Second Thoughts
By: Manna


It was so very wrong, but it felt right, and she couldn't help but wonder what that made it, then, when the mind said one thing and the heart another.

His breath was warm against her skin, and for a moment, she allowed herself the luxury of watching him sleep. The lines of his face were less noticeable this way, she thought, and her fingertips traced the corners of his eyes and mouth.

What if the right outweighed the wrong?

Her lips curved upward in a half-hearted smile as she detangled her limbs from his. Something wrong was always wrong, and what she had done was inexcusable. She could not return to Harken, not again, nor could she stay with Legault; as right as the idea felt to her heart, her mind would never allow her to tie him down because of her own selfishness.

She brushed his hair from his forehead and pressed her lips against the skin there, lingering for a time before she pulled away.


His long fingers wrapped around her wrist as she tried to leave his side. Silly woman, he thought as he rolled over to face her. And he'd been sleeping so well, too! Well, humans were full of doubt sometimes, and Isadora was just as human as he was, maybe more so.

"Having second thoughts?" he asked her, smiling slightly to see her wide eyes and open mouth.

She pressed her lips together. "This isn't right."

"That's not what you were saying a few hours ago," he pointed out, and leaned up on one elbow to look at her.

She flushed at his words, and made some sort of attempt at covering herself. "N-No," she tried. "That was…right."

He grinned, and she looked away.

"But this is—we're—wrong." Her eyes fell on the small ring on her left hand. "I shouldn't have—"

"What's done is done," he said airily, and if he came off as uncaring, it wasn't intentional. "It wasn't his name you were asking for last night."


She knew it hadn't been Harken's name she'd been calling out, begging for, but why was that? Why hadn't she? It was Harken's ring she wore.

She looked back down at Legault and then shook her head. "I know," she said, not daring to touch the ring on her finger. "But, I…"

"If you don't want to stay," he told her with a slight shrug of his shoulders, "then don't."

"No, that's not it…"

"Then what is it?" he asked. "Harken might have loved you when he put that ring on your finger, and maybe you were just head-over-heels for him, too. But don't forget that things have happened and he's not the same man now that he was back then."

Her mouth hung open for a moment before she could manage to close it. Legault had something of a point. She could give the ring back, apologize, say it just wasn't going to work for her, but…

"I can't tie you down," she blurted out.

"I might enjoy that, if you mean in the literal sense," he said, looking quite serious. "Who says you have to tie me down?"

Her cheeks warmed and she turned her head away. "Nobody, but—"

"If it's what I want, too," he said dryly, "then your point is moot. Now, look, if you want to stay, stay. And if you don't…well, you've got a few other options."

"So you're saying you want…?"

He pulled her down next to him and she realized she had her answer.


Author Notes:

For Kittykatloren for the V-Day exchange over on Livejournal. I…am not very good at writing these characters, but I still wanted to give it a try. I hope it was okay.