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Warnings: Gay pairings, boy love, and a lot of swearing. Also, I still don't have a beta. There are probably mistakes.

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Pairings: Kurt/Karofsky and almost all the canon pairings, plus Blaine/OC

Summary: A masquerade ball for Valentine's day could lead to an unexpected relationship or just more pain for Kurt and Dave.


A masquerade ball, of all things. In their little town. It was a charity ball to raise money for any local charity of the partygoer's choice, chosen when they bought their tickets, for Valentine's day. Of course, it was taking place the Friday after Valentine's day. It was supposed to be the Friday before Valentine's but a busted water main forced the planning committee to have to move it back. The entire Glee club, some of the boys from Dalton –Kurt and Blaine included –, and almost all the students at McKinley were going. Adults from town as well. Some had dates; others were hoping the Valentine's day magic would help them meet someone at the ball. Kurt had originally thought to ask Blaine but the other boy had gotten a date from a Warbler who had apparently been just as heartbroken about Blaine singing to Jeremiah as Kurt. And apparently, more suited for Blaine than Kurt. He was, of course, devastated but he pulled on a fake smile and said he hoped to see them there. However, he cried that night from a broken heart and decided he would still go, but only to spend time with his family, New Directions included in that.

Every girl in Glee club came to his house to get ready. In the new house, he had chosen the basement again and it was completely equipped for such an occasion. The day before had been the biggest shopping trip of his life, helping each girl coordinate the mask they chose with the perfect dress then shoes, hair style, makeup, and jewelry. And now he had to set about transferring the mental picture of perfection onto each girl. Not an easy task. But eventually, they were ready. Only Mercedes was meeting her date –Anthony the hunky footballer from school Kurt had recommended – at the ball. The others had boys waiting upstairs so he walked to the basement door when everyone was ready and cleared his throat to get their attention. Every boy was wearing a tux, tie or bowtie, and mask that matched their date's dress at his insistence.

"If I can have your attention, please." They all smiled at his fake British accent and the proper way he stood there in gray sweats covered with little dustings of makeup and the marks from wiping hair gel off his fingers. "Introducing Ms. Quinn Febray for Mr. Sam Evans." Sam stood up and gaped at Quinn as she stuck a white-gloved hand through the door to take Kurt's and he guided her into view. She was completely pink and white, her dress a glittery long pink thing that trailed behind her and clung in all the right placed. Her mask was simple with white sparkles and sequins adoring its pink base and pink ribbons holding it on her face. Her hair was curled to frame her face and her neck was adorned with a white jeweled chocker with beautiful white dangles. She was an angel. Sam wore a white tux with a pink tie and a white mask and looked absolutely enamored by his date.

"Quinn," he breathed as Kurt passed her hand to him. "You look amazing."

She smiled and kissed him then leaned over to Kurt and whispered an excited, "Thank you." He nodded, fixed her smeared lipstick with his thumb, and gestured them away.

"Ms. Santana Lopez for Noah Puckerman," he announced with a smile. Santana took his hand and strode out confidentially. Puck smiled and stood up. He walked to her and eyed her appreciatively, his mask in his hand to reveal his lecherous gaze. She was all red, with silver accents on her mask. Her dress was a sparkling red evening gown with a slit to her hip and she had red fishnets tights and gloves on. The dress was a halter so she had forgone a necklace but she had silver bangles on her wrists. Her shoes where red boots. They had gone a bit over board but she looked stunning. Her hair was just down and brushed, perfect the way it was. Puck was wearing a black tux with a red tie and a red mask for her. He took her hand, spun her around, and led her out of the way. She winked at Kurt to show her gratitude. "Ms. Tina for the completely unworthy Mr. Mike."

