Sorry for the long author's note but I have to say some things before we could start the flight.

Okay guys finally the one-shot that was in my head since I watched "We'd Like to Thank the Academy". I made a vid about the movie "Top Gun" especially for this one-shot. I uploaded it on youtube under the same penname. If you haven't seen the movie I recommend to watch the vid.
If you don't want to I only have to say that Maverick is a Top Gun fighter pilot and Charlie is a civilian consultant.
You might want to listen to the song "Take my breath away" by Berlin while reading it to get the right feeling. :)

This one-shot is dedicated to shulesrockz over at the USA Network forum for three reasons.
1) He hates angst.
2) Let's just say we both watched the movie in our youth and I'm sure he'll get most of the references and quotes (and there are tons of them).
3) When Juliet said "I can wear it tonight" we both instantely thought of the love scene between Maverick and Charlie. :D



It was going to be an amazing evening and night.

Shawn stood in front of his bathroom mirror and stroked some gel through his hair. It had to be perfect. Especially after that little present today.

Juliet had come by earlier to his apartment to give him yet another present. He had no idea how she'd pulled it off to get it so fast but now it was laying over his couch. The exact replica of Tom Cruise's leather jacket from Top Gun and she already told him that there was going to be role playing time tonight. Well sort of. She had already been role playing when she came to his apartment.

Shawn was laying on his couch watching "Top Gun" to get himself in the right mood for that night as his door bell rang.
He got up and strolled towards the door. He had actually no idea who could be outside. When he looked through the peephole he saw Juliet standing outside already wearing the leather jacket and with another jacket draped over her arm. He opened the door with a surprised face.

"Hey Jules, what are you doing here? Aren't we supposed to meet at your place?"

"Well, Lieutenant. I wanted to bring you your jacket back that you've forgotten earlier when we were talking at the hangar."

"Lieutenant? Hangar? Jules, what are you talking about?" Shawn asked totally confused right now.

"Normally I don't date students because it takes a lot more than fancy flying to convince me and actually I found your approach a little too aggressive." Juliet looked him in the eyes straight faced.

Shawn could still hear the film running in the background and when he heard the song "Danger Zone" it suddenly dawned on him and he instantly slipped into his role.

"Too aggressive? Yeah I guess when I see something I go right after it."

Juliet smiled up at him proudly because he immediately played along. Shawn leaned against the door frame and crossed his arms over his chest, sending her a full smile.

"I can see that it is dangerous for you. But when the government trusts me maybe you could too." Shawn was now full immersed in his role and really enjoying it.

"Maybe. Okay Maverick. See you at 5:30 sharp! 100 Laurel Beach... and handle this as classified information." With that, Juliet gave him the jacket, turned around and left through the front door.

Shawn still leaned against his door frame and looked at the spot where Juliet was just a few seconds ago not quite sure if this had really happened or if it was only a dream. But then a big smile emerged on his face.

"This is going to be a hell of a night." Shawn stated into the empty corridor. He turned around shut the door and went back to the living room. He threw himself on the couch grabbed the remote and fast-forwarded to the love scene between Maverick and Charlie to refresh his memory for his "performance" tonight.

As he remembered this he had to smile broadly again. He grabbed the leather jacket from the couch and the aviator shades he had bought after he watched the movie for the first time. He closed the door and climbed on his motorcycle now already really excited about the evening. It felt great to ride on the motorcycle with this specific leather jacket and he couldn't stop smiling the whole way over to Juliet's apartment.

When he arrived at her apartment he looked one last time into his rear view mirror to adjust his hair after putting down his helmet. While he went over to her front door he put on the shades to put the finishing touches to the picture.

When Juliet opened the door he was momentarily speechless. She not only was wearing the leather jacket, but she had also gotten a perm, causing her to look a lot more like Kelly McGillis. In the background he could hear the "Top Gun" soundtrack playing.

Juliet raised her eyebrows quizzically at him and he hurried to speak.

"Sorry that I'm late, Charlie. I was held up." Shawn stepped into the apartment and followed her into the kitchen where she was finishing the dinner. "Actually if you don't mind I would like to take a quick shower while you are finishing up here." Shawn used the exact quote of the movie. Because when they were doing this he wanted to get all out of it.

