This came to me after a friend over at the USA Network forum asked how we imagined their first kiss to be like. It's a little sad at the beginning but it get's better at the end and well it's me. So there is smut at the end as well. LOL. Enjoy!

Their first kiss (alternate version)

"I don't know. You might take blurry photos of your espresso in some random café ..."

"I will, Shawn." Juliet interrupted him because the urge to kiss him right here and there in the foyer of her current boyfriend was almost overwhelming. Oh my god, I have a boyfriend. What am I thinking?

They locked eyes for almost a minute. No one spoke a word until they heard Declan's voice shouting down from upstairs and a few seconds later Gus and he were standing in front of them informing them that Declan just bought the hotel.

Juliet couldn't break the eye contact with Shawn. He looked so defeated. She couldn't remember the last time he looked that way. She hardly managed to listen to Declan. All she could think about right now was Shawn.

He didn't know that she overheard his conversation with Gus in the park. How could he wish her an amazing trip with another man? She never thought that he could be so selfless. That her happiness was more important to him than his own. But apparently it was. Juliet barely realized that Declan gave her a peck on her cheek before he disappeared in the direction of the kitchen. She followed Shawn with her eyes until he reached the door and he looked back at her for a few seconds before he closed the door behind him.


"What was that all about?" Gus asked Shawn the moment he closed the door behind him.

"What was what about?" Shawn replied while he strolled in the direction of Gus' blueberry.

"You know damn well what I am talking about, Shawn!"

"No clue, buddy." Shawn said nonchalantly.

"Juliet couldn't take her eyes from you. Not to mention that you couldn't take your eyes from her either. What happened, Shawn?"


"Yeah, right. Nothing." Gus scoffed sarcastically.

Gus grabbed Shawn's arm and stopped him. When Shawn still refused to turn around and look at him he stepped in front of his best friend folding his arms in front of his chest.

"I'm not going anywhere until you've told me, Shawn."

When Shawn finally made eye contact with him Gus almost regretted that he pushed Shawn. He had never seen Shawn that defeated. Never saw that much hurt in his eyes.

"I ..." Shawn began before he stopped clearly struggling with his emotions.

"What happened, Shawn?" Gus asked him with concern in his voice. Shawn was pretty shaken and he wanted to know why. Taking in a deep breath Shawn started again.

"She told me about her trip with Declan, Gus. I thought it was only for a long weekend. But she is going for two weeks. With him, Gus. I … I can't stand the idea of her spending two weeks with him." Shawn explained tiredly.

"That doesn't explain why she looked at you the way she did, Shawn." Gus stated trying to get Shawn to tell him the whole truth.

"I wished her an amazing trip. Told her that she should take pictures of moments not of buildings because that's all that matters. That was all."

"Wow, Shawn. You told her that." Gus was stunned into silence for a few seconds.

"Yeah, why? Is something wrong with wishing her an amazing trip?" Shawn asked confused.

"Of course not, but … that's pretty serious stuff you've told her. I'm not surprised that she looked a little overwhelmed. It hardly happens that you are getting that serious, Shawn."

"I know. But I thought it was the right thing to do. Letting her go, you know." Shawn replied with uncertainty in his voice.

"Don't you want to fight for her, Shawn? I can't remember that you've ever talked about a woman like you talk about Juliet. I think you are in love with her."

"I am. But it's too late, Gus. I waited too long to tell her about my feelings. To ask her if she would give us a chance. She is now with another guy and I have to respect her decisions."

Gus didn't know what he could say. He didn't know how he could help Shawn in this particular situation.

"Gus, can you please drive me to the psych office. I think I need some alone time."

"Of course. No problem." They walked towards the blueberry and when they reached the doors Shawn looked at Gus over the roof.

"Thank you, Gus. I'm glad to have you as my best friend."

"I'm glad to have you as my best friend too. I'm here for you, Shawn. If you need anything."

"I know. But right now there is nothing you can do. I have to get through this on my own. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand. Then let's go. I'll drive you to the office."


Suddenly Juliet felt like she was hit by a train. Shawn loved her. There was no other explanation why he acted the way he did. He would have never wished her an amazing trip with Declan if he was not in love with her. If she was honest with herself she loved him too. For a very long time now. But it never seemed to be the right moment. But now she could change that. She could break up with Declan and go find Shawn.

"Juliet, where did you put our suitcases? I can't find them." Declan asked when he entered the foyer but one look at Juliet's face made him stop immediately. "What's wrong?"

"We need to talk, Declan." Juliet had made up her mind. She would not miss another chance. "I can't come with you on that trip."

"What? What are you talking about?" Declan asked her totally taken by surprise.

