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"Isabella Swan, would you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me?"

I wasn't really sure what my heart was wanting to do as I stared at her, perched in her seat next to me, wide-eyed and surprised. One second it felt like it was going to stop. The next it was beating at such a rapid pace, I was afraid it was going to explode out of my chest.

Evident by the 46,000 pairs of eyes trained on her and her alone and the unprecedented silence around, I wasn't the only one holding my breath waiting for an answer. Safeco Field and its fans were used to these events, one where a boy asked a girl to marry him through the incredibly romantic video board lit up with dancing hearts and giant letters. Girl would nod as she held off tears, and then "She said YES!" would flash across the screen as the couple collapsed into a hug, sending the crowd into an uproar of cheers and congratulations.

Yes, this should be standard fare. But it wasn't. For this proposal... this was special.

You see, Isabella Swan was no ordinary girl. Isabella Swan, known simply as Bella to all of her friends that were sitting next to her on the front row behind the dugout, was the only daughter of the Seattle Mariners manager Charlie Swan, who was currently standing on home plate with the rest of his team beaming with pride.

But the friends, the father, the fans, the players? None of them mattered anymore. They ceased to exist. Because even though Bella's beautiful eyes were once trained down at the giant square diamond set in platinum nestled into the Tiffany diamond ring box, she had since looked up... and she was staring at me.

September 2004

"Shit! Fucking son of a bitchin' bastards!"

Never in my life had I seen a hotter girl.

"God dammit!"

And such a foul-mouthed one at that.

So this was what I'd been dreading all summer? An ass as perfect as the one she was sporting, stuck up in the air as she crawled around on the pavement, chasing after the escaped dorm supplies that had unceremoniously dropped right out of the bottom of the bulging box she was carrying?

That box wasn't the only thing that was bulging as I stopped walking from my car to the entrance of the dorm to ogle her goods, barely concealed in the tiniest pair of navy blue cotton shorts known to man.

What was I so worried and stressed about five minutes ago? I sure couldn't remember. College was going to be great.

"Need a hand?" I asked after I eagerly jogged up to her, ready to lather my Man Suave on her.

"Only if you've got like fifty," she sighed, stretching for a baseball-patterned number two pencil that was picking up speed as it began its roll down the slope of the parking lot. "These stupid fucking boxes aren't worth a damn. Third fucking one that's busted since this morning. If I wasn't supposed to act a certain way, I'd sure rip the equipment manager a new asshole tomorrow for giving these to me!"

I laughed tensely, unsure if I was about to upset her even more. She sure seemed to hold a lot of rage for such a small thing. "You've got quite the vocabulary."

She shrugged nonchalantly, still not looking over to me as I cautiously picked up a box of tampons with two fingers and tossed it in a bright green plastic basket thing she'd pulled out of her Mercedes. "You can blame my father. He's a professional cusser. It's a learned behavior."

"He's a what?" I asked. Who the hell's job was it to cuss for a living? And where could I sign up for that degree?

Wrapping her arms around her chest, clutching as many fallen items to her body as she possibly could, she finally turned toward me to drop the stuff in the basket, and my breath caught in my throat. From where I was standing before, I could already tell she was hot, but standing this close I could actually see her eyes – her hypnotizing brown eyes, wider than the moon and deeper than the deepest ocean. I was lost in them, locked in a place where I was unable to function as I normally did around girls. My Man Suave was completely gone, rinsed away on this tidal wave of brown hair and eyes.

"I'm Bella," she stated, poking a free finger out to me as a form of a handshake offering as she still held onto the stuff. "Bella Swan. Daughter of Charlie Swan, new manager of the Seattle Mariners... last year's worst team in major league baseball."

Eyebrows raised, feeling oh so much more inferior, I timidly reached out my hand and shook that one finger she had sticking out. It didn't take a Mariners fan to recognize her father's name because he was the best of the best when it came to baseball managers, carrying with him a legacy of turning sub-.500 teams into World Series Champions within a few years.

"I'm Edward. Edward Cullen. Son of two wonderful and successful people but not really anybody special myself."

She smiled sadly. "You and I have something in common, Edward. I may have a famous father, but I'm not really anybody special, either, so don't treat me that way, please."

Her eyes held a plea, begging me to see her as a normal person with only a famous parent, and for some reason, I felt bad for instantly going to the place that it seemed so many people did. So, plastering on my best smile, feeling a little of my confidence come creeping back however forced it was, I leaned in. "Are you hinting that you and I will be seeing more of each other?"

Say yes. Say yes. Say yes.

"Maybe," she smirked. "As long as you help me carry the rest of this shit up to my room."

Immediately grabbing a box from the trunk, supporting it on the bottom to insure we didn't have any more messes, I said, "That's better than a 'no'. Point me in the direction I'm headed, Sailor Swan."

"I'm Jasper Hale, an incoming freshman majoring in history."

A tall, gangly kid with curly blonde hair and a southern accent thicker than molasses on a winter's day was standing in front of me with his hand formally extended out in front of him. I had to bite back a laugh.

