Mercedes wouldn't speak to Kurt the entire way home from the ball and everyone in his SUV kept looking at both of them worriedly. Kurt looked torn between laughing, crying, and banging his head against the steering wheel and Mercedes, for lack of better words, looked pissed. The moment Kurt pulled his baby into the driveway of the Hummel-Hudson home, Mercedes practically jumped out and he sighed before following her example.

"You're nuts," she immediately said. The people getting out of Santana and Burt's car looked at them curiously. Kurt sighed and assumed bitch pose number 2; one hand on his hip, his weight on that side, and his eyes ready to be rolled. "Don't give me a bitch pose! You. Are. In. Sane! And take that stupid jacket off!"

"No," he replied simply, his lips quirking up on one side and his eyebrow rising. Karofsky's suit jacket had been slipped on over his own and he had no intention of taking off except to get ready for bed. Then he planned to slip it on over his t-shirt and sweatpants. "I like it. And I'm not insane, Mercedes."

"You're so coo coo you should be coming out of a clock!" Mercedes yelled, throwing her hands up in exasperation. Kurt had to force himself not to start.

"That's enough," Carole cut in. "It's late. You'll wake the neighbors. Now, why don't we all go inside and you two can resume yelling in the nice, sound proof basement." Mercedes and Kurt both crossed their arms and tried to stare the other down as they said, "Fine," and she sighed before grabbing both their elbows and pulling them into the house.

Everyone who wasn't spending the night at the Hummel-Hudson home (Santana, Brittney, Artie, and Mike) left and Rachel led the remaining girls downstairs to change while Mercedes and Kurt sat in the living room and glared at each other for several long, silent moments.

"I'll tell your dad," Mercedes threatened. "He'll put a stop to this."

"Do it. You'll get to meet my rebellious side because I'm going to see him and no one can stop me," Kurt returned with calmly sarcastic smile. Sam and Puck exchanged looks before dragging Finn upstairs for clothes that didn't involve ties. Rachel, Tina, and Quinn came upstairs in their pajamas and went into the kitchen for something to drink. Burt sat down to watch the exchange. Carole slid onto the arm of his chair and he put an arm around her waist. "Why is this such a problem for you?"

"Because you're my boy and you deserve better." She still had her arms crossed and she looked angry. Kurt, however had his hands in his lap and looked more amused than anything.

"I want him," Kurt insisted. "And for once, I can actually have someone I want. I think that warrants a little support." The other girls sat on the other side of the coffee table with their backs to the TV and the boys came down again to sit on the stairs and watch.

"If you dated that bastard, you would end up in an abusive relationship. Is that what you want?" Mercedes persisted. Kurt rolled his eyes and crossed his legs. He fixed his hair then looked at her and narrowed his eyes, all traces of amusement gone.

"You don't know that. You don't know him," Kurt informed her angrily.

"Neither do you! You knew him for, like, two hours!" Mercedes countered firmly. Kurt sighed and gripped his knee. "You cannot date him, Kurt. It's a disaster waiting to happen. He will hurt you. And it won't just be emotionally." Rachel raised her hand tentatively into the air and both Mercedes and Kurt arched their eyebrows at her. "What, Rachel?"

"Um, are we talking about Kurt's dance partner for the evening? The hunky hockey head?" she asked fearfully. Mercedes narrowed her eyes even more and looked at Kurt instead of Rachel.

"Dave Karofsky, you mean?" Mercedes corrected spitefully.

"Sadie," Kurt hissed angrily. "That is no one's business." Mercedes rolled her eyes and shook her head at him. Rachel and the rest of the room gawked. "What?" Everyone continued to stare at him. "Yes, I made out with Karofsky. Problem?"

"Hell yes!" Burt spoke up. He stood up and folded his arms sternly. "No way in hell you date that thug."

"Daddy," Kurt started, only to have his father make a slashing motion through the air to silence him. "That's not fair!" Burt shook his head and headed for the kitchen. Doctors be damned, he needed a beer. Kurt hurried to follow him. "No alcohol with you meds," he reminded him. "I'll make you tea."

