These notes will probably be a tad longer than usual as it's the last chapter. With the vault now done and dealt with, this chapter was initially just meant to act as an epilogue of sorts, but it managed to grow into its own thing as I worked to tie off the last few plot threads. I was a bit worried it may come off as a bit corny, especially given the tone I've used for the rest of the piece, but I think I just managed to keep it out of that territory.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been reading and those that have stuck with this crazy idea through to the end. A extra special thank you to everyone who left feedback. Every piece of advice and criticism has been taken on board and the praise just made it so much easier to continue rolling out material until it reached a point where anyone might have thought this was my day job.

I understand the script format has received a very mixed reaction. I'll openly admit, I am much weaker writing in a standard format than I am this one, but I have been getting a lot of practice lately as I've been asked to novelize a script I wrote quite a few years ago so I'm debating which style to use for my next piece. At the end of the day the original concept for this story did kind of fail. If anyone was crazy enough to try and make this a movie, they'd end up with a six hour epic on their hands. Still, it was a lot of fun and despite telling myself when I started that this fanfic would be a once off, I've recently started pulling notes together for a piece based on Blizzards hit game, Diablo.

For anyone who's wondering, by the way, I'm about three hours into Borderlands 2 and while it does seem to be going out of its way to prove everything I made up for this story moot, I've stubbornly refused to change the ending because of it. If I do choose to adapt the sequel, I'll worry about continuity then, but given the epic task it took to do this, I can't guarantee I have another trip to Pandora left in me.

Anyway, that's all the rambling from me so for the final time, I hope you enjoy this latest entry.


Mordecai hits the snow on his stomach as the portal behind him flickers. Bouncing once over the ground he rolls himself onto his back and lies there looking up at the blue glow of the dying portal. A brown streak emerges from the portal just as it disappears for the final time.

As Mordecai lays over the snow looking up at the now empty arch, Bloodwing floats down and lands on his chest. The bird wanders up towards Mordecai's face and taps lightly on one of the yellow lenses covering his eyes.

Leaning down, it pulls playfully at the side of Mordecai's mask as he reaches up with his left hand and pushes the bird gently away.


I thought I saw something rocket past us.

While he wrestles his fingers out of Bloodwings beak, Mordecai looks over towards the sound to find Roland stood not too far away. Lilith and Brick are on the far side of Roland, looking back out towards the cliff side of the plateau.


The bird saved my life. He's a better tracker than you are.


Yeah, well. Don't start celebrating just yet.

Roland looks back up. Mordecai starts to pull himself up to a crouch, wincing as he places some weight on his injured leg and spinning back to look in the same direction as Roland. Upon seeing what Roland's talking about, he freezes.

In front of the group, at least two dozen soldiers, a mix of both Lance and Atlas have trained their weapons on the group. Two outrunners sit over to the right, near the edge of the plateau next to what looks like a jeep with a rocket launch mounted on the back. At the front of the group stands Jack. He's hunched over slightly and holding a hand over the wound he received to his right side earlier. As he moves, flashes of a bandage can be seen through the hole in his uniform.

With his free hand he holds his pistil towards Roland. The anger at coming away from the vault empty handed is clearly evident in his voice, despite him doing everything he can to maintain a calm and controlled demeanour.


Right. Now that that problem has been dealt with, I want that ball.

Roland reaches down into the remaining pouch by his waist and pulls out the sphere he found inside the vault. He holds it up at face level, taking a moment to run his eyes over the lines etched into the object.

Rotating his hand towards Jack he switches his gaze to look at the Atlas leader.


This one?

Jack takes a step towards Roland. His hands pushes down harder on the wound in his side as he does. Next to Roland, Mordecai slowly stands up, trying to keep all his weight on his good leg.


Well done. Now toss it over.

Roland lowers his arm, swinging it back as though about to throw the sphere over to Jack. This receives a questioning look from Lilith. Mordecai doesn't show any immediate reaction and Brick is too busy eyeing of as many soldiers behind Jack as he can. Roland's arm begins to swing back forwards however he never releases the sphere, instead raising it back to his chest.


Not just yet.

Jack shows a visible burst of pain as he raises his hand to catch the sphere that was never thrown to him. Bringing his hand back down to his wound, he growls an order.


Shoot them!

The plateau is filled with the sound of metallic clicking as the soldiers all ready their weapons preparing to pull the triggers. Roland throws both his hands up.


Whoah, wait-wait-wait wait-wait!

Jack holds his right hand in the air.