"Edward Cullen," I responded, taking his hand and shaking it, trying to loosen up his stiff posture. "Also an incoming freshman that's majoring in everything right now until I find out what I'm good at." I'd been here for six hours already, and since dorm rooms were stereotypically small, I hadn't really brought a whole lot with me, so I was already unpacked and settled. "I hope you don't mind, but since I was the first to arrive, I went ahead and chose a bed. I took the far wall."

"Nah," he drawled. "I don't mind where I sleep. Comes with the territory of being an Army brat. I've moved around so much that any flat surface can be considered a bed to me. But since I have the pick between two equally uncomfortable-looking beds, I'll choose the middle one."

"You sure do have a distinct accent for moving around so much," I noted.

He shrugged as he unzipped his large camouflage bag. "Even though we've lived all around the world, I spent the first twelve years of my life living between the Fort Hood and Fort Bliss bases in Texas. I guess those are the formative years. The accent just kind of stuck with me and my sister."

"You have a sister?"

"Yep, a twin sister, in fact. She's going here, too. Our mother Maria is downstairs helping her unpack because ninety percent of the stuff in the Hummer belonged to her."

Just then a large dude with biceps the size of Jasper's thigh came barreling through our opened door with six Nike duffel bags slung over his shoulders.

"Is this Campion Hall, and is this Room 813?"

"Uhhhh, yeah," I answered.

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph," he huffed, instantly dropping the bags from his arms to the carpeted concrete slab, sending a thunderous rumble through the room. "This campus is so fucking confusing. I've been south when I thought it was north and east when I thought it was west. I'm so happy that I finally found it."

"I'm Edward, undecided major," I said, putting my hand out for a shake. "This is Jasper, history major. We're your roommates for the next year."

"Emmett McCarty," he replied, gripping our hands roughly. "Chemistry major and Seattle University's next big soccer star."

Surprised that he wasn't a dumb jock even though that was the air he gave off, I asked, "What made you choose chemistry?"

He smirked. "I was undecided until I ran into this feisty blonde in the elevator. While my tongue was down her throat, I swiped her course schedule that was resting on the top of a crate."

Laughing, he picked up his bags again and headed for the remaining empty bed, obviously not having a problem where he slept. "First, I better switch all of my classes from general education, and second, I need to start brushing up on the period table if I plan to pass." He was already occupied now, pulling out his clothes and shoes, but I swore I heard him muttering, "Oxygen, nitrogen, water, fluoride, salt, moron... I got this."

Period Table? Water, fluoride and salt? Moron?

Moron indeed. This was going to be an interesting year.

"I could eat a grizzly bear I'm so hungry," Emmett groaned, clutching his stomach on our ride down in the elevator to the basement cafeteria. "Let's hope the food in this place is worth the meal plan we had to buy."

"Word is we should steer clear of the hot dog bake tonight, but the lasagna is a go," Jasper added.

The doors dinged a second later after the short trip, and once fully opened, we gasped as we took in the beauty of food station after food station jam-packed with mystery items slathered in chunky red gunk and gelatinous brown gunk and processed yellow gunk resembling melted cheese. My stomach growled in anticipation, loudly echoing throughout the metal box we were still standing in.

"Feed me some of the red and the yellow, please," it begged before breaking out into a cheer. "Red and yellow! Red and yellow!"

"I've never seen anything so beautiful," Emmett play-cried, wiping a fake tear from his eye.

"I spot pizza," Jasper announced like a ship lookout spotting land, pointing his finger straight ahead.

Practically lunging out of the elevator in a beeline for wholesome goodness to fill our aching, manly bellies, we crashed right into three giggling girls rounding the corner to get on the elevator. Blonde and brunette hair went a-flying as well as arms a-flailing up into the air. Being the gentleman we all are apparently, our hands quickly shot out and grasped their upper arms in a last ditch effort to keep them on their feet, and luckily we were all successful.

Once the girls were done screaming their pretty little heads off, so much more of an exaggeration than what the situation called for, they finally opened their eyes and were able to see their knights in shining armor.





"How do you know my sister, Emmett?"

"You have a sister?"

"You're my brother's roommate?"

"How do you know my roommate, Rose?"

"I'm Alice."

"I'm Jasper, ma'am. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"You're Rosalie's twin brother?"

"Twins. Niiiiiice."

"Brother and sister twins, pervert."

"Rosalie told us all about you. I had no idea you were so cute."

"Why thank you. You're awfully cute yourself and very tiny."

"Four feet eleven inches. Not a hair taller or shorter."

"Care for a repeat of earlier, baby?"

"How the fuck do you know my sister?"

Still holding onto Bella's arms, I pulled her gently away from the group, afraid that what was still somewhat innocent was about to become very ugly. Rosalie was obviously the blonde that Emmett had hooked up with in the elevator earlier, and we were about five seconds away from Jasper realizing that. And I didn't want Bella caught in the crossfire.

"Did you already eat?" I asked, sitting at an empty table against the wall, far from the argument that was brewing.

