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Chapter 1 7: Aftermath

Ember hit the ground and she opened her eyes to find that she was back on familiar ground. She was lying in the middle of the playfield close to her home as she climbed to her feet, Ember realized that it was night time and the sun had almost completely set. She didn't know what time it was, but she thought it must've been around dinner time; at least that's what it felt like to her stomach. As she started to walk in the direction of home, she felt hunger make place for dread in the pit of her stomach, she knew that she hadn't come back the day she left seeing as she passed lampposts, she could see a flyer attached to it that showed a picture of herself and saying to contact her mum or brother if they'd seen her. That meant that she must've been missing for over a week and that would mean she'd have a frantic mum and brother to deal with and she didn't even want to think about the fact that the authorities had been informed of her disappearance. Hell, she didn't even know what she was going to tell everyone about what had happened to her, or how to explain her resistance outfit.

"Great…" Ember muttered to herself. "Just bloody brilliant…"

Even though she didn't know what she was going to tell everyone, she did know that she wasn't going to mention anything about FutureGate or Caleb, at least not to the police and her family. However, she was planning to find all recruits that had been on FutureGate and unite them in one community. In the end, Ember decided that the best thing to do was to make up a lie that she didn't remember anything, thinking that it was going to be the easiest lie to maintain.

As Ember walked up to the front door of the house she lived in with her family, the dread in her stomach had doubled in size. If she was being completely honest with herself, she'd rather take on a battalion of Roboidz on her own. After taking a deep breath to gather what little courage she could, Ember reached out and rang the door bell. The door was opened in a matter of seconds and Ember watched as the door was opened and only caught a glimpse of Bryce before she was grabbed into a tight hug by him.

"Emmy." Bryce breathed. "Oh my god, Emmy…"

"I'm fine, Bryce." Ember replied, hugging Bryce back. "I'm perfectly fine."

"Where have you been?" Bryce asked, letting go of Ember and grabbing hold of her shoulders instead. "Do you have any idea what state mum is in right now? Do you know what we've been through! Where have you been?"

"I... I don't remember." Ember shook her head.

Ember felt horrible for having to lie to her brother, but she couldn't tell him the truth no matter what.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Bryce asked. "You don't remember? You've been gone for a bloody week."

"I don't remember okay." Ember replied, trying to act upset. "I don't remember what happened to me."

"Come here." Bryce sighed, pulling Ember into a hug again. "I'm sorry; I was just so worried about you. I'm glad you're okay, Emmy."

"Okay." Ember nodded, trying to keep the act up.

"Come on." Bryce said. "Get upstairs and get cleaned up. I'll call mum. Oh and get rid of that ridiculous outfit."

Ember had to fight to keep her expression normal at that statement about her outfit. She was pretty proud of her resistance 'uniform', it wasn't just practical, it was extremely comfy too.

She stepped into the house past Bryce and ran up to her bedroom to grab some clean clothes before disappearing into the bathroom. As she was showering, she couldn't describe how good it felt to be able to take a proper shower after a week of only being able to freshen up using a bowl of water.

After her shower, Ember changed into a pair of jeans and a long sleeved shirt that had holes in the sleeves for her thumbs so she could not only hide the burn on her arm, but also the bandage around her hand from when she'd tried to grab Arkon's Bio-Rod. Ember glanced down at her hand and thought back to that fight and she couldn't help but smile a little when she remembered Caleb taking out Arkon on his own in the end. For a moment she was filled with a sense of pride before realizing that she was back in her own bedroom. After brushing her hair, Ember hid her resistance outfit; the last thing she wanted was for the outfit to be confiscated. Ember lay down on her stomach and pulled up the loose floorboard underneath her bed before shoving her outfit and the boots into the gap. After making sure that the floorboard was covering the gap again, Ember got to her feet and pulled out an old set of army boots and an old jumpsuit that she'd once used for a fancy dress party which she dumped at the door of her room. The whole point of this was that the police was probably going to take her fake 'resistance outfit' with them and analyse it, as they thought that the disappearances of the recruits were kidnappings.

Ember ran her hands through her still damp hair before looking around back at the fake resistance outfit, she was really dreading having to face her mother and everyone else, not to mention she was dreading the lie she was going to have to maintain.

After taking a few calming breaths, Ember walked downstairs to find that Bryce was talking to their mother, who was already crying. Ember felt like crying herself when she saw her mother. If there was one thing that Ember couldn't stand than it was seeing her mother cry. She stepped off the bottom step and slowly walked over to Bryce and Melissa.

"Hey mum..."Ember said quietly.

Melissa turned around and the moment that she saw Ember, a new wave of tears started to fall. Ember rushed over to Melissa and hugged her tightly. After a few moments, she felt Bryce's arm wrapping around her and she knew that he was hugging both Ember and Melissa at the same time. It was then that she realized how much she'd missed her mum and brother.

