Hello! I'm Abby. So this is my first fanfic that I've ever published. This fic is set just before the end of series 1 and I should mention that I haven't seen series 2, so I barely know anything that's happened in series 2. This story is about how I figured that things would be like while Caleb selected his recruits. As I said before, this is my first fic so any constructive criticism would be more than welcome. I should mention that English isn't my first language so there could be some spelling mistakes that the spell check missed.

And I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Oddments and Tweaks, for inspiring me to write my own Mission 2110 fic and for giving me advice and opinions of the ideas I have so far.

Anyway, onto the fic!

Chapter 1: The Message

From the moment she got the first transmission, Ember thought that it was all just some gigantic joke her brother Bryce had set up.

It had all started on a Monday; Ember was practicing her hacker skills. It wasn't anything illegal, just some firewalls that Bryce had put up on the home computer. Ember was attempting to hack into the home computer from her laptop and smiled a little to herself as she was about to breach the last firewall.

"This was too easy." She muttered to herself with a grin.

Just as she was about to enter the final codes to break through the final fire wall, the screen went completely black.

"Oh come on!" Ember exclaimed, throwing her hands up in the air. "You got to be kidding me! This so isn't fair!"

Just as Ember was about to restart the laptop a small screen appeared on the black laptop screen and she stopped when she saw that it was a video that was waiting to be played.

"Caleb has established a broadcast link from 2110." A female voice said.

Ember stared at the screen for a moment, unsure of what to do before moving the cursor over to the 'play' icon. After a few moments of hesitating, Ember came to the decision and clicked play.

The video started to play and Ember noticed that the man didn't look much older than she was. One of his hands was completely gloved while the other hand had one of those gloves that had half the fingers cut off. On the man's right temple, there seemed to be a piece of metal attached to his skull and it ran all the way down to his cheek to his jaw. His face was a little pointy, but it suited him, actually it made him look quite handsome.

"Hey recruit." The man said as he pointed at the screen. "Can you hear me?"

Ember didn't answer, knowing that it was only a video. There wasn't a point in answering anyway, other than that it would make her look stupid.

"Listen, I got a mission for you." The man said. "I'm Caleb, and I'm talking to you from the year 2110. The world has been taken over by the evil Roboidz. There's so much I don't understand, but I think you can help. I've tapped into the Cycon Archive; it's full of data about the past. I'm sure there's information in there that can help me understand what's going on. How did I get here? What happened? And how do I defeat the Roboidz? Thing is, I can't access the data. That's where you come in. I need you to be my resistance recruit! I need you to uncover the data in the Cycon archive and find out what happened. Some of its encrypted or locked. But I'm sure that there's a way in. keep an eye out for codes and passwords. Keep checking my dairy area, I'll be sending you messages from here in Future gate. And remember, Cybele is always here to help you. Think you can do it? This is Caleb, signing out."

When the message finished playing, Ember just stared at her laptop screen for a moment. She felt completely stunned. All that talk about the… what was it, Roboidz? It was weird, not to mention unbelievable. Ember sat back in her chair, wondering what to do. She felt that it was just some kind of joke Bryce was pulling to throw her off finishing her practice run. Although Bryce was really clever, Ember doubted that he knew how to pull of something like this, although she wouldn't past it past him to do something like that.

Just as Ember was about to click the icon that was marked Archive, the door opened and Bryce stepped into the room.

"Yo sis!" Bryce said as he came into the room.

Ember jumped and slammed the lid of her laptop closed so Bryce couldn't see what she was doing.

"Still not done hacking the computer?" Bryce grinned.

"Nah, got bored." Ember shook her head.

"Yeah right." Bryce smirked. "Anyways, mum's got dinner ready."

"I'll be right down." Ember nodded.

She watched as Bryce left her bedroom before she opened her laptop again, which was still showing an image of Caleb. Ember spent a few more moments staring at the screen, wondering whether she should take the message seriously or not. In the end, Ember pushed her laptop closed and went downstairs for dinner.

As Ember sat with her mum and brother at the dining table, she couldn't keep her mind of the video message. Something still told her that it was all some sort of joke, but for some reason she felt that she should at least give it a go, even if it was all a game or something.

"Are you alright, Emmy?" Melissa, Ember's and Bryce's mum asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Ember replied. "Why?"

"You look a little zoned out." Melissa remarked. "That's all."

"Emmy always does that." Bryce grinned.

"Stop calling me that! I'm not a child anymore!" Ember exclaimed, reaching over to slap her brother.

That nickname had come into existence when Ember had just started to learn how to talk when she was a baby. She hadn't been able to pronounce her own name properly so her family had picked up on that as a nickname. It was a funny nickname when she was 10, but being 20 now, it just sounded patronizing.

"Anyway, I'm fine, mum, just thinking about what school projects I've got to do." Ember said.

Melissa just nodded and Ember turned back to her plate, not feeling all that hungry anymore. As soon as Melissa allowed Ember to be excused, she ran up to her bedroom and opened her laptop. She immediately clicked on the icon marked Archive and a new screen appeared.

"Recruit, a new piece of Archive is available." The female voice, probably this Cybele person, said.

