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Well I wanted to play around with something new and lately I have been OBSESSED with Remus and Sirius fanfics, so I decided to write them.

James' POV

Sirius and Remus are in love.

Even if they don't realize it themselves yet.

I will get them together.

"James? …Prooooongs?" Sirius called, waving a hand in front of my face, effectively shocking me out of my plotting.

"Huh?" I looked up.

"Class is over, what are you doing just sitting here? I know Minnie's quite a sight and all but sheesh, she's not worth missing lunch over."

"Only my Lilyflower is worth missing meals for." I smiled dreamily, Wait! Stop! Focus on Remus and Sirius! Remus and Sirius! . I willed my brain. "So Padfoot you got a date for Hogsmede this weekend?"

"I've got four dates my dear Prongs." Sirius flung his arm over my shoulder.

"Oh to bad" I sighed dejectedly.

"Well I'm sorry but you should have asked before everyone else did."

"That's not what I meant you ponce!" I shoved him off me with a laugh." I was just thinking since Peter's going out with that Huffelpuff girl and I will be spending the day wooing my dearest Lily that you could keep Remus company. Doesn't have a date ya know."

"But what about those eight Ravenclaw girls eyeing him up the other day?"

"Padfoot. You cursed their hair to spontaneously burst into flames…remember?" I sometimes wondered about my friends' sanity and my own for that matter.

"Well I didn't know what their intentions were regarding our precious Moonykins."

"You mean your precious Moonykins" I laughed. "I am perfectly willing to let him date anyone he pleases."

"Blasphemy!" Sirius jumped away and pointed at me. "Blasphemy I tell you blasphemy!"

"What because I want our friend to be happy?" I shook my head amused "Pads you've scared off almost every, no not almost, every girl to even look his way."

"Fine" he sighed.

"Fine you'll lay off his admirers."

"Hell no" Sirius laughed and ran into the Great Hall, plopping down next to Remus and staring straight at him.

"Well hello to you too Siri." Remus smirked.

My point exactly! If anyone else tried to call him Siri they'd be mauled! Remus can get away with anything when it comes to Sirius!

"Hey, guess what!"

"Your mother died"

"I wish" Sirius pouted for a moment before his maniac smile returned. "I am taking you to Hogsmede this weekend."

"Aren't you taking Anna Crowshire?" Remus looked to his friend questioningly.

"No he's taking Emilia Jenkins." Peter shook his head.

"And Savannah Herol and Tina Wesfield." I smirked.

"Well I'm cancelling my dates with them and taking you!" Sirius wrapped an arm around Remus' neck and hugged him close. "We don't have nearly enough alone time." Now I know I'm not imagining the pink blush that stained Remus' cheeks.

"Deciding not to comment about alone time." Remus chuckled. "But as much as I appreciate the gesture Pads I already have a date to Hogsmede."

My, Peter's and Sirius' mouths all fell open, staring at our adolescent werewolf friend in shock. I watched Sirius's face turn several violent shades of pink, red then a very worrisome purple.

"Sirius…?" Remus asked nervously. "Are you okay…?"

I clapped my hand over Sirius's mouth just in time to stop the outburst.

"He's just a bit surprised Moons." I tried to sound reassuring but it was hard while trying to hold a struggling Sirius.

"Who is it?" Peter smiled, he was completely oblivious, lucky him.

"Amy Corry." Remus smiled dreamily and I started to wonder if I got that ridiculous look on when I thought of Lily…

"One of those Ravenclaw girls that Sirius cursed?" Peter asked surprised.

Remus nodded "Yeah, I went to apologize and she asked me out! Isn't that great?"

"Ouch!" I exclaimed as Sirius bit my hand and broke free.

"HOW THE BLOODY HELL DO YOU THINK THAT'S GREAT!" Sirius barked, having that animalistic look in his eyes that we rarely ever saw even in Padfoot.

"W-What do you mean…?" Remus asked confused and a bit hurt.


"And why not?" Remus' wounded look was replaced with annoyance, rapidly escalating into anger.

"Why don't we go somewhere else to talk about thi-" I tried, this was so not playing into my get Remus and Sirius together plans.


Yup definitely not good.

"You don't even know her!" Remus stood up angrily. Peter stared on in awe, Remus never lost his temper, especially not with Sirius.

"Guuuuuuys, people are starting to stare…" I said looking around, almost everyone had turned to watch the spectacle, even the Professors.


"Oh then tell me, who is so right for me!" Remus shot back.

Sirius fell silent at that looking away, his fists clenched tightly at his sides.

HA IM RIGHT! SIRIUS IS SO JEALOUS! I mentally cheered but my happiness was quickly drown out when Remus started speaking again. I had never seen him so mad before.

"Well if you cant tell me then maybe I should just be like you shag every single thing that moves! You're so egotistical to think you can tell me who I can and cant date and I'm tired of you being so damn overbearing that you hurt girls who are just trying to be nice to me! You are such a git Sirius Black, acting like you know everything about women because you are Hogwarts number one whore!"

The entire hall was silent, even I stared at Remus in shock. No words could describe the look of pain on Sirius's face as Remus turned around and stormed out of the hall without a single word of regret. Everyone watched his departure in awe and the hall stayed quiet for almost a whole minute before suddenly it exploded with chatter about what had just gone on.

Sirius sat back down like a zombie, Peter and I watching him worriedly. Sirius stared at his plate blankly, lost in his own mind.

"You want some grapes…?" Peter tried hesitantly.

And that broke him, Sirius stood and rushed out of the Great Hall.

Maybe getting them together wasn't going to be as easy as I thought…


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