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Legolas sat contemplating what Gandalf has just explained to him. Saving Middle Earth would require his traveling to a parallel reality to hide the ancient manuscripts long hidden from the evil that now dwelled in Mordor. An evil greater than anything they had know since Sauron had assembled there, and it was searching for these manuscripts with insane determination. The information contained in them held secrets long kept by Gandalf and Radagast. The magic written within could enslave all the creatures of Middle Earth if used by evil. They simply had to be hidden in a place Malficent would never think to look.

"I shall send Georn the Shape Shifter first. He will be our scout and find someone trust-worthy of this task to aide you. You will follow a year after him and secure the manuscripts" said Gandalf.

"Gandalf, you know that I would do anything to protect Middle Earth, but is there no other way? You speak as though this is our last resort" said Legolas.

"Radagast and I have spent many years trying to keep these manuscripts hidden. Long ago, before even Elrond was born, Saruman, Radagast and I complied the secrets to our history and magic. These were to be kept concealed and safe within our circle. We could not have known then that evil would bewitch Saruman. It was he who made known the manuscripts to the Dark Lord. Radagast kept them hidden during that time. Fortunately, Sauron was bent on the One Ring only and we thought when he was defeated we needn't keep them hidden any longer and so they came into my possession. Malficent is powerful wizard. As powerful as I, though I know not where he learned his craft. His spies are everywhere and I fear there is no where beyond his grasp here in Middle Earth. I entrust this to you, Legolas. You have proven yourself a true leader and warrior time and again. I know that you will not fail."

"If you feel that there is no other way, then I shall do as you ask. Explain to me again what my destination is."

"The universe is a far bigger place than anything you can imagine, my boy. There are worlds and realities that coexist alongside ours. Just as we experience life here in Middle Earth, others are experiencing life on alternate plains of existence. Ilúvatar had a much grander scheme than only Middle Earth when he began creation. There are worlds where only Orcs live. Some where there are no trees. Some where men were the first-born. Some where the sky is orange and has 3 suns. And there are some where there are no elves or dwarves or hobbits or wizards and yet have a magic different than our own. It is to one of these that I will send you. It is my hope that the manuscripts will have no meaning there and thus be safe. Is all this clear to you?"

Legolas leaned back in his chair and gave Gandalf a small smile. "I imagine this will be my most interesting adventure yet."

Chapter 1

Georn had been sitting patiently in front of the shop for over 3 days. It was making him miserable. It had also been extremely difficult to get any decent food. The people of this land seemed suspicious of him and made every effort to avoid him. Except for the children. They were drawn to him like bees to honey. The children were very sweet, but time and again the parents admonished them and dragged them away. He was looking for an adult for certain, but which one would approach him? He was sure he would know who he was looking for when they arrived.

Georn looked around and scratched himself again. "Why is no one approaching me?" he wondered. "I spent a week deciding on what shape to take for these people so that I would be most attractive to them. Could I have been mistaken? Perhaps I should scout out another locale?"

It was at that moment Alania noticed Georn. "Wow, that has got to be the mangiest dog I have ever seen. He probably has more fleas than an old mattress. He seems very well trained though. Just sitting there waiting. I wonder who he belongs to. Some kid must really miss him. Poor thing." she thought. She cautiously approached him with one hand out in front of her for him to sniff, all the while speaking to him in a calm voice. "Good dog. Nice doggie. Smelly dog. Let me take a look at you and see if you have a collar."

The dog simply sat and waiting for her. His tongue was sticking out and Alania thought that he seemed to be smiling at her. He allowed her to look him over and check his neck for a collar. "Hmmm. Perhaps I ought to call the pound about you." she said. The dog barked and walked away from her a bit. Alania thought it odd that he be so compliant until the pound was mentioned. "As if he understands me, yeah right" she thought. Alania straightened up and proceeded into the supermarket to get her grocery shopping done.

About an hour later she emerged with three bags of food. She noticed the mangy dog sitting by the exit looking at her. She got the feeling as if he had been waiting for her and wanted to see what she would do next. "Do I have a sign that says I fall for puppy-dog eyes every time on my forehead? It's like these strays know I feel bad for them." she thought. Feeling guilty she pulled out some cold cuts and gave the dog some of her turkey. "Man, you'd think that dog had gone to doggie heaven by the look on his face" she thought.

Alania pulled herself away from the dog and headed for her car. She hadn't noticed the dog had followed her until her bags were stored in the trunk and the dog had managed to jump into the car while she opened the front door. Alania stood there with her mouth agape, speechless as she watched the dog make himself comfortable in the passenger seat. "Oh no. Get out of my car this instant" she said to the dog.

"There is no way you are coming with me. I am sure there is some family really worried about you somewhere, but I am not that family. Come on, get out."

The dog panted happily and barked. Had she not known better she could have sworn the dog was egging her on and enjoying himself.

Alania walked over to the other side of the car and opened the passenger side door to pull the dog out. The dog, seeing what she was doing, moved to the back seat and lay down. Then he rolled over and showed her his belly. Alania didn't mean to, but she couldn't help laughing. The dog seemed to have decided to go home with her.

"Alright. You can come for the night, but I'm calling the pound in the morning."

Georn, pleased with his choice, thought "we'll see about that".