Ember had a good look at the screen in front of her. The 'Archive' was basically a triangle divided in four red triangles in the points and one in the middle. The middle red triangle was surrounded by multiple smaller triangles. Some of them were accessible, but some of them appeared to be locked. Ember glanced at the bottom right hand corner of the screen to find that the icon marked 'Caleb' was flashing red. When Ember clicked on it, she found that there was a video message waiting for her that had been marked 'work in progress.' When she hit play, she found out that it was another video message from Caleb.

"I'll let you into a secret." Caleb said. "I think I've found a way to get recruits here, actually here in Future Gate. My world, my time. I won't bore you with the details; let's just say that it's a work in progress. But I'm confident that it can be done."

With that the video was over and Ember frowned to herself as the message sank in. so basically this Caleb person was going to bring people from 2010 to 2110.

"Yeah right..." Ember muttered to herself, knowing that time travel was simply impossible.

Ember clicked back to the Archive screen and when she clicked on one of the accessible triangles, she found that it was a video blog from a girl called Angel Grace. When Ember checked the date, she saw that it was marked as 15/09/2067.

"Impossible…" Ember muttered. "This can't be real…"

Although Ember believed that all of it was fake; she couldn't help he curiosity which was screaming to be satisfied so she ended up playing the blog message. The girl talked with a heavy Scottish accent and went on about an alien conflict and how battleships were sent out for peace keeping duties. To Ember it seemed that this Angel Grace girl was a conspiracy freak, trying to find answers in things that seemed innocent. Although, Ember wasn't all that sure about the Alien thing... that would mean that in 57 years time Earth would have Alien contacts. If you asked her that seemed a little too much Doctor Who-ish.

Ember leaned back in her chair; she was getting there in being convinced that all of this wasn't just some kind of elaborate joke. Bryce would never set up something of this scale when it came to pulling jokes on her.

Instead she grabbed her mini laptop and logged onto the website for the hacker's community she and Bryce were in. The community was called Spider's Bite. The two leaders of the community were a couple and they were called Spider and Bite, so that's how the name Spider's Bite was born.

As soon as she logged onto the website, she got an IM from Data, one of her best friends in the community. Data was one of the higher rank members in the community and he'd been a great help to Ember in the past when she needed help with something. Originally Bryce had been the one to introduce Data to her. Ember clicked on the IM and couldn't help but smile.

Data: Jupi! How's it hanging, girl?

Ember shook her head with a smile as she started typing.

Jupiter: Data! Everything's fine on this end, what about you?

Data: same old. So got a project you're working on or something?

Jupiter: not really, though I was meaning to talk to you.

Data: uh oh, that can't be good. :P

Jupiter: very funny, Data, but seriously, I was wondering has anyone else in the community gotten a message from 2110.

Data: no, not that I know of… Whose 2110? A rookie hacker or something?

Jupiter: don't know. Anyway, got to get going, thanks Data.

Data: see you later, Jupi.

Ember smiled a little as she shut down her mini laptop before turning back to her other laptop. Everyone in Spider's Bite knew that if Data didn't know the answer of a question that it probably didn't exist. She'd chosen the name Jupiter for herself as a hacker's ID, not because Jupiter was the Roman upper god, but because he was the god of Thunder. Bryce had come up with that because everyone in the family knew that Ember tended to have a thunderous temper sometimes.

Ember sighed as she turned on some music, seriously wondering whether to ignore the messages and assume that it was all fake or to actually take it seriously. In the end she decided to keep working on the archive and see what happened.

One of the other triangles that Ember clicked was a news report from 21/12/2020 and it talked about some kind of Christmas toy that was becoming really popular. It was a Roboid, which was basically some kind robot like toy, the next few squares showed the Roboid toys' blueprints that had been copyrighted by a company called Gant Toys Ltd.

Ember went online to see if there was a company with that name around, but the only thing she found was a Face book page of guy with that last name, but it wasn't anyone well known and he didn't own a company. In the next few files that Ember managed to unlock, there was a photo of a cute little boy in an orange jumper that had '3 years old, in mummy's lab' written underneath it. The last open square was an audio file that had been marked top secret and it was dated 20/072034. Ember bit her lip as she let the audio file play out.

"Eclipse, Jupiter, Moon!" a man's voice yelled, sounding panicked.

Ember stopped the audio file without even listening all the way to the end. She was completely freaked out by the message. There was something really unnerving about it, although she had a suspicion that she was freaking out because the man had said Eclipse, which was Bryce's nickname in the hacker's community, her own hacker's nickname and that of a good friend of hers, who was called Moon.

Ember knew that it could've been a silly coincidence, but it was terribly unnerving, meaning that she couldn't help the shudder that passed over her spine as she clicked back to the archive screen only to find that somehow more bits of the archive were now available to be selected, not to mention unlocked as majority seemed to be locked. She jumped a little when she heard a crash close and she looked out of the window only to find that a car had crashed into a lamp post.

Ember dropped herself down on her chair with a sigh. Crashes like that weren't all that uncommon in the neighbourhood she lived in. in fact they were getting more and more frequent. The neighbourhood she lived had been marked a 'problem area' by the council, due to the fact that there were a lot of young people around who loved to get drunk then cause trouble and when faced with the consequences, meaning getting arrested, would only cause more problem.