The aforementioned girl laughed before leaving the stairwell. Tina was wearing purple and black, predictably. Her dress was short with a puffy purple skirt and a black corset style top. Her gloves were long and black and her shoes were plain black heels. Her mask was black with purple sequin trim and purple gems. She had on purple lipstick and her hair was up. She looked wonderful in her dark simplicity. Mike stood up and took her hand with a smile. His tux was purple and his tie was black. "Thanks, Kurt," they both said.

He gestured them away and extended his hand for Brittany's. "Ms. Brittany for Artie." Brittany was in orange, her dress long in the back but short in the front with no gloves and orange heels. The dress was adorned with white, blue, and pink butterflies and her mask was white and butterfly shaped with orange sequins trim. She was adorable. Artie welcome her onto his lap in his white tux with an orange tie and orange glasses to go over his white clothe mask. He high-fived Kurt and rolled them away. "Mercedes Jones for whoever's worthy."

Mercedes laughed and came upstairs in a long blue and silver gown with a matching mask with silver and black feathers and a single black gem on the forehead. She was the most extravagant at Kurt's insistence and she looked amazing, even though she was the only one who refused to wear heels. Kurt hugged her and Burt led her out of the way.

"And last but not least, Ms. Rachel Berry for the very lucky Finn Hudson-Hummel," Kurt said proudly, reaching his hand into the stairwell for Rachel's. Carole chuckled at his use of the conjoined last names.

"Hummel-Hudson," Finn insisted before he was struck speechless by his just-a-friend-date coming into view. Her hair had been delicately curled to frame her face and her mask was a black material with no décor other than the glitter in the fabric, unlike everyone else's. Her dress was gray with black lace along the top and bottom. The dress itself was short, only just stopping before her knees, with long, off the shoulder sleeves and she wore black heels that made her already mile long legs seem even longer. She wore a black chocker with a single dangle in the middle with a gray heart and black heart shaped stud earrings. "You look amazing," he finally breathed.

"Thank you. Kurt said that, in my case, simple was better. I guess he was right," Rachel said, shrugging with a big smile on her face. Finn nodded and took her hand to lead her to the couch, still staring at her dumbly.

"I'll be ready in ten," Kurt said before rushing downstairs, the door practically slamming behind him. He returned eleven minutes later in a black suit with black shoes, a light gray silk shirt, and a dark gray, sparkling tie. His mask was black and gray with white sequin trim and plenty of glitter. "All set."

"You look good," Burt complimented on the way out of the house. Kurt just shrugged and thanked him. He just wished he wasn't going dateless. Even Finn and Rachel had put aside their problems for the night, though only so Finn could escort her to ease her dads' minds. He was so tired of being single.


It was safe tonight, he supposed. Who was going to know it was him behind his black Zorro style mask? He could flirt with whatever gender he wanted without persecution. And he already knew who he wanted to flirt with. The small boy had entered with a large group at the very back, wearing a formal outfit of black and gray. He looked kind of sad but his eyes were the most beautiful shade of blue-green he had seen since Hummel left McKinley. His legs were long, his ass was cute, and he was lean and sexy. Just Dave's type, he supposed. He watched the smaller male mingle for a long time before he decided to make a move. He used his fake I.D. to purchase two glasses of champagne and walked over. "Hello," he greeted softly.

Blue-Green turned, looked him over twice, then smiled and replied, "Hello," in a sexy little purr. His voice was high but he tried to make it husky and alluring. Dave grinned and held the glass out. Blue-Green took it after a few seconds and said, "Thank you," in the same attempt at a sensual voice.

"My pleasure. Answer me something? Is your name as beautiful as you?" Blue-Green flushed in the most delicious way and shrugged. "I bet it is. What is it?"

"Alex," Blue-Green (Pardon, Alex) replied. "And yours?"

"David," he informed him. "Alex. Great name. Very beautiful. Well, Alex, are you interested in a dance? I'm not very good but for you, I think I'll risk possible embarrassment." Alex's blush deepened in color and he nodded. He took a drink of his champagne and then handed it to a waiter, following Dave's example, and took his hand. Dave walked him out onto the dance floor and Alex positioned his hands carefully. A new song began and they began to move.


