked nervously when turning back to Aqualad, managing to surprise myself, while standing with the others.

"Definitely out cold," Aqualad said, "Which means now we take him back to Batman to see what happens next."

I watched as Superboy made a move to pick Saph up, but for some reason, god knows why, I quickly interjected, "I'll carry him."

Aqualad, and Robin met me with surprised looks while Artemis and Superboy cast suspicious glares at me. "You know, just in case he wakes up for whatever reason before we're on the ship. He said my name before he got knocked out, so I think he made the connection on who I am, so if he does wake up, it might be nice for him to see a familiar face….maybe?"

"Whatever," Superboy said as he picked Saph up by the back of his shirt and tossed him to me.

I let out a startled gasp before catching Saph in his arms, my right arm hooking underneath his legs, while my left made to support his upper back and neck. I admit that I was surprised when I discovered he was actually lighter than I expected, and I surprised myself when I made no means to toss him over my shoulder, settling on carrying him like this.

"I'm outside," we heard M'gann say through the mind link.

"Then let's hurry back," Aqualad said, "I'm sure Batman is expecting us to return soon."

We all turned and started walking out of the factory, the Bio-Ship's camouflage dropping as we came into view. We quickly joined M'gann on board the vessel and once I strapped Saph down, we were on our way back to Happy Harbor.

After some time during our flight I looked back to find Saph still out of it as we flew over and out of Ohio and into Pennsylvania. "How did you guys even find him?"

"After our encounters with him Batman and Red Tornado started scanning around Central City to be able to localize him," Aqualad said, "He was detected using his powers at Table Rock Lake and we immediately went into action."

"We thought about taking the Zeta-Beam teleportation directly to Central City but we figured that to detain…what was his name again?" M'gann asked.

"Saph," I said, "Saph Hudson."

"Sending that name to Batman right now," Robin said.

"Right, Saph, we figured that it would be easier to detain and transport Saph with the ship," M'gann said, resuming her explanation, "When on the ground he was able to give us the slip so long as he had access to water, so we figured if we got him on the ship, at the very worst he'd have to wait until we got back to Mount Justice before he tried anything."

"Given how he evaded us during our first meeting, and then again against Wally," Artemis paused to shoot a smug smirk my way, "We also knew he'd at least be smart enough to not try and jump out mid-flight or crash the ship."

"Right," I said, "Even Superboy wouldn't be dumb enough to do that."

That didn't turn out to be the smartest thing to say as I shrunk back in my seat as he turned to scowl and nearly growl at me. "What was he doing all the way out there though, and on his own no less?" Robin asked, "I thought you said he went to school with you Wally? That lake is at least a few hours away from Central City, and I don't think he'd make the commute to your school everyday unless for other reasons."

"He was testing his powers, or training, or something," Superboy said, tone nearly flat.

"He was there for a while, which allowed us to get there with the Bio-Ship before he left." Aqualad said.

I nodded my head, satisfied with the explanation and briefing by my team members. Another silence took hold of the ship and I took the moment to look back at Saph once more. He was still out of it and I could now see that there was a noticeable darkening mark underneath his left eye where Superboy had punched him, and I was fully expecting there to be a nasty bruise there for a while, or until/if we fixed him up at the medical bay. Aside from the bruise, Saph looked a bit…peaceful, something I could say I had never seen from him, I mean, yeah he was unconscious and roughed up, but I had never seen a relaxed side to him, and dare I say it, it was actually kind of nice.

"You should take a picture, it'd last longer" Artemis suddenly said, breaking the silence.

"What?" I quickly stammered, "What's that supposed to mean?"

Robin laughed at me, "You keep looking at him dude."

"Well, it's just weird," I said, a blush spreading across my face as I tried to play off my staring, "Like….I've known him for a long time in my life, and then to find out he's been hiding powers from everyone…it's kind of shocking."

"I wonder if his parents know," M'gann pondered aloud.

