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Chapter 12: Epilogue


"Gracie, come on, time for bed." Alex called from the kitchen.

"Awww," the four year old wined as she stood from the couch and stomped her foot. "It still early!"

"Sweetie, it's after 9 O'clock, which means way past your bedtime." Alex said.

"But me want to see Momma." Gracie pouted. Alex sighed, Gracie was giving her the same pout as her other mother gave her, it was hard to resist but she stood her ground. She knelt down to her little girl's level,

"I know baby, but sometimes Momma works really long hours and she can't be home to tuck you in with me."

Gracie looked to her Mommy with sadness in her brown eyes. "But…I missed her."

"I know, sweetheart, I miss her too but she'll be home soon and she won't be very happy if you aren't in bed asleep." Alex warned.

Gracie sighed and relented. "Okaaaay." The four year old, who was the spitting image of Olivia with her big brown eyes and chestnut hair, held her arms out for Alex to pick her up. Once in Alex's arms she rested her head on Alex's shoulder. "You read a story for me Mommy?"

"Sure honey, what about An Evening at Alfie's, you like that one." Alex said, as she laid Gracie down and tucked her in.

Gracie nodded enthusiastically. "It my favourtist one cos Alfie is four like me."

The blonde chuckled at her daughter. "Are you all comfy, sweetheart?" she asked, tucking the blanket in around her.

"Comfy as can be." Gracie grinned cheekily.

Alex laughed again and started to read her the book, within a few minutes, Gracie's eyes were getting heavier but Alex kept on reading because as soon as she would stop Gracie's eyes would fly open. So she had to be dead to the world before you could stop reading to her. Alex peeked over the top of the book and was going to finally put the book down, when she heard the apartment door open and keys jangle.

Unlucky for Alex, Gracie heard it too.

Gracie's eyes shot open, she bolted up right, threw the covers off and darted out of her bed. "Momma!" Alex sighed in frustration.

Olivia locked the door behind her trying to be as quiet as she could, knowing Gracie would be in bed but then she heard the familiar small voice call out from her daughter's bedroom. Liv let her forehead fall against the door as she closed her eyes, Alex is gonna kill me, she thought. Liv quickly took her gun and badge from her belt and put them on the table beside the door before turning to greet the four year old, wearing Disney Princess PJ's, running into her arms.

"Momma!" Gracie yelled happily.

"There's my baby," Liv said as she showered a giggling Gracie with kisses. "I missed you today."

"I missed you more." Gracie replied, wrapping her arms around Liv's neck.

"Wait a minute," Liv sat Gracie on her hip and glanced at her watch. "Shouldn't you be sleeping, little miss?"

Gracie buried her head in Liv's neck as Alex rounded the corner, with folded arms. "She should be." Was all Alex said.

Olivia mouthed sorry to her wife. "Gracie?" Liv tickled her side lightly making their daughter lift her head up. "Can you be a good girl for your Mommy and me and go get into bed?"


"I'll be right there to tuck you in." Liv called after her as she shook off her leather jacket and hung it up by the door. Alex stood rooted to her spot, leaning against the wall, arms folded, and glaring dead ahead.

Liv kicked off her shoes then stood in front of her wife. "Baby I'm sorry I'm so late, I couldn't get away." Alex didn't move she just seemed to be staring straight through Liv. The brunette reached behind her back and presented a single pink rose to her wife. "Happy Anniversary" Liv smiled softly.

Alex took the rose from Liv and held to her chest. "Happy Anniversary" The blonde's face cracked into a coy smile. As much as she wanted to be mad at Liv for being late home, on their anniversary, she just couldn't. She knew Liv would have done everything possible to get home as soon as she could. Alex pulled Olivia closer to her by the collar of her shirt and brought their lips together in a gentle kiss.

"Momma, I'm ready!"

Alex and Liv both laughed into their kiss when they heard Gracie shout, it seemed their daughter always interrupted their intimate moments. Alex pulled away. "She's been sulking for you all night."

Liv leaned in to press another kiss to Alex's lips. "I'll be right back."

Fifteen minutes later, Olivia came out of Gracie's bedroom and closed the door but left just enough room for the hallway light to shine in so Gracie wouldn't get scared. She made sure the door was locked and all other lights were off and went to join Alex in the bedroom.

Alex was lying in bed, reading when Olivia came into the room. "She's asleep, finally."

"I'm surprised she didn't fall asleep before now, she always gets sleepy around about 7-ish." Alex placed the book she had been reading on the bedside table and took her glasses off, placing them on top of her book.

"She will most likely be very grumpy in the morning." Liv said, taking off her shirt.

"Grumpy like you?" Alex teased.

"I am just not a morning person." The brunette tossed her shirt into the laundry basket and started to undo the zipper on her jeans. "Besides, you're one to talk, I remember quite a few occasions before we had Gracie where I literally had to drag you out of bed by your feet." Liv slid her jeans off and threw them in the same direction as her shirt then turned to face Alex, grinning, with her hands on her hips.

The blonde's breath hitched at the sight of her wife in only her boy shorts and black bra. "I'm not going to argue with you"

"That makes a change," Liv quipped. "May I ask why?" Liv arched an eyebrow.

"You think I can make a good closing argument when you're standing there looking like…the way you do? It's impossible."

"Like whatcha see, counsellor?" the brunette asked suggestively, moving towards the bed. Alex nodded, biting her lower lip. Liv climbed into the bed and straddled the blonde. She leant forward to kiss Alex, softly. "I'm sorry we couldn't go out and celebrate our anniversary this year, honey."

