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"I Will" – The Beatles – performed by Christina Perri

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Chapter 15

There Goes the Fucking Neighborhood

Edward groaned through the phone. "Baby, you're killing me right now. I'm trying to work on a song here."

Killing him? His gravelly, deep voice was about to be the death of me.

"Sorry," I replied sweetly. "I just thought you'd be interested in the fact that I forgot to put panties on today. But if you're busy…"

I slipped out of the Jeep – just after ten at night – and closed the door, smiling as I walked up the sidewalk and heard Edward hit a sour note on his guitar and his breath catch on the other end. He was alone at the studio with Marcus and Caius, and I was just getting home from work thanks to a last minute brainstorming session that our new Editor in Chief had called. It was a late night for both of us.

"Christ, woman," Edward whispered. "Are you telling me… you walked around all day… in that skirt… with no panties on?"

It was a long pencil skirt and I did have panties on, I was just messing with him.

"Mm-hmm…" I purred, waiting for his reaction.

As I grabbed my mail from its slot he cleared his throat and mumbled something to someone on his end. I began climbing the stairs.

Edward let out a long slow breath. "I know what you're doing…" he murmured. "And it's not fair."

A devious smile crept upon my lips as I hit the last few steps. "What am I doing?" I asked in a low husky voice. I could hear him shuffling the phone around and then what sounded like a door closing. He must've gone to a private room or the bathroom or something. I couldn't remember the layout of the studio, since I had only been there the one time.

"Bella," he gritted out. "Do you know how fucking hard I am right now? And we're right in the middle of recording a song. I can't go in there with this in my pants and I can't just leave either." Thankfully, he didn't actually sound mad.

I snickered. "Sorry…"

"Oh, you're gonna get it later," he teased.

"Promises, promises," I teased and went to slide my key in the door. Edward cleared his throat again, but I continued on with my teasing. "I could talk you through your little… problem," I offered as I turned the lock and pushed the door open. Edward was saying something about "not enough time" when I gasped and dropped my keys on the floor.

My entire apartment looked like a tornado had blown through it. The sofa was turned over and there were papers and pillow feathers everywhere. My heart pumped furiously in my chest.

"Holy shit," I murmured breathlessly, my blood running cold as I abandoned the keys and reached into my purse for the can of pepper spray my dad always sent me for my birthday. Terror ripped through me, but I tried to remain calm and take slow breaths. Stay in control of the situation, my father always told me when preparing me for times of crisis. Be aware of your surroundings, and expect the unexpected.

"What's going on," Edward asked. "What's wrong?"

Gripping the little black canister with shaky fingers and flipping back the safety lever, I slowly made my way into the apartment, cautiously taking in my surroundings. The window to the fire escape was broken, the wire grate pried open, as the cold night air wafted inside, making my silky blue curtains blow slowly with the chilly breeze.

"Bella, what the fuck's going on?" I could hear the worry in his tone, but I had to ignore him for the moment.

I looked around to find that all the kitchen drawers had been pulled out, silverware and bowls scattered all along the kitchen floor. To my right, all my books had been tossed from their shelves and onto the floor, again, covered in feathers. All my throw pillows from the sofa had been massacred and my DVD's had been rummaged through, but were still there.

The TV was still there, as was the DVD player and my Bose Stereo system. Being the daughter of a cop, that fact jumped out at me. It didn't make sense. If it was a burglar, they would've taken those things.

"Bella! God damn it, answer me! Fuck!"

"Calm down," I finally hissed, just in case whoever had been in my apartment was still there. "Someone's broke into my place," I continued to whisper. "Probably just some punk-ass kids. They didn't even take anything."

"What? Someone broke in… Calm down? Are you…what are you still doing in there? Get the fuck out of there and call the cops!"

Ignoring his curses and growls, I remained focused and continued to assess the damage as I made my way through the apartment. If the jackass was still inside, I was going to end his ass once I got my shotgun from under my bed. There were plenty of things that they could've stolen like my jewelry or my Nintendo Wii, but they didn't. Punk-ass kids would've taken that shit in a heartbeat.


What the fuck was going on?

Continuing to ignore Edward's furious shouts, I entered my bedroom and looked over to my desk. My laptop was gone, as were some of my pictures of me and Edward, that I'd printed out from my camera.

Pictures- all gone. Who would steal my personal pictures?

It hit me as if a bucket of ice water had been thrown on me.


