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"Come here." Arnold led Helga to the telescope he had nestled on the top of Wells Ridge. He took one last look in the eye piece, fixing it so it was perfectly aimed. He then motioned for Helga to take a look.

The star was gorgeous. It was bright and shimmering and gave off an almost blue light instead of the normal white. It was like a pale sapphire hanging in the sky. It took Helga's breath away. Arnold chuckled behind her when he heard her sigh at the star's beauty.

"Arnold, that star is amazing! How did you find it?" Helga looked away from the telescope and smiled at the beaming Arnold. He was tall with his chest puffed out. Clearly the man was proud of himself for the discovery. He also had his hands hidden behind his back. Helga tried to peek at what he was holding, but Arnold kept shifting his weight so she couldn't see behind him.

After some playful cat-and-mouse with the hidden object, Arnold finally answered Helga's question. "It was definitely easier to find the star when I had this." He finally removed his right hand from behind his back and handed Helga a piece of paper with telescopic coordinates written on them. The star map also had a constellation highlighted in yellow with the specific location of the star circled in red.

Helga stared at the paper, trying to understand what was going on. After a minute or two of Helga trying to decipher everything on her own, her face distorted in confusion, Arnold finally decided to end the mystery.

"I'm so glad you like the star, Helga, because it's ours." Helga's eyes darted away from the paper in her hand and caught Arnold's gaze. Shock covered her face. Arnold handed her the other piece of paper he had been hiding behind his back. The page was set up like a certificate with "International Star Registry" in beautiful calligraphy across the majority of the paper. A paragraph to the lower right had all of the vital information along with congratulations on the registry of the star Arnold showed her. About half way through the paragraph the phrase Arnold had submitted was hand written in more beautiful calligraphy. Helga's eyes welled up when she saw what that gorgeous blue star would forever be known as: "Arnold Loves Helga Forever". He had literally written his love for her in the stars.

"Oh, Arnold." She didn't know what to say. Helga G. Pataki was actually speechless. Arnold had to chuckle once more. If only he knew this was what he had to do to shut her up. He would have done it long ago.

Arnold helped her upright and held on to each of her hands. They just stared at each other for a moment, Helga's eyes sparkling from the thin film of tears covering them.

"That's why I picked that star," Arnold abruptly told her as he looked in to those dazzling eyes.

Confusion returned to Helga's face, "What?"

"That star reminded me of your beautiful eyes - the way it sparkles with that blue light. Although, that star can't have the compassion behind it that your eyes have."

Helga smiled and looked back at the sky. Arnold couldn't register a star that was visible to the naked eye, but it was still easy for her to find the general portion of the sky the star was located. It was nestled close to the horizon among the Aries constellation - her zodiac sign.

"Arnold," she leaned in to his chest, wrapping his arms around her as they both stared at the constellation, "this is the most amazing thing. I could not imagine a more magical night." They turned their heads towards each other and Arnold sweetly touched Helga's lips with his own. She hugged his arms tightly around her. As he tried to pull away from the sweet, soft kiss, Helga brought her right hand up to his head and held him in place.

With some effort, and another chuckle, Arnold finally pulled away from Helga's hungry lips. She twisted around in his embrace so she was facing him and attempted to bring him in for another kiss. Now fully laughing at her, Arnold leaned back an inch for every one she leaned forward, keeping his mouth safely away from hers.

She glared at him and tried to climb up him in order to reach his lips. She would not be denied. Laughing some more, Arnold broke away from her and backed out of arm's reach. Helga proceeded to chase Arnold, who jogged backwards and bobbed out of Helga's grasp as if he were a masterful matador. The two laughed as the chase continued.

After about five minutes, Arnold abruptly stood still and caught hold of Helga as she crashed in to him, finally allowing her to kiss him with the passion he had grown accustom to. She only pulled away from him when both their breathing became labored.

A few deep breathes later; Arnold lowered Helga back down to the blanket he had laid out on the grass next to the telescope. "The evening isn't done quite yet," he cooed as he lay next to Helga on the blanket.

"Football Head, you dirty man," Helga smirked as she rolled over and straddled Arnold, starting to unbutton his shirt.

"Helga! Not that!" Arnold blushed and rolled Helga back off of him.

She laughed, "Sorry, Shortman, honest mistake." He awkwardly rebuttoned his shirt as she stretched out next to him, snuggling up against his chest.

He looked down at the beautiful blonde resting across him and he wrapped his arm around her. She yawned and complained about still being up at such a late hour. Arnold checked his watch and allowed her to take a brief nap before the next event were to occur. Helga tried questioning him about what they could possibly be doing at two in the morning, but she quickly passed out in his warm embrace.

Arnold took his golden opportunity to quickly text Gerald to see if everything was set for the main event. Gerald responded that everything was in position. He then added that Helga better appreciate everything considering the hour.

Arnold spent the next forty-five minutes watching Helga doze in his arms. His free hand delicately brushed her bangs out of her eyes. He envisioned lying in bed with Helga like this for the rest of his life. He smiled as he pictured brushing her gray hair out of her face as she slept. His grandparents were so much in love their whole lives - all the way back to when his grandmother used to torture her future husband when they were just children. Phil and Gertrude's romance blossomed similarly to his and Helga's, and Arnold prayed his would last just as long and burn as strongly.

A little alarm on Arnold's watch woke Helga up. His warm smile greeted her as she stretched and curled out of his arms. She leaned over him and gave him a deep but sweet kiss.

"So what's the next surprise?" Helga tucked her hair behind her ear as she grinned. Excitement twinkled in her still-sleepy eyes.

