Julie, a Goth's Valentine

~ Part One ~

~ Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. ~ Albert Einstein ~

Julie, ran her fingers down the sides of her dress, mandatory to any student at the Macon Kao Arts Academy, smoothing out the smooth silk. The colors of the Academy were Naval blue and Military gray, and the mixture on a dress, however hard the students tried, made them look like a mixture of a Troll and Ogre all in one.

In their spare time, the girls spent most of the time looking for ways to liven the dresses up, from adding a sash, to wristbands for the Goth girls. Julie, was ever nearing the side of a Goth.

Julie walked out f the lavatory, directing her course to her room.

Her room, was very unlively, but it was inviting and made her feel slightly better then her normal self when not in Kate's company. Her walls, a dark Indigo; the Academy wouldn't grant her permission with the black paint. Her bedsheets, though, were quite black. Her comforter was frilled black lacing, covering a gray landscape underneath which was designed to look like a crescent moon, with a star border. Her windows and been blackened out by the best pair of blinds she'd ever had, and the carpet had been covered with as many black rugs as Julie could find.

A few figurines, multiple Gods, covered her dresser, with a black doily underneath them. Her closet, was a mess of black pajamas, obnoxious dresses, and her two pairs of "comfy" clothes.

It was nearly Valentines day, and the Academies director, a Miss Citlalli, had given the Children three days to prepare for their annual Valentines Ball. They had known it was coming, and almost every girl had picked an outfit, asked someone out on a date; been denied, and asked another, until the process repeated itself as needed, until most of them had dates.

Julie, on the other hand, had not yet asked someone, or been asked, and with no need to ready herself; she already had her black combat boots, black running slacks, and a black blouse.

To spruce it up for Valentines, Julie had written to Kate to send her a few items of clothing and the jewelry from her room. It had come in a nifty box the next day, her amethyst teardrop earrings, her charm necklace, and a hip-to-ankle length sarong.

She had also written to Saimen; an enchanted black onyx ring for Kate's e-mail address? Deal. It had come in a black velvet box, with a pretty pink bow which expressed enough thanks for Julie.

Julie couldn't wait to get out of her dress, she had just finished the last class of the day, Archery.

Along the way, she exchanged glances nervously with the other girls in her wing, the South wing. The West and North wing belonged to the boys, but the South and East were all for the girls, and it showed. Along the hallways were fluttering banners, expressing themselves through their calligraphy type and bold red backing.

Normally, portraits of fine ladies drinking their tea in dresses, hats, and companions around them occupied the walls, but for the Holiday's such as this, they were stored away for a time.

Rarely, very rarely, were the students allowed to wear their own clothing, this was one of those rarity types of days, and Julie wouldn't waist another minute within her clothes.

At coming to her room, room M16, which often enough was laughed upon by the other girls, Julie left no time to small trifles, and closing her door went about undressing. Ruffling her long blonde hair, with her respectable blue streaks, Julie hopped over to her closet, the dress already halfway down her knees, and had just reached down to pick up her combat boots, when she heard a rustling; followed by a cough.

Startled, Julie jumped up, looking frantically for any weapon available; picking up a figuring, she turned to meet the cough.

Dorian Forester, a medmage on the varsity football team, was sitting on the edge of her bed, covering his face respectfully in the corner of her comforter.

Julie's eyes transformed from her usual dark brown to fierce ebony, fueling her fury.

"What are you doing in my room!" she screamed, loud enough for the rest of the wing to hear her words. She stamped her feet, grabbing at a towel which was hung to dry on her floor. Covering her body away from view, Julie screamed the question again. "What are you doing in my room!"

Dorian, face reddened, looked up from his comforting comforter corner hesitantly. No other male in the school would be so honorable; Julie was given the reputation of an off-limits chick with amazing powers, hidden life, and a dark secret. Despite her Aunts flare for a show, it had helped only enough to get Julie into a few groups of friends.

"I came to ask you something, Ciara told me to wait in your room," spoke the Irish medmage, with the obvious accent and fair hair. Bright green eyes, pale skin, blue jeans and a gray track shirt completing his description.

