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My little furry pet

By: Yurien-sai

I wonder why we're still here…it was getting dark...and we had to find a nicer place to stay…not in this – murky forest. Do they want to settle here? Ugh…I hate them; they didn't care even if they were covered with dirt. I can't take this anymore…I want to bathe in the hot spring and relax in a cosy futon…My hair was covered with dust and my kimono as well…Oh…crap I hate this…I really find a solution to end this...

Yuya stomped her feet on the ground as she glared at her companion's faces; they were busy talking about some trifling matters, that she doesn't seem to care and even if she wants to; they won't let her interfere anyway. Yuya's eyes narrowed in disgust her veins slowly popping on her forehead. Then she averted her gaze, trying to calm herself.

"What's wrong woman?" A voice suddenly came out. Yuya was surprised to see Kyo standing next to her. He was grinning cockily as he looked at her amazed expression.

But Yuya said nothing in response.

"Why are you dumb?" Kyo said with sarcasm.

Yuya finally gained her composure, take a deep breath and said in a low but complaining tone, "Aren't we going to proceed our journey…we've been staying here for long…and we need to find a nicer place to rest."

"We're already here to rest, there's no need to travel further." Kyo said, smirking.

"B-but I want to take a bath…look at me…my whole body was covered with dust." She muttered, and then sighed in relief as she finally voice out her displeasure, but Kyo only stared at her and said: "Then endure it for just one night…again, the town is quite far from here," Kyo said bluntly, "And…don't go near me cause you stink, Dogface."

"What did you say?" Yuya scowled.

"Do I have to repeat what I had said, Dogface." Kyo scoffed.

"Fine...Don't go near me too!" Yuya shouted; she was flared up with Kyo's mocking. Yuya walks out and goes to her other companion; they were all confused at her sudden animosity. She stood near the bonfire, pondering for a while, and then took her things and walks away.

"Hey…what's wrong with nee-san?" Sasuke asked; he was reclining on a large bough.

"I think she's angry…and we can't blame her, she's a woman…she needs a proper place to rest." Yukimura concluded.

Benitora tried to follow Yuya but Bontenmaru stops him. "Let her be, she will come back later." Bontenmaru assured.

"B-but what if something might happen to Yuya-han." Benitora said anxiously, while looking at Yuya, who was already far from them.

While Yuya was walking through the forest, Kyo's sarcastic mien flashed into her mind. The mere thought made her trembled in disgust. She covered her face and shook her head.

I shouldn't have told him, he humiliated me so much…grrr…Yuya thought full of regret.

Yuya looked at herself; her favourite kimono was already tattered and was filled with bloodstain and grime due to their previous fight to those foes, who suddenly appeared during their travel.

I'm used to travel but not like this…Now I must find a river…I can't stand this anymore…

The place got a lot creepier as she passed through a narrow route. But Yuya seems to be unaffected, what she think of was to bathe in a cool water, just to ease her anger. She was in a deep thought when she heard a slow flow of water. She hurriedly follow where the sound coming from, until she saw a small river. She immediately went there and looked around to assure that no one is following or spying. She quickly undressed herself and immersed her tired body into the cool water.

After an hour, Yuya suddenly felt a slight chill, maybe because she was dipped in cold water or maybe because...

No, I shouldn't be afraid of anything, especially on ghost. After all we've experience, there's no need to be afraid of...

But Yuya shivered when she heard the rustling of leaves. She prepared herself from whatever she would see. Then all of a sudden, Akira came out.

Oh...thank goodness...it's just Akira-san...I'm spared... Yuya sighed, Huh? Why he's here anyway?

Yuya realized that she was still naked, and Akira is right there standing. Then she pondered and remembered that Akira was not with them a while ago when she walks out.

Well, I don't mind, he's blind anyway and he's a gentleman compared to those perverts...

Meanwhile, in their camp...

"Achoooo!" Benitora sneezed, and then he rubbed his nose and quivered. Bontenmaru gives him a friendly but forceful tap that nearly made him lose his balance. "Hey it's just a sneeze not a hiccup." Benitora sniffled, glaring at Bontenmaru.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Bontenmaru apologized, and then laughs loudly.

While the rest of the group were busy chatting, Kyo stood up and walks away.

"Wait, Kyo where are you going?" Yukimura asked, but Kyo ignored him.

"I think he's worried about Yuya too." Sasuke said curiously, looking at Kyo while he walks.

Yuya gets out from the water, and immediately puts the clean kimono that she brought. Then she walks towards Akira's location.