Kurt couldn't believe his luck. A handsome –from what he could tell– and muscular man had asked him to dance. David. Oh. What a wonderful name, even if it wasn't real. Kurt had decided to wait until after the masks came off to give his real name, just in case. Alex was his father's middle name and it was pretty ambiguous, just in case David thought he was a girl. Santana said he looked like a girl in a suit and a few girls around were wearing suits. And this man…He had to be an athlete. And Kurt loved athletes. The fact that the only athletic thing Blaine did was dancing was almost a deal breaker, actually. Almost. David was built. He had muscles and a large stature. He wasn't tall and bulgy like Puck or lean and surprisingly toned like Sam. He was big, broad, and, once Kurt had actually touched, he realized he was all muscle. He was wearing a regular black-brown suit, hand-me-down and cheap but beyond sexy on him and his brown hair was short. His eyes were brown too, emphasized by his brown shirt and tie, and he was kind of tanned. His hands had some calluses and his smile was soft. He seemed like a football player. The tackler or whatever, maybe? It didn't matter. He was gorgeous and he was Kurt's, at least for one dance.

"What school do you go to?" Dave asked, leading him slowly across the dance floor. He wasn't a perfect dancer but he was better than anyone Kurt had ever waltzed with before. Of course, the only people he had waltzed with before were the girls from the Glee club, Carole, Finn, and his dad but David was still better.

"Dalton," Kurt replied. "I'm a junior."

"Hmm. Dalton. I think I've heard of that," David admitted thoughtfully. "Private school, right?" Kurt nodded. "Cool." He spun Kurt around and Kurt laughed. David grinned. He had an amazing grin.

"Yeah. It's rough though," Kurt admitted. He brushed a white feather from someone's mask or boa off David's shoulder and David smiled down at him.

"It must be. I almost went to a private school but it seemed like it'd be too much pressure to fit in," David told him. "Not to mention no hockey. That's when my dad said no too." Kurt laughed and nodded.

"There is so much pressure. Sometimes I find myself thinking of everyone as 'the pod people' instead of my peers. They kind of look down on you if you weren't born into money. My dad had to use all his savings to get me in and I have to keep my grades in the As or risk expulsion. And the uniforms! I miss wearing whatever I want. I mentioned a time I wore a skirt to school to someone at Dalton and they actually stopped talking to me!" Kurt told him, looking appalled. David smiled softly. Kurt blushed. "Sorry. I'm very sensitive about fashion."

"It's fine. You're passionate about it," David said with a shrug. "I know nothing about fashion, honestly. But if someone said something about hockey, I'd be very unhappy too." Kurt beamed and nodded his understanding. "So what does your dad do?"

"He owns a garage. Yours?" Kurt asked politely.

"He works for the prison. He's a guard," David answered. Kurt noticed his tone changed slightly. It seemed like a sensitive subject. Kurt wondered if being a prison guard affected his feelings on gays and if so, how was he was with his son.

"That must be tough. His work hours must be long. Do you get to spend a lot of time with him?" he asked in an attempt to divert the conversation away from the sensitive subject but still talk fathers.

"Yeah, actually. He works weekdays but we eat dinner every night and spend a lot of time on the weekends together. He's actually a cool guy. Really religious but cool. A lot of our time together on the weekends is spent in church," David told him. "Are you religious?"

"Not really. I believe in family, not God. Does that bother you?" Kurt asked worriedly.

"Nope. That's an excellent thing to believe in," David replied with a smile. "Sometimes it's hard to believe in God." Oh my Gucci. He's perfect! Even Blaine totally wasn't okay with my religious views. I'm in heaven. And he can dance. David spoke again, interrupting Kurt's mental celebration. "So what about your mom? What does she do?"

"Well, before she died, my mom was a house wife. My step-mom works at a grocery store though," Kurt replied, attempting to be cheerful despite the sore subject.

