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"No!" Danny yelled as the Nasty Burger exploded with his family, friends, and teacher inside.

Danny sat up on the ground and found himself in human form, 'Did I pass out flying again?' Danny wounded.

Danny sighed and let tears fall down his face, "I can't belief that happened," Danny said.

Danny looked around for where his backpack could have fallen. He found it by a rock and found a city about a mile from where he was, "Well it's better than nothing," Danny said, "And defiantly better than going to Vlad. Never going to happen. It just can't."

Danny walked towards the city, which he later finds out to be Jump City.

Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg were sitting around the kitchen eating breakfast when a bright blue light blinded their vision. The they opened their eyes they saw Clockwork floating there, "Titans-" Robin started.

"Hold it Richard," Clockwork said holding up a hand, "I mean no harm."

Robin's mouth dropped at his real name, "Richard?" the rest of the Titans said confused.

"How do you know my real name?" Robin asked.

Clockwork smirked, "I know everything about all of you Richard," Clockwork said, "I know Koriand'r is Tamaranian and is the hire to Tamaran. That you only left Batman because you wanted to prove yourself to him. I also know that Victor has an obsession with his machines because he feels one with them. That Garfield only wishes to see his friends happy because he's never truly happy himself. And finally that Rachel only wants those she loves to be safe and happy because she fears that Trigon is not really dead."

Every Titan's mouth dropped, "Uh... dude," Beast Boy said, "Some of that stuff was personal."

"I know," Clockwork said and smirked, "But than again, I know everything."

"How is it possible for you to know everything?" Starfire asked.

"And who are you?" Cyborg asked.

"I am Clockwork," Clockwork said, "A ghost and the Master of Time."

"Master of Time?" Robin said, "Ghost?"

"Correct Richard," Clockwork said.

"Would you please stop calling me that!" Robin yelled.

"You must listen carefully," Clockwork said ignoring Robin.

The Titans sensed Clockwork's worry and couldn't help but wonder, "Why?" they asked in unison.

Clockwork moved his staff in front of him making a moving blue screen appear and showed Danny getting shocked by the portal and screaming. The Titans gasped, even Raven, "This boy," the picture changed to Danny coming out of the portal in Phantom form and Sam and Tucker running over to him, "Is no normal 14 year old," Clockwork said.

The picture showed Danny turning back human, "What the?" Danny said, "How?"

The Titans were confused, "This is Daniel Fenton, known as Danny to his family and friends, and known to the town of Amity Park as Danny Phantom," Clockwork said, "Daniel is half ghost and has used his powers to protect his town, even though they all want him dead."

The picture showed Danny in a headlock by the mayor. The Titan's mouth dropped, "Why does he do that if they don't want him too?" Beast Boy asked.

The picture changed to Sam, Tucker, Maddie, Jack, and Jazz, "This is why," Clockwork said, "These are his parents," the pictured zoomed in on Maddie and Jack, "Professional ghost hunters."

The Titans gasped, "Dang..." Cyborg trailed off.

"This is his old sister, Jasmine," the pictured zoomed in on Jazz, "She found out about Daniel's powers and kept their parents from hurting him, without letting them or Daniel know she knows. She's also very bright. These are his two best friends, Samantha and Tucker," the picture zoomed in on Sam and Tucker, "They were the only humans, besides Jasmine, to know Daniel's secret, and helped him in anyway they could.

"The reason Daniel stayed and protected the town was because they still lived there, and every ghost, even a half ghost, has an obsession. His is to protect."

The Titans were quiet, "So why are you telling us this?" Robin asked.

The picture changed and showed Dan destroying Amity Park, making the Titans gasp, "Is that him?" Starfire asked.

"It's a possibility," Clockwork said.

"A possibility?" Raven said in her monotone, "Isn't time set in stone?"

Clockwork shook his hand, "There are ghost's called Observants who watch the time stream and when something like Dan shows up, they send me to get rid of it," Clockwork said, "But the Observants only see what they want to see, one way the time stream can go. I see every which way it can go. I had planned on giving Daniel a second chance," the picture showed Danny's family and friends explode making the Titans gasp in horror, but breathed in relief when they saw them floating with Clockwork and Danny, "But the Observants wouldn't have it," Clockwork said and the pictured showed Danny crying on the ground on the Nasty Burger.

Robin became consumed with anger, "Calm yourself Richard," Clockwork said.

"Calm myself?" Robin quietly, "You want me to stay calm while a 14 year old just lost his loved ones!"

"Richard!" Clockwork yelled making Robin be quiet, "Let me finish."

The Titans nodded and the picture showed Danny walking into Jump City, "He's here!" the Titans said in shock.