"Or if he has a mentor" I said, "From the interactions I had with him when he was "Blue" he seemed to have a good grasp and understanding of his powers. I do know his dad put him in a bunch of martial arts classes growing up, but I don't know, his dad doesn't seem like the type to have powers."

"What if he does have a mentor?" Artemis asked, "Think they'll come looking for him?"

"If he does have one, I think they would," I said as I looked at Saph again, remembering how he had saved me from drowning at the pool and then prevented my embarrassment. "If he has been taught by someone, I think he's been taught loyalty and other values and conducts to uphold…perhaps."

"Wow Wally, it actually almost sounds like you like him," Artemis teased.

"HA, yeah right!" I bit back quickly. "Me, like Saph? Never, not even as a friend!"

"I think that's what she was implying in the first place man," Robin said, "What else would you possibly like him as aside from a friend?"

"Maybe Wally really did want to watch Brokeback Mountain that night," Artemis said with a shrew grin.

"You two are the worst," I said as Robin and Artemis broke into a fit of laughter while everyone else still didn't understand or get the joke.

I thought back to earlier in the conversation and realized something….why the hell had I been blushing?! I was interrupted from my thoughts as Saph groaned in what I could only assume was pain and shifted slightly against his bindings.

Robin and Artemis' laughter immediately seized and everyone tensed slightly to look at our captive. When it seemed that he wouldn't wake, everyone relaxed and focused back on themselves.

"Yeah, he definitely won't wake up," I said to Superboy, throwing him a small glare.

"If you want, I can make sure he won't," Superboy said, glaring right back while cracking his knuckles.

On instinct, I almost stood to place myself between Superboy and Saph but was able to control myself and stay seated. "If you two are so concerned about whether or not he wakes up then how about we let M'gann focus on piloting so we can get him to Batman so he will no longer be our problem," Aqualad mediated, defusing the tension.

"Something tells me he's going to still be our problem whether or not we get him to Batman," Robin said.

"Agreed." Artemis and M'gann said.

Before I knew it we had arrived back at Mount Justice and were stepping off the Bio-Ship, Saph thrown over my shoulder this time, to find Batman, Red Tornado, and Martian Manhunter all waiting for us. "Good, he's still unconscious," Batman said as he stepped forward, "How did it go?"

"Something rather unexpected helped tip the scales in our favor," Aqualad said, "After that he was easily detained."

"And what exactly tipped the scales?" Batman asked.

"He and Wally know each other," Artemis said, "The revelation distracted him for a few seconds and Superboy got him."

"How?" Batman asked as he turned to look at me with the still unconscious Saph's frame hanging off of me. "After looking over the information on him we know he lives in your city, but what other contact have you had with him?"

"Like you said, he lives in Central City, so he was local like you thought." I began, "I've known him since like middle school, and as of now we have four classes together in high school. Other than that, all I really know is how he's acted around school, but I don't think that'll provide anything interesting or useful."

Batman simply gave a nod before turning and walking off, "Follow me."

The six of us and Martian Manhunter followed Batman without question as Red Tornado walked off in another direction. We followed Batman for about three minutes before he stopped in front of a door and opened it, revealing a smaller room with another door that led into yet another room. Batman opened the other door and led us into a gray room adorned with two chairs, a table, and this metal contraption currently lying on said table.

"Set him down in that chair," Batman said, pointing to the one near the back of the room.

I followed the order without second thought and gently set Saph down in the chair. I stepped to the side as Batman grabbed the device in one hand and threaded Saph's arms through the chair rungs in the back. The six of us watched with earnest as Batman placed Saph's hands inside the device before closing it shut, which caused it to emit a small beep.

"What's that?" M'gann asked.

"Just a small handlock," Batman said, "It'll prevent the use of his hands therefore subduing him for the time being as well as when he wakes up."

"It won't hurt him will it?" I asked, actually concerned for Saph, and yet I had no idea why.

"No," Batman said, collecting a folder from Red Tornado who had suddenly and spookily reappeared in the room with us. Batman quickly opened the folder and quickly read through whatever was in it before closing it and looking back at us. "I want you six to go back to the other room with J'onn and stay there," Batman said, "It's important that you listen to everything that is said in here."

