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Danny's Point of View

It's been about two weeks since I gained control over Dan and we were all living with the Titans or we all became Titans. I became a Titans for obvious reasons, Jazz became a Titan because she was smarter than Robin when it came to solving cases, Tucker happened to know a little more about technology than Cyborg did, which I'm still not sure how that works out, but I'm not complaining, and Sam happens to be better at training the Titans then Robin does, it was funny to watch Robin's face when Sam beat him in sparing I still get the giggles.

Currently, Jazz and Tucker were studying the villain flies, Cyborg was making dinner, Robin was explaining something to Starfire, and Raven and Beast Boy were reading, did I forget to mention that Raven got Beast Boy to read more? And me and Sam just walked in from training...okay that's a lie, but I just got together with her, "Danny, you have 'training' on your lips," Tucker said when he turned around.

I quickly wiped the lipstick off and blushed, "Funny Tuck," I said.

Tucker smiled and turned back to the files, "Alright," Cyborg said, "Steaks are done."

"Cyborg!" Sam and Beast Boy yelled in unison.

"I know," Cyborg said pulling out two salads, "I'm not forgetful, mostly because last time I got overshadowed until morning."

I smirked, "Well, it's only fair Cyborg," I said, "You fixed everyone else theirs."

"Yeah yeah," Cyborg said, "Just come eat y'all."

We all sat down in the kitchen and began to eat. I saw in the corner of my eye Raven sneaking glances at Beast Boy and Starfire doing the same with Robin. I shook my head, 'This is getting stupid,' I thought, 'Why can't they just get together? Raven doesn't have to hide her emotions so why doesn't she just tell Beast Boy. And Robin and Starfire are just being dumb.'

After we finished everyone went to bed, well everyone but Sam, Jazz, Tucker, and I, "I wasn't the only one who saw Raven, Beast Boy, Robin, and Starfire right?" I asked.

"Nope," Sam, Jazz, and Tucker said.

"We have got to do something about them," I said.

"I've got an idea," Jazz said.

Jazz's Point of View The Next Day

It was the perfect plan. Danny and Sam would push Raven and Beast Boy together while me and Tucker pushed Robin and Starfire. Right now Tucker and I were watching Robin explain to Starfire why a hotdog was called a hotdog. I smiled, "Hey Robin," I said walking up to him and Starfire with Tucker not far behind, "Have you explained to Starfire what kissing is yet?"

Robin blushed a deep red and Starfire a light pink, "Yes," Robin said, "Why?"

"Oh just wondering," I said.

"I'm just going to go now," Robin said and went to the sliding doors, but ran into them because they didn't open, "What the?"

"That's odd," Tucker said.

Robin groaned, "Can you fix it?" Robin asked Tucker.

"Sure," Tucker said, "But it's going to take a while."

Robin groaned again, "Maybe I can help," I said and went over to my boyfriend.

"Do you seriously think they're going to get together with us in here?" Tucker asked me.

I smirked, "3, 2, 1," I turned along with Tucker and his mouth dropped and I smiled, "See."

Tucker blinked, "You gave us the easy one on purpose didn't you?" Tucker asked smirking.

I gave him a look, "Duh!" I said, "One: I don't want to be the person who forces Raven to do something, and two," I kissed Tucker's cheek, "You owe me something."

Tucker smiled, "Okay, but I'm not kissing you until we're alone, unlike some people," Tucker said looking at Robin and Starfire.

I shook my head, "Then open the doors," I said.

"Yeah yeah," Tucker said and hit something on his PDA, "Happy?"

"Very," I said and grabbed his hand and pulled him out.

Sam's Point of View

"Jazz so did this on purpose," I said as I watched Raven and Beast Boy read on the couch, invisible of course.

Danny was in ghost mode holding me around the waist, "I saw this coming when she said 'I've got an idea'"

I sighed, "You got a plan?" I asked.

"Maybe," Danny said, "Just don't make a sound until I tell you to."

I nodded and Danny flew us above Raven and Beast Boy. Danny's hand began to glow a blue aura. Cyborg had found an ice core, or something inside of Danny, that allowed him to have ice powers and with the right training he gained control of them, but not before freezing the tower 12 times. Raven began to shiver, "Who turned on the AC?" Raven asked.

"Did someone turn on the AC!" Beast Boy yelled.

Danny phased us up, "Now say something to keep them off our trail," Danny said to me.

I nodded and said the first thing that came to mind, "Danny!" I yelled, "The AC's broken. Can you come take some of the cold out? I'm freezing!"

Danny chuckled, "Sure!" Danny yelled and phased us back to Raven and Beast Boy.

"Well this stinks," Beast Boy said.

"Yeah," Raven said, "You forgot to shower again."

"I did not!" Beast Boy yelled.

Danny flew over and locked the door and phased out of the room again and I knew what to do, "Danny no!" I said, "Great, now all the doors are locked."

Danny laughed again and phased back into the room where Raven was trying to open the door, "Danny is too clumsy," Raven said.

"Now what?" Beast Boy asked.

Raven began to rub her arms, "The one time I don't wear my cape," Raven said.

"Come here," Beast Boy said and led Raven to the couch, "It's best if we sit together so we shore each others heat."

Raven nodded, but didn't say anything and continued to rub her arm, "This isn't working Danny," I whispered.

"Just wait," Danny said.

I watched as Raven cuddled into Beast Boy she said for warmth, but I knew better and smirked, "Never mind," I whispered.

Danny kissed my forehead and continued to make the room cold. Raven continued to rubbed her arms and Beast Boy helped, "Okay," I whispered, "This is getting stupid."

"I agree," Danny said, "You want to push Raven or Beast Boy's head down?"

"Beast Boy," I said, "Because he doesn't have to keep rage under control."

Danny nodded and we flew behind Beast Boy and Danny let me push Beast Boy's head into Raven. They were shocked at first, but soon didn't care and relaxed. Danny and I smirked and Danny phased out of there, "Fix it!" Danny yelled.

"Great," I said, "Now let's get out of here."

Finally, everyone is together! Well, everyone but Cyborg, but he's next as soon as Bumblebee comes over for a monthly check in.

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