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Chapter 1: The Way Out

She was furious. No one had the right to fool her in such an interview like "The Loser of the Year". That was too much but it wasn't like she could go and beg her three stars back, not after they'd chosen Glee club over Cheerios. She needed something else. Amilda came to the treadmill room Sue was at the moment to polish some of the trophies filling the room around the treadmill. "Miss Sue, you've been running three days straight, isn't it at least time to have a protein shake?"

Running a long time? That seemed to ring something in her mind. Maybe her brains would work better with some fluid in them. "Alright, bring me one, Amilda." She kept running to keep her brains on move, they were clearly working on something. When Amilda finally got back with the shake Sue took it eagerly. Then it hit her. She did have a one more star to use, the problem was that that star had ran, he'd ran a long way to Dalton Academy to get a shelter from the brainless jock of McKinley High School.

Well, that wouldn't be an obstacle but a roadblock to beat. "Amilda, call one of my Cheerios, I need a drive to Westerville." Amilda hoorayed, running out of the room. Sue took a towel to wipe sweat off. Those were some snobby brats, and they wouldn't know the elegancy of the Greek solder Sue held.

The big ears pulled the car to the academy's yard, right before the main building. She stomped in. "Hey, you flat chest, I need you to show me to the class Kurt Hummel is on," she yelled after opening the door to the first class room she came by. The teacher was wearing a boring grey suit and she looked truly panicked that such a strong authority as Sue was, was barging in with her demands. "Kurt Hummel?" she finally got out of her mouth. "He's a junior; you won't find him from freshman courses like this one."

"Then hurry up and show me where I can find him." The already wide eyes widened even more as the request was shot. "Well, I could show you a way to the broadcast room."

"That's fantastic, now, move your duck feet and show me the way."

He was acing French once again. Even in senior courses he'd been put on based on his grades from McKinley. Kurt was telling Mr. Durisseau about his plans for the weekend and enjoying all the eyes in classroom – including Blaine's – on him when the intercom buzzed on. It was surprising since in Dalton they rarely used it during lessons, all announcements were made at the beginning or end of the lessons so everyone could still hear them but they didn't interrupt anything, except when there was an emergency.

"Why hello, Porcelain, I came here to talk business with you but they won't show me where you are. Now would you please drag your pretty little face here so I don't have to spend a moment longer under these terrified eyes? They don't even know how to act when scared like Cheerios do. Now, get. In. Here," Sue Sylvester's voice rang through the hallways and classrooms.

Kurt sat frozen on his seat. What did Coach Sylvester want from him in the middle of a school day? "M. Durisseau, Pourrais-je être excusé? Elle est un professeur de mon ancienne école ," he asked. Mr. Durisseau could only nod. As Kurt walked to the door, Blaine joined him. "I'm going with him." Once again the answer was but a nod. All eyes in the classroom and the ones next to it were on them as they walked by.

Kurt just barely kept himself from running as he made his way to the broadcasting room. "Ms. Sylvester, what are you doing here?"

"Hey, Porcelain, I was waiting for you to come."

"Yes, the intercom told it clearly." Kurt left Blaine's frowning at his nickname with no attention. "What I don't get is why you're here."

"I came to make you my head cheerleader." Kurt's emotionless facial had to give a bit away to lift his eyebrows. "What about Quinn, I thought she was glad to have her place back."

"Apparently not, she quit."


"Just before the last Nationals, to go perform some stupid halftime show." He wouldn't have expected that. Quinn had been so mortified not being the leader of the school, for her to give it up was too much. "And that's why we lost this year, but I'm not willing to become a clown," Coach continued. "So I came to take you back to McKinley and make you my new number one."

Blaine finally found his voice. "He can't do that." Sylvester looked like she had just noticed he was there. "What makes you think there's any saying for you in it, Syed?" Blaine was taken aback by the name so Kurt had to continue. "Sorry Coach, but he's right. I can't go back now when I finally feel safe. No one here cares what my sexuality is."

"Your sexuality. I thought that was already dealt with. I haven't decided what you are so there's no need to label yourself."

"But back then you asked had I ever kissed anyone and now I had, and I know what I like now." It was neither of the kisses though; now he at least knew what he didn't like.

"Well, that's fine then. I've decided you're gay."

"Thank you, but that's the reason why I have to say no even when the offer is so tempting." He felt Blaine's fingers on his arm and gave him a smile. The older boy was unsure how to act, which was not surprising since it was his first time meeting the Sue Sylvester.