"I'm sorry- I swear I didn't see anything."

With her sudden fury lessening, Julie started to blush herself; hiding before a towel with one of the hottest men on campus in her room.

"I should go-" he started, standing up.

"No, no. What was it?" Julie asked, even though she thought she knew what was about to happen.

"It's stupid, really, I'm just going to go . . ." Walking to door, Dorian was blocked from his path.

"You've been in my room for who knows how long, doing who knows what, and you've almost seen me without my clothes; your not getting out without an explanation." Barring his way, Julie held her position, one learned by Kate; legs apart, arms crossed; her favorite copykate stance.

"Stupid, just stupid," muttered the Irishmen, shifting his weight from foot to foot every few moments. Sweat broke out on his forehead.

"What?" she demanded.

"I came to ask you to the dance," Dorian whispered. "I came to ask you to the dance," he repeated with more bravado in his voice; more noticeable even though the volume wasn't there.

Not as all startled, Julie kept herself from skipping around the room screaming "I got a date, I got a date, I got a date . . ."

"I accept," she spoke, her voice controlled.

"Right," Dorian responded awkwardly, "Meet you for lunch tomorrow to figure it all out?"

Nodding, Julie stepped aside to let him leave, while she silently screamed her glee. Forgetting she was no longer clothed, and hidden behind a towel by instinct, she crept into the hall to find one of her friends, anyone who she could tell about her date.

She was met in the hall, a cluster of girls crowding a man; Dorian.

"What did you do to her," accused Julie's friend Kel.

Dorian was huddled against a wall, trying not to cower in freight of my friend's determination. Ciara was nowhere in the crowd, she wouldn't- couldn't help.

"He did nothing." Julie said, coming to his rescue.

Everyone faced her, their eyes blazing with hatred.

"We heard the way you screamed," said Alia, not so much a friend as "a don't kill me" type. Next to her was Anastasia, Julie's friend and the only Goth present.

"Julie, where are your clothes?"

The blush returned again, and Julie once again notice the lack there of.

"Um- my room," mumbled Julie.

"Go change, we can deal with Dorian for you," Anastasia stated as well as commanded.

"No, no guys, he's fine- really he is."

No one believed her, but in the end they left. Julie shrank back to her room as fast as possible, ready for a shower, which would be soon followed by her clothes!

After she slipped her black onyx ring onto her finger, enchanted to help her in hand-to-hand combat when needed, Julie looked into her mirror.

A silk blouse, black of course, with a swervey design in silver at her waist. Black running slacks, half hidden by her hip-to-ankle sarong, with moon crescents etched in silver thread periodically threaded into the fabric of smooth silk. Her charm necklace, was filled with a few bottle caps from her old apartment, which was accompanied by a crescent moon in the middle, with random charms which according to Kate would her with something, but Julie had forgotten their meaning and was lost in their simple elegance. Her combat boots, black and shiny, were laced up the top. Her earrings in place, she was happy. Totally transformed.

Short lived.

A nock came from the door, and in stepped Dana, a Welsh cheerleader with hair fairer then almost anyone's at the Academy.

"Aunt Hal wants you to help set up the Ball in the gymnasium, can you?" she asked.

"I guess," Julie sighed. Short lived indeed.

Walking through the hallways, I could see other kids in an assortment of clothing.

Directed to help the techies with the DJ station, Julie sat down to pick the remix tapes. Thankfully for the rest of the Academy besides the Goths, Julie was partnered with Kirin, an over the top enthusiastic which made not just Julie want to hurl, but also her best friends. So overall, their music would be battling each other the whole night.

Julie, once again looked into the mirror. Clothing; pristine, spirit; pristine, character; pristine. Julie was ready; she had gotten over her giddy nature the night before, where Kirin took the fun away from her spirit as they finished the mix-tape.

Tonight, was the night of the dance, and Julie would not be late. With her corsage clipped at her waist, a black rose, right above the knot, Julie was confidant in her appearance. She had chosen, after about seven hours of long work, to keep her hair the way it usually was. It ran past her shoulders, tousled, in its mixture of blue and bright yellow.

