Well I am disappointed with one pairing, so I am fixing that! May or may not cure boredom. Sakura& wait for it….. KAKUZU-KUN! Shocker right? I do not own Naruto or the characters. All I own is this laptop and my bwane.

"Talk" = talking

'Talk' = thoughts

"talk/talk' = Zetsu (Bad ass side) talking/thinking

(Quick notes and other random shit)= WTF?

Jet black threads shot at me from all angles. "Hold still you pink haired bitch!" the albino yelled. His scythe almost nicked my side, swearing I pushed chakura into my legs and leapt of the branch to avoid certain death a.k.a: needle sharp threads aimed at my neck. I dug through my pack and found very little to work with. 'I'm low on weapons and more specifically chakura. This rate it will not end up in my favor, not like it ever does when it involves the freaking Akatsuki.' I ranted to myself, I made a clone and handed her an explosive tag she nodded knowing what to do and motioned me to go. I quickly concealed what chakura I had and fled, it killed me a little inside, hoping to get a good distance away from them. The two people I hated most in the world, I dreamed of killing them but now I was running like coward.

I ran for what felt like hours, with each step I grew more exhausted and the thought of passing out and giving up sounded better by the minute. Something warm ran down the lower part of my arm, when did I get injured? Quickly scanning around me I deemed it safe enough to stop, rest, and heal my injuries. I leapt up to a high branch and plopped down against the truck looking at the cut, pretty deep and wide but nothing to serious. A delicate green-blue color flowed over my hand to in the wound, removing any germs and closing the worst parts first. Being almost completely focused on the wound I failed to notice the chakra signatures moving at a fearful speed. I took the last knife I had out and kept it close to me as I made another clone to go the opposite way and hoped for the best. The world shed little light on me as one of the signatures left to follow the clone, of course though, leaving the most intimidating one to follow me. Just my mother fucking luck!

The presence of the thread loomed over me like a rain cloud, being the fucking idiot I am, I looked back to see Akatsuki no Kakuzu only less than a mile away. I jumped out of the way as more threads shot at me, only to trip on a twig. Trying to catch myself I turned to him and ran, slowly the last of my chakra seeped into my fist as I aimed for his head. I dodged most of what came at me, a few threads cut my arms and legs, solely focused on either killing him or paralyzing him long enough to die before he caught me to do only who knows what later. Kill me slowly then heal me only to repeat, sell me for whatever bounty lied on my head, use me as a punching bag, or steal my heart(oh the foreshadowing irony) he could do anything he wanted and I couldn't do shit about it. That scared me more than actual death its self.

I was only inches away from him when he moved, I kept moving forward but my chakra ran out and I lost control of my body. I closed my eyes waiting for the painful death hurtling at me, the sound of bones breaking and cracking when hitting the unloving earth, and sadly the flash of memories to be lost in the wind. I waited for a minute for it all to end, it never came to me. I quickly opened my eyes to see the red cloud of the Akatsuki cloak; I found I couldn't feel anything on myself. I desperately tried to move every and anything, I snicker caught my attention; I looked up to see Kazuku's odd eyes watching me. "You will not be moving any time soon." He said calmly and said nothing else. I noticed a needle in my arm close to his hand, he drugged me? 'Smart guy' I approved in my head, I would never let him know I thought anything good of him. He moved me around a little to make it easier for him to carry me… like a princess? A fucking girly, fragile, sweet princess when I am far for a princess.

Like he was even close to being a prince charming with his personality, but he did hold a royal feeling. From the "angle" I was looking at I couldn't see much of him other than some of his tanned skin and his eyes, green irises with no pupils and red scalar, they were odd yes but very interesting to watch. With a simple twitch you could see a very tiny amount of an emotion; he seemed deep in thought as of now. I glared at him , he didn't seem to notice. Ithought of so many things to call him and insults to spat in his face, but they wouldn't come out. a sudden rustle from behind him scared me, his partner jumped up behind and glared daggers at me. A sudden rage took control of my mouth and mind, "What the hell are you glaring at you albino shit? If anybody diserves to glare it is me, cause last time i checked you werent being carried by your fucking enemy!" i screamed at them.

well short but ok!