"Merlin, stop fussing, go away now."

"But…" Merlin turned from tidying. It was night, the bell ready to chime out eleven. "I heard your father this morning; he said he and the council will be coming here tonight. Gaius is as well… so…"

"So, I don't need you here Merlin!" Arthur snapped. He turned and grabbed Merlin's arm, taking him to the door and shoving him out. "Go away, and I don't want to see you until nine tomorrow."

"Oh," Merlin said, as the door was slammed in his face.


And as if that would put Merlin off. Ten minutes later he crawled up the corridor by the servant's door. Whatever the council wanted, they wouldn't come this way and it was his job to protect Arthur. He peered through the keyhole to see nothing but blackness. Arthur had put the key in, and as Merlin tested the handle he realised the door was locked. Releasing a breath Merlin whispered at the lock. The key beyond didn't turn, the door gave no indication of what he had done but Merlin pushed it open and peered through. Arthur was fiddling around with a box that he had placed on the bed.

Merlin watched as he pulled something from it, a short stem of metal that thickened out at the tip. Arthur exhaled and put the item on the bed before stripping his trousers off. Merlin blinked in surprise as Arthur rubbed his hand around his groin and then reached for a small jar. He picked up the item on the bed and dipped it into the jar, turning it and tipping the jar to make sure the item was well coated. When he lifted it out, it dripped with a thick viscous fluid. Arthur put the box and the jar under the bed, hiding them both away.

Then he moved to the end of the bed and perched on there, settling himself with his feet on the linen chest at the end, and half sprawled back on the bed, his hips resting on the wooden rail that crossed between the two end posts. The door gave Merlin a perfect angle to see what Arthur did. One hand probed for his backside, while he slid the device into himself. Arthur gasped as he pushed it in, easing it into his passage carefully and pushing his hips up to move with it. He lay back on the bed, feet still resting on the chest and he moved the thing inside him, while his other hand rubbed at his cock and balls. Arthur panted as he played with himself, but he slowed the movement of his hands down and pushed the thing deep inside him. He took his time, looking like he wanted to enjoy himself. Merlin couldn't see Arthur's face. All he could see of Arthur was his legs, and one hand caressing, while the other thrust the device inside him. As he seemed to reach a peak, his hips thrusting, Arthur paused.

He sat up carefully, settling himself at the end of the bed. His face was now flushed and Arthur reached up to run his fingers through his hair, not smoothing it, in fact, he spiked it up, dishevelling his appearance, and he put his hand between his legs again, sticking his fingers inside to move what was inside him, and then he just sat there, rocking his hips and lazily rubbing his cock.

Merlin blinked, even more surprised as Arthur swore, turned to grab the neatly tided bed sheet and yanked it down. He threw himself back on the bed, kicked and shuffled about to make the bed look as rumpled as possible. He rolled onto his front and ground his hips against the mattress and flailed about as he rolled onto his back.

He only stopped when there was a knock at the door. Arthur sat up, shuffled back to the end of the bed and put himself into position again, very carefully. The bed was now messed up, so was Arthur and he remained very erect, eyes fluttering as he rubbed and shifted against the end of the bed. Then very carefully, he opened his eyes and looked at the door.

"Come in," he called.