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This fic contains spoiler up to Chpt 203 (the one with the appearance of the very gay and very naked Apocryphos), and don't say i didn't warn you.

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Summary: Allen Walker was taken in by the Noah before she could become an Exorcist. In order to protect her, a Noah who possessed Innocence, she had been hidden away in the confines of the Ark ever since. When she was finally emerging from her sheltered life, she found that her supposedly easy first mission took a turn for the worst. With her secrets and existence revealed, Allen was forced into the huge role she was to play in the Holy War between the Noah and Exorcist. [F!Noah!Allen, Poker Pair.]

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The Noah genes inside Allen was contented in the peaceful silence as it slept, snuggling up to its sleeping companion. In response, the ball of white that was also known as Crowned Clown glowed brighter, enveloping both its host and the Noah genes with warmth.

At the sudden drowsiness, the genes sent a silent curse towards the Innocence.

It had been an unspoken agreement even more before their host was born that both the Noah genes and Crowned Clown took turns to watch over Allen as she slept. The other would then take the chance to rest. Surprisingly, both the Innocence and the Noah genes found coexisting as easy as breathing, and took to each other like the best of friends.

The Innocence pulsed weakly as it squirmed in its sleep, seemingly lost in their host's dream. The genes sighed, and suddenly tensed when it felt a presence at the door to Allen's room.

Sure enough, the door slowly creaked opened and a purplish black butterfly flew into the room. At the familiar presence of the Tease, the genes relaxed and retracted its coils that it had unknowingly formed, reaching out to warn and to harm any potential threat to its host.

Tease slowly made its way across the room, gliding on its wings until it landed on Allen's left hand, startling and invoking a yelp from Crown Clown at the sudden addition of a presence so near. In turn, it had also startled the grayish ball of genes that was nestled against the sleeping Innocence.

Other than an involuntary twitch of the fingers on Allen's left arm, courtesy of Crowned Clown, neither its host nor the Innocence showed any signs of waking, and the genes relaxed once again.

Seemingly undeterred by the internal disturbance it had caused, the purplish black butterfly nestled itself against Allen's fingers, wings poised to fly back to warn its master at any single notice.

Damn Joyd and his possessiveness.

The genes scoffed, slightly insulted by the Noah of Pleasure's actions that seemingly implied that it and Crowned Clown's incompetence in protecting Allen. They had been doing a fine job in their years with Allen, way before Tyki even came into their lives. But secretly, both the genes and Crowned Clown were grateful for the Noah's actions, knowing that someone else cared about their host as much as they did.

But that didn't mean that they weren't upset.

Screw you, Joyd.

Cursing the Noah of Pleasure one last time out of spite, the genes couldn't deny the comfort the golem's presence offered, and finally allowed itself to fall into a realm between sleep and reality, never letting go of its remaining shred of consciousness that kept guard over its precious host.

-Happy Valentine's Day-

The golden golem rolled about on Allen's lap, seemingly pleased with how she was poking randomly at it, and Timcanpy attempted to bite the finger that prodded it every single time.

Allen looked up from playing with her golem to the Noah that had been sitting on the foot of her bed for the past ten minutes, and when the Noah gave no indication of moving or talking soon, Allen went back to playing with her golem. This time, she contented herself with pulling Timcanpy's cheeks, stretching it as wide as it could possible go, revealing the sharp teeth that hid underneath.


The young female Noah released Timcanpy with a 'snap' and shot a look at the Fourteenth in the mirror, conveying that Neah's persistence wasn't going to help the situation in the least. With one last look at the stoic Noah, Allen finally decided to speak up.

"Tyki," Allen sighed. "I'll be fine."

Too preoccupied with his thoughts, Tyki only seemed to remember Allen's presence when she spoke up.


"You're worried." Allen put it simply.

Not knowing what to reply to such a sudden accusation, the Noah settled for the first thing that came to mind, which just happened to be denial.

"I'm not." Tyki immediately grimaced at how unconvincing his words sounded.

At that, Allen arched her eyebrow and her eyes lit up with what Tyki had learnt to identify as amusement, and he swore he saw something akin to mock pity flash in her eyes before it disappeared just as quickly as it had came.

"Seriously, Tyki?" Tyki's lips parted to retort, but Allen raised a hand to stop him – she hadn't finished yet.

"You barged into a girl's room-" Allen emphasised on the word, drawing a wince from Tyki, "-without even knocking first, and then sat on the foot of my bed for ten minutes with that look you have whenever you're worried. Not to mention that you did so right after the Earl assigned me my first mission – to open the Ark to the Exorcist Headquarters to aid Lulubell in the retrieval of the Egg."

Tyki blanched at the mention of the Exorcist Headquarters, and very much like a stubborn child who was bent on getting his ice-cream, Tyki protested. "Why can't the Earl do it himself, or Rhode for that matter?" Tyki paused, his next words coming out barely higher than a whisper. "Why you?"

