Since it's Valentines Day today, I thought I'd make a Toshiro/Momo fanfic along with my UlquiHime valentines story where Ulquiorra tries Orihime's cooking with hilarious results that will hopefully be out today.
Summary: Momo wins an all expense-paid trip to a hot springs resort in the World of the Living and brings along her boyfriend Toshiro along with some friends.
Pairings: MomoxHitsugaya, RenjixRukia, and Rangikux(Mystery until the next chapter)
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach.
Content: Comedy. T for now. M rating soon.
Author's Notes: Sorry for any bad grammar. My BETA reader Jestin is nowhere to be found and I haven't heard from him in a while. Jestin if you're reading this, don't worry pal. I'm not blaming you for anything. Though I could use the help of like a Back-Up BETA reader whenever Jestin isn't around. Just contact me and we'll talk.

"Lil Shiro, look!" Momo happily said as she presented a working Hitsugaya with a paper in her hands and the short but very mature Captain took his eyes off his almost complete paperwork.

"How many times do I have to ask you not to call me that?" Hitsugaya said in an annoyed voice but Momo's happiness, as usual, kept her from getting upset at her boyfriend.

"Sorry but look." Momo said as she handed him the piece of paper and he slowly read it before glancing back at her.

"You won an all expense trip to a resort in the world of the living?"

"Yep. Just this morning."

"Well, Congratulations. Enjoy your trip." Hitsugaya blankly said as he handed Momo the paper back and went back to work.

"Wait, didn't you read the rest?" Momo asked and Hitsugaya shook his head without looking at her.

"It says I can bring five friends with me and well, I'd like you to be one of those people."

"Thank you but I've got all lot of work to do." Hitsugaya said.

"Ah c'mon, Lil Shiro." Hitsugaya, seeing as Momo wasn't going to take no for an answer, just said maybe if he didn't have any work to do and Momo hugged him and left the room. Hitsugaya finished the paperwork and there was no more work to do. There surprisingly wasn't an amount of unfinished paperwork Rangiku normally would leave behind waiting for him and Hitsugaya got up and called Momo back into the office. Soon, the two were talking about the trip while drinking some sweet tea and who they would bring with them. Momo suggested it would be a couple's thing and Hitsugaya unhesitatingly agreed.

"What about Kiyone and Captain Ukitake?" Hitsugaya said.

"I think he's ill again." Momo said with some sympathy in her voice.

"That's unfortunate. What of Ulquiorra and Orihime?"

"He said they were going out of town for a while."

"What about Renji and Rukia?"

"I'll ask them. I'm sure they'll want to come too."

That's one couple down and now we need one more pair "

"I have one in mind." Hitsugaya said.

"Who are they?" Momo asked.

"We may as well as ask Rangiku and that boyfriend of hers to come along as she's likely to make a fuss about it if we don't tell her." The captain dreaded the thought.

"Good idea. I'll call her immediately and ask her."

"Just when to you plan for the trip to began?" Hitsugaya asked.

"In a couple of days. Two or three days." Momo said.

"Very well then." Hitsugaya said as Momo left back to her office and dialed Rangiku's number. The tone rang and soon Rangiku's voice came out the phone.

"Yello?" Rangiku's voice said.

"Rangiku, it's me Momo. How are you doing?"

"I'm doing pretty good. Thanks for asking. Anything new with you?" The voice said back.

"Well I've recently won this all expense-paid trip to a hot spring resort in the word of the living and I'm allowed to bring five people with me and so me and Toshiro thought we'd ask you and your boyfriend if you wanted to come too." Momo explained.

"Sounds great! We'd love to! I'll go tell him now. Thanks for the invite." Rangiku's always joyful voice came through the phone.

"Okay, great. See you in bit."

"Bye now." Rangiku said as she hung up and Momo left to find Renji and Rukia. She later found the two in the fields relaxing under a tree with Rukia's petite form nestled in Renji's arms while she was reading and explained her upcoming trip to the couple and her.

"Wow, sounds relaxing." Renji said.

"Sure. We'll accompany you. Right, Renji?" Rukia said.

"Yeah count us in." Renji replied and Momo thanked them.

"A trip to the world of the living sounds pretty nice, doesn't it?" Rukia said.

"Yep. Maybe we'll get to a share a hot spring of our own." Renji said with a suggestive smirk and Rukia just patted his cheek with a smirk of her own.

"We'll see, big guy." Rukia answered.


"Ichigo, let's fight!" a battle-hungry Kenpachi bellowed as he chased Ichigo through the streets of the sereitei and the substitute shinigami had no intention to face the Squad 11 captain a second time.

"Not on your life!" Ichigo called back to Kenpachi as he turned a corner and Kenpachi did the same.

"Come on, Ichi. Kenny just wants to play!" Yachiru said from Kenpachi's shoulder and Ichigo just ignored that statement while he still ran away as fast as he could and vanished into a crowd. Kenpachi wandered through the crowd and Ichigo was nowhere to be seen. The captain just shrugged his shoulders and lumbered off. Unbeknowst to him, Ichigo had actually took a back alley and jumped over the fence that was at the end. He landed on his feet, then took off to the end of the street and soon ran into Izuru, Tetsuzaemon, and Ikkaku, who all noticed his heavy panting.

"What the hell happened to you?" Ikkaku asked.

"That crazy Kenpachi tried to fight me again." Ichigo said breathlessly as he wiped the sweat off his forehead and caught his breath.

"Why didn't you just fight him? It should be an honor to fight Captain Zaraki." Ikkaku said.

"Yeah, why didn't you fight him?" Tetsuzaemon added in.

"Are you crazy? I nearly died from fighting him the first time." Ichigo blurted out.

"Oh please. Since you didn't die the first time, you should go back and fight a second time to see if you can fully make it." Ikkaku said.

"No freakin' way." Ichigo said.

"I'm with him. I wouldn't go up against Captain Zaraki if I had the chance." Izuru said.

"Finally. Someone else who gets the picture." Ichigo thought and suddenly someone shouted his name from afar in a happy voice and he froze in place for a second as he thought he heard Yachiru's voice. However, he didn't feel Kenpachi's spiritual pressure rumbling the ground as he did earlier and he unfroze and turned around to see a familar face and felt a hand land on him.

"Oh no." Ichigo thought as he looked upon the familiar face.

Who is the person Ichigo sees and who is Rangiku's mystery boyfriend? We'll find out in the next chapter which will be about Momo, Toshiro, Renji, Rukia, Rangiku and her mystery man packing up their lunguage and what transportation they will use. Since it is Valentines Day, I advise you guys to read my other fanfic that will hopefully be released today and my Valentines Day fanfic. I have the second chapter almost complete and if you guys like for me to release it, just say so in the review and I'll do it. Remember fellas, the more reviews I get in fanfics, the more energized and inspired I feel to make more stories and/or fanfics.