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The Big Questions

He wasn't certain about why this was happening. Hermoine would probably say that if he had been paying better attention that he would have seen Draco approaching him. She would have said that he would have seen the fire in those gray eyes. Well, he had seen it. That still did not answer his question.

Why was Draco kissing him in the middle of the corridor for everyone to see? Why was he not pushing the man, who was supposed to be his nemesis, off of him? Why was he letting him kiss him in the first place?

It had nothing to do with the fact that this felt good and that some remote part of his mind actually wanted this. No. It had nothing to do with any of that.

Draco was up to something. He was plotting. Draco was- very good with his tongue.

Why hadn't this happened sooner? Why hadn't he acted first? Why was he even asking 'Why?'


He pretended not to see the knowing look that Hermoine gave him. He pretended not to hear Ron telling him that he and Draco should go snog elsewhere. He pretended to ignore the note that Draco slipped into his hand before leaving.

Astronomy Tower. 6:00

Everything was very good until he was left alone with his thoughts in History of Magic.

When had Malfoy become Draco?