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STILL James' POV It started off as a normal day or at least as normal as it has been since Remus and Sirius finally started going out about two months ago. I woke up, threw a pillow at Sirius and Remus and tried to get them not to snog first thing in the goddamned morning. Next, I took a shower, tried to leave the bathroom but had to whip Remus and Sirius with my towel because they were still snogging but this time in the damned doorway. I finally managed to get dressed and down to breakfast to see my perfect, beautiful, amazing, glorious and stunning girlfriend Lily. I got about five minutes of peace before Remus and Sirius arrived at the table and once more started snogging. Part of me wanted to spoon my eyes out but another part of me just wanted to watch and figure out what about them kissing made some girls swoon and others begin sobbing... So all in all a pretty normal morning that is until I got to lunch. I entered the Great Hall and everyone was glaring at me. While some days this was an extension of normalcy today it wasn't. I hadn't pulled any pranks lately that would make everyone hate me so what the hell was going on! Even the other Gryffindors were giving me the eye.

Then I saw it, Lily sat at the table with her friends all around her, giving her hugs trying to cheer her up. Her eyes were puffy and cheeks wet from crying, this obviously had to do with why everyone was giving me THAT look but I couldn't figure out why. I had been an amazing boyfriend! I even was nicer to Snape, it killed me to do so but it made Lily happy so I did it…grudgingly so but I did do it!

"What's wrong?" I ran over, shoving one of her less important friends over so I could take a seat next to her. When she didn't answer me I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her tears away. See? I'm such a sweet boyfriend! "Come on baby you can talk to me."

"Don't you think you've already done enough" One of Lily's girlfriends rolled her eyes.

"I don't even know what I did!" I said exasperated.

"Of corse you don't. Typical boy." the friend huffed.

I looked around the Gryffindor table, trying to find someone who might know something or other about what was going on. My eyes met with Remus, Sirius and Peter's gazes, I slid down the bench towards them.

"What the hells going on?" I hissed

"How can you not know!" Sirius rolled his eyes, crossing his arms.

"This is why you should listen in Charms Class!" Remus added scoldingly.

Peter just shrugged, filling his plate with sandwiches.

"What does Charms Class have to do with this?" I was completely and utterly confused now, even more then before.

Remus let out a long exasperated breath. "They taught us contraceptive charms in fifth year."

"Granted Moony and I don't need them for obvious reasons but if you had taken two seconds to use one you wouldn't be in this situation now would you?" Sirius smirked, taking a bite of a biscuit. "Can I be godfather?"

"Godfather? Godfather of what-" I stopped as what Remus and Sirius had just said sunk in. Conceptive Charms, Godfather, "BLOODY HELL!" I could feel all the blood drain away from my face.

Sirius clapped me on the back. "Hey he's finally figured it out!" he laughed.

"I'm gonna be a father?" I murmured, my head felt light and fuzzy.

"Congratulations!" Sirius grinned.

"Don't congratulate him!" Remus scolded his boyfriend.

"Lily's pregnant…" was the last thing I said before everything went dark as I passed out.

The next thing I know I'm wet.

Spluttering I sit up, shaking the water off of my face. It didn't take long to realize I was in the Hospital Wing and to see Sirius standing next to my bed holding a, now empty, cup of water.

"What was that for?" I wiped my face off with my sleeve.

"Had to wake you up somehow."

"I told him to just shake you." Remus put his hands in the air innocently.

"I had the weirdest dream…that Lily was pregnant and everyone hated me and-and I'm in the Hospital Wing because I passed out. It wasn't a dream. Oh my god, my moms going to kill me!" I buried my face in my hands but then looked up as I heard a strange noise, only to see Sirius and Remus trying very hard not to laugh and failing miserably. "This isn't funny!" I exclaimed.

"I can't believe you fainted mate!" Sirius gave in and started to laugh hysterically, holding his stomach. "Th-that's what you get for-" he stopped trying to stop laughing long enough to speak clearly "That's what you get for butting into our business."

"Even if it did give us a shove." Remus added, taking Sirius' hand.

"So wait…this was all fake? Lily isn't pregnant?" I felt an odd mixture of relief and homicidal thoughts.

Sirius nodded happily, "She is a fantastic actress ya know. I almost see why you fancy her and she loves a good prank."


Sirius squeezed Remus' hand. "Moony?"


"I suggest we run."

"Agreed." he nodded and the two ran out.

"-KILL YOU!" I hopped out of the bed and chased after my two friends, the ungrateful prats. "I KNOW WHERE YOU SLEEP!" I yelled, shoving my way through a crowd of First Years.

Suddenly I felt myself being yanked back.

"Hey let go! I have to go kill my friends!" I turned to whoever was holding onto my arm. It was Lily. "And you are the worst girlfriend ever!" I said in a more petulant then angry tone. God I could not be mad at her…

"I know." she smiled.

"No sex for a month." I said childishly.

"Oh?" she pecked me. "What was that now?'

"No sex for a week…" She pecked me again. "No sex for an hour?" Another kiss "I hate all of you, you know that right?"

"I know. Now come on, lets go back to your dorm." she tugged on my arm and I smiled, wrapping it around her waist and heading towards Gryffindor tower. She opened the door to the dorm and froze, I looked up from staring at her adoringly to see what stopped her.



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