"Put vodka in it," Burt ordered. Kurt sighed then nodded, too upset by his father's absolute rejection of the idea of him dating Dave to argue. Once his father had his slightly spiked tea and Kurt was sitting across from at the table, Kurt put his hand over his father's and waited for him to meet his eyes. "No, Kurt."

"But Daddy, I think he's really changed," Kurt told him pleadingly. "What if I don't go right into dating him? What if I get to know him first?" Burt stared into his cup instead of answering and Kurt sighed. He stood up and kissed the top of his father's head. "Think about it, please. But don't get too stressed out."

Burt nodded and Kurt headed downstairs. Mercedes came down after a few minutes and they both changed. He pulled on one of his father's old t-shirts –or maybe it was one of Finn's, he couldn't be sure – then Dave's jacket and lied on his bed. She lied down beside him and he withheld his hand when she reached for it. "It'd be suicide," she told him. "And a monster like that could never love you like you deserve."

"I get that you're worried about me but I wouldn't let myself feel this way if I wasn't certain. You can trust my judgment," he told her. She frowned but nodded and he let her take his hand. She put her head on his shoulder. "Doesn't his cologne smell nice?" She couldn't help but chuckle at him, even if her worries still refused to abate.


Dave slid his house key into the lock and smiled slightly when it actually unlocked. The locks hadn't been changed on him, that was a good sign. He looked around to make sure no one was home besides the dog (Who he was going to miss like crazy. It was his dog, after all.) before going to his room and getting his hockey duffle from his closet. He packed up his clothes, laptop, phone charger, and everything he couldn't leave behind then grabbed his school backpack and carried everything to his truck. The dog, Wilde, ran to try and follow him but he gave him a little push back into the house and patted his head in farewell. He locked the front door behind him and put his key in the mailbox. Then he left. He couldn't think of anything else to do and he didn't want to talk to his folks anyway. He took his hockey duffle back to his hotel room, showered, and went to sleep. He had nothing better to do. He was just waiting for school the next day at that point.

The entire day Monday, he noticed the Glee clubbers either watching him too much or refusing to look at him. Santana gave him a few lustful looks and Brittany stared at his pants a lot. He refused to address why. Kurt had probably told them everything. They were probably planning something evil. Though Brittany and Santana probably wanted to watch him and another dude make out, from what he knew about those two. Azimo clapped him on the back and asked him where he had been over the weekend in their last class before lunch. His parents had called looking for him, apparently, and the football player had tried calling a few times.

"I needed to get out of the house for a bit. Clear my head. I crashed at a hotel," he explained dismissively. "My phone was off."

Azimo nodded but looked at him suspiciously. "Want me to buy your lunch?" Dave shook his head. He wasn't hungry. "You know, you could've crashed at mine."

"No thanks. We both know I'd end up in your room with you, and you, dude, snore like a drunken sailor," Dave said with a snort. Azimo shoved his head forward in mock anger and grinned before heading to the cafeteria for lunch. Dave headed for the library. He wanted to read. It always helped him relax.

He was sitting in the library with Angels & Demons by Dan Brown, something he had read over and over again, when Kurt Hummel of all people sat on the couch beside his chair and crossed his legs elegantly. He leaned back with his hands grasping his knee and smiled at Dave. "Um, hello," Dave said, though as more of a question than an actual greeting.

"Hello," Kurt replied calmly. "I love that book. Have you read it before?" He was wearing a school uniform, the same kind that the pretty boy who had nearly outed him in the quad was wearing. Dalton, wasn't it? He was pretty sure that was where Finn said Kurt had gone.

"Uh, yeah. About five times. Why?" Dave asked suspiciously. He looked around for one of the Glee club kids. Maybe Kurt was meeting one of them for lunch or something?