The reason that Ember hadn't gone out to see if the driver was alright was simply due to the fact that the driver had been drunk, which was also the reason why they'd crashed into the lamppost. Ember felt that it was the person's own fault for getting injured, especially if they were drunk. Now Ember wasn't a heartless person, she'd give her live if she had too to save a stranger, but when alcohol was playing a part in causes of car crashes, she'd rather just sit back and let other people deal with it, primarily because she had an unexplainable fear for people who were drunk and because her father had drank himself to death.

After a quick glance at her alarm clock she found that it was well past midnight and seeing that the following day was a school day, Ember decided to leave the Archive for what it was and get some much needed sleep.

The following day, Ember took her laptop with her to school so that she could work on the archive in between lessons. Although when she opened her laptop and logged onto the Archive during Math's, the teacher thought she was playing a game during class, so she was kicked out of class.

"Stupid teacher..." Ember muttered to herself, dropping down on a chair in the cantina. "It's not as if the lesson was actually interesting or something. What am I going to need Math's for anyway... It's not like I'm going to become a scientist or anything."

"Talking to yourself again, Jupi?" Tommy asked as he dropped down beside her. "You know that's the first sign of insanity right?"

"Well, you know I lost my mind a long time ago, Moony." Ember grinned, glancing over at her friend.

"Yeah, probably it's my fault." Tommy grinned. "So, what did you get kicked out for?"

"Playing a game in class on my laptop." Ember shrugged.

"That's all?" Tommy asked. "Is it me or is Bennett getting more and more strict?"

"Suppose its old age." Ember shrugged. "God knows how old Bennett actually is. If you ask me, she was around when the dinosaurs were walking about on the planet."

Ember smiled a little as Tommy laughed. Tommy was one of her best friends in the whole school, probably her only friend. He'd gotten into the hacking community through Ember and had chosen the name Moon for himself. Why Ember couldn't possibly imagine, but still, it suited him.

"What about you?" Ember asked. "What're you doing out of class?"

"Got kicked out too." Tommy smirked. "Tried to hack into the school system."

"A miracle you didn't get kicked out." Ember remarked. "Remember when Bryce did that?"

"Who could forget?" Tommy laughed.

Ember smiled as she remembered the time that Bryce had hacked into the school system; the whole school had gone berserk. The alarm systems had gone off, the fire extinguishers in the ceiling had gone of soaking everything and everything and that meant that the school had to be closed down for at least a week because of the water damage. Bryce was kicked out of school because of it, because of some kind of miracle, charges hadn't been pressed.

"Not something I'm likely to try again though." Tommy remarked as Ember grabbed her laptop and opened it. "So, what's that you're working on?"

"I'm not sure myself." Ember replied. "it's kind of weird... last night I tried to hack through some firewalls that Bryce put up, just as I'm about to breach through the last firewall, I get this transmission that says there's a broadcast from the year 2110 waiting for me."

"The year 2110?" Tommy repeated. "That sounds like a joke Bryce pulled."

"That's what I thought at first." Ember nodded. "But then I start looking through the program, and it's so elaborate. The more I unlock, the more information I get. this can't just be some kind of joke that Bryce pulled, because the people who are shown in the video's and the voices that I've heard, they don't sound anything like people I know, and I know all of the people that Bryce knows..."

"Maybe he hired people?" Tommy suggested. "I wouldn't take all of this too seriously, Ember."

"Maybe..." Ember said slowly.

The conversation with Tommy had convinced Ember to leave the Archive alone. But a week or so later, people in the school started disappearing, primarily, younger students. The school was put on high alert because of this and it turned out that all the kids had been playing a game. Tommy and Ember sat side by side in the assembly hall when the headmaster was giving a speech about the game that the children had been playing.

"Oh my god." Tommy whispered beside Ember, who was just stunned into silence. "That's the game you were playing..."

"I know." Ember whispered back.

"If you had played that game all the way to the end..." Tommy started.

"Shut it." Ember hissed, unable to believe what was going on.

She leaned forward and put her elbows on her knees as she thought about what could've happened while the headmaster kept going with his speech.

"No." Ember said, not bothering to keep whispering as she sat up. "There's got to be more going on. A game can't make children disappear."

"Ember..." Tommy started as Ember got to her feet.

"I don't know what the hell is going on, but I'm going to find out." Ember replied.

"Miss Tennant, sit back down." The headmaster ordered.

"No." Ember replied, turning to face the headmaster. "I'm not going to sit back down. I'm going to find out what happened to those kids. And you can't stop me."

With that Ember turned around and started running down the hall of the assembly hall, aware that all eyes were on her as she'd been sitting at the front off the hall. She ran all the way back to the class room that her class had been in when the announcement for the assembly came and once there, she grabbed her stuff before running out of the school. Ember knew that there were going to be consequences for running out on the assembly, but she didn't care. All she knew was the urge to find out what had happened to the children that had disappeared.

So this is the end of the first chapter. Thanks for taking the time to read and please let me know what you think.:) I hoped you like it!

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