The four main characters stand motionless, breath held in their throats, but none of the Atlas soldiers fire.


You'll get your ball. I just want to … try something first.

He looks over to his left, where Angel is stood. None of the other characters can see her and more than a few look confused as he turns his attention away from Jack. Angel gives Roland a nod and he turns away from her towards Lilith, stood next to him.





As Lilith looks around, the soldiers behind Jack all train their guns on her. Noticing this, Roland holds out his free hand defensively.



Roland holds the ball towards Lilith, offering it to her. Responding to the gesture, she holds out her hand, palm up and he places it in her hand, maintaining his grip on it as he does so.


Behold, your origins.

At first Lilith doesn't react, however after a moment her eyes start darting around as she observes something unseen in front of her. This lasts a few moments and ends when Lilith jerks her hands away from the ball, leaving Roland once again stood holding it.


Are you done?

Roland looks around awkwardly.


I… uh…

He leans in towards Lilith.


I was really hoping that would take a bit longer.


Now Roland. Have found yourself without some crazy escape plan.


I'm good on the second half.


This is taking too long.

Jack spins back to the soldier behind him.


Kill them. Except Roland. I want the last shot on him.

The soldiers once again ready their guns as Jack squeezes through a gap in their lines. Lilith instantly pulls up a shield and Brick cracks his knuckles, ready to charge the soldiers. Roland holds both his arms out waving for the soldiers to stop.


Wait. No no. There's no need to kill us. Just hold on a moment.

A loud electronic scream rings through the area. Half the soldiers switch their aim towards the noise, which is coming from the direction of the thin chasm.

A moment later Claptrap comes tearing through the bushes. Rolling right between the soldiers and the four lead characters, the small robot carves a groove in the snow as it hurries to get as far away from the opening as possible.

A beat later it's revealed why.

The plateau is suddenly filled with screeching guardians as they dive through the gap chasing after Claptrap. Seeing the soldiers pointing guns in their direction, the alien's swoop down towards Jack's troops.

Gunfire fills the air as the soldiers retaliate with gunfire. The bullets bunce harmlessly off of the alien's shields and a number of soldiers are thrown into the air by the creatures.

Roland springs to life, turning first to Lilith and then Mordecai.


Time to go. Brick. Get Mordecai.

Brick darts past Roland towards Mordecai. Lilith keeps her shield held up and sidesteps to try and put her companions behind it as well.


Go where?


I'll worry about that. Let's T.C. a vehicle.



Roland spins, appearing a little surprised that she doesn't know what the term is.


Tactically comm…? Pick one, get in.

Over to Roland's other side, Mordecai lets out a short cry of pain as Brick hauls him off of his feet and throws him over the large man's shoulder. Mordecai resists at first but, realizing he's left with little choice settles into the uncomfortable position. As he's lifted, Bloodwing jumps off of the hunter and floats in the air for a moment.


If I'm shot in the arse…

One of the nearby soldiers notices the four character's starting to move off and fires a shot in Brick's direction. This immediately catches Bloodwing's attention and the bird swoops towards the soldier, dodging the return gunfire and digging its claws into the soldiers face a moment later, lashing out with its beak to gouge out the soldiers eyes.

Across the plateau, the soldiers begin to organise themselves back into some kind of formation. Gunfire rings out as they fire at the aliens. None of the bullets manage to get through, all of them being stopped by the aliens shields as they swoop down and pick off the soldiers.

One soldier is thrown right off the side of the cliff, while another is simply flung into the air, rebounding off of the side of the arch. Grabbing an Atlas soldier, one of the aliens activates its energy blade and slides it into the soldiers chest. Tearing out the blade, the dead soldier is tossed to the side.


Lets go!

Lilith moves forwards, keeping her shield up. She looks behind her in an attempt to keep Roland and Brick behind it. Roland however doesn't have the patience for the slow movement and takes off, running ahead of Lilith.



Brick takes off after Roland leaving Lilith stood there holding her shield for a moment. Without the others to try and protect, she quickens her pace, quickly turning it into a sprint.

She doesn't get far as one of the aliens swoops down in front of her, swinging its blade. Dodging out of the way, the blade just misses, but much to Lilith's horror, it passes right through her shield as though it's not there, coming extraordinarily close to cutting across her stomach.

The guardian swings at her again and Lilith only just manages to jump out of the way, dropping her shield as she does so.


Further across the plateau, Roland glances back to see how close behind everyone else is to him. Seeing the alien between Lilith and the rest of the group, he stops and groans.