"Yeah, I do mind. I'm hungry." Juliet replied smiling broadly at him. She also did research after she left Shawn at his apartment and knew all the scenes by heart now. She loved this role playing. It was so much fun.

They went to the porch and were sitting down to start the dinner. Juliet looked up at Shawn. He looked amazing in this leather jacket and suddenly warmth was spreading down to her center but she wasn't finished yet with role playing. It would have to wait for a little bit longer.

"Well Maverick I'm pretty sure you know why I invited you."

"I can imagine what it is you want to hear about." Shawn put his shades down and she could see his green eyes sparkling with amusement.

"The MIG. You were the only pilot who's been up against a MIG 28. I'm trying for this big promotion at work and if I get it I'm not going to be here any longer."

"Seems to me you've got it all figured out." Shawn leaned forward on his arms so that he was closer to Juliet. "But tell me one thing. Do you always get what you want?"

"No. Not always." Juliet chuckled. "Yeah maybe."

Shawn leaned back in his chair took his wine glass and held it in her direction.

"Then relax about the MIG." They locked eyes and Juliet could see the hunger that was already in his eyes. The warmth in her body intensified even more. But there was one more thing she wanted to do before they could give in to each other's desire. She licked her lips and stood up to clear the table and bring the dishes back into the kitchen. On the way over to the kitchen she went to the stereo to put "Take my breath away" the love theme of Top Gun on replay.

When she turned around after putting the dishes down onto the counter she almost crashed into Shawn who followed her from outside. She took in a deep breath and inhaled his scent.

"This is gonna be complicated." She shuddered slightly when he got closer. "See I normally don't invite students to my house even when your MIG-sighting is important for my work. You are..." Juliet trailed off.

Shawn got even more closer until their bodies were almost touching and whispered in her ear.

"I'm glad we got that straight." Juliet had to smile about this comment. Of course he couldn't resist using this one. "But I have one more question."

"Yeah?" Juliet mumbled.

"When you called me reckless yesterday. Do you really think I'm a bad pilot?"

"There is my keyword. Of course he wants to hear it." Juliet chuckled.

"No. I held something back. I see some real genius in your flying, Maverick. But I couldn't say that in there. I was afraid that everyone would see right through me and ... I just don't want anyone to know that I've fallen for you." Juliet looked up at him expecting that Shawn would be looking at her with a big grin on his face.

But the only thing she could see was the pure lust in his eyes. Before she could even say another word he pulled her head to him and crushed his lips on hers. With a sigh she opened her mouth but instead of taking her up on her offer he pulled away a little.

"Shawn?" Juliet whispered, not sure why he stopped.

He cupped her cheek with one hand and stroked with his thumb over her lips. Juliet's knees were going all weak when she could see the love shining in his eyes.

"I love you, Juliet. I think everyday I fall a little bit more even though I thought my love was already as big as it can get." Shawn's voice was hoarse with emotions and tears sprang in Juliet's eyes but before she could respond with something he bent his head again and trailed his tongue over her lips.

Slowly she opened her mouth and they both groaned when their tongues met in a slow dance. They let only their tongues touch each other without meeting their lips. Juliet immediately thought about the love scene in the movie and it was as erotic as it looked on the screen. Juliet pushed her hips forward to get in contact with his erection and groaned loudly when she could feel how aroused he already was. It was enough to make her all wet between her thighs. She pulled him closer by the lapels of his jacket and whispered above his lips.

"Shawn, you big stud. Take me to bed or lose me forever."

He growled and pushed her against the wall but then remembered that he wanted to replay the scene of Top Gun.
So he pulled away and trailed a finger along her neck sliding down to her clavicle and pushing down the jacket in the process.
He opened her blouse button by button while his tongue was trailing over her lips. Every time she reached out with her tongue he pulled back a little bit so that only the tips of their tongues met.
When he opened the last button he trailed with his fingers from her stomach back to her neck and then sideways to push down her blouse. He bend his head down and licked her pulse point at the side of her neck trailing his tongue further over her clavicle while pulling a finger under her bra straps to drag them over her shoulders.
Juliet groaned loudly and pushed his jacket on the ground. She tucked his shirt out of his pants and interrupted his tongue play shortly to tug the shirt over his head. Shawn instantly returned to his task and Juliet closed her eyes while her hands were trailing up and down his back.
He finally opened her bra and pulled it down on the ground. He stopped for a moment and looked at her breasts with the already hardened nipples.