"But why?" Robin asked.

"Go," Batman replied, ignoring his protégé, "I'm assuming you all know how a two way mirror works. You'll also be able to hear what is said, but we won't be able to hear you. Understood?"

We all nodded before turning around to exit the room, closing the door tight behind us.

We had been standing in the dark and small room now for nearly fifteen minutes, the silence hanging heavily in the air as we all seemed to be lost in our own thoughts, as we leaned against the walls in various positions. I would occasionally glance into the adjacent room to find Batman scanning the folder Red Tornado had brought him, a bit more, but mainly whenever my eyes shifted in that direction I would stare at Saph, stare and try to still solidify that that was actually him that I was looking at.

I guess it did explain a few things, I mean, I never could understand why he would carry himself like he was better than everyone around him. I now knew it was because he probably did truly believe that he was in fact better than everyone, just because he could control and manipulate water… wait….the pool…..…..that DICK! Suddenly Saph saving me didn't seem so damn noble.

"He's awake," I suddenly heard M'gann say excitedly.

Every other head in the room quickly snapped up to find that Saph had in fact woken up and was staring at Batman. "So, what have I done to garner an audience with the infamous Batman?" Saph asked, the voices being clearly audible in our small room.

"I think you know," Batman said.

I wouldn't say that the atmosphere was tense, but we all complied with Batman's orders all the time without question, so to see someone our age sassing him right out of the gate, was as hilarious as it as unnerving. "Typical Saph," I thought, "He probably thinks he's better than Batman."

I tucked that thought away though because whether or not we wanted to admit it, all six of us were very interested in the conversation that was transpiring before us, not a single one of us daring to open our mouths or risk missing something said.

I watched Saph like a hawk, noticing how his eyes would slowly drift back and forth cautiously, how he'd bite his lip when Batman was speaking, and how he'd be careful in answering questions and phrasing his responses. However, what really hit a cord in me was when Batman mentioned Saph's parents, because for the first time I think ever, Saph looked terrified.

Well, he looked terrified for maybe a second or two, but I caught it easily enough, and Saph's silence towards Batman's question only added to my suspicion.

"Does anyone get what he's talking about?" Artemis suddenly asked.

Robin and I quickly shushed her and went back to listening, while simultaneously being surprised that she didn't hit me over the head or elbow me in the side. "What about his parents?" I asked myself. Like Artemis, I was confused by this piece of information, and was lost in thought at the array of emotion Saph had shown in just a short time. I think I had seen more sides and faces of him in a single day then I had seen in my entire life of knowing him.

"Your parents loathe and detest everything about you," Batman said.

I took a sharp breath as I thought about it and the answer clicked as I remember. "What is it Wally?" M'gann asked me.

I looked up to find the entire team looking back at me, all focusing away from the pause in the conversation and to me. "I know about Saph's parents, I began, "Talked to them a couple of times…..but I never thought they'd be the type of people to hate us. I noticed a mean streak to them sometimes, but…I guess maybe that it originated from."

"That's probably because they realize that most people still love and practically worship us," Robin said, "And they must be smart enough to not want to reveal that, just like Saph hasn't revealed himself to his parents."

We all turned back to the other room as the conversation resumed and I found myself growing enthralled in the debate, finding Saph to be more complex than I originally believed. His views and stances, while not the same as mine, offered a new layer to him and made me see that, while yes, he was still an arrogant ass, there was more to it….and I understood why he put up this front around others….or at least exaggerated how rude he was.

I straightened out my uniform before folding my arms as Saph continued to talk about his parents and how he knew that they wouldn't accept him, which got me thinking about my own family and what it was like. Would I still be the same me if I didn't live in the environment that I did? Would I still be upbeat and positive if my mom and dad wouldn't love the real me?

I tried to dispel that scary alternate reality and think of my real life, and the real love my parents gave me as the conversation continued, and it took a turn I wasn't expecting at all. "So are you simply asking me to stop and pretend to live out a normal life with no powers or face the possibility of the bat wrath?" Saph asked, quick, cold, and dry, "Or is there more to your words, perhaps an invitation to join your side?"

