Vocaloid Valentine 2

14th February, 2178

I was in the same place as last year, and the year before, and the year before, and the other 98 years before. I placed flowers there, as I had every one of those years. I sighed, as I read the ever-fading inscription, which still read the same as it had the day it was carved, but that was hard to tell, unless you knew, as I did, what it read, and were familiar, as I was, with those letters.

How old was I now? 175? Or was it only 159? Or maybe I was, and had always been, 16. Ever since the day I was created, unchanging, as the world around me changed.

All my best friends had gone for the safer option, and fallen in love with other eternal robots, other beings that would never perish. I had taken the worse option, falling in love with a human, who had grown old and died before me, while I never aged a day. One who had died, while I was full of life.

I let out another sigh, and then heard footsteps behind me, another mourner no doubt. The footsteps were close, and they seemed to be approaching. I looked up as they stopped, and my eyes went wide.

That face, those eyes, the messy hair, everything, was identical to Master. I could not help but let slip a surprised "Master?"

Then I blinked. No, it was Kaito, he looked taken aback, but said quietly, "Miku, it's getting late, we should head back soon."

I turned my eyes to the ground, and nodded, "Okay... just a few more minutes."

He nodded, and left. I turned back to the grave, and smiled as tears rose to my eyes, "I'll see you next year then, Shujin." I turned and walked away, as I had so many times before.

I shivered, not having noticed before how cold it was. Master may have made me able to sense temperature to be more human, but there were some things that he could have left out. There was some snow on the ground from a few days ago, and there was a little ice on the road, but nothing too major.

I made my way to the car, where Kaito was already in the driver's seat, and I got into the back. Silently, Kaito drove off, and I allowed my mind to slip off into thought.

Suddenly I heard Kaito curse, and the car jolted. I sat up, and saw we were skidding on the icy road. I heard a loud crash from behind, and felt something heavy slam into me...

There was no blood. I'm a robot, I don't bleed. There were pieces of metal scattered about, some from the cars, some from my body. I couldn't feel anything, I couldn't move the parts that were still attached, there was nothing I could do.

I knew that, one by one, the parts of my robotic brain were failing. I couldn't feel the ground against my cheek, I couldn't hear the voices of the people who had been nearby, and had come to help. My sight was fading, and I knew that it was not my eyes closing. I think a little spark of electricity flew through the right parts of my brain, as, in a broken shard of car mirror, I saw myself, smiling, as my vision faded, and I had one final thought...

'Master... Shujin... I'm coming'

Memory Files: Corrupted.

Sensual Feed: Not responsive.

Motors: Not responsive.

Power: Low.

Data completely corrupted. Initiate final shut-down. Miku Hatsune is dead.

14th February, 2179

Several figures in black stood around the new gravestone that sat over both the eternally sleeping. Each of those stood around them were robots, each of them made by the same creator. Each of them laid flowers at the gravestone of their parents.

Shujin Saiai
30th December 1994 - 14th February 2076
And Miku Hatsune Saiai
31st August 2017-14th February 2178
Beloved to each other, and to all they knew.
May they Rest in Peace.

Luka laid her flowers, and, now that all the flowers were lain, she signalled for them all to leave. They all began to turn away. Kaito, repaired from the incident, stayed still for a moment longer, but his wife Meiko took his arm, and lead him away.

Luka was the last to leave, along with her husband. Gakupo stood silently by her, as she knelt back by the grave, and spoke, "We will remember you, Miku, Master. Forever and always." She stood, "So goodbye for now, until next year." The pair walked away, as snow began to fall on the fresh stone in the aged graveyard, and Luka thought she heard Miku's laugh, and Shujin's chuckle, and the happy sounds that had accompanied their wedding day. On the 14th January, 2022.

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