It had to be. It was the only logical explanation my brain could come up with. Who else would only take my laptop and pictures?

Those dirty, sleazy motherfuckers!

I can't believe this! What the fuck is wrong with people?

I became irate and as I saw my underwear and clothes scattered on the floor then felt sick to my stomach. For some reason, the thought crossed my mind that at least we hadn't made a damn sex tape or anything because I was now sure that they would've taken that as well. Maybe that's what they were looking for…

Now that I'd pretty much been through the entire apartment and found no other persons, the shotgun was now un-necessary. Edward was still having kittens on the other end of the phone.

"Bella! Get out of the fucking apartment! Do you fucking hear me?"

"Yeah, I hear you! Jeez, I told you to calm down. It's not like I've never been through this before." It was true. My apartment with Riley had been burglarized twice, but they had only taken electronics and Riley's collection of comic books. They were lucky I hadn't been home, or else they would've been pumped full of lead. Charlie taught me how to use that shotgun, and I was sure-as-shit not afraid to use it in my own apartment.

"Son-of-a-bitch, fucking stubborn woman," he muttered angrily. "I'm coming over there now…Fuck!" The phone disconnected just as I remembered that I needed to check on Felix. He always hid under my bed when there were thunderstorms so I crouched down and lifted the bed-skirt. Two terrified eyes stared back at me from the far corner and my heart sunk.

"Aww…come on, big guy. Mommy's here. Come on…"

It took me a good twenty minutes to coax him out, but once I did, we sat on top of my bed while I called the police. They arrived just before Edward and Emmett showed up.

I don't think I've ever seen Edward's face so red. Dare I say it was kind of hot… And even though I insisted numerous times that I was fine, he kept checking me to see if I had gone into shock, offering me Pepsi over and over again.

"I'm fine," I insisted once again, trying to push the cold can of soda away as we sat on my now righted sofa.

"Just drink it, please. It'll make me feel better."

Sighing with exasperation, I took the glass from him and chugged down half the contents just to shut him up, knowing the caffeine would make it harder for me to sleep that night. I let out a long, deep belch, earning a high-five from Emmett and an eye-roll from Edward. Usually Edward thought it was funny as hell when I'd burp loudly like that, but this time he was having none of it. I was only trying to lighten the mood.

Okay, I was trying to distract him from the inevitable "I told you so" that I knew he would give me, but whatever.

The front door slammed shut behind me and I jumped out of sheer reflex. It was just one of the young officers who had just finished questioning my neighbors. I wanted to slingshot him in the balls for scaring me like that. Fucking rookie.

"See," Edward said beside me. "You're not fine."

Okay, so he was right, I wasn't fine. To tell you the truth, knowing some strange person had been in my house – touched my things – unnerved me to no end. I set the drink down on the coffee table and buried my face in my hands, completely wiped out. The officers were still dusting for prints as Edward wrapped a blanket around my shoulders and pulled me into his strong embrace.

When the cops finally left, Edward sighed. "Go pack your stuff so we can go home," he gently told me.

I looked up to meet his worried green eyes and melted like a candy bar on a hot July sidewalk, nodding my head in agreement. Maybe he didn't need to say, "I told you so." Maybe this wasn't the best neighborhood to live in. But at least he didn't say it.

And now I was going to have to get an alarm system. Or a pit bull.


Emmett held onto my large suitcase of clothes and Felix's litter box while Edward carried Felix in his cat-carrier in one hand and held me in the other. The entire drive back to Edward's apartment, I assured him that I would only stay with him for a short time until I could get more locks put on the apartment door and some bars on the fire escape window.

"You're not going back there," he told me with finality as we ducked into the back entrance of his apartment building. "Ever."

"Excuse me?"

I hated being told what to do, especially by a man, and definitely by a man who wasn't my father.

"I don't care if you put twenty fucking locks on that door and a…a laser fucking force-field on that window, you're not going back there. You're breaking the lease and you're staying with me where I know you'll be safe." I could see the little vein on the side of his forehead throbbing angrily.

"Are you fucking high right now?" I yelled. "You can't tell me what I am or am not doing!"

Emmett stayed quiet as we rode the elevator up. Come to think of it, he hadn't said much at my apartment either. He must've known Edward was gonna go all caveman on me.

"Bella, do you have any fucking idea how worried I was, not knowing who was there with you, knowing you weren't safe there this whole time. I knew something bad was gonna happen there, I fucking knew it! And then you try to go after the assholes with your stupid little can of pepper-spray like you're fucking Rambo or something. Are you out of your goddamn mind?"