Arnold looked past Helga and up at the sky. Not quite yet. He distracted her by kissing her back. First he pulled her back down on to him, and as they kissed he rolled her over so he was now on top. Once their breath became labored he pulled away and stared at his beautiful angel looking up at him. She smiled and moved to kiss him again when something caught her eye. She gasped as her whole face lit up. Arnold smiled knowingly and rolled back off of Helga so she could get a better view.

The two watched the beautiful early morning meteor shower as it streaked overhead. Helga again cozied up against Arnold's chest as he kept her warm in his arms. The white glow of the falling stars raced across the sky above them. After about three minutes of watching the stars with Helga, Arnold's attention turned to the woman's face. He watched her eyes grow wide as each meteor flew by; her smile growing wide in wonderment.

As he watched Helga, Arnold bit his lip in anxiety and struggled to keep his breathing steady so Helga wouldn't catch on that there was still one last surprise. His eyes darted between Helga, the sky, and the woods surrounding Wells Ridge. Not yet. Not yet. Not yet.

Finally the perfect moment occurred. A meteor streaked by at just the right angle that it disappeared in to the treetops. Excitedly, Arnold jumped up, jolting Helga forward.

"Arnold? What on Earth?"

Embarrassed, Arnold sheepishly looked down at the now scowling blonde. "Sorry, Helga. It's just I thought I saw one of the meteorites drop in to the woods!"

"The woods? Here? Really?" Arnold helped her stand up and she quickly turned towards the woods, the meteor shower still going on overhead.

"Come on, let's see if we can find where it landed," Arnold encouraged as he pulled on her arm slightly, directing her to follow. With that sparkle of excitement she always had when they went on adventures, Helga nodded that she'd follow.

Trying to choke down his excitement and nervousness, Arnold sprinted off in to the woods with Helga in tow. She was fast and kept pace with him easily, but he needed to get to the landing point first. They raced through the trees and Arnold kept calling back directions to Helga. Finally, the largest oak tree in the area slowly came in to view.

Arnold panicked a little to see Gerald still standing by the tree. He was going to ruin everything if Helga spotted him. Luckily, Gerald also saw Arnold sprinting towards him and he quickly picked up his shovel and ran in to the tree-line to hide. Arnold glanced back at Helga, and she didn't seem to have seen Gerald. Good.

As they got closer to the tree Arnold saw the masterpiece Gerald had been working on for the past hour or so. In the ground was a long trench with glowing pieces of charcoal around it. The effect was masterful and it definitely looked like a meteorite landing.

Arnold managed to get to the trench first and found the small piece of rock he instructed Gerald to nestle in to the trench. This was their meteorite; still about the size of a baseball. As Arnold leaned down to pick it up Helga arrived. She gasped at the sight.

"A-Arnold! It's really here! We found a meteorite!" Her eyes scanned the scene and a huge grin stretched across her face.

"Helga, come here and look at this," Arnold held out his right hand for her to take. She looked in awe at the stone. As Arnold reached down to pick it up, Helga warned how hot it must still be, but Arnold gripped her hand tighter and told her not to worry.

With some more acting, Arnold carefully touched the stone as if checking the heat. Finally, he scooped it up with his left hand and motioned to show it off to Helga. As she reached out to touch the stone Arnold called out her name; distracting her.

"Yes, Arnold?" She was confused yet again. She pulled on her arm, trying to help Arnold to his feet, but he resisted her help and instead stayed down on his knee. This confused her even more.

"Helga, my love," Arnold started, his voice shaking, "my life has been so amazing, and it is largely because you were in it. You have this spunk and kindness and daring about you. You don't bend or break. You stand up for what you believe in, and I'm so honored that one of the things you believed in was my love for you. Your magnificence is stuff the stars are made out of and someone as amazing as you deserves the whole heavens."

Arnold pulled his right hand from the stunned Helga and placed it on top of the rock. He then opened the rock using the hidden hinge. The biggest challenge Arnold had when setting up this evening was finding a way to turn his amethyst stone in to a ring box.

"Unfortunately," Arnold continued as he slowly opened his custom-made ring box, "this was the only star I could catch." Fixed in to the stone was a beautiful diamond ring. Even in the dim light of the night sky, the gem still shimmered. Helga gasped as she realized what exactly was happening.

Arnold was undeterred, he still have more to his speech, and even though he knew what her answer would be he still needed to finish. "However, I will spend the rest of my days trying to catch you the rest of the galaxy if you will just have me as your husband."

Helga didn't even bother answering in syllables; she just squealed and leapt in to his arms, knocking poor Arnold over. They laughed as she lay on top of him, hugging and kissing him. For the first time in his life, he kissed Helga with as much drive and passion as she always kissed him. He wanted to suffocate himself with her lips. He held her tight; hugging his future bride with all his strength.

Finally he pushed Helga off of him so they could both sit up. "Does this mean 'yes'?" he joked as he held out the ring again. Helga nodded so violently he was afraid her head would pop off. She started screaming the word 'yes' repetitively as she shoved her left hand in his face. He laughed again and kissed her ring finger as he slid the ring on.

With another squeal, Helga jumped to her feet and started waving her hand around, staring at the glimmer coming off of the stone. With a quick movement, Helga whipped out her cell phone and speed-dialed Phoebe. Arnold smiled at his fiancé as she excitedly told her best friend the news.

Gerald snuck out from the tree-line, careful to make sure Helga still didn't see him. With a pat on the shoulder he whispered a "congratulations" to Arnold. Arnold whispered back his gratitude for all of Gerald's help. They did their personal handshake and Gerald slinked off home before Helga could catch him. Arnold goofily stared at his amazing future wife and knew he was starting the greatest adventure the two ever embarked on.

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