Fortitude of Love

Before, you knew –

Even though I'd never told you.

I could have told you, would have told you,

But time left us, too soon.

And yes, I should have said it sooner.

Should have said it

Before it became too late

For the Time Lord,

Who ran out of time,

With the girl who he loves.

That's you, by the way.


But see, I didn't have your courage,

Because I didn't have your humanity.

It's found me a little, now –

Part-human, after all.

And I know I'm not the one - the one

You came back for; but listen

To the sound

Of this single heart - and know

It's still yours; and the ghost

Of the other, on that empty side

Of my chest:

That's yours too.


I sometimes wonder if I'm

Doing this right. Being here,

Being human; it's not as easy as

Saving the Universe.

Doing human things – well,

I mess up. A lot.

And I'm sorry.

But still, I love it - I've got

You, after all.

At least, I hope I do,

And I think I must,

Because I still make you smile.

And I still make you laugh.

And I still make you cry.


But then sometimes you're just staring,

Out of our bedroom window,

Of our flat, that's as small on the inside

As it surely looks from the outside,

With a front door that's blue and

A carpet

That we try to hide

With furniture.

And I look into your eyes,

In your reflection in the glass,

And I think,

That maybe, you might forgive me,


For being not-quite-him.


So I'll wait for you to feel it,

I'll wait for you to see:

I'm him, yes, but I'm me,

In every


That matters.

And I'll stand here,

Looking into your reflection,

Into the spirit of the girl

And the woman

I loved,

Still love; will always,

Always love



And I'll stand here,

On the precipice,

Resisting the urge to jump

Until you're ready.


And I'll stay here,

On the edge of everything,

Until you love me.