"Oh. I'm sorry about your mom," David said softly. Kurt just shrugged and offered a small smile. "But you have a step-mom. That's good, right? You get along with her?"

"Most days. We haven't had a real fight yet. Mostly little power tiffs. I'm used to kind of running the house, doing the cooking and cleaning and balancing my dad's checkbook, and she's made several attempts to take over. That and I'm used to having all of my dad's attention so giving some up for her has made a few temper tantrums rise in my throat, I guess. But she learned the danger signs fairly quickly and she realized I needed more time with him that I was getting. We worked that out after two weeks but there are still times when I need my dad and I can't have him 'cause she's with him. It's a process," Kurt replied. He blushed at how much he had just said. David smiled and released him to clap for the band. Kurt copied him.

"Punch?" David asked, slipping an arm casually around Kurt's waist to lead him to the refreshment table. Kurt's heart sped up and he nodded happily, leaning into the taller male. "You're a great dancer, Alex. I feel like I have two left feet."

"No, no. You're great. Better than any of my previous dance partners," Kurt complimented quickly. He really hoped David liked him because he really liked David. He felt like the first time Finn stood up for him, full of butterflies and longing and excitement. His stomach felt like it was soaring and his heart had decided to beat its way from his chest. He was right back to that first crush.

"Ha. Guess those old ladies at the church aren't bad teachers then," David joked lightly. Kurt giggled, actually giggled, and adjusted his mask. The knot was getting loose. "Do you want me to retie that for you?"

"Yes, please," Kurt said gratefully. They stood in front of the refreshment table and David untied and retied the mask's string to Kurt's specifications. Blaine brought his date over and grinned at Kurt.

"How you doing, Alex?" he asked. It was Blaine's idea to use an alias, just in case potential dance partners turned out to be creeps or something. He told Kurt to use his cousin Steve's name but Kurt chose Alex.

"Very good, Blaine," Kurt replied calmly. He turned to David and beamed. "Thank you very much. This is my friend, Blaine, and his date, Aaron."

"David," the hockey player said with a smile, reaching out a hand for Blaine's then Aaron's. Aaron automatically noticed his stature and asked him his age and if he played sports. "I'm seventeen and I play hockey, baseball, and football."

"Wow," Kurt, Aaron, and Blaine all said, though Kurt's was rather breathy and dreamy.

Aaron started talking baseball and Blaine took Kurt's wrist to get his attention. "Falling so quickly, are we?" Kurt's completely mature rebuttal was sticking his tongue out and David chuckled. Kurt's cheeks colored slightly but David mouthed, "Adorable," at him and he beamed. "Does he know you're a guy?" Blaine whispered.

"I think so, yeah. I can't really tell. He's handsome, isn't he? His suit brings out his eyes. I love an athlete. Can't help it. Something about the muscles. And he has lots," Kurt said, grinning at Blaine excitedly. Blaine chuckled and shook his head. Aaron grabbed his hand as a jazz song came on and he was barely able to wave before he was being pulled away.

"Lots of muscles, huh?" David teased playfully, having apparently over heard despite Kurt whispering. Kurt blushed and nodded. David handed him a little cup of punch and said, "You're adorable, Alex. Especially when you blush."

"Don't tease me," Kurt whined, sticking his bottom lip out in a little pout. David laughed again and Kurt sipped his punch, still pouting.

David leaned in and whispered, "You're not just adorable though, Alex," into Kurt's ear. Kurt shivered. "You're also very hot. You have a really nice ass." Kurt's eyes went wide and he gawked at the larger male when he pulled away. David just grinned wickedly. "Wanna dance?"

"Okay," Kurt squeaked. He set his empty cup on the table and David led him onto the dance floor after doing the same.