"It's a good book. And if you're reading it again then that means you like it, doesn't it?" Kurt was still smiling, still acting calm and relaxed. Dave couldn't help but wonder what was about to happen to him. He didn't want Kurt to pull something on him, even though he might deserve. Kurt stood up, set his designer bag in his spot, and slid onto the arm of Dave's chair. He sat on it like someone riding a horse sidesaddle and leaned back with his arm across the back of the chair. He even rested his head on Dave's. Dave couldn't help but go tense and try to get away as subtly as possible. He didn't trust Kurt already and he was acting really weird. He couldn't help but fear his intentions. "That's one thing we have in common. Did you read The Da Vinci Code? I haven't been able to find a copy yet but I liked the movie."

"I have a copy at home. A copy of the other two as well. The movie was pretty cool for Angels & Demons too, like The Da Vinci Code." No harm yet but he continued to look around the library suspiciously. Kurt put the hand not on the back of the chair on Dave's shoulder and squeezed gently with another sweet smile. Dave jumped up and grabbed his backpack and letterman jacket. "Knock it off, Hummel. I don't know what you're up to, and whatever it is I probably deserve it, but don't use my fucking feelings for you for payback." He shoved the book back into its place on its shelf and darted out of the library.

Kurt just stared after him. He hadn't meant to seem spiteful. He wasn't being spiteful, either. He had just decided to find Dave and invite him to lunch, just to talk and get to know him a little bit. All he knew was what he had from the ball. The sports he played –hockey was his favorite –, his favorite color –greenish-blue which, now that Kurt knew it was Karofsky, he had a sneaking suspicion was because of his eyes –, and how many siblings he had along with one childhood tale to explain a scar on his wrist. But Dave obviously thought he was plotting something. That was not his intention at all. He slide off the arm of the chair and into the still warm spot Dave had occupied. He leaned back and breathed in the same cologne from the ball mixed with sweat and a different shampoo. He sat there for a few minutes, reevaluating his plan, before standing up, and grabbing his bag. He found Dave in the weight room and sat beside him. This time he didn't touch, didn't try his flirty smile, just sat there until Dave looked up and glared at him.

"What do you want?" he demanded bitterly. "You wanna yell again? Go for it. I deserve it."

Kurt ignored that. He stared at Dave's hand on the larger teen's knee instead. He remembered holding that hand. He had traced the scar on his wrist while they danced. He wanted to do it again. But did he risk pissing Dave off or making him doubt him even more just for that? "I didn't come to yell or pull anything. I was hoping you'd come to lunch with me. There is an adorable little diner not far from here. It's not that popular but the food is really good. I wanted to talk to you. Civilly."

"Just a civil conversation?" Dave questioned tentatively. Kurt nodded and Dave mimicked the movement. Kurt smiled and stood up. Dave mimicked him again and they walked to the parking lot. "Separate cars?" Kurt nodded and they parted ways. Dave followed Kurt in his beat up pickup truck to a diner he already knew about and they parked side by side. "What brought this on?" Dave asked when they got out of their cars.

"The ball. I overreacted. There was no way you could've known it was me, just like I didn't know it was you." Dave opened the door and the bell above it chimed. He held it open and gestured Kurt through. "Thank you," he said politely, inclining his head slightly. "You were awesome that night. You were kind and flirty and open. I definitely liked what I saw."

Kurt led them to the corner booth at the back of the diner, away from the windows, and they sat across from each other. "So, what? You just decided you were gonna look for that guy?"

"I know that guy was you, Dave. The real you, not the one peer pressure pushes out. I'm not ready to date you and my father told me I wasn't allowed to but I want to get to know you. I want to see more of the real you. Hopes, dreams, troubles…The whole enchilada. I didn't have your number to set up something so I came by," Kurt explained calmly. Dave nodded his understanding and leaned back in the booth.

An elderly waitress with blue hair came over and smiled at them. "Hey there, Dave. Who's your friend?"

"This is Kurt, Rose," Dave introduced them with a smile. "He's a friend from school. We're playing catch up."

"Ah. Well, any friend of Dave's is definitely welcome here. What drinks can I get you boy? It's a little chilly out. How's hot chocolate sound?" she asked cheerfully.

