Julie, a Goth's Valentine

~ Part Two ~

It was half past eleven o'clock, the DJ had started reruns of his mix-tape; thank god. The requests which the people had were atrocious. It was all preppy bands, none that even came close to Nightwish or Behemoth.

Half or more of the people had left; saying goodbye to their friends and leaving the gymnasium. Kel and Neal had left about an hour before, and curfew was being stretched very thin.

After yet another glass of punch, Julie and Dorian had settled down by a group of Dorian's friends, enjoying their last few minutes of the Ball.

"I better be leaving," announced Julie, standing up and sipping the last few ounces of her punch.

"Oh," started Dorian, standing as well, "I'll walk you back."

Exiting the gymnasium, Julie led the way back to her room. The hallway was dark, as they reached the South wing, and Julie fumbled around for her door handle.

"Goodnight," Julie said hesitantly, her voice echoing through the hallway.

"Wait," asked Dorian. "I just want you to know; I'd like to extend this into a relationship. I don't want this to be the last of our encounters."

Julie should've been happy, but she had to be cautious; for all she knew this was a pity thing for him, a charity.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Shoot," Dorian responded.

"Why me?" the hallway was soon immensed in silence.

"I guess," Dorian started, "because of a dare . . ."

Julie was about to protest, fling herself into her room, and have a good cry; when a pair of arms were placed themselves around her waist.

"But!" he started, "I had a good time. Plus, it's not like you aren't engagingly beautiful." The breath, warm and tingling on her neck, made Julie squirm out of his grasp.

"Come on," Dorian muttered.

Forcing herself to face him, Julie leveled their gaze. Her eyes had once again been filled with their furious ebony. Dorian would either give her a good reason to stay, or a reason to prolong a kick to the family jewels.

"You jerk. You couldn't have lied to me! And just ended it. I don't always like feeling like yesterdays trash."

Not startled by this outburst, Dorian tried to keep his anger down. Dorian never liked his pride injured, but if it helped him get Julie as an actual girlfriend . . .

"I admit that what I did was bad, terrible-"

"No shit," muttered Julie, halting his speech.

"But," continued Dorian, "after tonight, I've gotten to know you. Your not fake. Your not pretending to be something else like the other girls have."

"Yeah, that's because I didn't take this on a bet; and I don't succumb to others people's opinions." This, was not entirely true, but Julie deserved the words after what had happened to her.

"I completely understand that; Jordan and Cody are quite intrusive and they like to force things on people. Joana hardly hangs out with us anymore, and I'm starting to have my own doubts. Come on, just another chance?"

"No." And with that, Julie escaped the hallway to cry into her billow.

Morning came, and so did an odd smell. Flowers. Julie didn't like flowers much, but on occasion she's partake in a particular perfume; but this smell was overpowering.

Getting up from her bed, still dressed in the clothes she had the night before worn, Julie headed to the smell. It brought her to her door.

A bottle of perfume rested on the floor beyond her, maybe a foot beyond the door at the most. Under it was a note; which Julie quickly read;

Sorry for my foolishness, accept my apology, Dorian.

Crumpling the note, Julie brought it to the sink of her bathroom. She lit an incense stick, vanilla raspberry, and then burnt the note in the sink. Collecting the perfume from the hallway, Julie threw it in her regift pile. She watched the note, a stiff index card, burn slowly, until it was coals.

Throwing off her clothes, letting them sit on top of a pile of dresses to be washed, Julie stepped into the shower. Low and behold, bath soaps in a carafe rested by her usual soap. Another note;

Please don't burn me; I'm sorry, Dorian.

Fucker, thought Julie, he's been in my room and he's stalking me.

Stepping momentarily out of the shower, Julie lit it on fire and as she had the last, watched it burn away. The incense would be reason enough for the smoke, Julie wouldn't get in trouble for it.

As for the bath soaps, Julie was a child for coconut; this one wouldn't go to waste.

After a therapeutic shower, with incense and coconut bodywash; Julie dried herself off slowly. Walking to her closet, Julie grabbed the dress farthest from the door.

As she was about to put it on, a note fluttered to the ground.

How many did the fucker plant, Julie thought, subsiding the urge to blast some heavy metal. Last time she had, Miss Citalli had stormed into her room and taken the CD; Julie didn't want that to happen again. Picking up the note, out of curiosity then anything else, Julie read on;

Oh my Juliet, my Dear Juliet; roses are red, violets blue; I've an apology, maybe two. Meet me in the courtyard at noon; for my aching heart, Dorian.

Fuck the romantic poetryΒΈ thought Julie, I can deal without him. That was when she saw the third present; licorice.

Only Kate and Derrek knew she liked the thing; it was her comfort food. Damn him, she thought, I can't deny licorice.

Getting ready as fast as she could, Julie went to the messhall, picking a granola bar and a fruit salad, Julie went to get a cup of coffee. The only thing that consoled her more then licorice was coffee; probably some deep sentimentally thing were it reminded her of Kate. Having it black, Julie skipped onto her first class instead of waiting around to talk to her friend.

They noticed her detachment from the group, even the Goth kids saw today was not the time to ask her for help with their homework.

The first few classes of the day, Myth-in-tell day at Mythic studies; calculus at mathematics class; and her own tutoring in her; Julie found that the day went by too fast. Other's would say to slow, but Julie couldn't slow it down enough.

Telling of a short experience during her time with Kate, something everyone anticipated, even the teacher Mr. Mathews wanted to know what she had to say. Then calculus, her best subject ironically, went fast, even her training went fast.

Midday arrived, or rather noon as said in the note, and Julie headed to the courtyard; doubtlessly it would be filled with teenagers eating their lunches in the cool breeze.

There he was, blue jeans and a gray trackshirt; god was it so unfair that the guys wore what they normally would. His hair was it's usual curls.

"So," Julie said, "you said something of an apology?"

"Yes," replied Dorian, "I'm completely sorry for my actions the night before and the two nights preceding them. It was scandalous what I did to you, and I accept full blame."

"As you well should." Julie threateningly replied. "and you said maybe two?"

"Oh that, I just needed something to rhyme with violet. That was all of my apology . . ." poshly replied the Irish teenager.

Julie huffed, frustrated. She knew what she had to do. And Dorian actually meant what he was saying; he wouldn't have gone through the trouble of finding all of those things the night before if he had not.

"First then, I accept your apology. And second; alright, we can date. We'll take things slow though, and-"

Kissing her, locking his lips passionately around hers and holding her head in his hands, Dorian replied, "Anything, anything at all."

Taking her face away from his, her face still dreamy, Julie nodded. Damn is he good at that, she thought fleetingly.

"Right- I'm gonna go for a bit." And with that, Julie ran all the way back to her room, slamming the door shut behind her, rummaging through her top drawer. After retrieving her phone, strictly for emergencies, Julie hit one on the speed dial.

"What?" Kate's groggy voice rang through the speaker. Either Kate had been up late drinking, doubtfully, or up late for the Order, Julie didn't care; she had to tell her Aunt.

"Boy do I have a story for you-" started Julie.

"Can it wait, I just-"

"No!" shouted Julie. "Now listen. You see there's this guy, right, Dorian . . ."

Normally, I don't swear in my stories, but I think this is what Julie would've done. Please give me feedback on this story, I've just starting this fandom and would like some constructive criticism more then thousands of OMG's. I'll probably be publishing more stories in this fandom, so keep a look out.

My pen name may change soon, just for your knowledge.

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