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Hitsugaya drove the van and he was almost close to the resort. Since they had left, the trip was steadily going without a hitch and everyone else besides the short captain was asleep. Hitsugaya just listened to the radio while absent-mindedly tapping his fingers to the music.

I close my eyes and I keep seeing things

Rainbow waterfalls

Sunny liquid dreams

Confusion creeps inside me raining doubt

Gotta get to you

But I don't know how

Call me call me

Let me know it's alright

Call me call me

Don't you think it's 'bout time

Please won't you call and

Ease my mind

Reasons for me to find you

Peace of mind

What can I do

To get me to you

I had your number quite some time ago

Back when we were young

But I had to grow

Ten thousand years I've searched it seems and now

Gotta get to you

Won't you tell me how

Call me call me

Let me know you are there

Call me call me

I wanna know you still care

Come on now won't you

Ease my mind

Reasons for me to find you

Peace of mind

What can I do

To get me to you

Come on now won't you

Ease my mind

Reasons for me to find you

Peace of mind

Reasons for livin' my life

Ease my mind

Reasons for me to know you

Peace of mind

What can I do

To get me to you

Hitsugaya then noticed Momo stirring awake and she flexed her arms as she opened her eyes.

"Oh, hey, there, Toshiro." Momo said as she rubbed her eyes and picked up a sprite she had brought at a previous rest stop to keep from falling asleep. She looked back to see Rukia sleeping with her head on Renji's arm while Ichigo rested his head against Rangiku's bosom.

"You should get some more rest." Hitsugaya advised.

"Why, Lil Shiro? We're here." Momo said as they arrived at a resort and she looked at the free brochure she'd been given to confirm her point.

"I see." Hitsugaya said as he flexed his wrists and got out of the van with Momo to stretch their limbs. The other pairs woke up and got off the van to flex their limbs before gathering their luggage.

Then they went to the front desk, where Momo was told of the hotel's best qualities such as the large buffet room, free room service for any member of her party, the indoor hot spring leading to an outdoor one, and most of all, all hotel rooms had their own private hot springs.

"Oh, this is gonna be fun. Once all of you are rested, let's say we meet in the buffet for dinner?" Momo said and Rukia, Renji, Ichigo, and Rangiku all agreed to that before going off to their respective rooms.

With Momo and Hitsugaya

"What a room." Momo said in wonderment as it had a king-sized bed, a flat-screen TV on the wall, and two doors that slid apart to reveal a backyard with an onsen bath that could turn into a Jacuzzi thanks to a small button.

"This should be quite interesting." Hitsugaya said as he looked into the backyard with Momo alongside him before they lay down on the bed to rest for a while.

With Renji and Rukia

"Well, how do you like that?" Rukia said as she observed the private hot springs with Renji.

"Yeah. That hot spring sure is gonna be enjoyable later." Renji smiled with Rukia looking into the water and felt how arm it was by hovering their hands above the water, both smiling at how warm it felt.

"You can say that twice." Rukia said as she mentally melted from how warm the water was and Renji smiled at it before they left their room to explore more of the hotel.

With Rangiku and Ichigo

"Wow!" Rangiku said as she observed the room with Ichigo laying back the bed while she looked at the personal hot springs in the backyard and noticed her boyfriend dozing off. She smirked as she put herself on him; smothering his face with her ample cleavage and making his eyes snap open as he blushed.

"Wakey, wakey, Ichigo." Rangiku trilled happily.

"Okay, okay, I'm up." Ichigo said in a muffled voice as Rangiku got off him and giggled as she led him to the hot springs.

"Y'know, we can get in know if you want us to." Rangiku said as she hugged Ichigo's back, making her breasts squish into his back and making him blush again.

"Uh, let's wait after dinner. It'll be more relaxing." Ichigo said.

"That sounds good to me." Rangiku said as she pressed her breasts into Ichigo's back.

"Are you planning to let me go soon?"

"Nope." Rangiku giggled.

Later at 7: 21

"Ready for dinner, Toshiro?" Momo asked as Hitsugaya came back inside from looking at the stars.

"Yeah, sure." Hitsugaya answered they picked up their respective keycards and closed the door behind them. The couple headed to the buffet and a short time after they found a table, Rangiku, Ichigo, Renji, and Rukia arrived to join them. Once everyone had gathered an amount of food, they sat at the chosen table and chatted.

"So, are you all enjoying the place so far?" Momo asked.

"Absolutely." Rukia answered.

"You bet." Renji said.

"Totally." Ichigo and Rangiku answered.

"That's great to know." Momo happily said.

"So, Captain, have you tried the Hot Springs in the back with Momo yet?" Rangiku asked.

"No, I have not." Hitsugaya answered.

"We're planning to after dinner to make it even more relaxing." Momo answered.

"What a coincidence. So are we." Renji said.

"Same here. Right, Ichigo?" Rangiku answered.

"Yeah, if you want." Ichigo responded.

"Well, that's all good, then, I suppose." Hitsugaya answered.

After dinner

"See you tomorrow, everyone." Momo said to her friends as they departed to their respective rooms.

"Shall we?" Hitsugaya said as they headed back to their own room and closed the door.

Momo and Hitsugaya donned their yukata, wandered out to the hot springs in the backyard, and dipped their hands in the warm water.

"Ready, Toshiro?" Momo said.

"Yes." Hitsugaya said as they undid their yukata and let them fall of their bodies, leaving them in the nude and this gave them a first-time view at each other's natural bodies. Hitsugaya's chest looked quite muscular along his manhood being bigger than Momo would have ever guessed while she had an ample C-cup chest along with her slender figure before they got into the water.

They sighed out of pleasure before they lay back in the relaxing and they mentally melted as Momo cuddled up to Hitsugaya. He wrapped his arm around Momo's shoulders as she pressed lips together with Hitsugaya as he caressed her cheek.

Hitsugaya's turquoise eyes gazed into Momo's brown ones as they kissed in their private onsen.

Meanwhile with Rukia and Renji

"Ah, Rukia, doesn't this feel so good?" Renji said as Rukia sat on his lap with her back to him.

"Yes, it sure does." Rukia sighed pleasurably and held Renji's arms around her petite figure as she rested her ass on his lap while the pair looked up at the stars.

With Ichigo and Rangiku in their onsen

"Ichigo, what's wrong?" Rangiku asked Ichigo, who had his eyes closed.

"I'm fine." Ichigo answered.

"Is it that you don't want to look at me?" Rangiku asked.

"It's not that." Ichigo said and Rangiku smirked before she placed herself on Ichigo's lap.

"Rangiku, what are you doing?" Ichigo said.

"You still don't wanna open your eyes?" Rangiku asked and Ichigo blushed as he felt her plump ass on his lap and his inactive manhood started to rise.

"Rangiku…" Ichigo said as his face blushed.

"Open your eyes, Ichigo. I won't mind." Rangiku as he pressed her breasts against his face, enclosing his head in her wet, ample bosom.

"Rangiku!" A muffled Ichigo said as he struggled for a moment and he couldn't decide what felt better; the water or Rangiku's breasts.

"Come on, Ichigo." Rangiku said again and Ichigo finally gave in and opened his eyes and couldn't believe how large his girlfriend's ample bosom was along with how toned her body was; he knew it was large but not as large as he would think.

"Sexy, aren't I?" Rangiku asked.

"Yes. You're sexy, all right?" Ichigo said as Rangiku just sat on his lap and cuddled him. He smiled and returned the affectionate gesture to the blonde.

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