Ok so this is my first Cherimon story. I've kept it cute to this one, because I'm not sure how many Cherimon fans like the more intense stories. Leave comments about what else you'd like to read them doing.

Enjoy :)

My eyes sting from editing all day so I decide to take a quick break and fetch something from the kitchen. I creep through the hall so I won't disturb Alex and his guest. He brings so many girls to the loft. As I pass his closed door I hear muffled giggles and I can't help but wonder what they're doing...

I push some perverted thoughts out of my mind and as I shuffle to the kitchen cabinets I focus more on what I should make. I don't have much of an appetite, though, so I just start boiling the water for some tea. As I click on the stove I hear the front door click closed. Finally, I think to myself, the girl is gone.

"Hey, Charlie," Alex sidles up beside me, leaning on the countertop, watching me pour some tea. He gets really close to my ear and mumbles, "can I have a cup too?"
"Sure," I pull out a mug for him and pour him a cup. He's acting a bit giddy, probably because of his visitor. Looking up as I hand him a mug I notice bright red lipstick around kiss swollen lips. He takes a sip of tea and a perfect print comes off onto the ceramic. "You, uhh," I hint awkwardly, waving a finger around his mouth.
"Oh," he realizes what I mean, blushing a little. Clumsily Alex rubs at his face, completely missing the stained skin.

"Stand still," I roll my eyes lovingly as I hold his face in one hand, using the other to gently rub the make up off of his surprisingly soft skin. I make sure to leave a bit on though; I mean, how often does one get to see Alex wearing make-up?

"Thanks, mate. Must have looked ridiculous." Alex walks over to the sofa in the living room.

"it kind of looked good," I say quietly to myself.

"Pardon?" Alex calls out from the sofa.

Shit. "Uhh, nothing. Um, so what did you and Sarah do?" I flop down beside him. He laughs, embarrassed. Oh, right. God, I'm an idiot.

"Not much. Watched Youtube videos, snogged for a bit. She's a great kisser. Have you ever been snogging with a girl and all of a sudden her tongue just-"

"No," I cut him off, my cheeks growing red.

"You don't even know what I was about to say," Alex seems a bit hurt. "How do you know you've never done it?"

"Because," I sip my scolding hot tea, stalling. "I've never really snogged with a girl." I look up, and Alex is looking straight at me, his eyes wide and... gorgeous. What was in this tea?

"Never?" Alex puts his tea on the table and tucks his knees in so that he's facing me at full attention. I shake my head. "What... What's it like?" I ask him tentatively.

"Well... it's pretty hard to describe..." Alex looks down at his hands.

"Ok fine. What else did you do? I mean... how do you get from watching videos to snogging? I've always wondered about that part. I'm sure you don't just go from one straight to the other." I couldn't believe I was finally asking this. I always wondered what Alex's moves were.

"Well, that's kind of hard to describe too."

I let out a little sigh of frustration. "Come on, we're best mates! Help me out a little here. I need to learn some moves, and who better to learn them from than the ladies man of YouTube?" That gets him. He laughs a little.

"Okay. So uhh.. First, we watch a video that gets her a bit in the mood. Just a bit because I don't want her to figure out what I'm actually trying to accomplish."

"What did you show her?" I Interrupt.

"Doesn't matter, does it?." Alex rushes on. "Anyway, so then she goes-"

"what was the video, Alex?"

He looks at me and says shyly, "Your video about tumblr weirdness. She's into all that, you know, slash stuff."

"Huh." I nod, sipping my tea, gesturing for him to continue.

"So anyway she gets a little in the mood and so I scootch up next to her. You know, this is really hard to describe. Why don't I just show you? It won't be weird, I'll just show you how I make my move."
I agree maybe too quickly. There's definitely something in my tea. He scootches over so his leg is flush against mine. He puts his arm around my shoulder. I laugh nervously, sipping my tea. He gently takes the cup from my hand and places it on the table, leaving me with nothing to fiddle with. He pushes the hair from my face. "Your hair is so soft," Alex says.
"That's just what I usually say to the girl."
"But you hair actually is quite soft." Alex looks into my eyes for a moment too long for it not to mean anything. Then, "I rub her thigh a bit without breaking eye contact." I feel his hand rub my thigh slowly as I look into his eyes. "Then that's the moment I usually lean in for the kiss," instead of getting closer Alex leans back, taking his hand off of my thigh, leaving it cold, leaving me wanting more. God, his moves are good. "Does.. Does she ever go in for the kiss first?" I stutter nervously.
"Hasn't happened yet."
I take a deep breath. "But what if it did?" And I push Alex back into the cushions, one hand on his chest, my lips suddenly finding their way to his warm mouth. The new feeling is so odd but wonderful. I pull back, reading his face for his reaction. He doesn't say anything. I take a sip from my mug of tea and place it back on the table, careful not to look in his eyes. I think I freaked him out. I look down at the mugs on the coffee table, now both of them stained red from our lips. Then I feel his fingers gently turn my chin up to meet his face, and just before he pulls me in for a second kiss, he breathes, "I think I'd like it."