Brick stops next to him, still carrying Mordecai. His vest is stained with blood from Mordecai's leg, which still trickles, although it has slowed right down since the initial injury. Roland quickly glances towards him, shouting out an order.


Get Mordecai in a vehicle.

As Brick moves away, Roland starts to dash back towards Lilith.


Lilith dodges another slash aimed towards her chest and creates a small bolt of energy between her hands. Tossing it at the alien she receives yet another shock when the ball seems to stick to the creature's shield for a moment before simply being absorbed harmlessly into it.

Dashing forwards, the alien grabs her with both of its arms and lifts her into the air.


Roland has almost reached Lilith when she's lifted off of the ground. As she rises beyond his possible reach he slows down, watching her for a moment.

The whistle of a bullet whizzing right past his nose snaps him back into the battle as he instinctively turns his head in the direction the bullet came from.

Jack is stood a couple meters to his side. He still holds his wound with one hand, while the other points the pistil that just fired the shot in Roland's direction.



Roland takes a step backwards before spinning back in the direction of the vehicles, right into the arms of a Crimson Lance soldier approaching from behind him.

The Lance soldier wastes no time in grabbing both of Roland's arms and swinging them around his back, holding them securely while he's forced to turn back to Jack.

Jack approaches slowly keeping the weapon trained on Roland.


Lilith struggles against the aliens grip as it flies upwards. A number of meters above the rest of the battle happening on the plateau, the creature stops and hovers in the air for a moment. Glancing down, Lilith quickly comes to the realisation that she's going to have to face the drop one way or another.

Looking right into the creature's small, black eyes she vanishes from sight, sending out a shockwave that blasts the creature off of her. The world becomes hazy and washed out as Lilith begins to fall in her invisible state.

By sheer chance, about half way down, another alien flies right underneath Lilith, causing her to bounce off of the insect-like creature and slowing her fall enough so that when she hits the snow a few meters later, she's bruised, but otherwise not too badly injured.


Jack is stood right in front of Roland. Swapping his gun into his left hand, he reaches down and opens up the pouch by Roland's waist, reaching in. The sphere is in his hand as he removes it from the pouch. Holding up the sphere so he can look at it up close, he gives Roland a taunting, victorious smile.


I win again.


Says who?


Why did you really come here Roland? Was it for the vault? Or for me?

Roland glares at Jack, refusing to answer.


You know, for all your brilliant planning, you haven't thought this through at all. You're wanted in almost every galaxy. What do you think will happen if you murder me? Huh? You'll be knocked up to the top. You'll become the most hunted man in the Universe.


I'd better cover my tracks then.

Jack takes half a step back and points his pistil point blank range at Roland's head. He doesn't get the chance to pull the trigger though as a shockwave blasts out as Lilith re-emerges between them. Both Roland and Jack are sent flying off in different directions.

As Jack takes off, the small sphere rockets out of his hand, also caught in the blast and lands in a patch of snow, right in the middle of the battle between the aliens and the last few remaining soldiers.

Roland hits the ground a good four meters away from where he was stood before. He's moved parallel to the vehicles so isn't really any closer to them then he was before.

Picking himself up off of the ground, he starts to make his way towards the vehicle. Off to his left, Lilith is also moving in the same direction.

Roland suddenly stops as the Lance soldier that was grabbing him appears between him and the vehicles and points his assault rifle at Roland.

The Lance solider begins to squeeze on the trigger but before he can unleash a round, he's smacked from behind and ends up on his back. Having brought the soldier to the ground, Brick leans down over the soldier and gives him a good punch to the face as Roland covers the distance between them.


No time for that. Come on.

Roland passes Brick and it doesn't take him long to reach the three vehicles. Mordecai has been placed in the back seat of the jeep with the rocket launcher turret. Racing around to the driver side door, Roland jumps in as Lilith takes the passenger seat and Brick climbs in the back, placing himself in a small seat just behind the turret. Bloodwing swoops down, joining the party and perching himself back on Mordecai's shoulder.

As Roland starts the engine Claptrap suddenly appears, racing along the edge of the plateau towards their position.


Hey wait! Wait for me.

Roland chooses not to wait and Claptrap only just manages to wrap one of its hands around the bar at the back of the jeep before Roland hits the accelerator. The sudden acceleration causes Claptrap's wheel to come off the ground as it keeps an iron grip on the vehicle.