"Yes," Clockwork said, "He wants to make sure this," the picture showed Dan destroying a town again, "Doesn't happen. So he ran as far as he could from his arch enemy Vladimir Master, also known as Vlad, and Vlad Plasmas. Dan was created when Danny's ghost half mixed with Vladimir's, so he ran away hoping Vladimir couldn't find him," the picture showed Vlad in human form going to ghost form.

"So, what do you want us to do?" Cyborg asked.

"I was able to do one thing that may prevent Daniel from becoming Dan," Clockwork said.

"Really?" the Titans said with hope and shock.

Clockwork nodded and the pictured showed Jazz, Sam, and Tucker passed out on a hill, but breathing, "You saved his sister and his friends!" Starfire said joyfully clapping her hands together.

"Yes, but unfortunately, they are 100's of miles away from here and will take them time to get here," Clockwork said, "What I'm asking from you Titans is to find Daniel and help him, but don't tell him that Jasmine, Samantha, and Tucker are alive until they reach the city, which should be about a week, unless Daniel just gives up on everything and goes to Vladimir, or he becomes so consumed with rage the Dan takes over. If that should happen only they will be able to snap him out of it."

The Titans nodded, "Don't worry," Robin said, "We'll make sure Danny's sister and friends get here and that Danny doesn't turn into Dan."

Clockwork smiled and the blue screen disappeared, "I knew I could count on you five," Clockwork said.

"But why are you putting so much effort into Danny?" Raven asked, "Why didn't you just kill him in the first place?"

Clockwork smiled, "The same reason I saved you from when you became the portal," Clockwork said, "You have a future that could change the world."

Raven went wide eyed, "You-" Raven didn't get to finished her question because Clockwork vanished in blue light.

All the Titans were shocked, but none more so than Raven, "Come on," Robin said, "We better go find Danny before he leaves town.

Everyone, but Raven nodded and went out the door. Beast Boy stopped in front of the door when he realized Raven wasn't coming. Raven was looking at her hands. Beast boy sighed and walked over to her and grabbed her elbow causing her to turn in shock, "Come on," Beast Boy said, "You can't worry about your future now Raven, we need to find Danny."

Raven blinked a few times then nodded and flew out the door with Beast Boy running behind her.

Meanwhile, Danny was walking through Jump City looking around, 'This seems peaceful enough,'Danny thought, 'No ghosts, no Vlad, no...Sam...'

Danny felt tears threaten to fall down again, 'Stop!' Danny heard a voice yell at him, 'Their gone and there's nothing you can or could do about it.'

'Get out of my head!' Danny yelled at the voice,Dan.

'I'm never going to be gone,' Dan said, 'You're on the path, it's only a matter of time.'

Danny let tears fall again and then was grabbed into an alley. Danny let out a small yelp before his mouth was covered. Danny saw a big guy with long red hair, a bald short kid flying and holding a remote, a dark scary kid with a purple and black cape, reminding him of Sam, a boy with one eye, and a teen in a red suit with a division sign in the middle. The big guy was the one who had his hand over Danny's mouth and laughing, "What do you know?" the short kid said, "We don't need that traitor."

"Yeah," the boy in the in the red suit said, "Who needs Jinx?"

"Not us," the big one said laughing.

Danny bit the big guy's hand causing him to let go and yell in pain, "Who are you and what do you want?" Danny asked going into fighting stance.

"We're the Hive Five," the short one said, "I'm Gizmo, this is Mammoth, Kid(I'm not even going to try and spell that name, so lets just call him Kid), See-more, and Billy Numerous."

"And we want your money," Billy said.

Danny raised an eyebrow, "Yeah..." Danny said, "No thanks."

Danny turned and ran, "Hey!" the Hive Five yelled and ran after him.

Danny ran a inhuman speed away from the Hive Five, 'Who are these losers?' Danny wondered, 'They're lamer than the Box Ghost.'

"Dang!" Mammoth yelled, "That kid runs fast. What does he eat for breakfast?"

Danny chuckled he hadn't had breakfast in two days, make that lunch and dinner too. Danny continued to run and he heard a voice yell, "Titans GO!"

"Crud!" Gizmo yelled, "It's the Titans!"

"Let's split," Billy said and the Hive Five ran off (I'm pretty sure Billy's said that at least once in the show.)

Danny skidded to a stop and turned around and show Robin looking annoyed, Cyborg halfway out of the T-car, Beast Boy with his arms crossed bored, and Raven and Starfire floating in the air starbolts and dark magic disappearing from their hands. Danny raised at eyebrow at the Titans, 'This town has their own protection?' Danny wondered.

Starfire and Raven landed with their team and they walked up to Danny. Suddenly, an explosion was heard and a building started to fall...right over the Titans, "No!" Danny yelled and dropped his bag and transform and phased them all through the building.

The Titans gasped. They were unhurt, but Danny was nowhere to be found. Suddenly, Danny phased up and fell to his knees and turned human, "Stupid protection obsession," Danny muttered before passing out.

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