"Oh, yes, please," Kurt said eagerly. His hands were cold because he had forgotten gloves. Dave smiled and just asked for a soda. She patted his shoulder affectionately and walked off. She came back quickly to give them their drinks and both boys smiled at them. "Thank you so much."

"I hope it's good," she said with a smile. He took a sip and, despite burning his lip and tongue, hummed, smiled at her brightly, and nodded approvingly. She beamed and gave Dave's shoulder another pat. Dave grinned at Kurt then pushed his soda across the table and watched Kurt take a desperate sip with a laugh.

"Let it cool down first, brainiac," he teased. Kurt stuck his poor, afflicted tongue at him and he laughed again. "We'll have to ask her for a glass of water too. She won't mind."

"My poor tongue," Kurt whined. "That's what I get." He handed Dave his soda back and Dave kept smiling at him, still very amused. "Stop smiling. I'm trying to pout."

"I noticed. It's cute," Dave said before he could stop himself. He blushed and looked down and Kurt giggled.

"And now I've stopped pouting," Kurt said cheerfully. "So, you seem to be a regular here. What's good?"

"Everything. It's the only place less than five minutes from school I can come and not gain back all the weight I've been trying to lose," Dave said with a shrug.

"I did notice that letterman jacket looks like it's getting bigger on you," Kurt said. "What made you decide to lose weight?" He blew on the surface of the hot chocolate and sipped it carefully.

"The disgust in your eyes," Dave said bluntly. Kurt choked on his hot chocolate and Dave offered him his soda again. He took a sip then looked up at Dave.

"Seriously?" he asked, feeling horrible. He never thought Dave was ugly, he just said he was because he wished he was. Because if Dave was ugly, he wouldn't be have the insane attraction to him that he did. It felt so wrong to think your bully was cute, hot even. "David, your body is fine. I never thought otherwise. I mean, I always lied and said I did but I never really thought that. You aren't supposed to think the guy shoving you into lockers is attractive."

"You did what?" Rose said as she came back to take their order. Dave blushed and looked down shamefully. She gave him a light smack to the back of the head. "Naughty boy."

"Sorry, Rosie," Dave said shamefully. "I have no impulse control."

"That shouldn't even be an impulse of yours," she scolded him firmly. He nodded. Kurt looked down to hid his smile. Rose placed a glass of water on the table, tutted at Dave disapprovingly, and hurried off to wait on a couple by the door.

Kurt immediately started giggling. Dave leaned over and whispered, "It's all fun and games until someone gets their food spit in."

Kurt just laughed, throwing his head back and making Dave laugh along with him.


Dave high fived Azimo and the slightly larger teen pulled him to bump their shoulders. "You're in a good mood, bro. What's up with you lately?"

"Just having a good last few weeks," Dave replied with a shrug. His phone buzzed and he pulled it out of his pocket to see who was texting him. It was Kurt. A picture of some Warbler passed out on a leather sofa with a bushy, marker drawn mustache and goatee. He snorted. And who did that, Kurt? he replied playfully.

Kurt replied with a little winking smiley face. He chuckled and hid his phone from Azimo when he tried to peek at it. "It's just my sister," he told him. "I'm late for algebra. See you at lunch."

"The football team is organizing a flag football game during free period," Azimo told him. "Don't miss it! We've even got cheerleaders coming!" Dave waved at him and headed towards his algebra class, immediately starting to text Kurt about the flag game.

For two weeks, he had been texting and hanging out with Kurt. They met for lunch every other day and Kurt had come to see him at work four times already. It had been the happiest two weeks of his life. He only wished he had the courage to answer his parents' calls. He was avoiding his siblings too. His parents were persistent but they weren't making that much of an effort. If they really needed to talk to him, they would try to do it in person. That was more their style.

That's awesome! I have a half day today! I'm so coming to watch you guys play! Kurt replied. Dave smiled and quickly hid his phone as the teacher walked by. She tapped his paper meaningfully and he smiled sheepishly before leaning over it and picking up his pencil. Kurt would have to wait until he finished his test.

