Astartes Files

1: Dark Angels

Awesomeness (/10): 9
Favoured Tactics: Let the Deathwing have their fun.
Theme music: We Will Rock you

2: White Scars

Awesomeness: 5
Favoured Tactics: Ride bikes like the cool gangstas they are... or something like that, and shoot people with their gangsta guns.
Theme music: Gangsta's paradise

3: Space Wolves

Awesomeness: 8
Favoured Tactics: Run screaming at the enemy.
Theme music: Peter and the Wolf

4: Imperial Fists

Awesomeness: 6
Favoured Tactics: Hit it with a thunder hammer. If this doesn't work: ur doin it wrong.
Theme music: The Hammer to Fall


Awesomeness: IT'S OVER 9000!
Favoured Tactics: Tactics? Sorry what? Who needs tactics when you have 'The Golden Dudes of Death,' Death Company, Stormraven Gunships, and an army so crazy that even your devastators are good at charging stuff. Oh, and you have Mephiston too. For other tactics, see Space Wolves and Raven Guard, then combine them and laugh.
Theme music: We are the Champions

6: Iron Hands

Awesomeness: 5
Favoured Tactics: Stick as many metal limbs on yourself as possible (this includes down there)how this helps in battle, we're not quite sure, but we're working on it.
Theme music: Iron Man

7: Ultramarinessmurfs

Awesomeness: -3
Favoured Tactics: Be self-ingratiating until their ego swells to the size of a small planet, then drop said ego on the enemy.
Theme music: Any Blues

8: Salamanders

Awesomeness: 8
Favoured Tactics: Burny burny time!
Theme music: Burn Baby Burn.

9: Raven Guard

Awesomeness: 4
Favoured Tactics: Abuse jump packs and fleet. Except they aren't Blood Angels, so assault squads are still fast attack, haha.
Theme music: Anything by 'Black Feather.'

666: Grey Knights

Awesomeness: 666
Favoured Tactics: Hit the daemons. If this fails, cast psychic powers on yourself, then hit daemons. If this fails, use a purgation squad to hit the daemons. If this fails, wait until April, buy the new codex, then laugh, or cry.
Theme music: A repetition of 3 rising 6ths.