Roland drives forwards for a few meters before throwing the car into a slide, turning it around.


I highly recommend seatbelts.


Finally, someone who knows how to drive.

Roland rockets forwards at first aiming for the heart of the battle happening further into the plateau however he suddenly spins the wheel, turning the car away from the battle and right off of the side of the plateau.


Plummeting down the side of the mountain, the four main characters scream in terror. Bloodwing flaps its wings and disappears from Mordecai's shoulder. Claptrap still hangs onto the back of the vehicle with its hands while the rest of the robot flaps around behind it.

After a few beats of screaming, Mordecai manages to lean forwards, despite being restricted by the harness around his waist and yells at Roland.


Please tell me you didn't just deliberately drive us of the side of a mountain!


Can't do that, I'm afraid!


I bloody knew it! I knew I was safer with the bad guys!


Don't worry. I've done this before!




When we first entered this planet!


… … You were in a ship that time. They're designed to fly!

Below the vehicle is the face of the mountain that Roland was looking at before they entered the vault, with its smooth surface and gentle curve near the bottom as it transitions from near vertical to horizontal. The vehicle falls a good number of feet from the side of the mountain and is on a heavy lean, pointing almost straight downwards, causing the characters to lean right back into their seats.

Roland spins around and shouts back.


Brick! I need you to fire up!

Brick grabs the mounted rocket launcher and spins around to aim back up the mountain. He squeezes the trigger and sends out a rocket. The kick from the launcher causes the vehicle to jump downwards, with a short but noticeable speed increase.


The rocket sails past the plateau and impacts against the snow near the mountains peak. As the blast goes off a good portion of snow both above and below the explosion is dislodged and begins to roll down the mountain, quickly picking up speed.


Roland turns around at the sudden jump downwards and yells at Brick.

No. Up! UP!

He actively points in the direction he means. It's not true up, but up from the vehicles perspective.

Brick raises the launcher as high as it will go. It doesn't quite go as vertical as Roland would like, but it still manages a decent amount of height. As Brick fires off a second rocket, the kick sends the vehicle a foot closer to the mountain face.


Jack scrambles in the snow and after a moment finds what he was looking for. Pulling his hand close, he lets out a relieved smile as he looks at the sphere enclosed in his fingers.

His relief is short lived however as a loud roar rings out through the area. Moments later the entire plateau is covered underneath the sea of snow set loose by Brick's first rocket. As the avalanche passes over the plateau it buries everything including the arch and all the remaining soldiers.


Hearing a faint roar Mordecai spins in his seat. The lens in his helmet reflects the avalanche chasing them down the side of the mountain.



Roland spins around and his eyes widen as he sees the white cloud of snow. Brick fires off another rocket, which soars outwards away from the mountain and pushes the vehicle closer still to the face. Having been falling for some time, the side of the mountain begins its very gradual transition to horizontal.

Brick fires yet another rocket which pushes the car close enough to the side for the wheels to bounce off of the side of the mountain face.

Behind them the wave of snow is rapidly catching up, building itself up as it rolls down the side of the mountain.

Roland pushes his foot down flat on the accelerator, hoping to pick up any extra speed he can possibly muster.

As the mountain side begins to level out, the vehicle bounces across the surface again, causing Roland to fight the wheel for a moment as the force causes the tires to veer off.

Coming down once more, the vehicle this time keeps enough of its weight to attach them permanently to the side of the mountain. Roland pushes down on the accelerator but even though the wheel are spinning, they are sliding faster than the wheels can keep up.

The slope in the mountain reaches almost forty five degrees. A tree suddenly springs up in front of the vehicle. Roland jerks the wheel in an attempt to dodge around it. The car doesn't really turn, but the action is enough to cause them to slide over to the side slightly and they rocket past it, missing the thick trunk by inches.

Small bullets of snow being spat out from the avalanche, now right behind them, start to hit the back of the vehicle. Claptrap continues to let out a piercing electronic scream as it flails behind the vehicle, incredibly managing to maintain its grip on the bar at the back.

As the mountain continues to flatten out, the chasm suddenly springs up in front of them. It looks like something has just taken a groove out of the side of the mountain near the bottom. The far side is lower than the mountain side and beyond the chasm the snow comes to a stop and gives way to a grassy plain.

Roland continues to pump the accelerator as the chasm races up to meet them. Behind them the avalanche is so close that the vehicle begins to disappear underneath the cloud of snow. Mordecai lets out a worried cry.