He really was adorable. Alex, that is. But Dave was having trouble keeping up with his dancing, especially on the upbeat jazz songs. A few times he made Alex laugh and even when he felt like a fool, Alex didn't judge or joke, just laughed and helped him out. It was great. As the song slowed down, he spun the smaller boy around and pulled him close from behind. Alex laughed and put his hands over his. Alex applauded while Dave held him. He was a magnificent fit in his arms.

A few more songs and they were both getting tired. Dave saw Blaine whispering to a large, black girl in silver and blue about them, by the way he was pointing and looked guilty after Dave spotted him but he just smiled. Nothing could kill his buzz. He was so happy, just dancing with Alex. Something about the smaller male felt safe and wonderful. His laughter brought butterflies to his stomach. Alex turned in his arms; blue-green eyes alight with joy and said, "Let's get more punch."

"How about champagne?" Dave suggested, leading him off the dance floor.

"No, no, no," Alex said, shaking his head. "If my dad sees me take one sip of that stuff, he'll ground me for a month. And he keeps checking on us." He looked around as if searching for his father and nodded at an older man with a older woman on his arm, insistently pulling and apparently scolding him. He waved his hand in a gesture that clearly meant go away but the older man just narrowed his eyes at Dave and shook his head.

"Ah. So that's who that is that keeps glaring at me," he joked. Alex laughed nervously and nodded. "Cool. Let's go talk to him." Alex grabbed his arm and shook his head with large, fearful eyes, and Dave laughed. "I'm kidding. Relax. I'm so not ready to meet your dad. He looks scary."

"Aw, a big bad hockey player is scared of my daddy." Alex laughed. "He would love that." Dave laughed as well and shrugged. He wasn't stupid. Whether or not a dad liked you could be a big deal breaker. It was scary. He really liked Alex and he had only spent twenty or so minutes with him so far. "C'mon. Let's get some punch and find somewhere to sit down. My feet kind of hurt. I suppose that's what I get for wearing brand new shoes to dance."

"Is it bad?" Dave asked sympathetically. He wrapped an arm around Alex and led him to the refreshment table. He picked up two glasses of punch and they searched for two seats together. When they couldn't find one, Alex dragged him to a two-person table where one of the seats had been stolen, set their cups down, and pushed him onto the lone chair. Then he slipped gracefully onto Dave's lap and wrapped his arms around his neck. Dave felt himself starting to blush and his eyes widening.

"You don't mind, do you?" Alex asked playfully. He leaned forward and nuzzled his nose against Dave's. "I've always wanted to try this."

"Not much dating experience?" Dave asked to distract himself from the cute little bottom on top of his crotch. He wrapped his arms loosely around Alex's waist and Alex smiled.

"Not many people to date," Alex answered with a shrug. "Everyone I've ever been interested in was unavailable. Or, ya know, straight. Completely interested in boobs and a pussy. I have neither." He looked nervous but Dave was relieved. He had begun worrying he was hitting on an underdeveloped woman. He really didn't want to fake interest in a girl because he mistook her for a dude.

"Thank God. I was a little worried you were a chick. I mean, only for a few seconds but still. I'm not interested in either boobs or pussy so don't worry. I like dick and flat chests. And nice long legs with hair on them." He stroked a hand across one of Alex's thighs and he beamed while simultaneously shivering pleasantly. "And I'm totally a dude, in case you were worried at all."

Alex laughed. "I wasn't but thank you for the reassurance. So, there actually is another out gay kid in Lima, huh?"

"I'm not completely out. A few close family members know -and one kid I had a thing for - but that's it. My dad is a big homophobe and I'm not ready to tell him. And I can't come out at school or else he might find out and that would be worse than just coming out and saying it at church. He's seen some nasty things in prison so he's not really comfortable with it. But I'll tell him one day, I guess. I just wanna be prepared first. To be able to make sure he knows it's not some disgusting life choice," Dave said with a shrug.


"Hmm. Yeah, it can be tough. My dad's not really religious and he's never outwardly had a problem with gays but I was still terrified to tell him I was gay. But who knows, your dad could surprise you," Kurt told him soothingly. He messaged the hair that the base of David's skull and the hockey player smiled. "It might be easier if you got the support of the family members who know and your priest."

