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This is an ArtixKamitsure (Juxtapozshipping) one-shot. I used the Japanese names because I don't know Kami's English one, and Arti's is... blech (he has such a nice name! I thought they would keep his! :/). This pairing is one of my fave BW ones, along with Wishful, Chess, DualRival, and Jetlag (CressxSkyla aka CornxFuuro). I've been shipping these two ever since the art for the BW Gym Leaders came out. I just though they looked... right. Anyway, I hope you like it!

-xxGlassRose :)

~The Marvelous Quality of All Things Wet~

Tear-shaped drops of water poured out their sadness down over Huin City in a dreary deluge; the sky was crying again-or at least that was what Kamitsure liked to imagine was happening. She had never been an aficionada of rain. It was gloomy and made everything wet, not to mention the frizz she would have to deal with to get her blonde hair in order on a rainy morning.

And there she was, in the rain.

Kamitsure was pretty sure that it wasn't raining in Raimon City. She would much rather be home blaring music through her two-foot surround sound speakers or messing around with her new electric. A few new song ideas had come to her and she could hardly wait to try them out. But that seemed to be unimportant now. The Isshu Gym Leader annual conference was swiftly approaching. Normally, Kamitsure would have waited until the day before to leave the comfort of her hometown, but she had been requested to come two days earlier by none other than the Huin Gym Leader himself.

And there she was, standing outside the train station, bright yellow umbrella in hand, in the rain.

Arti was late, to be plain; sixteen minutes, to be exact. If he failed to appear soon, Kamitsure figured that she may leave; she refused to stay out in the rain too long. Nothing was worth it. Or at least that's how she felt.

Occasionally bystanders would come to get a good look at her, but the annoyed expression on her face kept them from requesting autographs or anything of the sort. However, she was quite hard to miss in this crowd; bright yellow pumps, black skinny jeans, yellow- and white-striped top along with a black jacket and her signature headphone. Slightly different than her usual ensemble, but much more appropriate given the weather conditions.

Soon the girl caught sight of a brightly clad man running full throttle toward where Kamitsure was standing. Her eyes glanced up at him as he came to a halt in front of her.

She stepped closer to cover him with her umbrella.

"You're late."

"True, but I got some great shots of the city in the rain." Arti pulled out his camera, which the blonde assumed to be waterproof, and scrolled through about twenty fairly decent photographs of Castelia in the glory of its downpour. Kamitsure glared at him with her sky-blue eyes.

"So you made me stand out in the rain for pictures," she plainly stated, obviously unamused by his artistic endeavors. He shrugged.

"I thought you might like the rain."

"What would make you think that?"

"Rain is when lightning strikes. It should be when you shine the brightest." She thought about it, blushed a little, and looked away.

"Just get me out of this rain." Arti laughed as he slipped an arm around the blonde's shoulder, leading her in the direction of the Gym.

A/N: When it says "new electric," that means a new electric guitar. :)