The True Pure Blood

By: Slaygirl

Note: Unbated so don't base the spelling and grammar okay? Please R/R it's just a Fic'ette

Spoilers: Ummm one….yeah only one

The large abandoned warehouse filled slowly with the scum of night world, they fled the approaching sunlight that they seemed to fear so much.

They danced through the night. The large room filled with hundreds of fridge bodies moved erratically. The music pounded, the strobe lights adding to the insanity of the club, or safe house as they tried to say it was, every movement seemed so urgent, they had no idea.

Over time the things that made a vampire a vampyr had been lost, mixed and mingled in too many victims over time, it had been diluted. Back in the 1600's crypts were stalked by humans, graves were dug up to be sure the corpse didn't rise again, people feared the night. Now everything the pure bloods had worked for over the thousands of years meant nothing.

Vampirism was a sexually transmitted disease, a reward for familiars, a blessing to the normal. Back then it had been fate, inevitable, something people prayed against. That fate seems to have faded into the night, along with the true Vampyr's.

A dark figure stood in the corner of the crazed dancing, a long black trench coat was pulled around the body, and a dirty and old hood pulled over the face, hiding the figure from the eyes of all the vampires in the room

"Sie wissen nie, was ich gesehen habe." (They'll never know what I have seen.) The dark figure said, a deep old voice that seemed to sound regal and powerful. "Sie wissen nie was ich bin, was sie gewesen sein konnten." (They'll never know what I am, what they could have been.) The voice continued. "Sie werden aller Würfel und das klügere nie zu sein." (They'll all die, and never be the wiser.) The dark figure scoffed to himself.

He turned and walked through the crowed, every vampire in front of him moved as if by some unseen force. The dark figure walked towards the door.

The security guards posted near the door jumped back as the figure headed towards the door.

One of them stood forward and yelled at the figure "Was tun Sie? Es ist Tag, Sie stirbt heraus dort alten Mann!" (What are you doing? It's day, you'll die out there old man!)

The figure turned towards the young vampire and smiled, his long fangs protruding from his mouth, his eyes glowed an icy blue color tinted slightly red

The younger vampire took a few steps away from the intense gaze of the stranger and shook his head as if he must be hallucinating.

"Der Tag stört mich nicht, ich genießen es...," (The day does not bother me, I enjoy it...) The dark, older vampyr said before throwing open the door and walking out into the sunlight, like it was completely normal.

The four guards and all nearby vampires ran back avoiding the mid day sunlight but all watched the dark figure walk away from the safe house, down the street until he was out of sight, through the daylight, nothing happening to him.

The End