"Yeah. My priest knows. Told him in confession. Lying is a big sin. Did you know that?" Kurt laughed and nodded. "We had a whole conversation about his personal views. I was in there for a while. But when we emerged laughing, my dad looked a little less peeved and worried. Dad thought I had been very, very bad. But my Father did say I would have the support of the church and a place to stay if my dad reacted badly, so that's a plus, huh?"

"It is, it is," Kurt replied. He couldn't get the smile off his face and the desire to kiss the one on David's face was getting worse and worse. He wanted to so badly. More than he had ever wanted to kiss Finn or Blaine. But was it too soon? "You might get more help online, if you find the right chat room."

"Yeah, yeah. Um, I've been given a lot of helpful hints, actually, but I can't seem to find the right time. It always seems like the wrong time, even when it really wouldn't be. It's hard. But I'll figure it out." Kurt nodded and David adjusted him on his lap so he wasn't in danger of slipping off. And if he was a little bit closer, neither of them mentioned it. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure," Kurt said eagerly.

"Can I kiss you?" David surprised him by asking.

"Dear Gucci, yes," Kurt sighed out. David smiled, cupped his cheek, and leaned in to capture his lips. Kurt's heart and stomach actually began to happy dance while his mind melted into a puddle of goo and he melted into the sensations. Slightly chapped, warm lips moving against his in slow, sensual movements. He opened his mouth slightly and David took his bottom lip between his teeth. Kurt moaned softly. Then David's tongue poked through to meet his and he went to heaven. The only complaint he had was a complete lack of passion. David was exploring, testing. It was sweet and pleasant but Kurt missed the desperation and passion of his first kiss with Karofsky. He lurched back when he realized what he had just thought.

"What's wrong?" David asked worriedly.

"Nothing," Kurt blurted nervously. "I just…I have no practice. I needed air."

"Oh. Okay." It was clear David didn't believe him but he didn't press the issue. Kurt felt horrible. Here he was in this amazing guy's lap and all he could think about was, "Why can't he kiss me like Karofsky did?" And he didn't even like Karofsky. "You sure you're okay?"

"Yeah. I'm sorry. I'm nervous. It's hot in here," Kurt said nervously. "Do you want to go into the courtyard?" David nodded and he slipped off his lap to stand up. Dave wrapped an arm around him and led the way out into the courtyard of the hotel.


"Where'd Kurt go?" Finn asked Mercedes at the refreshment table. She pointed to the double doors leading from the grand ballroom to the courtyard and he frowned. "Wasn't he having fun?"

Brittany and Santana laughed. "Lots of fun," they said in unison.

"Lady face took a hunky hockey player outside with him," Santana explained. "All that muscle, I'm surprise Kurt didn't jump him the minute he saw him. But they were making out for a few minutes."

"What?" Finn asked, looking horrified. "Making out? Did he know this hockey player?"

"Nope," Santana said, giggling. Puck snickered.

"I'm getting Burt," Finn said hurriedly. Mercedes and Puck grabbed his arms and shook their heads.

"Oh, no, you're not. Kurt can handle himself. If he needs help, he'll put those pipes of his to good use and scream for it," Mercedes said firmly. "Or he'll text me. You ruin this for him, Finn Hudson, and I will kill you." Finn looked at her blankly for a few minutes then at Puck, who just gave him a "You're on your own" look then finally nodded his understanding and hurried back to Rachel fearfully. Mercedes and Puck high fived.


Kurt had managed to soothe himself by thinking about how it wasn't a kiss from Karofsky he wanted but a kiss with the same passion he had gotten from Karofsky. He apologized to David –sweet, handsome, probably-never-pushed-anyone-into-a-locker-in-his-life David – and now they were laughing and joking and walking around the courtyard garden happily. The music poured from the open windows and they found themselves dancing next to the fountain, lit by flameless candles floating in the water and flowing beautifully. David held him close and kissed his forehead while he sang along to the music for Kurt, crooning in soft Italian and smiling into his hair.

