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I have been wanting to do a Mortal Instruments fanfic for a while, now. Since Harry Potter, I have been trying to find another series to entice me and get me reading again. Then I stumbled upon Mortal Instruments and fell in love with the series. The characters are - ah - amazing and I love their personalities; so, I made a decision to work with them in my own right. Heh heh.

This is post City of Glass and pre City of Fallen Angels (due out in April). I'm putting that in just in case people start reading this after it's released and are like, "WTF?"

Anywho! Ignore my squabblings and enjoy after the disclaimer!

Disclaimer: As much as I would like to, I don't own the series, characters or anything. The only thing I own out of this fic is the plotline. Heh heh.



Jace sat on the edge of a fountain in Central Park with his knees bent and his elbows sitting on them as he continued to watch the water spout out and fall into the pool below. A cool breeze blew, ruffling his hair and causing fallen leaves to sweep the ground around him; he shivered slightly, but ignored the chill bumps rising on his arms. Few of the lamps in the park were still turned on – the closest one being several yards away from him. The light from the moon was bright enough to drench him in the silver glow of moonlight, shading parts of his face and allowing his shadow to be seen on the curve of the fountain's edge. Judging by the orb's position, it was well past midnight, which made him realize that he had been sitting in the same area for a few hours: Between walking around the fountain multiple times and occasionally sitting on one of the surrounding benches, he wondered how much longer he should wait before returning.

Then again, after everything that had happened, perhaps going back was not the option he wanted open. Seeing everyone with their smiles and happy demeanor – it was unbearable. While he was glad that they were able to have legit happiness, he also felt jealousy towards them. After Clary left—


After Clary abandoned him, he retreated, giving false smiles and laughs to those around him. Granted, the pain of losing her faded as more time passed, but the traces that remained would sometime become nearly unbearable.

And the others wondered why he had become so hostile recently.

He snorted and picked up one of the pebbles on the fountain's cement bench, tossing it into the water and watching it splash lightly before it slowly drifted to the bottom to settle with the lot of shimmering coins. Why mundanes would willingly waste their valuable money on false wishes never did make much sense, despite how many times Clary and Simon had tried to explain it to him.

He felt a sharp pain enter his chest at the memory.

The wind picked up again, this time stronger and he pulled his knees closer to his chest, trying to lock in his body heat. He had left without anything on his person; while he had nearly had instant regret for leaving without any weaponry other than one seraph blade, it was only now that he regretted leaving without at least grabbing a jacket or something to help keep him warm. The wind died down for a moment, then immediately blew again, even stronger. Groaning, Jace tossed his legs over the edge of the fountain and took to his feet, crossing his arms and turning his back to the wind as he walked away from the fountain and down a path that winded through the park.

As he stepped into the light coming from a dimly lit lamp, he thought he saw a figure standing in the shadows a little ways down the path. He blinked and squinted his eyes, trying to see if it was indeed a person or if his eyes were tricking his mind. His hands unfolded themselves and he lifted his shirt with his left hand, placing and gripping the hilt of his blade as he cautiously step forward. He called out, but the figure stood still – unmoving. He eyed it suspiciously, but as he got closer, he relaxed and allowed his tensed shoulders to drop and hand to release the handle of his blade.

You're losing it, Jace, he thought to himself when he realized that the shape was from an oddly shaped bush around a young tree. He released a light laugh at his string of idiotic paranoia. The wind blew again and he rubbed his bare arms, trying to use friction to heat up his cold skin. With nothing more than a short-sleeved black t-shirt to keep his upper body warm and dark gray gym pants made from light-cotton covering his legs, it came to no surprise that the cool night air had him shivering at every other moment. He had not thought this through. He released another small laugh.


He flinched and turned around, seeing a familiar face cast in shadows. He breathed a sigh of relief, trying to calm down his racing heart. It was a rare time for him to be startled; but with everything else on his mind….

"What are you doing here?" he asked, voice somewhat bland as it trailed out. Even though he was relieved to know it was someone familiar, he still would have preferred to be left alone.

