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[Konoha. 2 days after Pain/Nagato's rampage. Top of Hokage Mountain.]

It had been only 2 days since he had defeated the leader of Akatsuki, as well as finding out that all was not as it seemed, Jiraiya had taken three apprentices, not just two. And that second apprentice had wielded enough power to kill his teacher, whom Naruto had thought nigh unbeatable. And he couldn't stand it. The knowledge that Jiraiya had died fighting Pain, had died trying to protect Naruto, had died because even if he had taken backup, only Jiraiya himself, Tsunade, Naruto and a handful of others could've stood up to the near god-like power Pain had held, and that backup would've been crushed. Utterly, completely crushed. So he stood where he had always gone when he needed a little bit of time to himself, the top of Hokage Mountain. It had always been a sanctuary for him when he was a kid, and couldn't take the glares anymore and wouldn't cry, because he was stronger than that. So he stood on top of Hokage Mountain, staring at the sky and blinking every so often to keep the rain out of his eyes. It was magical, almost as soon as the pain from Jiraiya's death started to sink in, the sky started to darken, it just progressed to this downpour as wave after wave of repressed pain and sorrow swept over him.

"I wish I could die." Naruto whispered. "Why, why did you have to go after Pain?"

But he knew the answer, knew it even as he asked the question. All this sorrow had been shoved away, tamped down, so that he could focus first on deciphering the message Jiraiya had sent with his last dregs of strength, and then learning how to master Sage chakra, as well as fighting in the Toad style. But now, now there was nothing pressing to do, he had helped with the reconstruction as much as he could, which was quite a bit.

Due to his help, as well as Yamato's, all projected estimates on the reconstruction time had taken massive dives. What would originally haven taken months, maybe even years of effort, even with ninjas helping, now would only take 2 months at maximum, even if both he and Yamato were assigned to several missions in a row. They had helped so much in just 2 days for Yamato, and 1 and a half for Naruto, done so much of the horribly time consuming and mind numbing preliminary work that work had been massively sped up. All this because Naruto had gathered his Sage chakra, and then had literally spawned thousands of Kage Bunshin. And he had reinforced them a little, so they could pick up sharp objects and debris.

But now he was tired, hungry, and above all wet. Absolutely soaked in sweat, in fact. So he just stood and contemplated the reconstruction, until his thoughts turned to Jiraiya, and then it all went downhill and rainy.

He repeated what he had said before.

"I wish I could die. Now Jiraiya is dead, and there is no way for me to even mourn him properly, because his body isn't here."

[Top of Hokage Tower.]

Tsunade, Shizune and Yamato watched Naruto from the top of Hokage Tower. Unlike Naruto however, since they actually had the ability to get sick and because Tsunade was Hokage, Yamato had created one of his wooden shields to act as a unified umbrella for them. They were mostly just keeping watch over Naruto to insure that he didn't do anything stupid, like go off and train. They couldn't imagine the amount of damage Naruto could now create due to him being able to actually throw those thrice blasted Rasenshurikens of his. They had all seen the destructive force of them at least once, in Yamato's case twice, and had no wish to see that leveled on anything other than and S class ninja, let alone a poor defenseless training ground.

Absorbed in their own thoughts, they snapped out of it when the first bolt of lightning came down pretty close to Naruto. Due to the proximity, Naruto had jumped up waving his arms as he was prone to do when surprised. As the second thunderbolt came down, Naruto flicked his hand, produced a Rasengan, and attacked it. Amusingly enough, the Rasengan had nearly no effect on the thunderbolt, as far as weakening it or destroying it, but flung it in all different directions in a scattered web of lightning. Maybe that's why they never saw it until it was too late, maybe that's why they didn't react fast enough, maybe, maybe. The maybes would haunt them for the rest of their lives.

[Top of Hokage Mountain]

After the stunning light show, Naruto just gazed up at the dark clouds, as if saying "What?" The clouds responded. All Naruto saw was one big flash of light. And then he knew no more.

[Top of Hokage Tower]

Of course, Tsunade, Shizune, and Yamato had seen the pillar of lightning blast out of the sky, engulfing Naruto. It seemed almost as if it was in slow motion. Even as all three of them rocketed off of the roof of Hokage Tower, they knew they were too late. But they had to try.

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