Alex rested her hands on Liv's thighs. "I don't care about going out Liv, I'm happy to stay in and keep you all to myself." The blonde raised her eyebrows.

"4 years, baby." Liv smiled.

"4 amazing years." The blonde corrected. "Liv, I have something to tell you,"

Liv kissed Alex's forehead and then moved off of Alex to sit beside her on the bed. "I'm all ears."

"You remember last month when we went to the fertility clinic?" Alex asked, curling her legs under her, turning to face her wife. Liv nodded. "It worked, baby." Alex whispered her voice shaky. "I'm pregnant."

Liv eyes grew wide, along with her smile. "We're having another baby?"

Unshed tears formed in Alex's blue eyes. "Yeah,"

Liv pulled the blonde to her and gave her a bone crushing cuddle. "Another baby" Liv breathed.

"I took the test this morning, I wanted to tell you straight away, so badly, but I decided to wait and tell you when you got home."

Liv kissed Alex's cheek and pulled back from their embrace. "I'm glad you did, because this is the best anniversary present ever." Liv wiped away the tears that escaped the blonde's eyes. "Baby, I love you so much."

Alex rested her forehead against Liv's. "I love you too."

Liv dipped her head to place a gentle kiss to the blonde's lips then took Alex in her arms and they snuggled down under the covers. The blonde rested her head in the crook of Liv's neck as Liv drew lazy circles with her finger tips on her back. It was so amazing to both women how it was as though they were made to perfectly fit together like two puzzle pieces. Alex craned her neck to place sweet kisses to Liv's jaw and entangled her left leg between Liv's.

"Liv, baby?"


"Make love to me?"

"You don't even have to ask." In one swift movement Liv was suddenly on top of Alex, her right knee pushing up to Alex's centre. Alex took a sharp intake of breath at the contact. Liv trailed kisses from the corner of her mouth, to her chin, her jaw line to just under her ear. Liv grinned when she heard Alex moan, low in her throat and draped one arm around Liv's neck. The detective played with the hem of Alex's tank top then reached under to cup Alex's breasts. She gasped and pulled the brunette's lips to her own.

"You're…so…beautiful," Liv whispered in-between kisses.

Just as the garments of clothing that remained, were about to be removed the door to their bedroom opened.

"Mommy, Momma?"

Alex and Olivia were both startled by the small voice. "Shit," they both whispered as they scrambled to make sure they were both sufficiently covered up. They sat up, slightly flustered and saw their daughter clutching her teddy bear. "What's wrong baby?" Liv asked, slightly out of breath.

"Had a bad dweam." Gracie said as a tear rolled down her cheek.

"Awww sweetie, come on up here with us," Alex told her as the 4 year old bounded to Liv's side, who picked her up and laid her down in-between them. As soon as Gracie was settled between them, she put her thumb in her mouth and kept her teddy bear close. Alex and Olivia both lay on their sides, facing each other, using their elbows to prop their heads up.

"What was your bad dream about Gracie?" Liv asked, gently rubbing her stomach soothingly.

"I don't 'member." The little girl replied, still sucking her thumb.

"It's ok, sweetie" Liv kissed Gracie's forehead.

"You ok now, sweetheart?" Alex stroked her daughter's forehead. "Nothing bad is going to happen to you, lots of boys and girls have bad dreams, but they aren't real baby."

"You just close your eyes," Liv said softly to which Gracie quickly obeyed. "Mommy and I are here" Both Liv and Alex watched their daughter and waited till her breathing had evened out.

Alex looked up from Gracie to Liv, who was smiling over at her. "Are you ready for another one?"

"Definitely, I think we've done pretty well with this one." Liv replied motioning to Gracie, taking Alex's hand in hers and kissing her knuckles. "I am sorry that this anniversary didn't turn out quite like we planned though."

"I'm not. Because I know there will be plenty more anniversaries to celebrate in the future." Alex smiled sweetly.

"That's very true, who knows in another four years' time, there could be 4 people in this bed." Liv joked.

Alex laughed softly, looking down at Gracie and kissing her forehead. "Sounds perfect." She whispered. Olivia rested her head on the pillow as she let out a yawn.

"Tired?" Alex asked affectionately.

"Exhausted" the brunette sighed.

"You should get some sleep; I think I might just read for a bit." Alex said, picking up her glasses and book again.

"Ok, goodnight sweetie, sweet dreams." Liv leaned up as Alex leaned carefully over Gracie to kiss her wife.

"Night baby, sweet dreams." Alex sat up and leaned against the headboard. Truth be told, she didn't have any intention of reading. She pretended to read until she knew Olivia was asleep then she put the book and her glasses away and lay back down. Her favourite thing to do before she went to sleep was watch Liv sleep, the rise and fall of her chest was almost soothing to her.

She glanced from her wife to her daughter and chuckled to herself at how alike they were. They were both lying in the same position; flat on their backs, their right arms resting on the pillow by their heads and the other arm on their stomachs. The only thing was missing to make them truly identical was a teddy bear under Liv's left arm.

As Alex watched them both sleeping, she wondered about their new baby growing inside of her. She caressed her still flat belly lovingly and her belly filled with butterflies. She smiled to herself and leaned back into the pillows. It wasn't long before she found herself falling asleep and that night, she dreamt of Liv, Gracie and their new baby that was on the way.


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