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Chapter 1: Flight

The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and Conner was learning to fly.

"Try again Conner." encouraged Clark as the two Kryptonian stayed over at the Kent Farm. The younger Kryptonian leaped into the air but fell much to his annoyance. Inside the Kent House, Megan watched as Conner failed for the tenth time that day.

"I remember when Clark first flew, it was so sudden after we told him about his origins and how we found him, he ran outside town and just flew." said Martha Kent preparing lunch while Megan was chopping some potatoes.

Clark wiped his glasses with his shirt while Conner prepared to give it a final try. "Focus your anger Conner, bury it deep in your gut and then let it out like a pressure cooker!"

Conner closed his eyes thinking back when he first remembered his father's glare at finding out he had a clone, the moment he had been beaten by Black Canary. He crouched down, a force field forming under him when he looked up shooting up like a rocket into the sky. He looked around, he was flying, he was actually flying! Elation filled the young Kryptonian.

"I'm flying Dad! I'm flying!" he hollered.

Tears stung Clark's eyes, he sniffled a bit. "That's my boy." he whispered proudly.

Megan squealed happily as Conner circled around the Kent Farm. Martha looked out the window and smiled. "Just like his father."