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The True Heart

Chapter 1: The Girl In The Past

"Haiizzzz…. Finally." A blonde hair man was sleeping in his bed, exhausted after finishing his goddamn mission to get rid a dog-like monster that threatened the civilian's life. That monster wasn't so strong but it was extremely fast. Every time he slashed his Yukianesa down at his enemy, it immediately vanished and appeared from nowhere, pounced at him, attack him with its sharp claws. So he thought of forming a needle-shape ice and threw it at the monster but once again, it could dodge it with ease which pissed him off and he finally end the match up by create a huge, tall ice wall which made the beast slammed its head so hard on it, fell unconscious. The rest of the work, he left it for his soldiers. Making those things obviously drained so much of his energy that he had to take a rest.

He dreamed about the incident that happened in the past

There were two big guys, one of them was bald, with an eye-patch, the other guy had beard. They were cornering a young, blonde-haired girl in a quiet alley. The girl slowly moved back until her back touched the brick wall behind her. She looked at them with horror in her green eyes.

"Now, give us all of your money." The bald man said.

"Or we will treat you badly." The other guy said, gave her a devilish grin.

"Please, don't hurt me!" Tears started to form in the corner of her eyes.

Just when they were about to grab her.

"Stop right there." They two men stunned, looked at the voice's owner.

It was Jin Kisaragi, with his sword hung on his hip, his cloak flew in the wind. He has a slender figure but inside it, an incredible strength was flowing in every inch of his veins.

"Who are you to stick your nose in our business." The bearded guy said.

"You are such cowards. Two guys bullying a girl. Totally no shame at all." Jin replied, stared at them in anger.

The bald guy approached him, punching the palm of his hand.

"I advise you to get out of here before I make you feel sorry." He threatened Jin

"Get lost, don't spit out those stupid words." Jin glared at him.

"Sorry, but …." Before the hairless guy could finish his sentence. Jin gave him a powerful punch into the stomach, sending him flying away, he hit the brick wall, made a big crack on it. The other man sweated.

"Gruu… DIE" He lunge himself at the young blonde man, swung his fist at him.

"Watch out!" the girl yelled as she saw Jin stood still, unmoved. Then she shut her eyes, unwilling to see him got the strike.

The atmosphere became silent…

The girl little by little opened her eyes and watched Jin in awe. He just stood there, he had stopped the man punch with just his small palm. The man tried to push his fist in vain. The major gripped his fist, crushed the bone inside.

"Ahhhhhhhh….." The bearded guy screamed in agony.

"Disappear and never let me see you worthless dirt again." Jin grabbed the guy's collar and threw him with ease, knocked his whole body on the hard floor."

The girl ran toward him, sighed in relief, hugged Jin, made him moved back a little bit since that he wasn't used to being hugged by anyone.

"Thank you so much. If you didn't come here earlier, they might have harm me." Jin slowly pushed her aside, prepared to go back to his base.

"May I know your name?" The girl said

"I'm Jin Kisaragi, the major of NOL" He replied before running away, left the girl stood there, watching him.

Jin woke up. It was 6 o'clock in the morning.

"It's been 3 years since the event happened. I haven't heard anything from her. Arrrrgghh…. Why did I rescue a weakling like her." He muttered as he walked toward the bathroom, took a bath and did everything he needed to do

Obviously, he really really hate weak people, but at that time, with the reputation of a strict major, he couldn't let any indiscipline in his area.

After eating his breakfast, he opened his wardrobe, put on his usual blue and white uniform and went to the office.

At the office

"Arrgghhh… I hate paper work, why can't they give me something more interesting to do?" Jin complained, decided to come to his training ground for a change.

After the warm-up part, he took a deep breath and started to form an ice dart. Then, he aimed at the target far away and threw his ice dart, hit the bull eyes but slightly missed to the left side.

"Major Kisaragi, I have a report" A soldier came and said. The young man sighed and turned to the soldier.

"It better be good." He said, folding his arm, waiting for the information.

"There is a girl assigned to be your assistant." He shook his head, treat this as a not-so-interesting news. In fact he had fired so many of his assistants before because they made some mistakes that he considered to be unacceptable such as coming late to the office, don't wear the corrected uniform, making a robber escape from their hand, … This time, with a new assistant, he didn't think that person to be anything better.

"Ok, tell her to meet me here, I want to talk to her first then decide to keep her or …." The soldier gulped, feared of the major's coldness.

"…Kick her ass out of this place" The soldier saluted then left.

Few minutes later.

"Sir, she is here now." Jin didn't bother to turn to their direction.

"Good, you're dismissed" the man left.

"So, you assigned to be my assistant?" He said sarcastically, still not turning around.

"Yes, I want to work under your command and I hope I could be useful to you." Jin's eyes widened after hearing such a familiar voice. He quickly turned his head, looked at the girl. She wield that so familiar green eyes, her slim figure was exactly the same as what he remembered about her years ago.

That was the girl he rescued from the two bad guys at the alley.

The future-assistant of his looked at his pure emerald eyes. He was still handsome as she knew, still that slender figure with such power within.

They just looked at each other, the moment became deep silent like eternity.

"It's you, that girl I rescued." Jin broke the silence.

"Yes, that's me, major Jin Kisaragi." She replied.

"I've trained for years since the day that incident happened in order to join the NOL and become your subordinate." Jin gave her a not-so-friendly look,

"Tell me why should I accept you as my subordinate."

In a flash, she pulled out her gun shoot five times, hit five targets perfectly at the center. The last shoot broke Jin's ice dart that he threw earlier before she came.

"Impressive shooting skill. Now tell me, what is your name?" Jin said but inside him, he didn't like her very much because her shoot broke is dart as if she was challenging him.

"I'm Noel, Noel Vermillion." The girl replied.

The Kisaragi major stood up, came near her.

"From tomorrow, you will work in my office as my direct secretary." He announced.

"Yes, sir" Noel saluted as she watch him left her from behind. Tomorrow would be she first day at work.

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