Renesmee POV

It's very rare for someone to remember being a baby, even being three years old is cloudy in most human minds. For me however being a baby is most of the memories I have, because although I have the appearance of a fifteen year old... I'm three, well three and three quarters. I age four times faster than a normal child because well... I'm a half vampire half human. My mom Bella had me when she was human then she got turned into a vampire. My dad Edward is also a vampire along with my grandparents, aunts and uncles. The only people in my life that aren't vampires are Jacob, Seth and Leah; and they're all werewolves. So yeah my life is pretty crazy... wait until you hear the rest.

I awake to the sound of Ke$ha on my radio. Oh no... My first day of school. It's a little awkward to enter school so late but Aunt Alice was able so fake all my educational records so my school thinks I've just moved. I roll out of bed and move towards my gigantic walk in closet. Aunt Alice has made sure that I have clothes for all occasions so I'm not surprised when I see an outfit already laid out for me. I silently thank Aunt Alice because I'm so nervous if I had to pick out my own clothes this morning I'd have ended up a train wreck.

After a shower I change into my outfit. Acid washed jeggings flaunt my long, lanky legs, and a camisole under an off the shoulder sweatshirt gives me the appearance of a dancer. I love the whole ensemble, it's so me. I brush and blow-dry my bronze coloured curls and they poof up. I sigh, not much I can do about them. I line my amber eyes with gold eyeliner to bring out the caramel in them, and thickly put on mascara. I step back and look in the full length mirror glad with the turnout. I look normal and actually pretty. I slick on some lip gloss and strut downstairs.

I actually think my dad is going to burst into tears. I may look like a tenth grader but really... I'm still a baby and I'm going to school. Everyone wishes me good luck and Grandma Esme slides a buttered bagel into my hand. Uncle Emmet begins teasing me about my sweaty palms until Jacob shows up. I try to brace myself against the pang of longing in my chest. Jacob has known me since I was born and ever since my fourteenth birthday I've had a huge crush on him. Dad's a mind reader so he definetly knows, but I'd never tell Jacob... What sixteen year old werewolf would be interested in a three year old half vampire?

Jacob's POV

The second I saw Renesmee in her school outfit I thought I was gonna burst with pride. Being her imprint makes me super protective of her and it took the entire Cullen family plus Seth to convince me to allow Renesmee to go to school alone. Renesmee still didn't know about our imprint, but Edward and Bella asked me to wait before I told her. Regardless, I'm the one who is driving her to school today.

"Hey Nessie," I greet her. "Ready for your first day?" She nervously glances up at me.

"Yes," she replies, but I can tell by the quiver in the voice and the way her eyebrows are knit together that she's lying.

"Liar," I laugh "Your scared witless! School's great Ness, you'll love it."

"Fine! Maybe I am scared!" she retaliates "But if school is so great then why don't you go to school?" she glares questioningly at me.

"Because silly, I have no need for school. You on the other hand..." I grab her by the hand and drag her out the door.

Renesmee POV

By the time we reach school my hand is still tingling from Jacob's touch. I look at my school and read the letters "PORTLAND HIGH SCHOOL". I like Oregon... but I don't know anyone. I can hardly choke in a breath for how nervous I am.

"Calm down Ness, people are gonna love you," Jacob tries to calm me.

"How can you be so sure?" I question.

"Just trust me," he replies. "People won't be able to take their eyes off you."