Suddenly the car hits the edge of the chasm and the wheels once more separate from the ground as the vehicle sails over the deep cut in the mountain.

The time that they are airborne seems to be forever, however after a few very tense moments, the wheels hit the ground on the other side and the vehicle continues its descent down the final section of the mountain.

Only a minimal amount of snow from the avalanche makes it to the other side of the chasm. Most of it falls into the pit and no longer poses any danger to the main characters. The snow that does make it across lightly rolls down after the vehicle and eventually comes to a rest.


Roland manages to keep control of the vehicle and releases the gas, allowing it to roll on its own terms. As the mountain finishes levelling out, the vehicle starts to slow down until eventually it comes to a stop, encouraged by a few easy pumps on the brake by Roland.

Releasing the buckle holding him down to his seat, Mordecai opens up the door closest to him and all but drops out of the vehicle, hugging the earth beneath his body.

Roland lets out a relieved laugh, which quickly fills the area as the remaining characters pile out of he vehicle. Still gripping the bar with an iron deadlock, Claptrap can only manage an exasperated whimper as it pulls itself onto its wheel.

Lilith smiles, but doesn't really make any noise and Brick climbs out of the back of the vehicle straight faced and silent. Allowing the adrenaline rush to slowly wear off, Roland eventually calms down and becomes quiet taking a few deep breaths.

Putting himself back in a serious mindset, Roland walk around the vehicle, followed by Lilith and places himself in front of Mordecai. Brick slowly wanders over from the back of the vehicle.

Roland reaches down and grabs Mordecai's shoulder, pulling him to his feet.

We need to talk.

Before Mordecai can react, he's thrown off of his feet by a punch from Roland. Bouncing off of the side of the vehicle, Mordecai hits the ground on his stomach. As he falls, Lilith leaps forwards, putting herself between Roland and Mordecai.


Jesus! What the hell are you doing?



Brick lets out a growl and steps forwards towards Roland, but Roland points a warning finger at the large man.


Brick, stay back!

Although he could easily overpower Roland, Brick still stops and watches as Roland, pushes himself past Lilith and grabs Mordecai again by the collar, hauling him to his feet. A spot of blood runs down from a small cut in his lip.


Great talk.


Oh, he's being smart.

Roland smacks Mordecai again, sending him back to the ground. As Roland leans back in towards Mordecai, he's suddenly accosted by Bloodwing who swoops out of the sky and instantly latches onto Roland's face.

Batting both of his arms around defensively, Roland attempts to knock Bloodwing off. His forearm manages to hit the front of the bird, causing it to float away from Roland for a moment before diving back in and trying to blind him again.

From the ground, Mordecai yells up.



Hearing Mordecai's shouts, Bloodwing releases Roland, who now sports scratches down both sides of his face, and hovers a few feet above Mordecai before perching on top of the vehicle.

Roland turns back to Mordecai but he's now being shielded by Lilith, who puts herself in front of him.


Move aside.



Roland is equal parts shocked and annoyed at her resistance.


He betrayed us.

From the ground Mordecai softly growls back.


I can only say sorry so many times.


Sorry? You stood there and let them kill us.


No! That is not true! I had a deal with them to keep you alive.

I had a legal inheritance. You can see how effective that was.

Roland throws out a fist in frustration, punching thorugh the air and spinning away from Mordecai and Lilith. Near the back of the vehcle, Brick looks sprung enough to punch anyone who moves within a few feet of him.


Man, you've been helping me to fight Atlas for ten years now. How could you possibly be so stupid?


This was all Steele.

Hearing Lilith talk, Roland spins back around.


She was a Siren, like me. The first time they were in the same room together, she knew exactly how to manipulate him.


Yeah. The old wife and kid sob story. I hate to break it to you Mordecai, but despite what Atlas told you, that life is never coming back. You signed that waiver, the first time we went out on a mission together.


My family…


…are gone… You know what hurts the most from all of this. The fact that you have completely missed the obvious here. You have a family, man. Brick, Falcon, me. We're you're new family. Hell, for a while, I thought we were brothers. But you know what, I give up. I've put up with this shit for the last ten years. I think its about time you got over it.


Oh, that's rich, coming from the man who refuses to tell Brick his sister's dead.



Brick suddenly springs to life and begins to storm towards Roland.


We don't know that!

Brick reaches Roland and grabs the soldier, throwing him to the ground. Roland manages to soften his fall by throwing his hands out, but Brick is quickly on top of him, holding him down. He raises a threatening fist.




I don't know!