"You are a very nice guy and I really like you, but ..." Juliet trailed off.

"You don't love me." Declan assumed.

"No, I don't." Juliet looked at him apologetically.

"It's Shawn, isn't it? I thought that there was something between the two of you when I first met you."

"Yes, it's Shawn. I'm sorry, Declan. But it wouldn't be fair to you if we continue the relationship. I can't love you. My heart belongs already to someone else. I didn't realize it until a few minutes ago. But I gave it away a long time ago." Juliet stated in a quiet voice.

"You are in love with him, aren't you?"

"Yes and I think we have a chance. I have to try, Declan. No other man will ever have a chance as long as I don't try. I think we can have an amazing relationship. Shawn and I. Oh my god, I'm sorry. Talking to you about how great I think Shawn is."

"Don't worry. I can see how happy he'll make you. So go, Juliet. Go and tell him how you feel about him. He is one lucky guy."

"Thank you, Declan." Juliet stood up on her tiptoes and gave him a quick peck on his cheek before she practically ran out of his house to find Shawn.


Juliet stood in front of the psych office trying to collect all her courage. She called Gus to ask where Shawn was and she was a little surprised how harsh he had been to her. Gus didn't say it but apparently seeing her with Declan hurt Shawn immensely and his speech to her in Declan's foyer made it even worse. When Juliet told him why she wanted to find Shawn he calmed down considerably but he warned her that she better not mess it up.

Juliet straightened her shoulders and opened the door. There was no light on and she found her way through the darkness until she reached the main room. The light of the street lamps outside illuminated the room enough so that she could see that Shawn was slumped down in a chair. When she walked over to him she realized that he was apparently asleep because he didn't react in the slightest. Juliet crouched beside the chair and took a few seconds to study his face. Even though she hardly could see anything she still could make out the deep wrinkles around his eyes and mouth.

Juliet stretched out a finger and tried to smooth the deep frown between his eyes. Trailing her fingers along his jawbone she leaned forward and gave him a peck on his lips. It was the first time that their lips were touching and a jolt went through her body. Suddenly she knew that she had made the right decision. She wanted him. Only him.

Cupping his cheek in her hand she caressed his lip with one finger and whispered his name quietly. She didn't want to startle him out of his sleep.

"Shawn?" Shawn started to move when she repeated his name a few times leaning his face unconsciously more into her hand.

"Hmmm?" Shawn mumbled incoherently still not fully awake.

"It's me. Juliet. Wake up, Shawn." When Shawn opened his eyes he smiled up at her dreamily until he realized that she was really in front of him. He pushed out of the chair and took a few steps away looking totally bewildered at her.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were already on your way to Amalfi." Shawn demanded.

"I couldn't go." It was the only thing Juliet could think of to say to him. At least it was the only thing that seemed to matter in that moment.

"Why?" Shawn asked her dumbfounded.

"Because of you." Juliet stated without hesitation.

"Because of me?" Shawn wondered.

"Yes, Shawn. Because of you. I know it's kind of sad that it took me overhearing a talk between Gus and you to realize how much you mean to me." Juliet replied.

"Stop. You've heard what I was saying to Gus?"

"Yeah, and you are right." Juliet took a few steps towards him until she was standing only a few inches away from him.

"Right how?" Shawn murmured looking down into her face.

"I can't be happy without you either."

Juliet didn't give him time to answer. She leaned forward and pressed her lips against his. At first she thought that Shawn wouldn't react at all and she already wanted to move away when suddenly his arm shot out pressing her into his body. His other hand moved up to her head and he deepened the kiss while he wrapped her hair around his fingers.

When Juliet opened her mouth under his lips and his tongue swept into her her knees almost gave out under her. The kiss was intoxicating. The only thing that held her upright was Shawn's arm around her waist. She reciprocated the kiss passionately, overwhelmed by the emotions that ran through her whole body because she finally kissed Shawn. When Shawn broke up the kiss he buried his face into her neck inhaling her scent.

"You can't imagine how long I wanted to do exactly that." Shawn panted against the skin of her neck.

"Maybe as long as I wanted to do it?" Juliet replied breathlessly.

Shawn chuckled and leaned back to look into Juliet's face. He was still not convinced that he wasn't dreaming. Because the fact that Juliet was in his arms right now was somehow unreal.

"Where are your keys?" Shawn suddenly asked.

"My keys?"

"For your car. Let's get out of here."


"I don't care. To my apartment or to yours. Doesn't matter."

"Are you in a hurry, Shawn Spencer?" Juliet asked teasingly.

"You have no idea." Shawn answered in a husky voice.