Finally, Emmett chimed in from behind us. "Dude, calm down."

Edward halted his steps in front of his apartment door and turned around to face Emmett while still gripping my hand tightly. "Calm down?" he yelled, his ears turning pink and then red. It reminded me of the way Charlie would get when he was really pissed about something and it was all I could do not to laugh. "How would you feel knowing Rosalie was living in the ghetto and you couldn't keep her safe because she was too damn stubborn to know what's good for her?"

My jaw dropped in surprise and I gasped while Emmett kept on. "It wasn't the ghetto, dude. Stop being such a fucking drama queen."

"Thank you, Emmett," I told him with a satisfied grin, then turned my attention to Edward. "And you - I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself!" Edward scoffed and rolled his eyes again, shoving his key angrily into the lock and punching the door open with the side of his enraged fist.

We all entered Edward's apartment and he tossed the keys on the marble kitchen counter as I kicked off my boots by the front door. Emmett set the cat litter box down in one of the guest bathrooms and I didn't see where he put my suitcase, but I assumed he'd put it in Edward's bedroom.

Edward seemed extremely tense as he leaned over the counter by the stove, so I went to the refrigerator and pulled out a beer, offering it to Edward. He shook his head without a word, so I chugged some of it down, myself. Emmett appeared in the kitchen and told us he was going home to Rosalie. We said our goodbyes before he slipped out the door, giving me an apologetic smile and rolling his eyes at Edward behind his back. I laughed as quietly as I could as I went to the door to lock the deadbolt.

After locking the door behind Emmett, I took another long pull from the beer bottle and moved to place my body behind Edward – who was still brooding in front of the stove – and wrapped my arms around his waist, pulling myself up against his strong back. He seemed to relax slightly, sighing heavily.

"I'm fine," I assured him again. "Why won't you believe me?"

He turned slowly and cupped my face in his hands while I moved mine to his broad chest. "Please… promise me you won't go back to that apartment."

I rolled my eyes. "Edward…"

"I'll help you find someplace else, just please, promise me."

Like a whiney child, I resorted to pouting, because damn it, I really loved that apartment. But I knew deep down that he was right – I shouldn't go back there. It was just too easy to get access to my apartment. Even if they hadn't climbed the fire-escape, they could've easily just found a way in through the front. "But I really liked the bathtub there," I whined.

"My bathtub is better," he countered.

My eyes blinked. What was he trying to say with that?

"Um…" I didn't know what to say.


Then he made the cutest damn puppy dog face and pouted his lips, and I caved.

What could I do? Who could say 'no' to that face?

"Okay, fine," I agreed begrudgingly. "I'll stay here, temporarily, until I find yet another new place. But only because I want to, not because you're forcing me." Edward smiled triumphantly before finally kissing me. His lips attacked mine hungrily, his arms held me so tight. There was so much love and desperation in his kiss, and it left me breathless as usual. When he pulled back, I suddenly remembered what he'd left behind to be with me at my apartment. "Oh shit, I messed up your recording session, didn't I?"

Edward shrugged. "It's alright. I wasn't really feeling the song Irina picked anyway. Too cheesy," he added as he scrunched up his nose.

"Oh. She was there?"

"Yeah, it's the first time she's been able to get into the studio with all her photo-shoots and crap she's been scheduled for. Plus, she's working on her own album back in Los Angeles. I feel bad for her – having to fly out here all the time just to work with me."

Feel bad for her? Isn't that her job? Whatever. I wonder what song they were singing.

"So…the duet…What was the song about?" I asked.

I wasn't sure I really wanted to know, especially since I knew it'd be a stupid love song – as most duets are. There's just something weird about having your boyfriend sing a love song with another girl that ties your stomach into knots. Or at least for me it did. I tried to not feel that way, but you can't help the way you feel.

"Some sappy love song about a fairytale romance or some shit. The record label gave her a CD full of tracks and lyrics they have the rights to. I tried – I really did, but I just couldn't get into it. Too mainstream, Top forty I guess." He shrugged again.

"I'm sure you guys will come up with something you can both agree on."

He ended our duet discussion for the moment when he placed three soft, lingering kisses on my eager lips.