Batman nodded, "If we're convinced you mean us no harm and have no underlying secrets or hidden motives predating your meeting here, then we'd help you, make you part of a team."

"You've got to be kidding me," Superboy and Artemis said together, but quickly ending their protests as now all six of us were more invested than ever as the conversation continued.

"So who would my team be?" Saph asked asked.

"You've already fought them," Batman said.

"He's joking right?" Artemis asked while Saph did the same in the other room.

Robin merely shook his head at her, "He doesn't joke," Robin said, only for Batman to say the same thing ten seconds later. "See, told you."

Superboy, or Aqualad or someone began saying something, but I drowned them out as soon as I heard Saph say my name and begin talking. "I just…..I've grown up with Wally….I've been cruel, sarcastic, rude, you name it to him…all that past history certainly wouldn't do a team well. Plus….I don't know if could explain myself to him, tell him why I act the way I act, do the things I do." Saph said.

"Sooo….it was an act…..maybe not entirely…..but an act?" I asked myself.

"I'm sure Wally would be more accepting than you realize," Batman said, and…maybe I could be, maybe I should be given how I now knew all of this about Saph, and the possibility of him becoming a teammate was looking more and more probable by the second.

As I was lost in my own thought, I barely realized that Martian Manhunter was now making his way into the room to join Batman and Saph. To be honest, he had been so quiet for nearly the entire time that I almost forgot he was even there, watching and listening with us.

Thing seemed to get more interesting and perplexing by the second as all six of us now watched as Martian Manhunter began to probe Saph's mind. It was almost unsettling how Saph's eyes widened and he went rigid as every part of his mind was invaded. I recognized right away that it was necessary though as it'd allow the entire League to know if he was a threat or not, someone who could be trusted, and whether or not someone like an evil mentor was in the picture.

My breath hitched slightly as Saph lurched forward slightly, only to be stopped by the locking mechanism still around his hands. To top the entire show off, Saph gave one last tiny lurch before his eyes began to glow. If I had thought his eyes were sharp, or beautiful (hey I can think they're beautiful okay, anyone denying that is just an idiot or jealous) before, I was even more blown away as the color seemed to amplify as they began to glow.

"Woah," Robin said.

"His eyes are stunning," Artemis added.

"So now we know what that glowing was," Superboy said, trying to look unimpressed.

We continued to watch, and in a few more moments, it was over as Martian Manhunter was withdrawing his hands. Now that he was able to focus, or be in control of his own body once again, Saph seemed to look up and stare right at us through the mirror.

"They've been watching the entire time?" Saph grit out.

"Ohhhhh crap," Robin said, "He can totally see us now."

"It must be the ability of his eyes," Aqualad said, only for Batman to confirm it not a second later.

We all went back to listening as Batman explained what exactly had just happened, and with the confirmation from Martian Manhunter, let everyone know that Saph was someone who could be trusted, which damn, meant there was probably no evil mentor of his to take down either. We all stood to the side as the door to the room opened again and Martian Manhunter was taking his leave from the situation, perhaps off to inform the league about the latest developments.

My, as well as everyone else's attention was quickly placed back on Batman and Saph though as we noticed Saph's eyes begin to glow that vibrant blue yet again. It caused all of us to tense slightly, and I noticed that the girls wouldn't even meet his gaze. "I must say, I find it very rude that you didn't inform me about our audience." We suddenly hear Saph say.

"I find it rude that you destroyed property and caused thousands of dollars in damage," Batman countered with no amusement present, "Does it matter that they were watching and listening though? Should it matter?"

"It matters to me," Saph said, "They know so much about me now, and I know next to nothing about them aside from what I've seen on TV….excluding Wally that is."

"Well, he definitely knows you're you," Robin said.

"I think they all had a right to listen in given you've been their enemy up until this point, and will be joining their team in the future." Batman said, still not amused.

