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"Alice! Get your ass down here and eat or else I'll come up there and eat you!" Louis shouted from the bottom of the stairs.

I sighed and pushed away from my computer. I'd been staring at the same picture for over an hour. It was a picture of Kisame and Itachi. It was my favorite.

It was July now; six months have passed since they left. And to be honest, life sucks shit without the Akatsuki. It felt so empty and boring.

I had drifted deeper into my long-term state of depression.

Very few things stood out to me now.

I went to one of Louis's classes with him when Brett got sick back in June. His therapist jumped down my throat after about ten minutes in. When he asked me how long my depression had been going on, I answered him honestly. I'd technically been depressed since 8th grade.

He wanted to throw me in a loony bin, but that only forced Louis into a psycho spree. He flipped out and almost killed the guy. He does not take kindly to anyone trying to take me away from him. I was rather touched.

Kathryn had become more like me in multiple ways.

She rarely talked to anyone anymore. I felt bad about it because some people blamed me for her drastic change in behavior, and I honestly couldn't bring myself to tell them it wasn't my fault. However, she always tells me she's more than happy to just have me.

Her mom was concerned and she came to me about it. I just told her that she was worried about me. Her mom didn't question this because she knew my personality.

Our lives were filled with half-assed emotions and uneventful days.

A few good things did happen in those six months. Kathryn and I both scored 5's on all of our AP tests and we both graduated from high school a year early. I was now done with that death trap.

I got no satisfaction out of any of it.

My night terrors were now a once a week thing. I no longer slept in my room now. I slept in Brett and Louis's bed with them. Even in Louis's protective embrace and Brett's overly-loving one, I never felt happy. I was never secure.

Maybe we over reacted a bit, but when you're socially unaccepted and you get accepted by other social outcasts, a bond forms. A very strong one…

I frowned as Louis shouted for me again though I was at the bottom of the stairs.

"Alice, do not make me come up there!" Louis growled.

Walking into the kitchen I hit him in the back of the head. "Oh shut up you raging homo." I snapped.

He pouted and kissed my cheek, wrapping his arms around my neck in a loving gesture. "She's so sexy when she's feisty."

"And you're a pervert." I retorted.

Brett giggled. "You have a guest sweetie."

I looked towards him without interest to see Kathryn sitting beside him. She smiled at me. I could tell it was a half-assed smile. I expected to see her there. We were always together.

"Hey Kat." I said, returning her smile. "When did you get here?"

"Just now." Kathryn admitted with a shrug. "Louis demanded I come over. I'm not sure why though."

"You two need to get laid. You're both being sourpusses and I hate it." Louis announced as he plopped a plate of food before me.

I rolled my eyes. "You're being a perverted asshole and I hate it, but I never said anything."

"Alice." Brett scolded in a tone of disapproval. "Don't be rude."

"Yes mommy." I sighed, resting my chin in my palm.

Louis glared at me from across the table. "You haven't been sleeping."

"What else is new?" I questioned.

"Alice, don't make me fucking hurt you." Louis snapped. "You've been forcing yourself to stay awake so you don't have nightmares. I know you are because I wake up and see you doing it." He pointed his knife at me. "Knock it off."

I sighed again and nodded. "Sorry Lu, but I can't help it. I hate the feeling."

"Get over it." Louis growled. "You're hurting yourself more by not sleeping at all."

"Alright, alright, I get it. I'll stop." I said defensively, raising my hands in defeat.

Kathryn looked at me sadly. "Alice, you should get help about those."

I frowned. "No thank you. Louis already flipped a shit on one therapist; I don't need him doing that to another one."

"Nobody touches my Alice and gets away with it." Louis snarled. "She's only allowed to leave if I say she can." He kissed my forehead. "Right cutie?"

"Right." I said absently, not really hearing him.

I ate about three bites of the food he made me and suddenly felt full. Louis always gave me the smallest portion because I was never hungry and couldn't finish my plate if there wasn't a small amount. This time, I didn't even eat half of it.

"Alice, are you okay?" Brett asked, reaching across the table to feel my head.

"I'm fine Bee, I don't feel very well today." I admitted. "I have a migraine. And I'm not hungry." I looked at Louis. "I'm sorry Louis, I can't eat all this."

He frowned at me. "It's fine, don't make yourself sick."

"Now that you mention it, my head hurts really badly too." Kathryn announced.

I looked at Louis and raised my eyebrows at him. "Maybe it's your cooking."

"Hey, fuck you Alice." Louis snapped with a smirk. "You and your sarcasm can just suck my cock. Your insults are not appreciated."

"Neither is your cooking apparently." I muttered under my breath, loud enough for him to hear. Brett was snickering in his spot.

"Oh, just overdose on your painkillers." Louis growled, chuckling at my sarcasm.

