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18 year old Yu Kanda slammed his locker shut and scrunched up one of the many Valentines cards he had gotten and tossed it into the nearest trashcan. Out of all the Valentines he had gotten this was the only one that didn't have about a million love hearts scrawled onto it and "Mrs Yu Kanda" doodled onto it in slanted loopy writing in glittery pink. It was just in a plain black pen with:

To Yu,

Happy Valentine's day !

I hope you have a nice Valentine's day and I love you lots.


Your secret admirer. :)

It didn't have an x's scrawled in at the end just a smiley face which started to make him think that it wasn't a girl who had sent it. All girls as far as he knew always put x's at the end of a Valentine's card. He had sources.

When he turned around to walk to look for Lenalee who was at the junior part of the school meaning he had to take a long turn around the busy school. Suddenly, he felt an arm around him and heard a cheery, " Hey Yu ! Happy Valentine's Day !" greet his ears. He immediatly kicked Lavi on reflex and hissed, " Shut the fuck up Usagi, I'm already in a fucked up mood so you better not make it fucking worse."

Boy, he was in a bad mood obviously because it was one of the worst days of the year and-

His train of thought stopped abruptly as he saw his childhood friend Lenalee Lee and his foster brother Daisya Barry leaning on a locker making out.

His breathing started to come out ragged as he realised Daisya's hand was up Lenalee's skirt moving around.

What were they doing ? This was a fucking school !

Suddenly the new sophomore Allen Walker came around the corner and registered the sight before him. He let out a high pitched squeak in fright which made Lenalee and Daisya look up.

Daisya than saw Kanda and Lavi standing there breathing raggedly and he nudged Lenalee. Lenalee saw them and gave them a sheepish grin.

Kanda stormed off grumbling with Allen running after him. Allen finally caught up with him and grabbed Kanda's sleeve.

"Uh, Yu ?" He asked.

Kanda whipped around and glared at Allen.

"What do you want Moyashi ?" he snapped, pissed off.

" Ummmm, did you happen to get a Valentine's card written in black pen with a smiley face and the end ?" Allen questioned nervously.

Kanda eyed him suspiously before answering, " Yes..."

"Well, that was from me."

Suddenly Kanda realised his feelings for the short white-haired boy.

He had always given people nick-names because he secretly liked the person but acted like he didn't.

He realised over the last few weeks he had become infatuated with the boy and would get angry if someone else touched him.

Allen opened his mouth to speak but he was silenced by Kanda pressing his lips against his own.

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