My Big Thank You Note

Hello all of you!! First, let me say thanks for reading all the way up to here! Now let me say another thank you for reviewing (if you have). If you haven't reviewed yet and you've made it this far, why not click the button below and make the author all happy-like, and what-not.

Right then! I wanted to tack on this note to give personal 'shout-outs' to a few select individuals who helped me continue with this maddening piece of work for a variety of reasons, be they just plain annoying me to write to inspiring me out of my writer's block and all the way to providing constructive criticism. This is my way of putting your name in 'lights', so to speak.

KT Welsh - You crazy thing you!! Some of the very best critiques came from you and I whole-heartedly appreciate that. Now get off your butt and finish your stuff. LOL

JMac - A fabulous source of inspiration and a great person to vent the frustrations of writing to. Thank you mucho!!

Polly - You are so adorably emotional in your reviews and it was great to see my work affected someone other than me. =) You're also awfully pushy. LOL Thanks

Lady Dragon - Another wonderful source of critique and inspiration. I loved reading your reviews.

Ellaerial - Another fantastic reviewer for inspiration and for pointing out what she liked and what she didn't as much. Which was ALWAYS appreciated. A perfect reviewer, if you will. =)

Elistar, Starbrat, sweetmis09, Teleplinde Greenleaf, Caroline, Kristi/Nogala and especially my mystery reader - The Fan With Little Patience Left: Everyone of you had an equally strong impact on my will to continue with a fiction that I had originally thought would only be a few chapters long. Hahaha on me, eh? Seriously, thanks to everyone of you and if I could I would hug all of you!!


Now then, I can finally absolutely shamelessly plug my current favorites stories on this site. I wholly recommend them for their writing and plots. Go read them and don't forget to leave the authors reviews, because a review is the drug of choice for a writer.

Anything by KT Welsh and JMac. Both of them are fabulous writers, with wicked imaginations. That they're also obsessed with a certain blond elf doesn't hurt either. =)

The Truth About Elves, by Blue Kat It's funny and well written and a continuing story.

To Deliver, by Arwen Lune Holy smokes is this an amazing read!

Wanderer, by jilian baade A Silmarillion based fic, it's really well written.

Hostile Takover, by acorngirl She's billed it as the best fic you're not reading, and I think it's up there all right.

It's Never Over, by moutons A Buffy The Vampire Slayer crossover with Lord of the Rings. I mentioned this in one of my chapters earlier, but it's truly one of the most entertaining reads on this site. Well, that is if you like Buffy. It's friggin' hysterical and maybe if enough people read it and pressure her, she'll add the next part of the story.