After Kurt picked up on the chorus, he joined in the singing from his partner and David grinned. "Beautiful," he complimented sweetly. "You have a beautiful voice. Everything about you is beautiful. The question is; am I worthy?"

"So very worthy," Kurt sighed dreamily. "You have a great singing voice too, David. You speak Italian?" David swayed with him from side to side and he closed his eyes to just feel everything.

"My mom's dad is Italian. He tries to teach me every time he has me alone. I know pronunciation and a few words. I could ask how many pizza bites you wanted." Kurt laughed and David grinned against his forehead. "Almost midnight. Will I get to see under your mask?"

You may get to see under my everything, Kurt thought before mentally berating himself for the perverted thoughts.

"Alex," David suddenly said in a mock scolding tone. "I didn't know you were a little pervert."

"Oh, my God. Did I say that out loud?" David nodded and Kurt looked mortified. David just laughed and twirled him around. He dipped him and kissed his lips teasingly before straightening up.

"I am not complaining. I would love to see under your everything. But let's start with the mask. A courtyard isn't the best place for stripping," he said playfully. Kurt smiled and nodded. "Good, good. I can't wait to see your face."

"I hope you like my face," Kurt said jokingly. What if he didn't? What if he decided Kurt was ugly or plain or disgusting? What if he hated the way Kurt looked and decided not to pursue any sort of relationship with him? What if he decided not to pursue a relationship anyway?

David smiled and turned them again. "I think I will. I think you're as beautiful under that mask as the rest of you."

"You're just a big sweet talker, aren't you?" Kurt asked, blushing. A shiver went through his thin frame and this time it wasn't caused by David. "It's cold. Should we head inside?"

"Hmm. How about you take my jacket instead?" David suggested, releasing Kurt and stepping back to remove his suit jacket. Kurt blushed, giggled, and nodded eagerly.


Dave couldn't get over how cute Alex was. And now there he was, snuggling into the oversized jacket and looking absolutely giddy. It was huge on him but he seemed to like it. it made him wonder how he would like to snuggle into his letterman jacket on a date or his jersey at night. He always heard the guys talking about their girls asking to take home their jersey –newly cleaned, of course – and wear it to bed before their game. For luck. Or their girls asking to wear their jackets before a game. Or just for kicks. He had always envied those guys. They could have whoever they wanted but he wasn't interested in girls so he couldn't.

But maybe Alex – "Maybe I could wear your letterman jacket sometime," the little mind reader suggested eagerly, interrupting his thoughts. "I love your cologne."

"Thanks," Dave said with a soft smile. "I was just thinking about that. Guys on the team have their girls wear their letters or jerseys."

"Maybe not the jersey, at least not outside of my house. But I would love to wear it to bed, if you'd let me. Or on a few dates. Before a few games, even. It might be a bit of a fashion faux pas," Alex said with a shrug. He brought the collar of Dave's jacket to his nose and inhaled with a pleased sigh. "You have a very masculine scent, David. I love it." Dave sat on the edge of the fountain with a smile and held out his arms for Alex. Alex settled against his side eagerly. The music inside stopped and they heard the gong that signaled midnight. They shared one last kiss and reached out to remove their masks.

As Alex easily untied his mask, Dave struggled with the double knot on his. He looked up as he worked through the first knot and gaped at who he found staring back at him. "Mask trouble?" Kurt Hummel asked sweetly. "Let me help."

Dave jumped up and away, out of Kurt's only too helpful reach, shaking his head wildly. "No!" Kurt jumped and frowned at the yell, his bottom lip coming out a little bit. Dave would have found that adorable if he wasn't having such a panic attack. "I mean, no. No. Um, you're Kurt Hummel."