"Louis!" Brett scolded. "Alice, why don't you go and take some of your pills. Give Kathryn some too. Please don't overdose."

"I wouldn't dream of it Bee." I told him, getting up from the table. "Hey Kat, come here."

"Kay!" She said, still giggling about me and Louis. She got up from her seat to join me by our medicine cabinet. I had about half the pills I did six months ago, thanks to a certain awesome female with blue hair.

I reached up to grab said bottle of pills when suddenly, I blacked out.

Third Person!

Brett and Louis both exchanged a worried glance when two clouds of smoke suddenly surrounded Kathryn and Alice. Both men instantly jumped to their feet and hurried over to where they should be.

Brett's eyes widened when he noticed all that was left in their stead was a small scroll. Frowning, he picked it up and opened it.

Louis peeked around him to look, his eyes narrowing in confusion when he saw what was written on the scroll was in Japanese. He nudged his lover. "What's it say?"

Brett's eyes closed after he finished reading the scroll and a smile found its way onto his face. "It says that Alice and Kathryn aren't going to be living with us anymore. It seems that our old cats missed them and summoned the girls to live with them. It's signed by the Akatsuki." He kissed Louis's cheek. "On the bright side, Alice and Kathryn won't be sad anymore."

"Oh those little fuckers are so getting it if I ever see them again!" Louis growled despite his smile. He was internally happy for Alice and Kathryn.

First Person Alice!

I winced as I sat up, rubbing my head.

A bird tweeted, instantly gaining my attention.

I looked around in confusion when I noticed I was in the middle of an open field. "What the fuck…?" I questioned, glaring around as if it was the field's fault I was alone and confused. "Where in the shit am I?"

When the grass and bugs didn't answer me, I tried a different approach.

"Am I dreaming?" I smacked myself in the face. "Nope, but my face hurts now."

I stood and looked around again as if the landscape would change if I changed my positions. "Well I'm not getting any answers just sitting around here. I'll just follow this lovely little dirt trail and see where the fuck I'm at."

I followed the strangely out of place dirt trail through more field to see more grass, more dirt, an occasional tree, and a fucking village.

That's right I said village.

Right smack dab in front of me was an old school village. I instantly assumed this was some terribly directed M. Night Shyamalan movie so I punched myself in the leg just to be sure. When I knew I wasn't dreaming, dead, suicidal and no weird creatures were coming to eat me because I was wearing a red shirt, I continued on my way.

It was around the time I almost reached the village when a huge explosion caught my attention.

Now normally I'd probably join the screaming hysterical people running away from the explosion, but I was lost, confused, pissed, and I wanted some fucking answers.

So you know what I did?

Yeah. I walked straight to that fucking explosion to see what was going down.

My eyebrows met in a V when I saw men wearing some very… familiar silver and black clothing and armor with strange animal masks. Oh hells to the fucking no. I did not just get transported at some anime convention. This would totally ruin my mood.

"KATSU!" A loud, powerful, ,familiar voice shouted.

"Wait just one damn minute! I know that voice!" I yelled, running in the direction of said voice. And that is when I saw them.

Two men wearing black cloaks with red clouds were finishing off the last two of the ANBU ninja. One had long blond hair that covered half of his face and was partially up in a high ponytail. He was the one blowing shit up.

The other one was short and had a long metal tail thingy that resembled a scorpion's tail poking out of its butt. Said scorpion tail impaled the last two ninja easily.

Is it just me or does someone else see fellow social outcasts?

"DEIDARA!" I shouted, sprinting at the blond.

Said terrorist turned to look in my direction, raising a blond eyebrow in confusion. He had just enough time to cock his head to the side and say my name as if he was wondering what I was before approximately 160 pounds of teenager tackled him to the ground.

"Alice?" Deidara demanded with excitement in his voice.

"Oh Deidara you don't know how much I fucking missed you!" I told him. "I'm willing to get over my anger and confusion about being here because I missed you like crazy!"

"What are you doing here, un?" Deidara demanded, standing up with me. I was still hugging him because I'm pretty sure if I let him go, he'd disappear.

"Ah! The verbal tick! It's so refreshing." I said dreamily. "I do not know the answer to your question because I'm just as confused as you are."

"Is Kathryn here, yeah?" He asked.

I shrugged. "I don't know. She was with me before I woke up in that accursed field." I informed him. "She's probably around here somewhere."

"You really should keep track of your friends." A deep, raspy voice told me. I grinned.

"Yeah well you're just a puppet." I snapped, grinning at Sasori through Hiruko.

"We haven't seen you in months, and that's the best comeback you can give me?" He said in a disappointed voice. "I'm so disappointed."

