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Mai POV:

* Beep beep beep beep *

I looked at my alarm clock 7:04 ..just enough time to get ready

I got undressed then jumped in to the shower the warm water felt really good on my skin

It made me feel refreshed I got out then went to my closet I took out the male students uniform then put it on I hated the female uniform .. So I refused to wear it I brushed my long black hair and made my self a cup of coffee a lot of people in my grade hated it but I loved it the taste ..the smell everything about it made me happy ..I ate breakfast got my shoes on then ran out the door

I had to be there before classes started for a student council meeting I was the president and all I should try to be on time for my own meeting I'm also caption of the track and field team caption of the kendo club

And even caption of the swim team -sigh- I never even asked to be caption of anything people just kept begging me so I agreed just to shut them up

I made it to school just on time for the meeting but I couldn't pay attention to any of it I started think about yesterday about chocolate dipped banana and blue raspberry and what Nina was doing with them

Maybe it was just a weird dream ..that's probably it I mean a giant owl and pink cat ha-ha and a flying car … I have such an imagination to dream up something like that

"Good work today" I snapped out of thinking about that weird dream to see Momo

The vice president and one of my childhood friends standing in front of me….

"Oh!… Hey Momo you too you did awesome ha-ha-ha"

" thank you but are you feeling alright its not like you to zone out like that it took me awhile just to get you to respond just now" said Momo worriedly her violet eyes burning in to me

I couldn't tell her what had happened yesterday she would never believe me she would think I was crazy!

" don't worry about me I'm fine I'm just. .a little tired today that's all" I said rubbing my eyes

"ehh tired then how about I make you something to wake you up" she said sweetly

" ummmm ahhhh its

its okay Momo I feel waay better now just by talking to you but thanks "

Fact about Momo she's terrible at cooking I almost died trying one of her (special).. cookies

" is that so ..well then I'm happy just making Mai happy he-he-he"

Damn she's sooo cute no wonder she's the most popular girl in school"

" thanks Momo well I better go to class before the bells rings"

" okay good luck "

I was on time for class I had just sat down when I noticed all the guys staring at me AGAIN

It got really annoying it was so creepy "Hino-san" said a chubby boy in my class "yes?" I replied running my hand threw my hair

" I-I made this picture of us its me and you on our wedding day do-do you like it"

It was the most horrifying thing I have ever seen

"oh.. Um thank….. You its very nice" I said politely trying my hardest not to throw up

" ooh Hino-san thank you I was hoping you would like it"

"heh… well ..I do" I lied threw my teeth

Suddenly idiot Nina burst in to the class just before the bell rang

Her two friends were nagging her about coming earlier

" I know guys I was just umm … having a problem I will try to be here sooner"

Like she will ever be here sooner she is always late

"good morning everyone today we have some new students"

Said the teacher he was cheery as always ..wait new students? It couldn't be

" this is Zero and Ichii…. Ichii is two years older then every one but had to stay in the hospital for a while so he is starting in the 7th grade with everyone please make them feel welcome"

All the girls started chattering and freaking out Nina looked like she was in shock ..soooo chocolate milkshake is Ichii and blueberry muffin is Zero….so…it wasn't a dream after all whoa…

But why are they here

"teacher I wont sit anywhere else but beside Nina" said Ichii " same with me" said Zero…

They walked over and sat next to her all the girls were freaking out well.. except me

At the end of class Ichii and zero pulled Nina out of class there were of really messed up rumours going around about them I felt kinda bad for Nina because she looked like she really wanted to get away so I thought she could use some help

" come on cant I have a little time alone" asked Nina

" I'm sorry Nina but its better we stay with you all day"

Said Ichii

" yeah so don't go running off" said Zero

"COME ON !" Nina pleaded

"hey Nina funny running into you here" I said casually

" ooh hi Mai what are you doing" she asked

" umm well your friends asked me if I could find you they really needed to talk to you"

"eeh really? Where are they"

"ummm how about I show you the way"

" okay that would be great !" said Nina innocently

"okay well then lets go" I said grabbing Nina by the arm

"hey Nina we should come with you just in case something happens" said Ichii looking at me then her

" hey are you saying she won't be safe with me?" I said rapping my arms around Nina's shoulders

" no that's not it its just" Ichii began "okay" I said cutting him off "see you later"

'HEY! We cant leave Nina's side" said Zero in a annoyed tone

"hey don't worry about it" I said patting Zero on the head "I'll make sure the princess is safe"


"don't worry it will only take a minute"

I pulled Nina away from her guards …

" so umm where are youka and hatuka ?" asked Nina

" I lied there not looking for you ..it just looked like you needed help"

" oh really? Um thanks"

" no problem now I better be going"

I didn't want to spend any more time with this annoying girl..

" wait!"


What did she want now ?

" I should thank you properly…um after school do you want to maybe go to the cake shop or….um"

" sorry I'm busy" I said walking away

" I'll pay of course"

" well if your paying… why not"

I cant refuse a free meal….

" oh okaay great lets meet by the gate"

" hmm sure"

" see you then!"

"yup see you then…."

Wow she's such an energetic girl…..

Nina POV: finally I was free from Zero and Ichii even if it is only for a little while

And its all thanks to Mai….she's soooo cool and pretty I cant believe she talked to me let alone actually helped me I never really talked to her before I wonder why she bothered making up an excuse just to help me ….

Well maybe its because she's the student council president she probably looks out for everyone ….