"Yeah," Kurt replied with a smile. "I'm sorry I lied. I wanted to make sure we could last until midnight first. C'mon. Take your mask off, David." He reached out to help again and Dave grabbed his wrists to stop him.

"Just…Just wait a second. God," he let out in a heartbroken sob. He rested his forehead against Kurt's and sighed. "You're going to be so angry. You're going to hate me, even more than you already do. I don't want that. I like you so much, Kurt. More than you could ever imagine." He couldn't believe it but he was actually crying. He hadn't cried since the day he actually kissed Kurt and even that was a few little tears. "I'm sorry for tonight. I'm sorry if you got your hopes up. You deserve so much happiness. I'm so sorry."

Kurt stared at him, worrying his bottom lip and looking nervous and frightened. Dave let go of his hands, took several steps away until he was out of reach, and then pulled his mask off. Kurt's eyes practically bulged out of his head. "Karofsky?" he asked, looking horrified. Dave nodded. "No. No, no, no!" He put his head in his hands and Dave looked down shamefully. Suddenly, Kurt was standing and practically ripping the jacket off his body. He threw it down and glared at Dave in disgust and anger. "Did you plan this?" he hissed.

"No," Dave answered dully. Of course he would think that. Of course he would look at him like that. Why couldn't he just try to like him? Dave liked Kurt. Dave practically loved Kurt. He couldn't believe he hadn't recognized him.

"You expect me to believe you didn't know it was me?" Kurt asked, folding his arms and glaring at the larger male. "You're disgusting, David. I don't know what game you're playing and I honestly don't care. But you stay the hell away from me. Do you understand me? Stay the hell away."

Dave nodded and quickly made his escape, not even caring about his jacket. He darted through the ball and down the road to the parking lot. Once there he got into his truck and drove away as fast as possible. He cried silently on the way home and quickly wiped his eyes before going into his house.

"Davie boy!" his dad yelled from the living room. He sighed and went in. His mother, sister, and one of his brothers were all sitting there, watchingsome movie he didn't even care to recognize. "Did you find me a future daughter-in-law tonight?" he asked jokingly.

Dave stared blankly at him for a few seconds then took the hands from his pockets and shook his head. "No and I never will." Before his father could protest, he continued. "Because I'm a fag, Dad. I'm never going to find you a daughter-in-law or whatever. No girlfriends, no wife, no nothing. I'm gay and I'll probably never get married, but if I do, I'll be marrying a dude."

Then he turned and walked back out of his house, leaving his family to stare in shock after him.


"There you are, boy!" Mercedes greeted, giggling, as she entered the courtyard. Kurt was where he had been since Karofsky was out of view, sitting on the fountain with the brown-black jacket in his lap and his eyes just glued to it. "That your dance partner's?" She sat beside him and he nodded. "What's the hunk's name?"

He sighed and turned to rest his head on her shoulder. "Dave Karofsky. Technically David Karofsky but still, Karofsky. My life sucks, Sadie. I meet the perfect guy and he turns out to be the school bully who's still in the closet and made my life a living hell. Awesome."

"Aw," Mercedes said sadly. She put her arms around his shoulders and he rested his head on her shoulder for a few minutes. "Well, toss that thing in the trash and let's get home. We'll have ice cream and Judy Garland." He nodded and stood up. He started to throw the old, hand-me-down jacket into the garbage can a few feet away but something stopped him. He brought the collar to his nose and breathed in. The earthy scent of Dave Karofsky flooded his nose and he closed his eyes to enjoy it. A smiled crossed his face. It couldn't be helped. Then he folded it and draped it over his arm. "Kurt?" Mercedes questioned worriedly.

"I can't. I don't…I don't want to, Sadie," Kurt said thoughtfully. "Mercedes?"

"Yeah?" she asked hesitantly.

"I think I might like Karofsky." There was a long, pregnant pause before he quipped bitterly, "Okay. Put me in the straitjacket and ship me to the asylum. I'm ready."