"Ugh, why us, why?!" Artemis whined.

"Well maybe I didn't want to pour out my personal story and be judged by-" Saph began

"You honestly think that any of them would still judge you after hearing everything that's been said in this room?" Batman asked.

"Yes," Superboy said, no humor present in his voice, "We would."

"Well, I don't know them, so I can't say," Saph said.

"Well maybe it's time you talked to them then." Batman said

And oooooohhhh crap, here we go.

"Head back to the Medical Bay," Batman said over his shoulder, knowing we were still listening, "We'll meet you six there momentarily to get Saph patched up."

"Let's go," Aqualad said, as Batman walked over and freed Saph's hands from behind him.

Everyone silently followed, but I paused in the doorway to take one last glance back at Saph as he stood and rubbed his hands, before following my team.

We had all gathered together in the Medical Bay, Superboy leaning against the wall while the rest of us sat spread out. I turned when I heard the approaching footsteps and looked up to find Saph standing beside Batman, our eyes connecting momentarily before he broke the contact and looked off to the side.

"He can't be on our team," Superboy hastily growled.

"He will be," Batman said shooting Superboy down right away, "Once he's gone through the proper training, he'll be on the team, so get used to it."

"He's not one of us," Superboy said, "Did you see what he did to Central City? To us?"

"Yes," Batman said, "But did you forget what you did when you were first awoken in Cadmus?"

Normally if the situation wasn't too serious I would have been calling out that serious burn, but it was serious, and that really was Saph standing only a few feet from me. "Wally," Batman said, suddenly and quickly getting my attention, "Why don't you patch Saph up while I talk with the rest of the team."

"Alright," I said, knowing I didn't really have a choice in the matter.

I watched as everyone but Saph was lead away from us, leaving us alone in the medical bay. A few awkward moments later saw Saph sitting on one of the sterile, white beds, while I shuffled around the bay looking for the appropriate things to treat Saph's bruising cheek and any other ailments he may have. As I brought the supplies back over I knew I was the one who should begin the conversation, seeing as this must have been a whirlwind for Saph, but no words were being created or leaving my mouth.

"Soo…" Saph began, "…..surprise…."

"Yeah," I said, with a small laugh, "Surprise."

"I have to say," Saph said, "That the mask does suit you very well."

I paused for a second, ever so slightly bewildered by the compliment, "Uh…thanks."

The words had ended just as soon as they had begun and we were back sitting in another painfully awkward silence as I silently checked him over and began applying a super potent ointment to the bruised area of his face. "So… your parents know….about you I mean?" Saph asked suddenly after I took my fingers away from his face.

"Yeah," I said quickly, leaving it at that and knowing now I had to say something to shift the topic of conversation away from parents. "So….I sort of had a feeling there was something up with you ever since the whole pool thing."

Saph glanced up at me before looking away and frowning, "I'm really sorry about that Wally," he said, stunning me with how sincere and genuine his apology sounded, "I hadn't experimented with my powers that far yet and didn't realize they'd be stronger when actually in water."

"No…it's all good, you did come back and save me anyway, remember?" I said, suddenly trying to make him feel better after seeing how upset the memory made him, "I wasn't so great with my powers when I first started out either."

"Yeah?" he asked.

"Yeah," I replied, "I'd always run into things, and when I tried to stop I'd always trip myself up and go flying into something."

The small smile on Saph's face actually warmed my heart, but I'd be damned if I'd admit it to anyone. We sat there for a few more minutes as Saph's cheek began to quickly heal and I finished checking him over for injuries, "Soo….I kissed you that one time." Saph said when I finished and turned away from him.

"Yeeeaahhhhhhhhhhh," I said, suddenly blushing as I went back to that night in my head while rubbing the back of my head, "And bit my ear."

"You did say…" Saph replied, a small grin seen on his face when I turned back to him.

"And we won't say anything, to anyone, got it?" I asked him, surprising myself with how harsh it came across.

"Yeah….of course Wally," he said, looking a bit ashamed of himself, "I'm sorry for doing that."

