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Pairing: ZoroxSanji

Zoro was taking a nap when someone woke him up. He had been sleeping for quite some time so his mood was phlegmatic even when the intruder kicked him roughly in the side. The swordsman stretched his arms, yawned, and glanced up.

"What?" Sanji didn't reply, just stared down at him with a noticeably irritated expression. Zoro frowned and asked again, "What?"

"Do you know what today is?"

Zoro straightened up and scratched his head. Then after a moment of processing he replied, "Monday."

"The date." Sanji snapped.

"February 14?"




"So what Cook?"

Sanji jabbed a finger, "Today is Valentine's Day! It's the day when young couples share and enjoy love!"

The swordsman lowered his shoulders, "...so?" he leaned forward, "What does that have to do with me?" He saw the vein pop on the cook's forehead, indicating that he had hit the right nerve.

Sanji tapped the cigarette so that the ashes fell onto the swordsman. Putting it back into his mouth, the cook glowered, "Excuse me, but what are we considered right now?" the swordsman looked up but didn't say a word. Sanji crossed his arms, "We've been going out for weeks now. Don't you think we could 'level up' our relationship?"

Zoro raised an eye, "What do you mean by 'leveling up?'"

Over the weeks, the fights between him and the cook were more of a performance in front of their crew. They shared their first kiss just a few weeks ago and on their last trip on an island, they even went out on a date. Sure, they haven't reached to the 'main course' in the cook's dictionary terms. Was that what the cook wanted? Zoro felt the heat rise to his cheeks, so he tried his best to scowl, "Hey, were you listening?"

The cook blew a thin line of smoke, "I want you to stop calling me 'cook'."

Zoro made a face, disappointed that the cook was not talking about the 'main course.' "How is that supposed to level us up?"

"Let me tell you this. Before we went out you called me Cook. We're going out and you're still calling me Cook." Sanji tapped his chest, "I have a name you know."

Zoro pursed his lips together. He frowned, "Other than Cook?"


The swordsman crossed his arms and his eyebrows furrowed. "So, I can call you-"


"Love Cook?"

An anger mark popped out from his forehead, "That's the same thing!"

Zoro counted with his fingers, "Cook, Love Cook, Ero Cook, Beautiful Brow, Darts, Pirate A, Pirate B, Guru Guru, Hoge-" as the swordsman pelted the cook with stupid nicknames, the more anger marks multiplied on Sanji's temple. Suddenly, Zoro's eyes widened and sparkled in realization. He blinked and turned to the cook. Sanji was about to open his mouth and yell at him (or kick him) when the swordsman interrupted, "Prince?"

Sanji's face exploded in red. When Zoro first called him this, the heat from the Alabasta Desert and the dire situation they were in made that ridiculous nickname forgotten in the sand. Apparently, Zoro remembered that silly event. Zoro grinned at Sanji's reaction, "Would you like me to call you Prince?"


"Huh, Prince?" Zoro asked in a sweeter note.

"Y-you-" Sanji sputtered, "You idiot!" the cook stomped on his heels and left the swordsman laughing.

The rest of the day for Sanji, it was embarrassing. Whenever the swordsman's and his eye met, Zoro made his best smiles and called him his new nickname out loud. And whenever Sanji heard it and saw how gorgeous the handsome idiot grinned, Sanji's usual suaveness toppled over and he ran away blushing. The swordsman was having fun, but the cook was not enjoying it one bit. He wished Zoro took things seriously.

It came to a point when Sanji completely ignored Zoro. Sanji was preparing a special Valentine's Day dinner (strictly only for Nami and Robin) when the swordsman barged in. Sanji was in such a bad mood that he didn't even turn around.

"Oi Prince." Sanji felt the blood rise to his cheeks, but he pretended not to hear. He heard Zoro's footsteps approaching, so the cook pulled his frown down as possible. The footsteps stopped and Sanji knew Zoro was right behind him. He could almost feel the swordsman's hands hovering over his hips, but there was a faint, tantalizing space between them. It was making the cook crazy.

And then those hands left.

"You're so fun to tease." The swordsman chuckled. The sounds of footsteps started once again, only it was getting distant. Zoro stopped and Sanji knew it was too close to be near the door. There was a faint noise, a shuffle of some fabric, and the footsteps resumed. Finally, the squeaks of the door opened and then closed; the bubbling pots started to sing again.

Sanji spun around to see what that mysterious noise was. His eye caught an object on the table that wasn't there before. It was a large red box in a shape of a heart.

He immediately launched toward the box. He secured it close to his body as if it was the most precious thing in the word-and it was. Sanji turned it around so he could take a good look of it. There was a tag that read: "To Cook" but the word 'Cook' was crossed out and below it read, "Prince." Sanji snarled like an agitated lion but it dissipated into curiosity as to what was inside. He tore the golden seal and pulled open the lid.

It was one big heart shaped chocolate, one size smaller than the box. Smack in the middle of the dark chocolate were words. It was written in white chocolate and in Zoro's neat calligraphy it read:

Happy Valentine's Day Sanji

Sanji's eye widened in surprise, and then his face formed a sloppy smile. "You really are a moron." Sanji whispered. He placed the box back onto the table and returned to his cooking; reminding himself to cut up extra heart shaped fruits and vegetables for the swordsman.

The End