He knew he was being selfish, and he knew that the young Noah who he had come to love was fully capable of handling the mission assigned to her. Hell, she was strong, perhaps even stronger than him. The sparring sessions they had together were enough to prove that. But the thought of Allen getting hurt, no matter the chances of it while knowing full well that he couldn't done something to stop it haunted him.

Although, if Allen's mission went smoothly, and even if it did, she wouldn't have to resort to physical means, especially with the Exorcists.

But it was Allen he was talking about. His Allen.

"Tyki," Allen started. "I barely have to do anything. Opening a gate to the Ark hardly counts as a mission, and can barely compare to what Lulubell has been assigned to do."

Allen moved herself closer to Tyki, and in what Allen hoped was a comforting manner; she placed her hands over Tyki's, leaning into him until their forehead touched. Almost instinctively, Tyki's arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her closer to him.

She knew he was worried – and heck, even she was a little worried herself. Her first mission and it had to do with the Exorcist's Headquarters. Truth to be told, even though it was for her safety that she, a Noah who possessed an Innocence, stayed hidden from the outside world, and especially from the Dark Order's knowledge, she was getting tired of being the only one coped up in the Ark, safely tucked away from all the horrors the world has to offer.

As much as her family had tried their best to ease her loneliness and boredom by providing her with descriptions of the outside world whenever they return, and even going as far as to bring her gifts every single time, it only served to fuel her desire and want to experience the world with her very own pair of eyes. Even Rhode's horribly disturbing graphic details of how cruel and disgusting it gets out there is unable to deter Allen.

For the sake of her family and Tyki, who was the most possessive and protective living being she had ever met, she had kept her desires to herself, contenting herself with the stories and gifts her family fed her. However, she was a Noah, and she possesses Innocence to boot. She was part of this Holy War no matter what they say or do, and she didn't want to live a sheltered life forever.

"I will be fine, Tyki. Neah wouldn't let anything happen to me, remember?" Allen could almost see the smug grin on her Uncle's face, and she knew that he'd make her regret her words. But Tyki always came first, and it would remain that way for a long, long time to come.

"Besides, I have Crowned Clown here to protect me if anything does happen." As if to show her point and to ease the worried Noah, the Innocence embedded in her left arm shone a brilliant green, releasing waves of energy that spoke depths of the ever increasing power that it held. "See?"

"I know," Tyki whispered and smiled. "I know."

Leaning in for a kiss, Tyki pushed the nagging feeling to the back of his mind, and concentrated on the young Noah that he held in his arms. Besides, he had vowed to protect Allen no matter what the moment he had laid his eyes on her.

Mine. His inner Noah growled.

Feeling Allen's soft hands on his face as she pressed herself against him to deepen the kiss, he couldn't help but agree.

Yes, Allen was his, and Tyki would not let any harm come to what was his and his alone.

-Happy Valentine's Day-

"Komui," the Supervisor looked up to see Reever entering his office. "There's someone here to see you."

"Who is it?"

The man didn't reply, simply guiding the visitor in with a grim look on his face.

If it wasn't for the lack of sleep that Komui was suffering from, he supposed he would've reacted differently if given the same situation in a different plight. But right now, he couldn't care less as he stood up with such force, sending his chair grating against the floor before crashing down with a loud 'thud'.

It can't be.

The black cassock, and the pectoral cross that hung loosely on a chain.


What was someone so high-up in Central doing here?

The Cardinal gave a slight bow of his head and smiled.

"Supervisor Komui."

-Happy Valentine's Day-

Lenalee's heels clicked against the marble floor of the Exorcist Headquarters as she made her way to the cafeteria.

They had been lucky that the old tower had held even after the brutal abuse it had sustained from the fight with the Level Four, but now that their location had been revealed, Central was already looking for a new Headquarters to move into.

As if that wasn't enough, Central had assigned her a guard – Link, or in Lavi's case, 'two-spots'. It had happened shortly after the incident with the Ark when they were in Edo, based solely on the reason that they had decided against taking any chances on their potential Heart carrier.

The green-haired Exorcist sighed. She didn't actually mind Link's presence, but having someone follow her everywhere and wherever she went was seriously having a huge toll on her privacy, which was something Lenalee treasured and held onto dearly.

But as Lenalee learnt over her years as an Exorcist, anything that comes from Central rarely has anything to do with good.

-Happy Valentine's Day-

A sigh caught Link's attention and he looked up from his writing.

His charge had been sighing a lot lately and Link had no idea why.

Maybe… it was that time of the month.

And so, Link decided to leave her alone lest she unleashed the mood swings that came together with that on him.

-Happy Valentine's Day-

The Cardinal smiled at the Supervisor's question, and Komui found that he couldn't return the gesture no matter how hard he tried.

There was just something about this man that doesn't sit right with Komui.

"I was merely curious about this particular Exorcist with the potential to be the carrier of the Heart," Komui's eyes narrowed. That was something he had reported to the Central months ago, so why is it being brought up now? "And since I was around the corner, I decided to drop by. I was also wondering if this Exorcist was here, and hoping that I could actually pay him a visit, if you may."