We paused in our talking once more before I tried to lessen the tension I had just created, "So….I'm a babe, am I?" I asked, "I always knew you were checking me out."

"Shut up," Saph said shoving me, "I didn't mean it."

"You sure meant it when you kissed me," I said, still shivering at the memory.

"I thought you just said not to say anything about that," Saph countered, "Anyway, it must have be the uniform."

I feigned hurt and fell over, clutching my heart, actually enjoying the small banter we had going. I think it was because I thought that maybe I was seeing the real Saph for the first time, not the persona he put up at school, and now that I saw and understood who he really was and how he really acted, it made me see that he maybe wasn't so terrible.

"I didn't say you and I couldn't talk about it…but I'd still prefer if you didn't kiss me anymore," I said.

"Yeah…..don't worry, I won't." Saph said with what looked like a sad smile.

I suddenly felt a bit bad, but rubbed my legs as more and more time passed the two of us by. I realized that Batman had given us time alone here with a purpose, and that allowed me to know what I had to do with Saph. The fact that I knew him and that he could probably find security in me was the definite reason that I had been picked to stay behind with him.

"You know Saph…." I began, "….you really could do good things with us."

"You think so?" he asked me, "I mean, it seems most of you have gone a good few years doing this already. You sure I'm not out of my league, or that I don't belong?"

"Yeah, I'm sure," I confirmed once more, "I mean….we're not going to be so hot about it at first, I mean, not even I am because of all of our past bullshit, but you can be yourself around us dude, we can help you out." I said.

Saph bit his lip as he played with a few strands of the gray-blonde looking part of his hair, "You think so?" he asked as he stood from the bed.

"Yeah," I said standing next to him, "It'll take some time to find your place, and make the bonds that come with being on a team…but Superboy did, and then M'gann did, and so did Artemis, so if we can just look beyond what you've done in the past and move forward….then this can work out."

Saph nodded as he turned and started following me out, quickly stepping into stride next to me. "You positive though?" Saph asked, "I did nearly skewer Artemis in our first fight."

"Oh, you know, you may have a point," I said, "I haven't even harmed her and she's still warming up to me… may be screwed dude."

"Or maybe not," Saph said, "I do have a way with befriending girls."

When we entered the living area to find everyone, Batman had wrapped up his time with the team, and what caught my eyes was the presence of someone new in the room. "Speedy!" I quickly called, running over to him and patting him on the back, "How've you been man?"

"I've told you before, it's Red Arrow," he said before quickly walking back off and teleporting away through the Zeta-Beam.

"Geeze," I said, "What was that about?"

"He just came by to drop of some information about missions and such," Robin said, "The usual."

I still talked with Robin and Batman about Speedy, or Roy I should say, since calling him Red Arrow sounded as ridiculous as it was unoriginal, when I noticed and turned to find Saph almost timidly sitting down next to Artemis. I watched subtly as she gave him the cold shoulder, but saw that he was putting forth an effort to try and strike up a conversation after he apologized profusely to her about their first encounter.

I watched as she seemed to warm just slightly and accepted his apology, all probably because she knew what it was like to be the new kid around here, and what it felt like to not be trusted at first. It probably also didn't hurt that without the blue scarf concealing his face or the giant bruise left by Superboy marring it, Artemis could see Saph was a rather attractive guy, (hey, once again I can admit something like that, because anyone denying that is just an idiot or jealous.)

"So who was the guy with the mask and killer arms?" I heard him whisper.

"Red Arrow," she replied.

"Hmmmm…." Saph said, "I'd say that he can shoot me with his arrow anytime he wants."

I couldn't help but gape like a fish at the comment, but didn't fail to notice the coy grin that spread across Artemis' face, despite the fact that he had injured her not too long ago, and while I was a bit disturbed by the comment, I couldn't help but feel secure that Saph would find his place among us. I mean if he could get Artemis, ARTEMIS, to grin and after nearly impaling her, and knowing her for maybe ten minutes, then hell, maybe things were going to turn out great.

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