I glared. "When we get somewhere safe, I want a fucking hug because I missed the shit out of you guys. That means no Hiruko." I smiled. "Only then will you get sarcastic comments from me."

"You know about Hiruko?" He questioned.

I scoffed. "Bitch please. I know everything about you guys. Your absence only gave me more time to completely stalk you."

"Fair enough." He sighed.

I smiled happily. "Let us go! I want a hug." I pointed in some random direction.

"We should go back to base Danna, un." Deidara told Sasori. "Maybe someone else knows why Alice is here, yeah." He gave me a one armed hug. "Not that I'm complaining, un."

"I am." Sasori grumbled, retracting his super fantastic tail before he started off in a different random direction than from where I pointed.

"How far we going?" I asked after kicking Hiruko. Sasori tripped me with his tail a second later, only to laugh when I fell. Deidara helped me up so he could answer me.

"Not far, un." Deidara told me. "We only came out here to get something for Leader-sama." He showed me some scroll thingy.

"Ah." I nodded.

Third Person!

Kathryn rubbed her head as she sat up.

"Ouch, what the hell happened?" She asked no one in particular.

"Holy fuck, it fucking worked!" A familiar voice said loudly with a laugh.

Kathryn froze and her eyes snapped open. She saw she was in what appeared to be a spacious cave that was dimly lit. Her eyes searched for the owner of the voice until they landed on the speaker.

"Hidan?" She questioned.

"In the fucking flesh you skinny bitch!" Hidan said obnoxiously.

"Hidan!" Kathryn screamed. She was instantly on her feet, barreling into the Jashinist, knocking him off his feet. "Hidan I missed you so much!"

He frowned. "Ouch you fucker, that hurt. I missed you too but damn. Warn a guy would you?" He rubbed his ass as he picked her off the ground, standing.

A deep chuckle came from beside Hidan. Kathryn's attention snapped towards the owner and she squealed just as loudly as before when she glomped Kakuzu.

The miser caught her easily and allowed her to hug him and kiss his masked face.

"Kakuzu I missed you! I promise I'll never make fun of your obsession with money again!" She said with happy tears in her eyes. "I will rob people for you!"

"Thanks…?" Kakuzu asked with uncertainty and amusement in his voice. "However, where is Alice? We summoned her with you."

Kathryn shrugged. "She's probably around here somewhere."

"Aren't you concerned?" A slightly raspy, deep, playful voice questioned.

"Kisame!" Kathryn yelped. She dropped from Kakuzu to tackle-hug the shark. "Oh my Jashin I missed you guys like fuck!" She let him go in favor of hugging Itachi who returned it gently with a small smile.

"Itachi!" She said happily to his chest.

"Tobi missed Kathryn-chan!" A cheerful, chipper voice announced.

"Tobi, you crazy little bastard, get over here and hug me!" Kathryn ordered, releasing Itachi. She and Tobi met in the middle, jumping around as they held each other.

"How did anyone miss that? Oh be quiet, I think it's nice. I missed Kathryn and Alice. No one asked you. You did. It was a rhetorical question!" Zetsu growled.

"ZETSU!" Kathryn cried, hugging the plant man. "I'll become a carnivore now! I don't care! I just missed you!"

His white half chuckled and greeted Kathryn with kind words while the black half told her she was strange and he was going to eat her if she didn't go away.

"Danna, you're being really mean you know, un. It's not like she meant for that to happen. Though, it was pretty funny." A deep, voice said randomly in a pout. Kathryn's head snapped around suddenly to search for the source.

"Dei?" She questioned desperately. Her attention was locked on the entrance to the room she and the others were in.

"I told you she was fucking somewhere around here Sasori. Now you can't be such an asshole." A sarcastic feminine voice snapped. "Move your ass Deidara, I have hugs to dish out!"

"They're both so energetic." Sasori's voice sighed.

First Person Alice!

I stepped out of the way smartly with Sasori just seconds before Deidara went flying back with the force of Kathryn's hug. I giggled before striding into the room she emerged from like I owned the place.

"Alright you murdering criminals, I want some answers." I said in mock anger. "But first, I'd really like hugs." A smile broke out on my lips.

"Alice." The sexiest voice in the world said.

I smiled and closed my eyes. "I've missed that sexiness." I turned to look at the most drool-inducing male ever created. "Hi Itachi."

He was instantly beside me, wrapping his arms around me in the hug I needed for six months. It was the best thing ever.

That was until he added a kiss.

Cue heart attack!

It was perfect. It was filled with his happiness and relief at being with me once again. His love swirled in me from the gesture. I gladly relayed the same feelings back to my most favorite weasel. Oh how I missed him…

"Itachi, I know you're overjoyed to see her and all, but I want a hug!" Kisame's amazingly amazing voice came from somewhere in the distance.