In the hall, he finally got to reply. You don't have to. I'm sure you'd rather be shopping or hanging with your dad.

It's one hour out of my afternoon, David. I'm. There. Deal with it. Azimo walked past him and he smiled at him distractedly.

"Let's go toss the Israel kid in the dumpster," Az suggested eagerly.

"No, thanks," Dave said, shaking his head. Cool, Kurtie. See you then. :D Kurt lol'd at that and he grinned. Life was sweet.


Blaine rolled his eyes as Kurt giggled beside him. They were on their way to their last class of the half day and Kurt was texting. Again. He was always texting now. And giggling. And smiling. You couldn't have erased Kurt's smile with a sledgehammer. It was both adorable and annoying as hell. And all day long all he heard about was how cute Dave was, how Dave wasn't at all like Kurt imagined, Dave was so charming and kind and sweet, Dave liked dogs, and Dave was so beautiful when he was playing hockey. Dave this and Dave that. If Blaine heard one more sentence with the word Dave in it, he was going to strangle someone. Probably Dave. But then again, if he strangled Dave, Kurt would probably talk about how gorgeous a corpse he left behind and all the regrets he had involving Dave. Maybe strangling Kurt would be more productive.

"Blaine? Blaine?" Kurt asked worriedly, shaking his shoulder and rousing him from his homicidal thoughts. He looked up and frowned at him. "Are you okay? You zoned out on me."

"I'm fine," Blaine said with what he hoped was a reassuring smile instead of a grimace. "How's the boyfriend?" He rolled his eyes as Kurt immediately started smiling.

"He's not my boyfriend, Blaine," Kurt said with a giggle. "Just my friend. He was inviting us to a flag football game. Wanna come?"

"Do I want to come?" Blaine questioned thoughtfully. "Hmm. That question indicates you already told him you would despite our standing coffee date." He looked at Kurt in time to see him flinch. "You forgot, didn't you?"

"Yes. I'm sorry, Blaine," Kurt said sincerely. He brought his phone up and opened his conversation with Dave. "Let me tell Dave I can't make it."

Blaine put his hand over the phone to stop him and said, "Buy me coffee on the way there and I'll forgive you."

"Deal. And a cookie," Kurt promised. "Thank you, Blaine. You're awesome."

"Yep," Blaine agreed. Kurt laughed and squeezed his arm affectionately. "So, I thought football season was over?" Blaine questioned as they joined the line outside the door. The teacher was late. Great.

"It is. They're just playing around," Kurt said with a shrug. "Staying loose, you know. Oh! This gives me the perfect opportunity to give you your present!" He clasped his hands together and beamed. Blaine looked at him in surprise. He opened his mouth to ask about the present but Kurt shushed him. "No. I'm not telling you. You'll get it after class. The teacher's here."

Blaine smiled and shook his head before following Kurt into the classroom.


Kurt left Blaine with Rachel in the stands and ran to the locker room. He found Dave struggling with the pads Coach Beiste had granted everyone permission to put on. One of the shoulder pads was loose and he was trying to fix it. Kurt climbed up on the bench behind him silently and adjusted it for him, just like Finn had shown him to do when he was on the football team. "Hi, Kurt," Dave greeted without even having to turn around.

"How'd you know it was me?" Kurt asked with a grin. He draped his arms over Dave's shoulders and linked them. He leaned around and pecked his cheek playfully; after, of course, looking around to make sure no one was around.

"Your hands. You have boy hands but girl nails." Dave turned around, gripped Kurt's waist, and lifted him off the bench. Kurt laughed and he set him on the ground with a grin. "You really should not be taller than me. It's weird."

Kurt laughed again and shrugged. He stroked Dave's neck gently. "You look very masculine in those pads," he teased. "I just wanted to let you know we were here. I have to get back to the stands. Rachel's saving me a seat. Good luck!" He kissed his cheek again and hurried out. Dave smiled and pulled his jersey. He had never felt so good.