The following days were unpleasant for Ember, which was putting it mildly and she had no other choice but to go through with it. As Ember had suspected, Melissa had called the police when she'd disappeared. Because of the fact that Ember claimed that she didn't remember anything, the police had her visit a hypnotist to try and recall her memory.

As soon as Ember had heard this, she'd gone looking online for tips and tricks to avoid actually being hypnotised and she was able to fake the results that put the police on the wrong track about what had happened to her and all the other recruits that Caleb had enlisted.

Ember was well of the fact that lying to the police was highly illegal, but she couldn't be really bothered to care about that, to her the most important thing was making sure that the police wouldn't find out what had really happened.

All in all, it took a few days before Ember was allowed to go back to school and during that time, Ember had managed to set up a website so that any recruits that happened stumble across it could contact her. She'd also been in contact with Tommy, who'd been trying his best to get information out of Ember about what had happened to her, as he was convinced that she wasn't telling the truth at all.

On the fifth day after coming home from FutureGate, Ember walked into the school grounds and she was immediately cornered by a group of students from her year who all wanted to know what had happened to her.

"Alright you lot, clear off!" a voice yelled. "Give her some breathing room."

Ember grinned when she realized who the voice belonged to. The group of students let the owner of the voice pass and Ember grinned when she saw that it was indeed Hannah who had been yelling.

"Go on!" Hannah yelled. "Clear off!"

Because of the confusion that Hannah had caused in the older students, Hannah quickly grabbed Ember's hand and pulled her along away from the crowd that had gathered. Ember let Hannah led her over to a classroom where they could talk privately.

"Thanks." Ember laughed once she'd closed the door behind her.

"You're welcome." Hannah grinned before turning serious. "Where have you been? I've been looking for you for a week now!"

"FutureGate." Ember grinned to which Hannah's eyes got wide.

"Seriously?" Hannah asked. "You went to FutureGate?"

"Yeah, I did." Ember smiled.

"Really?" Hannah asked. "You met Caleb?"

"Yeah, I met Caleb." Ember replied, grinning widely. "And we beat Neuros."

"Awesome!" Hannah exclaimed punching the air.

"Alright, calm down." Ember laughed. "You're attracting stares. I'll tell you everything, alright? Just calm down."

Just when Ember wanted to tell Hannah what had happened, of course planning to leave some of the more gruesome details out, the first bell rang that signalled that it was time for class. So Ember and Hannah agreed to meet during the first break to talk about what had happened while Ember had been on FutureGate.

Ember walked into her classroom for the first period and dropped down in the seat at her desk. She leaned her arms on the table and dropped her head on top of them as she was already starting to get a headache and the day had only just started.

"Ember, good to have you back with us." Miss Jaspers said as she came back into the classroom.

Ember just gave her the thumbs up without looking up at her before dropping her hand back to the table again as she thought about how she could possibly get through the day without longing to be back on FutureGate again.

"Alright, we've got a new student joining us today." Miss Jaspers said.

The entire class fell silent at this and Ember raised her head to look at the door just in time to see a young man stepping into the room. Ember felt her breath catching in her throat a little as the young man stepped into the classroom. She knew that this guy was Rutger Lansing, her future husband, purely on instinct. His face had so many features that were similar to Caleb's features, the main one being the pointy face.

"This is Rutger Lansing." Miss Jaspers continued. "He's new to England and doesn't speak the language very well yet, so please be patient with him. Rutger, you can sit next to Ember, over there."

Rutger nodded silently and Ember watched as he walked over to her desk and sat down beside her.

"Hi." Rutger said.

"Hey." Ember replied. "I'm Ember."

"I am the man you will marry." Rutger replied, smirking a little.

Ember stared at Rutger for a few moments and silently started to freak out about how he could possibly know that before she realized that he was just throwing a cheesy pick up line at her. Ember forced herself to calm down and she forced herself to smile back at Rutger.

"Why don't you buy me a drink first?" Ember suggested.

"Alright." Rutger smirked.

Ember smiled back before turning to look at the blackboard again. She had to admit that even though she'd only met Rutger a minute ago, he was pretty likable and charming. Ember couldn't really see herself falling in love with this guy though, let alone getting pregnant. But as she had seen a hint of her future, she knew that it was going to happen over time anyway.

Ember leaned back in her seat and tried her best to concentrate on the lesson, but she could. Her mind kept going back to the memories that she had of Caleb and FutureGate. She bit her lip to hide her smile as she thought about the good times she'd had. But as she thought about FutureGate, she couldn't help but wonder if she would ever be able to go back to the year 2110.

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