As we crawled into bed together that night, he continued to tell me all about the crappy songs Irina had tried to get him to sing. They all sounded lame as hell to me, but I kept quiet. Then he told me all about how funny she was and how they mostly told jokes instead of singing songs. I couldn't help the pang of jealousy that lurched through me as he continued on and on about her. The more times he said her name, the more I wanted to tell him to shut up. I stayed quiet until I couldn't take any more of hearing her and how cool she was, so I yawned dramatically a few times, then pretended to fall asleep.

That finally worked to shut him up about her.

Edward pulled me close and wrapped his toned arms around me until eventually his slow, steady breathing signaled that he'd gone to sleep. For the next two hours I stared up at the ceiling as my mind raced from the events of the day, reality hitting me full force.

How was it that I already had to look for yet another place to live in such a short amount of time? Was this what my life would be like with Edward for as long as we dated? Always having to look over my shoulder? Never knowing where my home was?

And why did just hearing Irina's name on Edward's lips made me want to vomit or spit fire, even though she was nice and didn't give me any reason to mistrust her intentions?

What if she wasn't really as nice and good-hearted as she seemed? What if she really was some sneaky little home-wrecking leech like the tabloids and news stories had painted her to be? What if she had some master plan to befriend me, make me look like the worst girlfriend in the world, and then steal Edward right out from under me?

Jesus, Bella, stop being so cynical. Maybe she really is nice and you're just being an asshole.

I mentally slapped myself for even thinking such crazy thoughts about her, sighed and closed my eyes, waiting for sleep to come take me.

When I finally drifted off an hour or so later, I dreamed of Edward, of course. But soon my sweet dream turned into a horrifying nightmare where Edward was dumping me for some unknown reason. He wouldn't talk to me or even look at me and the feeling of helplessness was crushing.

Out of nowhere, Irina suddenly appeared by his side and whispered something in his ear that made him intensely angry with me. The next thing I knew, Edward and I were standing in the middle of the Central Park Zoo and the lions were furiously growling at me as the hyenas laughed from another corner of my vision. When a gorilla started charging at me from my left, I turned to grab Edward so we could run, but he was gone and I was all alone with a herd of wild animals charging toward me. I always hated nightmares like that because you knew it was all completely absurd and impossible, but you couldn't make it stop unless you could get yourself to wake up.

Suddenly I was back in Forks, standing on the edge of the cliffs near La Push with a russet-colored wolf by my side. The wolf was howling with the strong ocean breeze and when I looked down, the ocean was somehow filled with fire instead of water. The white-hot flames reached up high, a sea of crimson and gold.

I went to take a step back from the heat, but Irina was suddenly there and she gave me a devious smile before she lunged at me and pushed me hard, off the edge of the cliff.

The last thing I remember was the feeling of falling and a flash of yellow light before I woke up in a cold sweat that morning. And to add salt to the wound, the bed was empty and Edward's vast apartment was quiet. The clock on the nightstand said that it was just after ten in the morning. I had no idea where Edward was, and for the life of me, I couldn't remember what time he'd said he was going into the studio that day. But I wasn't worried about it, and I knew I needed to take a shower anyway to wash the stinky sweat and the crazy nightmare away.

Just as I was about to jump in the shower, I noticed Edward's iHome dock on the edge of the bathroom counter. I'd been wanting to test out the acoustics in his vast bathroom compared to my smaller space, but didn't want to do it when he was around and embarrass myself, so this was the perfect opportunity.

I ran back to the bed and pulled my iPod out of my purse, skipped back into the bathroom to hook it up and find the playlist of songs I liked to sing in the shower. After all, singing in the shower or in the car was the only way to go if you didn't want to sound like shit. And it was the only place I ever dared to sing – alone. No witnesses.

The first song on my shower-tunes playlist was 'Heartbreaker' by Pink, and after I butchered that to death and finished shaving my legs, I moved on to sing, 'I think I'm paranoid' by Garbage as I scrubbed the shampoo through my hair.

"You can look but you can't touch… I don't think I like you much… Heaven knows what a girl can do…Heaven knows what you've got to prove- I think I'm paranoid…"

I was really getting into it as I rinsed my hair of the shampoo and conditioner, exfoliated my face with some sugar scrub and stood under the hot spray as I belted out the last part of the song.

"Steal me, deal me, any way ya heal me!...Make me, take me, you can never change me!… Love me, like me, go ahead and fight me!... Please me, tease me, go ahead and leave me!"

I shut off the water and grabbed a towel as the song finished.

