I don't own TMNT

Enjoy this death-tastic fic! ^^


Surrounded by shadows,


wounds and of course…

the ghost of death; always behind us,

always present in our fights,

waiting to take us.

When you're ninja,

you have to live with the thought

that death will claim your life anytime soon.

And when that happens… you'll be alone,

no one will care about you,

no one will cry over you,

no one will care about losing you.

Death is our only friend,

we must learn to deal with her,

we must learn to live with her,

we must learn not to be scared of her.

When you're ninja

you also cause death:

To our enemies, to innocents;

sometimes to punish the evil

and sometimes… just because death is the last choice left.


beloved death,

cursed death,

blessed death,

always expected death.

And you know what?

I just realized:


is not the last choice left…


is the only choice left.