She sat across from me. "Yeah, we came down a little early because we had worked up an appetite with helping Rosalie unpack. That girl came prepared for every situation. I'm pretty sure our room could be used as a fallout shelter in a nuclear war. I swear she brought a five year supply of every item."

I laughed. "Jasper said that his sister's stuff took up most of their Hummer. Maybe the over-preparedness comes from being the daughter of someone in the Army."


I couldn't really tell if it was real or if it was just me, but an awkwardness seemed to fall over us as the silence crept in. I'm pretty sure it was only a few seconds, but those few seconds were enough to make my heart race... because out of nowhere I grew some massive balls, and I was about to take a giant leap into this whole making the first move thing... with a real live college girl... and I had no idea what I was doing.

"So," I began, clearing my throat. "I was wondering if maybe you wanted to eat dinner with me."

"I told you I already ate," she said, tilting her head so that she was looking at me like I was crazy.

"Yeah, of course..." I stammered. "I mean some other time. Like this weekend... or whenever you're available. Not here. Somewhere else. A nice place where there are menus and waiters to wait on you. And I'd let you buy the most expensive thing they offered because I'm a nice guy like that. Oh, and we could get dessert... or coffee... or hot tea if you don't like coffee..."

During the entire time I was speaking, I searched her face, looking for signs of excitement or happiness. A smile. A sparkle in her eye. I got neither. This was not good.

"Ummm... I'm sorry," she grimaced. Nope. Definitely not good. "I probably should have said something earlier, like when you were helping me carry stuff, but I didn't want to come off as one of those girls that just assumes..."

And that's where she stopped. My eyes scrunched together as I tried to decipher what that was supposed to mean. Was this some girl code? Was she going to finish the sentence or was that it?


She took a deep breath. "You're a really nice guy, Edward, but I'm sort of seeing someone."

"Yeah, yeah, sure! I understand!" I quickly nodded my head. "I'm sort of seeing someone, too."

"Are not, loser," my brain interjected.

Bella did that cute little head tilt thing again. She was trying to figure out why in the hell I just asked her out if I had a girlfriend.

"Backtrack! Backtrack!"

"I was just seeing if you wanted to go out as friends. Friends only. Uhhhh..." Darting my eyes around the room, searching for something, anything, to save my ass, they landed on a magazine lying on the table next to us featuring this new show called Project Runway on the cover. "Heidi... my girlfriend... she wants me to make loads of friends – both boys and girls – so that my college experience is more fulfilling."

She smiled. "Heidi sounds like a sweet girlfriend to have that much trust in you. You must be a very good guy if she isn't worried about what would come of such friendships – with girls. She sounds very mature. Is she still in high school?"

"Yeah, yeah. She's a senior where I went to high school in this town west of here called Forks. She's great. Moving away was very difficult on both of us, but we're going to try to make it work this year until she graduates."

I could not stop lying no matter how hard I tried. My nose used to be pretty damn perfect if I do say so myself with maybe just the slightest curve from that one time I broke it when I caught a fly ball with my face in summer league baseball. But right about now it was almost poking her in the eye.

"I know what you mean about trying to make it work. My boyfriend James is going to Arizona State while I'm up here. We met in school in Phoenix when my dad was the manager for the Diamondbacks, and I really wanted to graduate with my friends and be with James as long as I could, so I stayed with my mom through June long after my dad had already moved. But mom got remarried at the end of May... so here I am in Seattle near my dad."

"Do you not like the guy? Your mom's new husband?" I asked. "Is that why you moved up here?"

"Oh, no, that's not it. I mean, it's a little weird but only because Phil was one of dad's players in Phoenix, but my parents divorced several years ago. It was definitely not an affair or anything. Renee and Phil met through me, and now they're enjoying newlywed life, and I wanted to give them that time together minus me."

"Bella!" we both turned our heads to see Rosalie and Alice skidding to a stop by our table, about to burst with excitement. "They asked us out!" they screamed in unison.

"Emmett and Jasper?" I asked, surprised that the argument didn't escalate into a full-blown fist fight with how agitated Jasper seemed.

"Yes!" Alice squealed. "We're going out this weekend. Me with Jasper. Rosalie with Emmett. You two should join us as like a triple date or something."

Not moving my head but looking sideways, I saw Bella doing the same thing while biting down on her bottom lip. "As friends?" I asked. After a few seconds of no answer, she nodded her head, and the girls squealed again. In a flash, she was gone, being dragged toward the elevator with her hands in theirs.

Standing from the plastic chair, I walked over to the trays and plates by the guys and started loading up on red and yellow as my mind wandered.

Bella had a boyfriend. I had to settle for the friend thing with her. I could do that. Sure. It wouldn't be a problem. I'd been friends with girls before. Okay... one girl. And then I had sex with her and we weren't friends anymore... but that was her fault that it got awkward. She had only herself to blame that she always imagined me naked after it happened. I imagined her naked long before we got naked together, and I was able to function properly throughout the day minus the random boner here and there.

Now I was imagining Bella naked.

And I had a boner.

Bella and Edward. Edward and Bella. Friends only. BFFs. This was going to be great. Except for the fact that I wanted to make out with my BFF... and let her touch my boner.


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