"Bend me, break me, any way ya need me, as long as I want ya baby it's alright. Bend me, break me, any way ya need me, as long as I want ya baby it's alright."

Christina Perri's Jar of Hearts came on and I was tempted to sing that one as well, but decided to let Christina sing it herself as I wrapped myself in the plush, black towel, brushed my teeth and combed through my hair.

When I stepped out of the bathroom and found Edward sitting on the foot of the bed with a bag of food in his hand and a dumbfounded look on his stubbly face, I almost dropped my brush at his unexpected presence.

"Edward," I gasped. "I thought you were at the studio."

Please tell me he wasn't listening… Please tell me he wasn't listening…

My mom was the only other person who'd heard my horribly embarrassing shower singing and I had intended to keep it that way.

"Um…I decided to stay here with you for the day, and I went to get us some bagels and coffee – Bella, how come you never told me you could sing?"


My cheeks and chest instantly flamed with humiliation.

"Uh…that wasn't me, that was the iPod," I lied and moved to quickly get dressed. Frantically, I started tearing clothes out of my suitcase, hoping he'd just let it go.

"No…I clearly heard your voice over the music."

I pulled my bra on hastily along with a pair of mismatching panties before pulling a pair of skinny jeans on and getting frustrated as they stuck to my damp skin, ignoring Edward's argument.


"What!" I snapped. He raised an eyebrow and smirked at me. "Okay, fine! Yes, that was my horrible voice, no, you'll never hear it again, and if you ever tell anyone about this, I'll kick your ass." I threw a tight white camisole over my head, followed by a thin, maroon sweater, my back to Edward. I wanted to scream and run out of the room because I'd never felt so mortified. He was the last person I'd wanted to hear my wretched singing.

Ever since I'd sung in the Christmas play in third grade, I vowed never to sing in public again. Kate Michaels, the most popular girl in school, told me I sounded like a wounded cat. Everyone laughed at me, and I cried for three days straight.

Hearing commotion behind me, I turned slightly to find Edward pulling one of his guitars from its stand on the side of the room. He sat back down on the edge of the bed and started tuning and strumming the guitar. Satisfied that he'd heeded my warning about letting the whole singing thing go, I started past him to go put some mascara on, but he reached out and grabbed me by the hip, stopping me.

I released a strangled breath and squeezed my eyes shut. "I'm sorry I snapped at you, I just… never intended for you to hear that," I explained. "I'm completely humiliated."

He moved the guitar to lay it down on the bed and pulled me to sit sideways on his lap.

"Bella, I think I need to have Carlisle take you in to get your head scanned."


He smiled and pulled me closer to him. "You sound amazing, and you're crazy if you're embarrassed by it."

Stubbornly, I shook my head and laughed through my nose. "You're just saying that because you're my boyfriend and you don't want me to cut you off from getting blowjobs."

Edward chuckled and shook his head. "I'll gladly go without blowjobs for the rest of my life just to hear you sing again."

I turned my head to look at him, skepticism clear on my face. "Maybe you need to go have your head scanned."

"Your mom told me you could sing, but I didn't really believe her until today. I mean, I remember you singing on the plane when I first met you, but that was nothing compared to what I just heard."

"Wait… My mom told you about my singing?"

"Yes, now will you please stop being a pain in the ass and sing for me?"

I groaned. Hell no. That was not happening. Edward had a beautiful voice. It would be like Miss Piggy doing a duet with Curt Cobain. Fuck that kind of pressure.

"Uh-uh. No way."

Lips descended gently on my collarbone, instantly setting my skin ablaze. What were we talking about exactly? Oh…yeah, right there by my ear…shit. "Please?" he begged against my neck.

"Edward…no," I choked out in a strangled voice.

One of his hands wormed its way between my thighs and started rubbing against the seam of my jeans. I took his jaw into my hands and swallowed his bottom lip with my mouth, thinking I'd finally won the fight and distracted him from his mission. He continued to rub me just the right way until I couldn't take it anymore and started to undo his zipper.

Suddenly the rubbing stopped and his hands clamped down on my wrists. "Maybe I'll cut you off from sex completely until you sing for me again."

My eyes narrowed. "You wouldn't."

"I went for more than a year without sex before you, Bella. Don't underestimate me."

Oh really.

There was no way he could make good on that threat for too long, but I wanted to test him so I jumped off his lap and started pulling my shirt up like a burlesque girl, teasing and taunting. His breathing picked up, so I pushed it further, pulling the lace of my bra down until both breasts were peeking out, calling to him.

