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{Middle Earth}

[Caradhas Mountain]

The Fellowship of The Ring wearily trudged on through the snow, hoping that their resident Istar could find a way for them through the blizzard. Said Istar looked up at the sky just in time to get blinded by an incredibly bright flash of light.

All members of the Fellowship, even Legolas, stumbled as a rumbling BOOM shook the air and the ground, making most of them collapse. Legolas and Gandalf were the only ones to remain standing, having been quick enough to regain their footing.

One of the four hobbits, trying to get to his feet but failing, wailed out, "Gandalf! What happened?"

The wizard, though on his feet, was swaying from side to side as he tried to clear his vision. Even blinded, he still had the power of speech, and replied in a harsh tone, "I know not, Samwise Gamgee, but if we are to survive Caradhas now, we must leave, before Saruman works anymore of his trickery on us." Sam recoiled, and fell on the ground again.

After much cursing and stumbling the Fellowship were once more on their feet, and Legolas returned, stooping and carrying something on his back. The broader of the two men called out a greeting, "Ho! Legolas, what have you there?"

"Tis a man, and an oddly dressed one at that." The elf wove into view and deposited the strangely clothed man at their feet. "I found him in the middle of a great depression in the ground, blasted clear into solid stone!"

The dwarf stroked his beard and muttered gruffly, "What, in this weather? Where did he come from?"

"I can answer that, my good dwarf. He is help sent to us by the Valar, to aid us against Sauron." Gandalf's worn and angry expression materialized, and the Fellowship looked at him in blank awe, "He is powerful, and could easily turn the tide of battle in a few minutes. He is as powerful as I, do not underestimate him." Gandalf looked down at the boy, and turned to the broad man, "Here, Boromir, take him, for you are strong, and we need Legolas to insure that our path back is clear." Boromir quickly nodded in understanding and scooped the boy from the ground, and staggered slightly from his weight. "By the Valar! What does he eat? He is slim, like an elf, but as heavy as a man!"

"We shall know shortly. Come, we must depart. The Valar have contacted me. That spell was cast by Saruman, but they intervened in time, and made it turn from malicious to a help. Come, come, we must hurry, I fear Saruman might inflict worse terrors on us." Gandalf's stern voice cut through the murmuring in an instant, and suitably chastised, the fellowship gathered what they had dropped.

Then they hurriedly, yet carefully headed down the slippery slope, and back to blissfully level ground.

[Some distance from the foot of Caradhas, Next Morn]

Gandalf sat on a rock, and smoked his pipe slowly as he examined the sleeping form of the teen in front of him. The boy was lean, and as both Legolas and Boromir could attest to, was heavy, which meant strong and compact muscles. He turned over the matter of giving help by the Valar. On one hand, he was slightly insulted by their lack of faith in him, but as the memories they gave him showed, the boy was monstrously strong, and needed his help to tame the literal monster in his gut. On the other, Gandalf was immensely glad for the support, as the loss of Saruman had shaken him badly. The wizened Istar gave a snort as he realized that the boy was a godsend, quite literally, as he could rally support, raise morale, help refugees, crush enemies and do so many other things as well.

[Inside Naruto's mindscape]

"Uh? Argh, what?" Naruto woke up, and cast a bleary eyed look at his surroundings. All he remembered after scattering the lightning bolt was a flash and a massive amount of pain. Well, not that he hadn't been feeling pain before that, but that time it was physical, instead of emotional and mental. He sat up, still droopy eyed, and examined the cage he sat in front of.

"Oi, Kyuubi? You in there, ya great bastard fox? What the hell just happened?"

A gigantic fox suddenly appeared behind the cage doors, and opened one eye. "Gaki," it thundered, "If you wish to live you will listen to what I have to say."

Now Naruto just blinked at the huge fox owlishly. "Huh?"

The Kyuubi was seconds from face-palming, and restrained itself with mild difficulty. "You're in a different world, Gaki. You also won't be going back to your precious Konoha. Ever."

Now these words had a profound effect on the blond ninja. "What? You can't be serious! You've gotta be pulling my leg! There's no way I'm gonna get stuck in the Summon Realms-ttebayo!" Naruto wind milled his arms and crashed back into the water, but upon seeing the look of unchanged seriousness on his tenant's face, realized that the Kyuubi was not joking. "Wait, wait, I'm stuck in the Summon Realm? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" This exclamation was accompanied with mush gesturing and shouting, which was starting to give Kyuubi a headache.

"Gaki. Shut up. You're not in the Summon Realm. This is another world. You were brought here by the Valar, a race of beings as powerful as the Jubi. The Jubi outclasses me in nearly every way. Probably the only way it doesn't is through the fact that I don't just exist to destroy. I can take a nap, for example. That thing was constantly on the rampage, until it was stopped. By the Sage of Six Paths. Take your Pain, and multiply him by about a hundred. The Sage would've flattened Nagato. I would've flattened Pain, but well, your damnable father kept me from it. Now, I wouldn't truly wish to tangle with the Jubi, and even less with the Sage, and the Valar are as strong as the Jubi. Don't mess around. They can flatten you faster than you can kill a genin.

"Now, with that out of the way, we've arrived in a world called Middle Earth. The Valar have been kind enough to deposit knowledge of how to speak the major languages by species into your brain, so you don't end up saying something in Japanese that's a major insult. The reason for my helping you is that they're probably strong enough to reach into this seal and squish me flat. There is a war brewing, and it's between an evil side planning on ruling the world, led by a giant flaming eye, I'm not kidding, don't give me that look, and the good side is led by a coalition of wizards, elves and men.

"Now, biologically, you're somewhere between the men and elves, with your powers coming out close to the wizards. Obviously, you are quite a bit more versatile with your techniques than they are, giving you an edge. Your other abilities pretty much make it so that practically, only Sauron and the other Maiar would be able to defeat you. The Maiar are pretty much one level beneath the Valar, and consist of wizards and Sauron, the giant flaming eye. Their on an equal level with me, and they can overpower you. The wizard next to you when you wake up is called Gandalf the Grey, and he's the second strongest of the bunch. The strongest has rebelled, and you're here to tip the balance back to neutral. Now, any questions?"

Naruto sat in a meditative pose, absorbing Kyuubi's intel, and looked up, eyes slightly shaded. "This world is full of natural energy. This Gandalf is gonna be my guide, isn't he?"

There was a low rumbling noise. "Yes."

"Well, there's only one thing left to do then, isn't there?" And with that quip, Naruto woke up, and stared straight into the eyes of a surprised, old looking wizard.

[End Chapter]

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