"Akira-san, why are you here?" Yuya asked curiously. When Akira heard her voice and feel her aura, he said: " Yuya-san should I be the one asking you that...well, I just want to have a moment of silence, so I wandered through here...and I'm here to..." Akira suddenly paused in his last statement.

"To what...Akira-san?" Yuya said impatiently, waiting for an answer.

"Yuya-san, could you please close your eyes...and swear that no matter what you feel, you won't scream." Akira said seriously, still unsmiling.

Yuya nervously stared at him. "B-but why?" She faltered and reluctantly closed her eyes. Then she felt Akira touched her hands and placed something on it.

"What the –..." Yuya nearly scream in shock when she felt it, moving in her hands, "What's this?" Yuya uttered, her eyes still closed and she was slightly trembling.

"You can now open your eyes, Yuya-san...by the way it is my gift to you...I hope you like it" Akira finally smiled, hoping that Yuya will like his gift.

But her sudden silence made him uneasy. "I'm sorry to frighten you..." He apologized, "Don't you like it?"

When Yuya slowly opened her eyes she saw a small rodent on her hands. It wasn't scary enough to make her run in fright or to develop a phobia, for her it was the cutest creature she had ever seen; actually she already saw the same kind of this one, her often target when she practiced shooting. But it was different because the one she knew has a long tail compared to this one she's holding, that has a short tail which is almost covered by its thick but soft white fur.

"Yuya-san? Are you alright? If you don't like it, then I must take it right away, so you won't be scared," Akira said, worrying. Then he tried to get it from Yuya but she prevents him from doing so.

"No...wait , you don't need to take it right away...you gave it to me...so it was mine already, right.."Yuya prevented, "And I really like it so much...Thank you Akira-san." Yuya said, blushing. Then she quickly kissed Akira's cheeks. Akira was surprised in Yuya's sudden action that he instinctively hugs her. But he didn't expect that Yuya would embrace him back.

I'm so happy that Akira deeply cares about me...and knows how to please me, he's far better than Kyo, who only do what he wants, hurting my feeling...


" Where the hell did she go... – that grouchy woman," Kyo muttered as he walked through the darkness, finding Yuya. He cursed everything that hinders his way, even the innocent mouse that suddenly appeared in his sight. He stared at it as if he was going to kill, then he suddenly stopped when he saw Akira and Yuya happily embracing each other.

Kyo's face contorted, as he looked at them. Much to his chagrin the two seems to be enjoying each moment. But he got the wrong idea, what comes to his mind was that this two have an affair. An affair that he wouldn't let to last...Or else he must find a way to end it...

"Tch, that woman seems to enjoy his hug...let's see if you'll enjoy this too," he said with an evil grin. Kyo dashed towards them, infused with the feeling of jealousy. Akira, on the other hand, fails to sense Kyo's presence because he was overwhelmed with delight. In an instant, Kyo seizes Yuya from Akira's embrace and pull her closer to him. Yuya was taken aback when she looked at Kyo's fierce gaze. As she struggled from Kyo's grasp, Kyo immediately cupped her nape and kissed her instinctively. It was an aggressive yet sensuously captivating kiss, arousing her hidden feeling for him. Yuya gently closed her eyes, feeling his pleasurable lips, but she soon came into realization when she heard Akira's voice.

"Yuya-san , you're squeezing it to much...if you won't stop squeezing it...it would die soon." Akira warned.

Yuya quickly shove Kyo away, her face reddened in humiliation. Then she turned her attention to the little creature she'd been squeezing a while ago because of her uncontrollable excitement. The poor thing nearly choked to death, writhing in pain. Yuya caressed it lovingly, snuggling it as if it was a baby.

"Is that a rodent" Kyo asked, frowning in disgust. He was annoyed by Akira's interjection and Yuya's disgusting affection towards the animal.

"Yes... and that's my gift to her...is it cute, Kyo...?" Akira said, smiling confidently.

Kyo stared at him, his left brow arched. " Who told you that?" Kyo said sarcastically, provoking Akira into a useless conversation.

But Akira only smiled calmly and seems to feel Kyo's aura of jealousy. Instead of answering him back, he went closer to Yuya and gently took her hands and said: "Yuya-san could attest to that."

Yuya looked at Kyo's expression and remember the last words that he said to her, words that still echoes in her mind... – Dogface –.

"Akira-san's right this..."she raised her hand, letting Kyo have a full view of the rodent, "This is the cutest creature that I had ever seen in my entire life...cuter than you Kyo!" Yuya blurted out.

Kyo's cheeks twitched. "I never heard that before...comparing me to a small rodent than to those mighty swordsmen...I know it... you like me...woman." Kyo said with a naughty grin.

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