They shrugged, their hands shoved half-hazardously in the pockets of their faded black hoodie. "You just left." Jace rolled his eyes. "I was – we were concerned."

"I don't need your all's concern," he snapped. He met the other's blue eyes; their eyebrows were furrowed upwards, creasing the space between their eyebrows. Seeing their facial expression, Jace sighed as another pang shot through his chest. "I'm sorry, Alec. I'm just…a little on edge is all."

Alec's facial expression relaxed and he allowed a gentle smile to cover it. "It's all right." When the wind blew again, Alec shoved his hands deeper into his pockets and shook. "It's freezing out here," he said, trying to lighten the mood. "Aren't you cold?"

Jace shrugged. "Not really," he lied. Alec frowned, clearly being able to tell; not as though the chill bumps and hair standing straight up on his arms was any give away.

"Jace," Alec released the younger male's name in a breath. "You're a poor liar." The blond adverted his eyes towards the ground and to the side. He heard Alec move around. "Here" Jace glanced up to see Alec holding out the hoodie to him. Underneath the sweater, Alec had been wearing a long-sleeved black and blue turtleneck, which looked to have been made out of wool – something Magnus had undoubtedly gotten for him.

Jace shook his head, his blonde hair moving slightly. "I don't want it."

"Just take the thing and stop being stubborn."

The expression of mild shock came over Jace's angelic face, making him seem somewhat childlike. It was a rare time for Alec to ever act forceful or demanding. Though, since he and Magnus had become close, he did not seem to mind sticking up for himself more often than he used to. That and he was not as hesitant to demand more things from Jace – mainly because the younger Shadowhunter had begun to become careless about his overall health. He had started spending more time hunting demons for no other reason than he could; he would constantly taunt certain Downworlders just to get a decent fight out of them (most of the time he was spent losing); he had begun eating less and less; and even neglected his appearance. More times than not, he would manage to get himself into some sort of trouble he needed help getting out of. It was no wonder the others had become annoyed with his new persona.

The expression of shock was quickly replaced with annoyance and Jace grabbed the hoodie. "Thanks." He muttered as he slipped it on. He pulled it tight around him; it having already been warm from Alec's body heat. "How'd you find me, anyway?" he asked as they had started walking.

Alec shrugged, putting his hands in the pockets of his jeans. "By chance, I guess." Jace raised a brow. "When you didn't come back, I just…I don't know. I thought I'd look around for a bit." Jace stared in front of him, the sidewalk seeming to stretch and curve a million different ways. He shook his head. "I was actually about to head back."

"Hm," the response came. He felt his brain pound against his skull and he held his head, trying to get the head-rush to fade. He clenched his eyes shut, shaking his head again and trying to open his eyes. Still, the park seemed to become a twisted mirage of smeared trees blended into the sky.

"You all right?" Alec asked, seeing his ally stagger slightly.

Jace nodded his head and rubbed his forehead. "Yeah. Just…lightheaded."

They stopped walking and Alec watched as Jace continued to hold his head, trying to stabilize himself. The earth beneath his feet felt as though it were rocking back-and-forth – as though he were standing on a ship in harsh seas. He groaned and stumbled back, hand reaching behind him to find something to lean against. He tried opening his eyes, but everything was become black and further distorted. He could see Alec's curious look, but it, too, blurred. He swayed again, this time reaching his hand forward to latch onto Alec's shoulder; Alec's hand was quick to be on his back, helping to support him. He felt his limbs start to go numb and he ended up falling forward, only to be caught by the older male. His mind was swimming and an ethereal feeling flooded his body. Pressed up against Alec and with Alec's hands wrapped around his back to keep him up, something seemed different. Perhaps it was just the effects of what was happening, but his scent appeared…different.

The last thing he remembered was Alec's hand rubbing up and down his back before he fell into a peaceful darkness.


Jace groaned, turning his head to the side. Perhaps the fact that he had not eaten in a few days had finally got to him. So much stress had been ongoing, it was no wonder his body was being affected. He felt the cold concrete beneath him, which had him realize he was lying on the sidewalk in the park - his head lying on something soft, which must have been Alec's lap. He brought his hand up to hold his head, rubbing his eyes before opening them, seeing the fuzzy figure of Alec leaning over him. He clamped his eyes shut.