Itachi just flipped him off and kept kissing me.

I started laughing, along with the others.

Itachi let me go with a genuine smile and watched me patiently as I skipped over to my favorite shark. He lifted me off the ground in his arms, spinning me in a circle.

"I missed you Kisame!" I said with a relieved sigh.

"I missed you too, kid." He told me, resting his head against mine as I buried my face into his neck.

There is nothing better than a Kisame hug.

I went around, hugging Kakuzu and Hidan, which I will admit was like lifting a huge weight off my shoulders. I missed the two immortals so much it was unreal. I'd even deal with Hidan's perverted behavior for the rest of my life if it meant I got to keep them.

I was tackled by Tobi which I returned happily before I mugged Zetsu with love. His black side didn't threaten to eat me, but he did tell me I was a weirdo. I took his word for it since I assumed he would be a good judge.

"Alright, someone give me Konan and Pein because I miss them too." I ordered, searching the room for the leaders. I found them just as I finished my sentence. "AHHA!" I scurried over to them and threw a hug on Konan.

"Konan, you have no idea how much I needed your female presence in my world. All I had was Kathryn since we both went emo." I told her, squeezing the life out of her.

She giggled. "I missed you as well Alice. It wasn't much better here since I don't even have the gift of Kathryn." She kissed my cheek. "It's very good to see you again."

"Likewise." I said. "You're officially my BFF." She just smiled in response.

"Pein-sama~!" I called, skipping over to the leader. I stopped about two feet from him and allowed my right eye to twitch before I bobbed my head once and flared my nostrils.

"Did you just say you saw a hippo eat your water bottle?" He asked in confusion.

"Yes I did!" I cheered. "You remembered!" I hugged him, breaking all of his bones with my embrace of love and affection.

He chuckled and patted my head. "How could I forget?"

"Because you're the leader of a criminal organization and the leader of a village and all together a very busy man that shouldn't spend his time remembering random stuff such as a code you formed with a teenager." I said. All in one breathe.

Damn I'm good.

He smiled and shrugged. "Our code is very important to me."

I awed and hugged him again. "Thank you Pein."

"You're welcome Alice." He said good-naturedly.

I let him go and turned to Konan. "You trained him well."

She giggled and gave me a convincing wink. "I learned from the best."

"Tobi?" I asked, knowing she meant me. She laughed.

I turned around to see Kathryn positively strangling Sasori, kissing the entirety of his face while Deidara nursed his swollen lips, watching her with a smile. If it was possible, Sasori would be suffocating. I assumed he would be extremely annoyed with Kathryn. However, he's sweet at heart and tolerated Kathryn's exuberance.

"Okay ladies, it's time to give me some answers." I announced, walking over to Itachi and taking his hand. He kissed the side of my head and brought me closer to him. I didn't mind. "Why are we here? I'm not complaining in the slightest, but I'd like to know."

"Well Uchiha and Dei-chan were being total pussies without you." Hidan informed me. "They just moped around the fucking base and lashed out at everyone."

"They only lashed out at you for calling them pussies." Kakuzu reminded his partner. "Hidan missed you both two. He was rather well-behaved because he missed you both so much."

"I was surprised." Konan chimed. "Even Tobi wasn't as hyperactive."

"Well I'm touched." I said, hugging Itachi. "Kathryn and I were downright useless without you guys too."

"Sasori was twice as bitter as he usually is." Kisame added.

"Is that possible?" I asked, throwing a smirk at the puppet master.

He glared. "Don't even start."

I just smiled and turned my attention to Pein as he broke in.

"So, by deciding that it would benefit the organization, I summoned you both here, to live with us." Pein explained. Hey… That kind of rhymes…

"Well I'm a pleased banana." I told him. That was an understatement of my feelings.

"Thank you Pein-sama!" Kathryn said, hugging him happily after she released Konan. "Alice and I are so glad to be back with you guys again! I can't even describe my happiness!"

"I concur." I nodded.

"So you agree to stay?" Konan asked.

"Hells yeah!" I cheered. "I'm not leaving you guys again! Besides, you can use my infinite knowledge in the future."

"What knowledge?" Sasori questioned. "The words 'Alice' and 'knowledge' don't even belong in the same sentence unless one is commenting on your lack of knowledge."

"Oh it is on puppet man!" I snapped, turning dramatically to face Sasori and launch our sarcasm battle into action. "Sarcastic people pride themselves on their abilities to insult others with single words or phrases. Obviously you've been slacking, Danna." Sasori rolled his eyes.

Itachi chuckled and kissed me. "I love you Alice."

I looked up from sending my insult at Sasori to kiss him back. "I love you too Itachi."

Maybe living in the Naruto world with my gang of social outcasts wouldn't be so bad.

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