I don't… We heard a rumor… OK… That's it. A rumor. There's nothing confirmed, and the source is less than reliable.




Hephaestus. Third moon.

Brick releases Roland and steps away.


If I thought, that there was even a hint of truth to it, we would have gone straight away.

Roland stops for a moment and examines his three former companions now glaring at him, realizing that the tables have completely turned against him.

Lilith kneels down next to Mordecai.


Are you okay?


Walking is going to be a bitch. But I should be fine.

Bloodwing floats down from the vehicle, landing gently on Mordecai's shoulder. He nips playfully at Lilith's hand, but stops far from actually hurting her.

Grabbing a hold of Lilith's hand, Mordecai uses her help to pull himself to his feet. Moving forwards, he painfully limps towards Roland. Lilith offers him her shoulder, but he rejects it, holding out an arm, silently asking her to stay back.


Roland. I really am sorry for what I did. I didn't see any other choice at the time, and if there was anything I could do to make it up to you...


Man, I forgive you, but I don't think there is.

There's a moments silence.


So now what?


I have no idea.

Both characters stand there for a beat.


You know what. You want your old life back? Go and get it. Next chance I get, I'll put out a fake report that you're dead. Should remove you from any wanted lists and get the authorities off your back. Pick a new name, keep that mask on and you're golden.


And what about you?


Me? I'm going home.

Roland steps backwards a few paces before spinning around, away from the rest of the group. After a couple steps he quickly glances back.


Too bad the vault was empty. I could a used some extra cash.

Turning away he walks slowly from the vehicle. He doesn't walk fast but nor does he turn back or slow down. As he starts to put some distance between himself and his former companions, the sun finally finishes cresting the mountain off to their side and the sky, which was a deep red earlier, transitions into a bright blue.

The music begins to swell, preparing for the end credits and as the camera looks into the sun, the screen appears to begin to fade to black.



The false ending is cut short as Roland spins back towards Mordecai, who's limping after him followed closely by Brick and Lilith.


You owe me. Quite a bit.

Roland rolls his eyes, annoyed that he's being chased down for financial reasons.


I wouldn't get your hopes up.


Well that's too bad for you, because I'm hanging around until you pay me every cent.

Roland is now more than a little miffed, trying to work out what game Mordecai is playing.


And from here on in I'm charging interest. One hundred percent for every day I don't get it.

He figures it out. Roland allows a small smile but quickly erases it from his face as Mordecai reaches him.


So I guess you'll be stuck with me for a while.

Putting himself right in front of Roland, the two vault hunters stare each other down for a moment before Roland finally breaks the silence.


We are not friends right now…

They continue to stare at one another, but after a beat, Roland's face is split with a grin.


But It'll be good to have you watching my back again.


Who said anything about watching your back?


Oh, well. Good luck getting paid if I'm dead.

Mordecai moves to one side and places himself next to Roland, spinning around to face Lilith and Brick.

Starting to find his groove again, Roland calls back.

How about it Brick. Any outstanding debts?

Brick holds up his hand and pulls up the stub where his middle finger used to be, directing the failed gesture towards Roland.


I'm not sure where I'll find one of those. But what the hell, come on over.

Brick jogs over to Roland and Mordecai, leaving Lilith stood on her own, once again the outsider to the trio's original group.

After a moment, though, Roland calls back to her as well.


How about you, Princess. I owe you anything?

Lilith doesn't immediately answer, instead holding up her right arm and running her left hand over the markings that snake their way up to her shoulder. Half looking up, she softly answers.



Of the trio, Mordecai appears the most shocked at her answer, although Roland is more than a little surprised.

Still running her fingers over the markings, Lilith summons a ball of energy in her right hand, holding it above her palm for a moment before allowing it to fade out. Remaining motionless for a beat she finally looks up.


But I owe you.

She starts to move towards them as Roland once more flashes a large grin at the Siren.


So I guess I'll be hanging around until I manage to repay you.

She covers the rest of the distance quickly placing herself in front of Roland.


You might as well give it straight to Mordecai.

Lilith looks over towards the hunter, with Bloodwing perched upon his shoulder. Catching the less than subtle hint from Roland she gives Mordecai a sly smile. Bloodwing takes on the response, letting out a loud shriek that carries across the grass plains as Lilith puts herself between Roland and Mordecai, grabbing the hunter's arm and wrapping it around her shoulders.

The film closes with a hero shot of the four vault hunters striding across the plains, headed towards future adventures.