"What happened?" he asked, words slightly slurred.

He did not get a response. Instead, the response he was given was Alec running his hand through his hair, pushing it back as he let his fingers glide through it. Jace opened his right eye, his left hand still rubbing his left eye. The sky behind Alec appeared gray, but as his vision came into focus, he noticed that it was no longer the sky that was above him, but a gray, cement ceiling. He brought his hand down, vision finally coming into full focus and he stared curious at Alec, who had a blank expression toying with his features.

"Where am I?" he asked, words still somewhat slurred as a wave of nausea rushed over him.

His brain still felt as though it were pounding against his skull, ready to explode. He turned his head, taking in his surroundings. Cement walls surrounded them and a single door was on the far end of the room; it was dimly lit with only a single light dangling from the middle of the ceiling; close to him was a tattered mattress, no sheets were upon it and it looked as though blood had dried on it at one point, certain areas splotched with a dark, brownish red. That was also when he noticed runes drawn on the walls around them. They were lightly drawn, which is why his eyes did not catch them at first, but they were definitely there. Most of them he did not recognize: They were…foreign.

"I've been trying to find you for a while, Jace," Alec spoke, his voice hollow.

Jace turned his head to stare back up at the older male, his eyes narrowed out of confusion. "Wha—?"

Alec stood, leaving Jace's head to hit the cement floor beneath him. He cringed when his head thudded against the floor, but sat up to see Alec walk towards the table against the wall right of the door. Papers were scattered amongst it, as well as a book that lay face open. "You put yourself in this position, you know."

Jace stared at him in awe. "Alec, wha—?"

"You're so naïve," he said, turning around to watch the blond. The confusion on his face was almost childlike; like a child would give their parents during a separation. "When are you going to understand that no one cares about you? Your selfish attitude, your passive demeanor. You're pathetic." He scoffed at the reaction he was getting. "You always expect everyone to do everything for you. You willingly throw yourself into dangerous situations because you know that someone will be there to bail you out."

Jace went to respond, but the wave of nausea became stronger and he clenched his jaw, his innards twisting. He wrapped his arms around his stomach and set his forehead on the cold concrete, trying to calm his beating heart, which was not helping the feeling to fade. He released a groan, which sounded almost like a whine, from the pit of his throat. "What's happening?" he asked, his tone flooded with pain.

Alec shrugged, stepping up to Jace and kneeling down beside him, placing his hand on his head; he began petting the top of his head, seeming strangely amused by the younger Nephilim's reaction. "Sorry about that." A smile crept across his face. "Apparently, the side effects of chloroform absorption include nausea and vomiting." He shrugged. "Oops."

Jace wanted to ask, but his stomach twisted and he lifted his head off the floor just as he regurgitated; only bile came, there having been nothing in his stomach. His eyes began to tear up from the reaction and he outstretched his hand, clutching onto the front of Alec's shirt, fingers gripping into the fabric as the second wave hit him and he excreted more bile onto the cement floor. He sniffed and wiped his mouth, trying to pull his head up, but, instead, rested his head on Alec's chest.

"Why?" Jace asked in a whisper, trying to keep from regurgitating a third time.

"To prove a point." The answer came quick. Jace furrowed his eyebrows: Alec's voice had changed. He felt his muscles contract again and he pulled his head away from the other as more bile was extracted from his mouth. He spit the remainder out before looking sideways to the other looking back him; a sadistic smile twisted onto their face.

With eyes shimmering with water from his body's reaction, Jace was finding it difficult to narrow his eyes at the speaker – his captor.

"Welcome home, Jace."


And that is where chapter one ends! I had intentions of this being a one-shot. Which, on my computer, it will be; but for , it will be a chaptered fic. I'm doing that because (let me be honest) I consider short-stories to be 20-30 pages (Times New Roman 12-size font in Microsoft Word). To most, that's not a short story. Ha ha. So, I'll break it into chapters and make it easier.

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