There was a momentary silence where Komui contemplated on actually lying to the man, but something told him that the Cardinal already knew the answer to his own question.

No point lying then.

"Her," Komui stated. "And yes, Lenalee is here."

Silence reigned as the Cardinal closed his eyes, seemingly concentrating on something. "Hmm…"

Cardinal or not, Komui concluded that there really was something off about this man.

-Happy Valentine's Day-

Lavi yawned as he stared lazily at Link at the other side of the table, propping his head up with his arm. The man had had nothing but cake and Lavi was contemplating whether or not the man knew that his sweet tooth had led many to their downfall.

Hardly anyone was left, and most of the staff had returned back to work after having eaten their fill, leaving only a handful of people in the cafeteria.

Lavi noted that since the Akuma Egg had came into their possession, the staffs' attitude towards work had turned a complete hundred-and-eighty degrees around, and were actually keen to work. Scientists. Period.

Thanks to the fight with the Level Four Akuma, both Kanda and Lavi had strained their barely-repaired Innocence at that point of time and had to go through intensive repairs again, meaning that their Innocence were once again taken away from them, leaving them both temporarily unavailable for mission.

If Lavi had known that this would happen, he would've kept better care of his Innocence when they were trapped in the Ark.

The red-head noted that out of all the Exorcists that remained in Headquarters, only Lenalee and him were left in the cafeteria. Everybody else was off doing something of their own – Bookman was most probably hunched over a book in the library, and Chaoji had taken off with General Theodore to train on another floor.

Even lavi's self-proclaimed best friend, who went by the name of Yuu and ended with Kanda, was off doing something – presumably bitching around in the Science Department for Mugen, and Lavi snickered at the thought. The samurai was so easily predictable at times.

Basically, other than the option of being stuck in the library with Bookman, which Lavi had no intentions of doing so, he had absolutely nothing to do and he was irrevocably bored. And 'bored' was a huge understatement as to what Lavi was currently experiencing.

So, he started forming a plan that had everything to do with the Inspector who was pointedly ignoring his stare.

-Happy Valentine's Day-

Contrary to Lavi's belief, Kanda does not bitch. Kanda simply bosses people around, and there was a stark difference between bitching and bossing no matter how much Lavi claimed the two be the same.

People hustled by him, sorting out paperwork and carrying in new ones. The scientists and researchers alike were occasionally throwing orders around, hoping to bring about some kind of order in the chaotic Science Department. And even if it was heard, no one gave the slightest intention of doing so as they continued about doing their own work.

Another minute passed, and Kanda's eyebrow twitched as he struggled to maintain his composure.

It wouldn't do him good if he lost his temper here. Who knows what these crazy science freaks were capable of doing to him.

However, he was getting enough of being ignored.

His hands inched towards Mugen that was strapped to his waist, only that it wasn't Mugen, but a sick and pathetic excuse of a wooden sword that was hardly of any use; courtesy of Komui.

He wanted his Mugen.

Kanda scowled.

-Happy Valentine's Day-

"Two-spoooooooots," Lavi drawled as he watch Link take another bite out of his blueberry goodness.

"You know, two-spots, you're really going to get fat if you keep on getting nothing but Jerry's cake –" Lavi paused, and then added his nickname for Link at the end for better and more impact. "Two-spots."

Other than Lenalee's arched eyebrow at Lavi's persistent use of Link's nickname, Lavi received no response from his intended target.

How gratifying.

Unsatisfied, the bored teen tried again.



"Two-spots is gonna get faaaaaaaaaaaaat," Lavi drawled. "Fat fat fat. Fat two-spots!"

Still nothing.

This was seriously starting to hurt his pride.

However, Lavi was not one to give up easily.

Since the verbal attack didn't work, Lavi decided to go for the physical. Picking up a fork, Lavi pretended to twirl it around with his fingers while he waited for Link's cake to be down to the last bite.




With a speed and accuracy that only a trained Bookman could pull off, Lavi snatched up the last of the cake and quickly swallowed it, silently watching Link for a response.

Lenalee, who had been watching everything and who was trying to hold in her laughter finally decided to laugh out loud when she saw Link's expression.

"You! Bookman Junior –"

Apparently Link had had enough of Lavi's childish behaviour and insistence on using the awful nickname. And either if it was on Lavi's 'nicknaming-sense' or Lavi's 'unfit behaviour' that Link was about to nag about, they never found out.

A sense of déjà-vu washed over them as the detestable alarm rang across Headquarters.

Her smile immediately wiped off her face, Lenalee's fork clattered onto her plate as Lavi muttered a string of curses in various languages, and Link's anger dissipated.

This was bad. With Kanda and Lavi's weapons still under repair, the only available Exorcists were Lenalee, Chaoji, Bookman and General Theodore.

Lavi groaned, letting his head crash onto the table. "Oh crap."

-Happy Valentine's Day-

As the alarm reached the ears of the temperamental Exorcist, Kanda muttered the first word that came to his mind.


Grabbing the nearest scientist by the collar, Kanda hissed.

"Mugen. Now."

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