Once Kurt was back in the stands with the rest of the Glee girls and Blaine, he noticed Azimo talking to a petite girl in a school uniform that every straight boy was ogling. She had long legs, slightly above average breasts, and her hair was very curly and wild. He knew that that was what most of the football boys liked from his brief time on the football team and the strange locker room conversations he occasionally overheard. Azimo didn't seem to be ogling her though. He looked angry and frustrated by what she was telling him. Dave came out onto the field, accompanied by three other players and Finn, and started to smile at Azimo only to frown upon seeing his expression. The girl turned around and ran over to Dave. He caught her in his arms and held her tight. Kurt started to feel the curling wire of jealousy started to wind its way around his stomach before breathing carefully and reminding himself Dave was gay.

Dave spoke softly to the short teenager and she didn't appear to like what he was saying. After a minute, he ran his hand through his hair and shook his head firmly before pointing at the stands and appearing to order her to go sit down. She reluctantly did as told as he joined the others on the field. Azimo appeared to be glaring at him. Kurt gave Blaine's knee a gentle pat then walked down the stairs to the girl's bench and sat beside her. "Hi. Kurt Hummel," he introduced himself, sticking his hand out for her to shake. She reluctantly did so before turning her attention back to the field. "How do you know Dave?"

"He's my brother," she replied monotonously. "My big idiot brother who won't listen worth a shit."

"He can be stubborn," he agreed with a smile. "But he's not an idiot." She looked at him and raised both her eyebrows in a way that was just so Dave that he had to snicker a little bit. "Wow. That expression runs in your family, huh?"

She finally smiled and laughed and he grinned. "Are you a friend of his?"

"Yeah," Kurt said, still smiling. "A new friend." She nodded and turned her attention back to the field. He stood up, took her hand, and guided her up to the bench beside Blaine. He continued to hold her hand as they watched the boys run the familiar plays and cheered for the team Finn, Puck, Dave, Mike, Artie, and Sam were on. Unsurprisingly, the team in the white practice jerseys - the team with the Glee boys on it - won and their supports jumped to their feet a cheered. Kurt watched Brittany, Lauren, Tina, and Santana go down to congratulate their boys and wished he could run down to give Dave his congratulations. Dave looked up at him and smiled as he removed his helmet. He beamed back and clenched his fist to keep from blowing a kiss at him. Coach Beiste, who had been watching from the stands, gathered the team to her and told each of them what they needed to work on over the summer.

Kurt's phone went off and he smiled when he saw who it was from. Dave asking him to meet him under the bleachers in ten minutes. He texted okay and led Dave's sister down to the field after Blaine, Rachel, and Mercedes. She released his hand and hurried over to her brother. "Can we talk now?" she asked angrily. Kurt saw him sigh and nod then she led him away from everyone else. He frowned and leaned against the stands, waiting for her to leave. When she did, she did so in a huff. Her feet stomping, her head thrown back, and a wild look in her pretty green eyes.

He snuck under the bleachers and found Dave waiting for him where they had agreed. He walked over and kissed his cheek. "I was so impressed by you today," he cooed. Dave smiled at him. "If it's okay to ask, what was going on with your sister?"

"She was trying to get me to go back home and talk to my folks," Dave said with a shrug. "I told her I would when I was ready." Kurt sighed and leaned against a thick support beam. "Uh-oh. That's your 'I thoroughly disapprove but I'm going to pretend I don't care face'. What'd I do?"

"I think you should talk to your parents," Kurt told him seriously. "You said your bit now they need to say theirs." Dave sighed and looked away. Kurt looked him over and smiled. "But on a more serious note, you look delicious in that uniform." Dave snorted and Kurt grinned. He pushed himself up and away from the pole and took Dave's hands. "Tell you what. We'll go talk to your parents together. We'll give them twenty minutes of our time before our coffee date Saturday. How's that sound?"

Dave thought for a few minutes then nodded. "Okay. Twenty minutes." Kurt stretched up and kissed Dave's forehead. "Thanks, Kurt."

"Of course," Kurt replied. He rubbed a hand down Dave's arm and Dave smiled. "I suppose I should let you go get changed."