Juliet didn't know how they managed to get to her apartment without an accident. Every time she looked at Shawn his gaze seemed to become more heated. He didn't even touch her except of their hands that were intertwined the whole drive. But they waited so long for this to happen that she was already aroused immensely only by the fact that she knew exactly what would happen in a few minutes and she couldn't wait to see his body. To feel him pressed into her for the first time.

The moment she stopped the car in front of her apartment Shawn was all over her. Kissing her hungrily. Pressing her into the seat. His fingers already made their way under her shirt. But before he reached her bra she stopped him and mumbled under his lips.

"Not here, Shawn. Let's go inside."

The moment Juliet slammed the door shut behind them Shawn pressed her into it. There was no patience in their movements. Several buttons fell onto the floor when Shawn ripped her blouse open. But Juliet had no mercy with Shawn's clothes as well. She was sure she ripped away all of the buttons of his shirt in the frantic attempt to finally feel his bare chest under her fingers.

Shawn groaned loudly under her lips when Juliet wrapped one leg around his hips pressing his erection more deeply into her. With each passing second their kisses got more passionate, their movements more frantic and Juliet didn't want it any other way. She didn't want it slow. She wanted it hard and hot. They had built up too much sexual tension over the years. There was no way that it wouldn't explode when they finally gave into it.

"Where is your bedroom, Jules? I don't want our first time to be against the door. How should we explain that to our children?" Shawn interrupted their wild make out session against the door for a few seconds to get out the questions.

"You want to tell our children where we did it for the first time? I don't think they need to know that detail." Juliet deadpanned.

"Maybe you are right. But Jules, … bed?"

"Oh, yeah. That way."

Juliet released Shawn's lips only for the few moments it took them to reach her bedroom. But in the moment they hit the bed she turned around and locked her lips with his again. Juliet's hands reached down to Shawn's jeans to open his belt but Shawn stopped her.

"Are you sure you want to do this, Jules? Because there is no turning away from this afterwards."

"I'm sure, Shawn." Juliet wrapped her hand around his neck and pulled him down to her while her other hand started again to get rid of Shawn's jeans. Shawn's hand wandered down her stomach beneath her jeans and when his fingers made contact with her wet center Juliet sighed and involuntarily lifted her hips to increase the pressure of his fingers. When Shawn removed his fingers only after a few seconds Juliet groaned out in displeasure making Shawn chuckle.

"My fingers only need more room, Jules. Don't be so impatient."

"But I'm impatient. And it looks like some parts of you are as impatient as I am." Juliet snuck her hand into his jeans and pressed her palm against Shawn's erection causing him to hiss out loudly. "See how impatient I am?"

"Okay, I get your point. But can you please stop for a second so that we can remove our pants. I want to see you naked, Jules. Now."

They managed to stop kissing long enough to remove the rest of their clothing and when Shawn finally lowered his body onto Juliet's she shivered under him.

"God, Shawn. I waited too long to feel you like that."

"We wasted so much time, Jules."

"I know. So what are you waiting for now?" Juliet could feel him between her legs but she wanted to feel him inside of her.

"I want to remember this moment forever, Jules. Making love with you for the very first time. The moment I was in you for the very first time."

Juliet held her breath when she felt Shawn moving between her legs and when he finally pushed inside of her she let out the breath and arched her back to take Shawn into her completely. Juliet felt Shawn tremble above her and she moved her hips to encourage him to start moving again. But Shawn stopped the movement with his hand.

"Give me a moment, Jules. It's just … being in you feels incredible. If you don't want this to end in two seconds you have to wait."

Juliet remained still only trailing her hand up and down his spine trying desperately to not move a muscle even though the feeling of Shawn inside of her almost drove her insane. Finally Shawn pulled out of her again until only his tip was still in her before he pushed into her again. When he pulled out again Juliet squeezed her walls around him and Shawn cursed silently before he took in a shuddering breath.

"That's mean, Jules."

"Shawn, please. I want you. Hard and fast. I don't care how long it takes. I'm exploding any second anyway."

Shawn pumped into her harder and faster and Juliet hadn't lied. Two strokes later she exploded under him and there was no need for him to hold back any longer. With the next stroke he followed and crashed down onto her.

They lay wrapped around each other on the bed in complete silence afterwards. Juliet was the first who broke the silence.

"Why did we wait so long to get to this point, Shawn?"

"I don't know, Jules. Let's just be glad that we finally took the plunge."

"Yeah, it was about time."

"Won't argue with you on that one. And Jules, ..."

"Yes, Shawn?"

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"For giving us a chance."

"It was the best decision of my life."

Wow, this one-shot is longer than I intended it to be. I blame Shawn and Juliet. These two are just so inspiring. :D Until the next time.