"You are so beautiful, Jules." He whispered with a low voice.

Juliet trailed her hands over his chest down his stomach and began to pop up the buttons of his pants.

"You too." She reached into his pants and boxers and wrapped her hand around his cock. "I love the feeling of your cock in my hand."

"Me too. But ..." He pulled her hand out of his pants and took her hand in his. "Let's go to the bedroom. I think I can't take more foreplay. I've been hard since you opened the door, Jules."

"Really? That's amazing."

"Maybe for you. It feels like I could explode any second." Shawn pulled her with him while he hurried to her bedroom.

They got rid of their remaining clothes as fast as they could. Juliet climbed on the bed and laid down on her back. Shawn slid himself slowly over her until his cock was positioned at her entrance.

"Are you ready, Jules?" He asked with a smirk on his face.

"Almost as long as you are. I've been fired up for you since you were sitting across the table with that damn leather jacket and those aviator shades and my mouth went dry because I think all the wetness went to another place." She replied with a smirk of her own.

"Well then there is nothing left to say then …." And with that he entered her slowly until he was in her all the way. They both sighed with pleasure and Juliet pushed her hips up to get him even deeper inside of her. He stayed that way for a few seconds enjoying the feeling of her walls around his cock.

"Are you sure you can take a Top Gun revival?" He joked still remaining in the same position with his cock deep into her.

"You mean slow? I've been waiting for this all day."

He pulled out of her again and bend his head to kiss her slowly. Their tongues resumed the slow dance and he pushed into her again with a frustratingly slow motion. Juliet arched her back under him and pushed her fingernails in his back. He smiled under her lips but didn't increase his pace even so he wanted nothing more.
He pulled out again and remained at her entrance both trembling violently now. Juliet trailed her tongue over his neck beginning at his Adams apple and ending on his lips again. Pulling his head down to her to get better access to his mouth.

Shawn almost lost his balance because his arms were trembling immensely with the effort to not give in and increase his pace. He pushed in again and saw dark spots because he had to hold his breath.

Juliet trailed her fingers over his back down to his ass.


"Hmmm?" He mumbled still with closed eyes.

"Can we please stop with the revival?"

Shawn opened his eyes and looked down at her confused.

"What do you mean? That we should stop? You can't be serious. I'm not sure if I'm able to."

"No. I meant …. " Juliet puffed out a breath of air. "I don't want it slow anymore, Shawn. Could we please make it hard and fast?" She looked up at him with pleading eyes and grabbed his ass harder.

"Oh thank god. I thought you would never ask." Shawn sighed and plunged his cock deep inside her.

Juliet wrapped her legs around his back to give him the opportunity to deepen his thrusts even more and he took it gladly.

It took them only a few more thrusts from Shawn until they came both hard. Juliet's walls clamped down on his cock with such force that Shawn had to groan but it was the most amazing pleasure until a few seconds later he exploded himself. He dropped down on Juliet not able to stay on his arms any longer both breathing heavily. Shawn was finally able to roll to his side and took Juliet with him so that she was now laying over his chest.

"That was the most awesome movie revival ever." Shawn stated as soon as he was able to speak again.

"Do you think?" Juliet asked into his chest still not able to move not even her pinky finger.

"Definitely. Too bad I can't tell Gus about this." Shawn chuckled.

"I'm surprised you aren't. But maybe it would be a little to embarrassing for him." Juliet replied.

"Yeah that's for sure." Shawn mumbled already almost asleep. Juliet snuggled deeper into his embrace and followed him into the dreamland.

The next morning when she woke up Shawn was already gone. A yellow rose and a paper plane were laying on his pillow. She smiled broadly. He even thought of that little detail.

She pushed herself in a upright position and unfolded the paper.

"I'm glad to have you as my wing man. I would be honored to be Maverick again anytime you want me to. Your personal fighter pilot Shawn Spencer."

Juliet chuckled and spoke into the empty bedroom.

"You betcha! We will definitely repeat this."

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