"Yeah, I suppose. Can I take you for ice cream?" Dave asked, not ready to part for the day.

"If you're willing to let Blaine tag along," Kurt said immediately. "And I couldn't stay long. I have to meet my dad at the garage." Dave smiled and nodded. "Okay. Go get changed, sweaty boy. I'm gonna pry Mercedes off Blaine. She's probably still trying to get him to let her make him over." Dave chuckled and nodded and they parted ways. Kurt grabbed Blaine's arm and kissed his cheek in greeting. Then he started to adjust the navy blue scarf he had gifted Blaine with. "Ice cream?"

"Okay," Blaine agreed, sliding his arm around Kurt's waist with a friendly smile. "I thought you had to get to the garage."

"Daddy told me to take my time," Kurt replied with a shrug. The Cheerios were still practicing their cheers and he smiled as he watched them. "Dave won't be long then we can go."

"Dave. Of course," Blaine sighed. Kurt frowned at him curiously. "I'm sorry. It's not that I don't like him. I just think you're spending a lot of time with him. Maybe too much, Kurt."

"How can I get to know him if I don't spend time with him, Blaine? And, you know, the same could go for you. I think you should get to know Dave. You might like him," Kurt told him, slipping out of his hold. "Please just try, Blaine?"

Blaine sighed but nodded. "Okay. But only because it's important to you. If I don't like him, you buy me coffee for a week."

Kurt smiled. "Deal."


Blaine was so glad he agreed to get to know Dave. Kurt was great but his main interests were shopping, music, and several orientation related things and it made interacting with him a little limited, since Blaine was interested in games and sports as well as music and such. He and Dave would talk hockey after he and Kurt talked Vogue while Kurt sipped whatever they were drinking or leaned against Dave contently. Dave spent a lot of time stroking Kurt's hair while he and Blaine talked sports or Guitar Hero. And Kurt would just smile and curl into him. He would occasionally ask a question or roll his eyes as the other boys would argue over the most ridiculous things. But it was a good setup…even if Dave wouldn't let him tag along to talk to his parents that Saturday.

From what he gathered from Kurt, it didn't go well. Dave's mother was trying but his father wouldn't even consider that his son wasn't completely straight. According to Kurt, when Delilah Karofsky wasn't talking, her husband was insisting Dave was just confused, that it didn't mean anything. And Dave was struggling to meet his father's eyes. When the words 'fairy' and 'cocksucker' left Paul's lips, Dave stood up and growled at him fiercely. "I'm not any different, Dad! I'm the same kid, okay? Just cause I'm gay doesn't mean I'm gonna quit loving hockey and start wearing a dress! Grow up already!" Kurt had quoted when he retold it that afternoon to Blaine. Kurt and Delilah managed to soothe both men back into their chairs but Dave got angry again when his father suggested a camp that "fixed these kind of things". This time, he just grabbed Kurt's hand, kissed his mother goodbye, and led Kurt to the door. Before slamming it behind himself, he said, "I don't need to be 'fixed', Dad. You do. You're a narrow minded asshole and I'm glad I'm not living here anymore."

Kurt had spent the entire drive back rubbing his hand up and down Dave's arm, trying to calm him down, but Dave still seemed hurt and angry. Kurt had seemed worried, since Dave had cancelled their lunch date for some time alone with his thoughts. Blaine had been at a loss as to what to say but Kurt had still thanked him for listening and asked if he would call to check on Dave. He said that if they flooded his voicemail enough, he might get annoyed enough to answer. Blaine had just laughed and agreed.

Dave picked up on the fifth ring. "Kurt, I really just need some time alone," he panted.

"Not Kurt. You sound tired," Blaine said, glad his call had been answered.

"I'm on a run," Dave replied, still puffing into the phone. "It's this or pummeling my pillow." Blaine smiled and nodded to himself. "I'm on my way back. I'll call Kurt after I shower. I know he's worried."

