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There is nothing like lying under a tree on the brink of dusk; the sky a golden color as the sun begins to descend beyond the horizon. The leaves dancing across the sky as they fall to the earth only makes this moment more peaceful.

This is where we find Gabriel who at the moment is taking advantage of this serene scenery to clear his head. His body resting upon a bed of grass under the tree as he gazes up into the sky; his eyes seem to be vacant, and he likes it that way. So much has happened in just a span of seventeen years, and he enjoys these moments for the reason they give him a chance to sort them all out. Each memory links to the next one, allowing him to enhance them and order them as he sees fit.

He closes his eyes, letting his artistic mind take the wind and paint a picture for him, his past life seeming to float along the edge of his mind grab hold of the wind and begins to take flight.

"I thought I would find you here."

Gabe opens his eyes to find a shadow has fallen over him, he looks back to see Tycho standing over him. He smiles at Gabe who, when he acknowledged who it was, turns his gaze back up to the sky. Gabe let's his mind wonder again, but with the presence of the other half, he finds part of it lagging behind, "The sky is rather nice tonight, don't you think?"

Tycho chuckles softly, mirroring Gabe as he lies down on the grass beside him. The weather was indeed nice on this day, a bit chilled for his taste, but overall not bad. A flock of birds could be heard trumpeting in the distance as they traverse the sky. He smiles, "It sure is."

The two lay there under the tree, as the last rays of the sun make their way across the sky, and the moon becomes the new king of the clouds. Silence is the word to describe this moment. The minds of two artists dance and color everything around them using their skills to fill the silence without moving. Soon the two feel the cover of night as their minds start to drift into the horizon.

"What are you two doing," the voice was concerned, considering she was looking for the two of them for an hour now. Her brown hair fell before her eyes, and her black ponytail flew in the wind, only slightly accenting the slight scowl on her face.

Gabe and Tycho woke up from their nap as the noise invaded their dreams; Gabe blushes slightly as he uses his free hand to nudge away from Tycho discovering he was using him as a pillow. They sit up staring at Arial, Gabe answering while scratching his head, "We were just taking in the sight, and I guess we must have dozed off." Tycho nodded in agreement hoping to calm the younger ones nerves.

Arial sighed hoping the excuse would have been a bit more colorful, her gaze turned to the night sky, the stars hanging on their invisible strings, her mind suddenly alive with ideas.

She gazes at them, the ones who had challenge nature, "Scoot over." She fits herself between them and falls back onto the grass. The two only laugh a bit before falling back with her.

The three of them gaze up at the night, the wind rustling the plants, and the creatures alive and singing their lament for the sun.

"This is nice," Arial said staring at the moon.

"Yeah, awesome," Gabe said staring at a lone cloud.

"Nice," commented Tycho noticing a shooting star.

There they lay, all three of them, hand in hand; one happy, content, family.