This is a follow up to my fan fiction The Winged Ones

First off I would like to say that in my mind the end of this story and the start of TP have several generations between them/hundreds of years between them. Just comparing the land of OoT and TP makes me say this because while the two lands are smiliar it sure did change a lot.

Where did the Tenshioni go? As we well know they are awfully finicky about where they live, and if the land of TP is supposed to be the land of OoT then there has to have been one hell of a seismic shift to change the land that much and it could have caused the Tenshioni to suffer in return. However I can say that the Snowpeak Ruins is the perfect TP equivalent for the above ground Wind Temple/Kaepora's home.
…Where Yetto and Yeta would have come from is up to you…

I also hate to even say this but one could say the Tenshioni's sense of magic eventually became super powerful and lead them to evolve past the need for human bodies and past their dependence on cold and they became the Oocca but…ehhh O_o ummm dunno if I like that XD
But it does work, they have blue and red marks on their heads and feathers but damn are they funky looking.

The shape shifters sound nothing like Twili: By the time we reach the TP timeline the shape shifters have somehow become Twili, they either have settled on this form and it became permanent or they evolved into this. Either way this may seem like a stretch but Nintendo pulled one of their own with WW and having the Zora evolve into Rito (fish people became bird people in a world covered by ocean….um okay…)
Zant said "In the shadows we regressed so much that soon we knew neither anger nor hatred...nor even the faintest bloom of desire." know he means regressed emotionally but they could have regressed physically according to my story, loosing their shape shifting ability and taking on the forms they have.
The Twili are not the same as the shape shifters once were, they have become neutral VS evil but their world must still remain separate because now the realm of shadow balances the world of light and they cannot mix, hence the actions at the end of TP

How Dragmire would fit into TP: Ganon of TP is Dragmire, yeah I know "Wut?" but hear me out.

Koume and Kotake were helpless to get Ganon in OoT back because he was sealed in the empty sacred realm, they were able to get Dragmire back at some point because they can travel to the twilight realm. But when they retrieved him they found he was unable to recover from the attack or change back from his dark beast form. He was a spiteful broken being that cursed everything living but was unable to do anything beyond the basics needed for living let alone cause chaos.

Since they had failed twice at using a dark interloper to unleash the rest they created the mirror of twilight, which we find in the TP equivalent of the Spirit Temple in the Gerudo desert. But granting their unique power to it to make the mirror work did more than just shorten their lives like it did to bring Ganon and his son through, it ended them. At this point the defeated Dragmire no longer cared about ruling the world, he hardly even cared about living so it never got used.

How the damned strange looking sages ended up to be what they are and how they learned to use the mirror is up to you. All I can say is the sages being what they are in TP was a way to keep sages in place at all times vs. how it worked in TP, somehow eternal beings were set in place, maybe the light guardians did it somehow.

Now Dragmire's return in his broken beast form could have easily happened at least 50-100 years after my story since in OoT the twin witches are supposed to be 400 years old and I mentioned time moved differently in the dark realm.
Also In TP it sounds like events with Ganon happened quite some time before the game, who knows how long, but to me it sounds like it happened well before the Link and Zelda of TP were even born, and if the Ganon of TP was trapped between worlds (which it sounds like he was, with the cut scene where we see Zant meet Ganon he meets a flaming form of Ganon) then who knows how long he could last in such a state, he could remain that way for all eternity would be my guess.

Some time between this story and TP Dragmire would have been granted the Triforce of power.
The reasoning would be because at Chirin's eventual passing the three pieces would part to whoever best deserved to have them, and then with their passing each piece would move on to the next person who best suit's power/wisdom/courage, this explains how the Link and Zelda of TP had their parts.

Dragmire could have either been granted it right after Chirin or from a later holder of power, it all depends on how much time there was between when Ganon in TP was "executed" and the events of the game (I cannot seem to get a confirmation on if Ganon laid low for a while or found Zant right away)

Now in my story I said that when the first holder of the Triforce died it was returned to the sacred realm BUT since it was touched and broken before Chirin held it the pieces now seek out those who best deserve them.

When the piece of power found Dragmire it restored him to what Ganon was, a dark interloper without wings. In honor of the fact his father last held it, that the Triforce piece restored him one form to transform into (Gerudo) and that fact that his goal was always the same as his father's he took on his sire's name.


How the gold wolf fits: I honestly made this connection on my own and was miffed to find others figured it out as well. But this is a theory you can read about here vs. me explain .com/wiki/Hero%27s_Shade

How does Wolf Link fit?: Midna says "in our world we long believed that our hero would appear as a divine beast." May sound odd since it was a divine beast that sealed away the dark interlopers but in a sense that "saved" them for being separate from Hyrule is how they mellowed out/became not evil and settled on the form of Twili. It could also be a new prophecy of their people or even an ironic mix up of past events and their captor got reinterpreted as their savior somewhere along the way.
One could also say that Dragmire/Ganon is still an original dark interloper whereas the Twili have gone past that and so Link as the sacred beast still has a duty to defeat him.

Also Link in this game is not beast of light like Link was in our story, in TP he only carries the essence of the beast form whereas the old Link holds the true form.

Inconsistent lands in TP: The only 2 places in TP that do not match the OoT layout are Snowpeak and Ordon, I managed to explain both in this. Snowpeak is the home of the Tenshioni, Ordon is the land Link's son will discover and turn into his humble place to live and raise animals (Ordon village does focus on the goats).

The twins: I added the twins in last minute because it does fulfill Link's wish for a large family, it also satisfies those who like the lineage vs. reincarnation explanation for the TP Link and Zelda. It may put a damper on a TP Zelink pairing BUT in my head the events of TP happen several generations after my story, enough to take the squick out of that (also frankly in TP Illia is the more logical option than Zelda for a pairing…not that I am a huge fan of that pairing it just does make more sense…)


Impaz : She was one of the "that's a far stretch" things for me in TP, a Sheikah lasting this long when Impa was the last? Well according to my story she would be a descendent of Keaton who came to Hyrule to meet Impa a learn more about the red eyed people and he stayed in Hyrule and had a family of his own.


No Gerudo in TP: Illia and others have rounded ears, but in OoT only Gerudos did. Remember what I said about the gene being dominant and the results always looking Gerudo and being female? By the time we reach TP that gene had broken down creating a blend and the round ears is the only gene that survived. My mentioning of the Gerudo starting to live outside their desert and having families with fathers included explains why no one lives in the desert in TP.

I need to double check this but I ordon in TP has the highest concentration of round ears. This could be explained by Aryll settling down in the land her younger brother founded (her husband being raised a farm boy would like a simple life raising animals) and the Gerudo's likley could have followed her actions. And so Ordon village grew from this founding generation of Hylian-Gerudo families.


If you have further questions or if you see inconsistencies feel free to ask.