Walking through the halls, Julie eventual emerged into the gymnasium. Even though she had been there the whole two days before, Julie was kept mainly in the DJ's corner, and had little time to take in her surroundings. And then at the nighttime, she was either too lazy or tired to pay attention to the walls.

Now, as she gazed around the room, she was disappointed at some features, and surprised and glad at others.

The walls, were covered with red paper streamers, flapping and twirling in the course of the fan. The floor around the dance floor was littered with red, pink, and white confetti, and the DJ's platform was lined with white streamers and confetti, along with some prestigiously placed vases of flowers, likely fake.

A punch bowl was the main attraction of the snack stand, also filled with cookies, chips, and chocolates of the season.

They even had a paper mecha, red of course, banner. That would've taken forever, and probably involved all of Art class's people.

Julie spotted Dorian, in a white tux with a black boutonnière as well, in order to match Julie's corsage. His hair was slicked back, until it stuck to the nape of his neck in a slight curl. His hair was normally scruffy and wavy, this was a totally different effect. It was a mixture of bad boy and the cute factor.

Accompanied by a group of his friends and their dates, Dorian came over to Julie, taking his hand in his and leading her to his friends.

"Jordan, Cody, Joana, ladies, meet Julie," introduced Dorian. "Julie, meet Jordan, Cody, ladies, my friends on the team." Everyone snickered at this comment, and Julie thought they were laughing at her until she remembered their conversation. He left out Joana, and had introduced the ladies, I get it, took me long enough, Julie thought.

"How's it going?" asked Joana, trying to direct the attention onto someone else, it half worked.

"Fine, thank you," replied Julie, suppressing a laugh. "Just fine."

"Would you like some punch?" asked Dorian, getting Julie's full attention.

"That would be nice." Julie would've killed herself if she had said lovely, so she left it out of the sentence. Leaving her along with his friends, Julie scanned the crowd fleetingly for any of her friends; Alia, Kel, Anastassia, even Kirin might have helped in this awkward situation.

"So," started Cody, "Dorian told us about your conversation heading up to him asking you out."

I bet so did half or more of the school did too, Julie thought. Joana and Jordan simultaneously jabbed Cody in the ribs; Cody wasn't know for his brain, we'll leave it at that.

"Did he," Julie replied, restraining the venom in her voice and coiling it away for later.

"Not the way I would've chosen if I could," remarked Dorian, as he returned with two plastic champagne glasses filled with the red liquid. "I think a talk by the fountain would've been better."

"We don't have a fountain at the Academy," Julie impulsively responded, then cowered slightly from the attention she had just earned.

"Really, why not. Every school has a fountain. Why not an Academy?"

"I don't know," Julie responded, glad that it was a fast conversation and not a debate.

Julie was quite conscious of the eyes at her back; what did she have that the others didn't, was the main question on their minds.

Dorian was the perfect gentleman, and despite a few irregularities with the law, in his youth, Dorian was the perfect child. He got good grades, stayed in school and trained his powers as a medmage till they were fine-tuned on any new subject he was given. He played a sport, had a well standing family; somewhere in the Legal system.

But Julie, she was a gutter dog, not more then a few skills. She had medium grades, not hanging by a thread, even if she could improve. C+ average, with a few B-'s now and then as a treat. "So why was she special," was frequently addressed by the other girls.

They may someday know; if they lay their vanity aside.

The rest of the night contained a mixture of dancing, staying on the sidelines conversing and eating, and talking to acquaintances. Mainly Dorian's, Julie was lost in their names. Though on occasion, a mutual friend or even one of Julies Goth friends came by to talk.

The Valentines Day Ball was basically the Academies prom, so as a prom does; they have a King and Queen. Unfortunately, Dorian and Julie came in second; but only by a hairs breath.

Kel and her date Andre won, and together they were anointed, with graffiti falling from behind them and a twirl of a pink wand which looked like it came right out of a Barbie commercial.

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