But, I didn't get the reaction I expected.

Edward growled with frustration and threw his head down into his hands. "God, you're so fucking stubborn. Why can't you just believe that you're great? Why can't you just trust me?"

He was angry and it threw me for a loop. I put my boobs away and pulled my shirt back down, then sat on the bed, on the other side of the guitar.

"You really don't think I suck?"

He still wouldn't look at me. "I already told you your voice was amazing… You know what? Just forget it," he snapped and started to get up but I grabbed his hand to stop him.

"Wait!" He stopped and stared down at me, still looking pissed as hell. "I…I'll sing, okay? Just don't be mad at me."

"Forget it. I'm not gonna force you," he said.

I gulped, not really believing what I was about to say. "You're not forcing me. I want to."

"You're sure?"

Again I gulped, my throat closing up and my mouth suddenly feeling dry as a desert. "Yes…"

No. Holy mother of… Am I really going to do this? Am I really going to sing for this man who wins awards for this shit? I think I'm really going to be sick.

But I couldn't tell him 'no' again. I wanted to, believe me. I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Edward grinned with excitement as he plopped back down on the edge of the bed and pulled the guitar into his lap, strumming and tuning it once again. "What other songs can you sing?" he asked happily.

I chewed on my fingernails as I stood to face him. There was some older music that I figured he could possibly play his guitar to. "Um…do you know Blackbird by The Beatles?" I remembered it from a when my mom used to play her records all the time when I was little. She refused to get rid of her vinyl, and still had it to this day.

He smiled brightly and began strumming the first chords to the song, but when it got to the part where I was supposed to start singing, I froze. My body was trembling with nerves.

He played it again… and again I froze. My mouth opened to start, but I couldn't get the words to come out. I couldn't breathe or think or…speak. He stopped playing and reached out to grab my shaking hand, rubbing it gently.

"Breathe, baby."

I did as he said and took a deep breath, then let it out and nodded for him to continue, keeping my eyes focused on the print of his plaid shirt.

"Blackbird singing in the dead of night…Take these broken wings and learn to fly…All your life…You were only waiting for this moment to arise."

The words suddenly came out all on their own. I couldn't stop them if I wanted.

"Blackbird singing in the dead of night… Take these sunken eyes and learn to see…All your life…You were only waiting for this moment to be free…Blackbird fly… Blackbird fly…Into the light of the dark black night."

As Edward continued to strum, I looked up and our eyes locked. The room faded away around us, and it was just him and I. Suddenly, I couldn't care less what the hell I sounded like. The way he was looking at me, like he was watching something that fascinated him, pushed me to take a deep breath and continue, belting out the last few lyrics, as loud as I could possibly sing.

"Blackbird singing in the dead of night…Take these broken wings and learn to fly! All your life! You were only waiting for this moment to arise…You were only waiting for this moment to arise….You were only waiting... for this moment… to arise."

My body tingled with nerves and excitement as Edward's Cheshire grin awaited me. I had to admit, my voice didn't sound half bad when accompanied by Edward's masterful guitar playing.

Without warning, Edward started plucking into another Beatles song that I recognized instantly and so, without coaxing, I came in where I needed to.

"Who knows… how long… I've loved you? You know… I love…you still. Will…I wait…a lonely lifetime? If you want…me to… I will."

It was strange how I suddenly didn't even feel nervous anymore. The words just flowed on their own.

"For if…I ever saw you… And I didn't catch…your name. But it never…really…mattered. I will always feel…the same.

Love you forever…and forever. Love you with all my heart. Love you whenever, we're…together - Love you when we're apart.

And when…at last…I find you, your song will fill the air. Sing it loud…so I can hear you.

Make it easy to…be near you."

As I loudly sang out the rest of the lyrics, I almost felt like crying because we sounded so fucking awesome together. Or at least I thought so. But maybe I was just intoxicated by the sound of his guitar and his sexy crooked smile as he played for me.

For the things you do, endear you to me… Oh…you know…I will. Oh…you know… I will.


You know…

I will.

My heart was hammering, my palms warm and sweaty. It was such a rush to do what I just did and I couldn't believe I'd actually done it. Edward set the guitar down on the floor and gently pulled me to stand between his legs. I didn't want to even talk about the music so I tried to change the subject.

"Um…I need to get going so I can… apartment hunt. Again."

"Move in with me," he said firmly.

Suddenly, I couldn't breathe.

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