The Coach was not going to give up when she'd finally figured out how to restore her honor. "You don't get it, I was turned into a joke in a day and I'm not going to walk outside and have people laugh at me. They should be afraid of me, just like these prissy teachers of yours. I'm not taking no for an answer."

"Coach Sylvester," obviously Blaine had managed to glue his thoughts back together. "Kurt already told you he has reasons to stay here. I as his friend have to agree. His life was threatened, you should know it. If one's life is on the line, one won't take risks to lose it."

"Just shut up Ken Carson, I am in exact same situation here."

"No, all you have to lose is your fame. It's gravely different to your life." Kurt lifted his hand to stop this. He knew that not having power was as bad as not having a life for Sue Sylvester. "Ms. Sylvester, I can't say how flattered I am of this, but if you can't get some measures to action for my safety I have no options."

"'Then, don't stay too comfortable on your sassy butt cheeks, I'm going to come back here to take you in days."

"I'll be waiting to hear what you could come up with." Kurt and Blaine left the room leaving Sue behind them to make more demands to put her plans in action. The moment to come out of the room couldn't have been worse, just when the soundproofed door clicked closed behind them the school bell rang and students were flooding to the hallways. They immediately noticed the two and whispering started. Kurt sighed a long sigh. He'd just started to fit in and then this. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to take the coach's offer, if – or most likely in Coach Sylvester's case when – she got the measures ordered.

"Are you sure about this? She looks like a bully herself," Blaine asked dubiously, Kurt gave him a smile. "That's why it's good to stay on her good side." Blain wasn't happy with this. "But Quinn, you heard she quit, doesn't that count as anything?"

"Quinn has made her choice, I don't have to do the same one. Not when her choice brings me a way to get into spotlights."

"I didn't think popularity was that important to you. You'd even risk your life for it."

"Of course I love attention, I want to make it to the breadway someday! And I really am not risking my life here. I did tell her I wouldn't take the offer unless I knew I was safe, didn't I."

"You did, but what about Dalton? Your new friends, the better quality of teaching?"

"I always managed with McKinley's quality even so well that I can still have good grades in here, I just go back to studying by myself. And I could always ask you to tell what you were tought here. What comes to friends, I haven't made that many, I was always only a daystudent after all. You, Wes and David won't mind my company even if I go to a different school, I assume?" Kurt lifted an eyebrow pulling a laugh out of Blaine. "Fine, I give up. You really want to go, don't you?"

Kurt nodded slowly. "Yes, I do. It's not like I don't like it here, I do, but I just miss wearing all my designer clothes, and I miss the familiar energy of New Directions, and I miss my glee family, and I miss good grades with little work, and I yearn popularity, and I yearn showing off who I am..."

"Got it, I got it!" Blaine laughed. "And yes, we won't mind your company even if we're in the compeating teams."

The big ears parked his car in the McKinley parking lot but Sue was out even before he could shut the motor down. "Figgins!" she yelled as she barged in the man's office. "Sue! You can't just barge in like that."

"Sure I can, just did. Besides, that wall is made of glass, it's not like you could do anything nasty behind it."

"That's not the point here. Please just tell me what brought you back after three days of leave running in here like that."

"I need to put some of my senior throwers on junior courses."

"That's absurd, they've already sat through them, what on earth would make you want to put them through them again?"

"Porcelain. He's coming back and I can't have him feeling threatened."

"´Why have I heard nothing of this?"

"Because he has yet to sign the papers with his father. It's decided he's coming back, though."

"Just who decided that?"

"I did, and you'll comly because I have a very terrifying video of you singing Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love in shower. Truly disturbing thing to watch, I have to say."

"Wha- When- Ho- What?"

"So if you're not going to let him in this school I'll let it get around, maybe even our school website and school board. They would certsinly enjoy watching it."

"Fine, fine. Fine! Just bring him back. His grades will bring our average bit higher anyway."

"Nice to know you're this understanding a man."

"Just go, please." Sue nodded. She grabbed the first passing cheerleaders arm dragging her to the side. "You're going to Westerville to Dalton Academy to find Kurt Hummel in your hands and tell him it's already on, he should get his things ready. I'll send someone get him on Tuesday, he must take care of all the paperwork by then."

"But Coach, I don't have a car," she whined.

"That's none of my problems. You should ask your parents to get you one. Now get going." The sophomore girl in uniform ran on her way.