Obviously, I do not own Glee. This is a small, non-canon scene that I found myself wishing for in the episode.

Kurt swears he was looking for Finn when he went to the locker room, but it isn't the truth. Less than a minute ago, he'd watched the other guys file out in preparation for the Thriller performance. So he knew all along that Karofsky was in there alone.

And he was scared.

"I think you're missing out," he says, but his voice wavers and betrays him.

Karofsky spins and spots the shorter boy standing there. At first he nearly crosses the room and puts his fist through Kurt's face, but something stops him. Because maybe Will was right. Maybe it's time he stopped.

"I mean," Kurt continues, "I'd kill to be out there with them, singing the most iconic song of all time."

"It's my fault you aren't." Karofsky mutters softly, so soft Kurt barely even hears him.

"No, it isn't. There was…more wrong with this school than just you alone, Karofsky. And I guess…now I know what your problem with me was it's a lot harder to hate you."

"Hey man shut up! I don't want everyone in the world knowing!"

"Nobody knows, Karofsky! As if I would tell anyone!"

"You could've," Karofsky retorts, his tone softened, "hell man, you held all the cards. But you didn't."

"It's not my place. Nobody gets your problem like I do."

"I don't have your problem!"

"Keep telling yourself that, but it'll be easier when you just accept it."

Karofsky growls; really, truly growls. But it's frustration aimed at himself, not at Kurt.

The next thing he says is so honest Kurt's jaw nearly drops. "I wish I could. But not everybody has a dad who accepts his kid is like us."

Like us. And just like that, Karofsky realises it's the first time he's ever admitted it. That he's gay. Just like Kurt.

And Kurt's right; it does feel good.

"Look, man, I never shoulda kissed you. I thought…you were the one person who wouldn't push me away. I never…it was stupid and I was wrong. And I just panicked."

"Don't bother. I don't need your apologies, Karofsky. Because if I never transferred to Dalton, I never would've found peace with myself. So you did me a favour, really."

"So Dalton's good then?" He asks softly, and Kurt nods.

"No bullies, no anger. No having to hide yourself. It's great. I miss my friends, but Dalton is good for me."

"Maybe I should transfer." Karofsky, and he's only a little bit sarcastic.

"Yeah," Kurt says, "Maybe you should."

"Kurt?" Blaine says from the door, frowning at the two men standing in the locker room. "Everything okay?"

"Yeah," Karofsky answers for Kurt, "Everything is fine."

"Come on, we're going to miss the half time performance." Kurt says with a grin on his face. He links arms with his boyfriend, and Karofsky follows them obediently out of the locker room, a small grin on his face. It's nice that someone knows. It's nice that someone understands.