"Hey, let me meet you. I'll bring something to eat. We'll talk about our narrow minded fathers and I'll whoop your ass at Guitar Hero," Blaine said confidently.

Dave laughed. "Sure you will, Anderson. Bring your guitar. I only have one. I'll text you the address." Blaine grinned at the phone when the click told him Dave had hung up. He quickly called Kurt to let him know Dave was okay, just trying to express his emotions physically. He hung up, not knowing why it was exactly he didn't tell Kurt he was going over to Dave's hotel room. And why he felt like he was doing something naughty.

Dave let him into the room wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. Blaine averted his eyes politely but Dave assured him it was okay. He shared a locker room with an entire football team, constantly dealing with the "measuring contests", towel thieves, and towel snaps. He could handle Blaine seeing him in a towel. Blaine set the Taco Bell he had picked up on the little table in the corner and peeked at Dave as he bent over to slip into his boxers. Immediately, Blaine's pants were a little tighter. He was hung. And droplets of water were rolling across his broad, muscular body, dampening his ample chest hair and pubs. He turned away before he could be caught and closed his eyes tightly. That was definitely an image that would be with him for a while. He thought of the most disgusting things he could think of until the bulge in his pants became slightly smaller, enough that it wouldn't be noticed.

"Okay. Dressed," Dave announced. Blaine turned around and watched Dave walk into the bathroom to hang his towel. He was wearing red sweatpants and a black t-shirt and Blaine couldn't believe the wonders his sweats did to show off Dave's firm and adorable ass. He blushed and forced himself not to think of that. Dave was Kurt's. Maybe he shouldn't have broken it off with that Warbler from the ball. "Food or Guitar Hero first?"

"Food," Blaine said immediately. Dave nodded and walked over to join him at the table. Blaine handed out the food and drank as much of his coke as he could without coming up for air, trying to wet his suddenly dry mouth. Dave frowned at him curiously. "Sorry," Blaine gasped when he finally swallowed his last gulp. "Really thirsty."

"Just don't choke, dude," Dave said with a nod. "This is great. How much do I owe you?" He lifted his taco to his mouth as Blaine shook his head.

"Nothing. My treat." Dave thanked him and he nodded with a smile. "So. You wanna talk about it?"

"Not really." Blaine nodded his understanding. They ate in silence until Dave apparently couldn't take it any longer and said, "He's such a dick." Blaine nodded his agreement and Dave snorted. "He's not even willing to try. Who the hell suggests a conversion camp when they find out their son's gay?"

"I have no idea," Blaine admitted. "My dad's still uncomfortable with me being gay but he's never suggested something like that."

"My parents are religious and uncomfortable," Dave said with a shrug. "It's okay. At least my mom still loves me. She's the only opinion that matters to me anyway." Blaine smiled and nodded. Dave stood up and popped his neck. "All right. C'mon, private school. Time for me to beat your ass at Guitar Hero."

Blaine laughed and stood up. "You're on."

Twenty minutes later, Dave had won, surprisingly, and neither of them could stop laughing, though they didn't know why. Blaine put his hands on Dave's shoulders to prevent himself from doubling over and Dave held him up readily. Blaine looked up and watched Dave laughing with wide eyes. Holy hell, he thought, He's gorgeous. Before he could stop himself, his lips were pressed to Dave's and the other boy had gone completely still. He pulled back and found Dave staring at him with wide eyes.

"Dude," Dave started, pushing him away gently but firmly. "What did you just do?" Blaine looked down shamefully and Dave sank onto his bed with a frown. "You can't do that, bro. I like Kurt. I'm sorry but I do."

"I know. I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me." Dave sighed and nodded. Blaine picked up his guitar and retrieved his car keys from the table. "I should go. I really am sorry, Dave." Dave stood up and nodded. He walked him to the door and opened it for him. Blaine took one-step out the door then stopped and turned to face him. "If you and Kurt don't work out, give me a thought, okay?"

Then he hurried off to his car. Dave shut the door then banged his head against it in frustration. Kurt was not going to be happy about this.


I have no excuse for the delay, only an apology. XOXO