Either way I need to thank her I hope treating her to some cake and other goodies will help though I'm a little scared to eat cake now after mistaking the crystal pearl for candy on a piece of cake I had

Well at least I have Zero and Ichii to protect me now speaking of them where are they I better find them they are probably worried

" there you are Nina!" I turned to see zero and Ichii running over to me

" I thought you were only going to be a minute!" said Zero

" you really made us worry you know" said Ichii

" I'm sorry I just had to help my friends with something"

" well at least your alright" said Ichii

" yeah… I am ha-ha-ha"

We should go to our next class come on guys" said zero grabbing me by the arm

"alright" said Ichii grabbing my other arm

For the rest of the period everyone was staring at me I was soo embarrassed people even thought I was dating both of them or that it was a love triangle waaah I liked it better when barely anyone new my name

youka and hatuka were both going crazy over it and I was getting dirty looks from all the Zero/Ichii fan girls

I had finally had enough " guys please you don't have to follow me everywhere I go"

" what are you talking about ! What if san or forte try to capture you again while we are not around" said Zero in his normal cocky tone

" I know you want to be alone sometimes but its best that you stay with us" said Ichii kindly as always

I started backing away " guys I understand but-" ( I didn't notice the staircase I had stepped back to far and was about to fall) kya this is going to hurt I shut my eyes tightly when I felt someone pull me back up it was Ichii !

" Nina are you alright?" Ichii was holding me oh my godddd " ah ah ah I'm fine FINE" I jumped up then ran off as fast as I could go

"Nina wait!….. I hope she's okay it seems we have been troubling her lately" said Ichii

" she'll be fine if she's that annoyed leave her be for awhile she will cool off sooner or later"

Said Zero

" I guess your right"

I was soo embarrassed I had run straight for the girls washroom oh my goddddd my heart is still beating …could it be Ichii that I had dreamed about last night saving me?

I was so deep in thought that I didn't notice the girls cornering me begging for answers

" are you ichii and Zero going out?"

" can you give me there phone numbers"

" your sooo sneaky Nina"


Wow that one was harsh

" NINA answer us!"

Even youka and hatuka were joining in though's jerks

" mwahaa you can't escape crystal pearl"

Uh? Was san and forte here too? I spotted them at the back…

Forte was wearing the female uniform ….he was… a she?

" ohh.. I see forte" " uhh see what" asked forte

" you're a girl I really thought you were a boy I'm sorry"


"TEEE-HEE" it was my idea Nina great right?"

" EHHHHHHHHHHH" all the girls were freaking out

" get out of here"

" how dirty"

" I was changing PIG"

"how dare you !"

" I'll turn you in to a real girl"


Wow that last one…..was harsh AGAIN

The girls chased forte but San was chasing meee with human eating…FISH?

" come on Nina stop running away lets plaaayyyy"

" no waaaay San I don't want to play this game"

"awwww no fair"

Ugggh this is soo freaky get away from me you disgusting fish !


I kept running oohhh goddddd where are they

As I was still running for my very life I spotted Mai

"MAI! HELP ME" I cried

She turned around looked at me then looked at the giant fish…

Then looked at san




I screamed

Mai stopped walking then gave me a really scary glare

" I'll only help if you shut your bloody mouth your voice is so irritating"

I paused in shock I never saw that side of her she seemed so friendly

But I did as I was told

Suddenly she pulled out a random baseball bat I have no idea were that came from she started charging for the fish then..then..then she started whacking them and actually killing them

" HEY you meanie stop that your killing my pets!" said san in a whiney tone

Mai ignored her and continued killing the fish wow she's really strong

" that's it! Now you have made me mad!" san started sending fish in Mai's direction but Mai dodged them nicely then jumped out the window he-he WAIT WINDOW? Oh nooooo suicide? MAI you were sooo young … then I noticed she had landed on her feet…

She's to cool but right now I have to find Ichii or Zero

I don't want to die this way …by getting eaten by a giant fish ! Stupid crystal pearl I wish I never ate yoooouuu

Mai POV:

So I was forced to help that idiot Nina who had fish after her I killed some then jumped out the window

All I could hear was Nina screaming about me committing suicide or something anyways I remembered seeing Ichii close by I couldn't help but wonder why he and Zero were not saving her I traced by steps back to where I saw Ichii I soon found him cornered by his fan club


All the girls turned to face me

" president Mai Hino-san !"

They all said at the same time


The girls stayed put cornering the poor damsel in distress Ichii


The girls ran away as fast as they could they were so afraid of me ha-ha-ha

" hey Ichii right? Are you okay" I said coolly walking over to him

" yes I'm fine thank you for helping me out"

" well it's the duty of the student council president to help anyone who needs it"

" I guess so" said Ichii chuckling

" but you have someone you need to be helping right now" I said looking away


" Nina last time I saw her she was being chased by a bunch of flying fish the ring leader looked like a cute girl with black hair"

Ichii looked like he was in shock

" what way did they go ! Was Zero with her"

" nooo blueberry pancake was not with her the whole schools in a panic"

" blueberry pancakes? Ahhh… okay I'll go to her right away thank you so much for your help"

"no problem" …he patted me on the head then ran off….

I couldn't help blushing ahhhhhh no don't be like the typical middle school girl! Its not my fault that he's very attractive.. No-no-no don't start thinking like that

Anyways I better see what happens this is getting interesting